Tuesday, 2013-11-05

Morpog_PCThere you go sledges http://abload.de/img/nemomobile-waylandw5fy9.png00:00
sledgesgreat, sleepy time Morpog_PC :D , fk_lx  ;)00:02
Morpog_PCgreat and have a look on the PR of nemo-glacier-theme tomorrow ;)00:02
Morpog_PCgoing to sleep too, cya all00:02
M4rtinKno epoch anymore ? bah ! :D00:04
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fk_lxme also leaving00:08
fk_lxbye :-)00:08
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faenilmorning o/07:18
* faenil reads backlog07:18
fk_lxfaenil: hi07:19
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sledgeshello zy2x, welcome to Nemo Mobile :)10:23
sledgeswhoops, topic already says that %)10:23
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sledgesnow that scared them :)10:35
*** zy2x has joined #nemomobile10:35
zy2xsledges,Have you try the nemoWayland-20131030.vdi . I tried , but it did not work .It booted , but after boot there was only a gray desktop . there is nothing on it10:37
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile10:39
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locusfzy2x: you need to apply a special command before booting it, lemme check it out10:40
locusfVBoxManage setextradata "NAME_OF_THE_VM" CustomVideoMode1 "480x854x32"10:41
zy2xBefore booting it ,I have  executed the comand :VBoxManage setextradata "NAME_OF_THE_VM" CustomVideoMode1 "480x854x32" .10:46
locusfzy2x: did you enter the real name of the VM :)10:48
zy2xThanks. Yes ,  I named it nemo . VBoxManage setextradata "nemo" CustomVideoMode1 "480x854x32"  :)10:50
locusftry to redownload it10:51
locusfif it still does not work10:51
zy2xOkay , thank you .. :)10:52
locusfnnp :)10:53
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sledgeszy2x: is running md5sum on your vdi too late?11:05
sledges(since it has changed some bits already :{)11:06
sledgesunless you made a backup ;)11:06
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Morpog_N9sledges, see last comment from me11:50
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sledgesMorpog_N9: commented back11:59
sledgesthanks Morpog_N9 :)12:01
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Morpog_N9edited last comment12:03
sledgesMorpog_N9: are you using any other fonts in SVGs other than Open Sans?12:10
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile12:10
sledgesquite likely a designer might forget to convert fonts to paths when in a rush..12:10
Morpog_N9qwazix did, but I comverted them to paths already12:11
sledgesare there any legal aspects about that? ;)12:11
Morpog_N9qwazix, ?12:12
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sledgeswhat do you fellows think of this quick put together PoC mockup: http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii567/sledgas/mer/nemo/sharp_glass_lockscreen_zpsf94ee12a.png13:43
* zbenjamin likes it13:44
sledges(or blur glass homescreen as Hurrian put it, depends how you look at it. in that case, a shadow cast from 'blur glass' could be visible on the lockscreen's image edge)13:45
faenilwhich is a lot bb10ish13:45
sledgessadly, when lockscreen's flower is zoomed to the same ratio as the blurred background, jpeg bad quality grain is seen13:45
sledgesfaenil: darn i should've patented it :D13:46
sledgesbb10 is casting a shade rather than blurring: http://n4bb.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/blackberry-10-lockscreen-android.jpg13:47
faenilyeah you used shadow cast13:48
locusfsledges: looking good there13:49
sledgesfaenil: i'll show you what i mean in a bit13:52
sledgeslocusf: thanks, i just dont like thr zoomes in quality of jpg13:53
sledgeswill try bubbles :D13:53
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Morpog_N9maybe blured edge instead of shadow14:12
sledgesbut again, the idea of "blurred homescreen pulling over the sharp lockscreen" is counterintuitive (surely innovative)14:13
sledgesas such approach would defeat the purpose of finger sliding an object away, rather it would "pull" the object (the homescreen) like an invisible force without actually touching it14:14
sledgesso thinking of the "lockscreen being a sharpening glass (or focussing lenses, you name it) over a blurry homescreen is more intuitive14:15
sledgesand you just swipe that glass away14:15
sledgesPS: my whole idea comes from looking into row 1,col 2 and row 2,col 2 shots in http://play.qwazix.com/grog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/SystemUI.png14:17
*** xhaakon has quit IRC14:17
sledgesand innovation to get rid of physically sliding lockscreens, introducing glass concept instead14:18
sledgesyet im not 100% happy with it, i guess it's a good seed to brainstrorm14:19
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile14:21
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*** Netweaver has joined #nemomobile14:29
locusfso the line between the blur and sharp moves along with ones finger?14:30
sledgesif you swipe from bottom14:30
sledgesthis could work: only edge swipes can unlock: then pulling homescreen over lockscreen makes sense14:31
sledgesof middle swipes are permitted too, viewing lockscreen as a piece of movable glass is better PoV14:32
sledges(and one could think of that movable piece of glass can be swiped out also diagonally or any angle in between if desired)14:32
sledgesor just rolled around to wow your friends :D14:33
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile14:33
locusfmaybe even circular glass effect14:33
sledgesor elliptic14:34
locusfyeah why not14:34
sledges(had that thought minutes ago :))14:34
sledgesand it snaps to the gravity centre if you dont push quick enough14:34
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC14:37
*** Morpog_N9 has joined #nemomobile14:37
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:37
sledgesnow QML guys will take our heads off for these ideas :D14:39
*** anonfriese has joined #nemomobile14:39
locusfyeah I was just thinking the same :D14:39
locusfI would hate to implement something like this14:39
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile14:39
locusfbut it might just be worth the effort14:39
sledgesyup, just as innovative as the trumpet :))14:42
locusfdamn trumpet14:43
locusfI should go back to it14:43
sledgeswell you got somewhere with those curves already ;)14:44
locusfyeah, just missing the pressed graphics + the end result14:44
*** itbaron has joined #nemomobile14:55
locusfhmm the pressed was easy enough14:58
*** Netweaver has quit IRC14:58
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locusfhmm not15:09
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile15:15
locusfhmm it seems that the canvas becomes too big for the controls, I need all the space to animate the handle up15:16
locusfthe text isn't updating15:19
locusffirst time ever seeing the text15:20
*** ericcc has quit IRC15:23
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile15:23
locusfseems that the public link ban is only temporary15:30
*** nsuffys has quit IRC15:38
sledgesthp: w00t: why should I choose this:15:42
sledgespkcon upgrade-system nemo-n950-wayland complete15:43
sledgeszypper in -t pattern -f nemo-n950-wayland15:43
*** guoyunhebrave has quit IRC15:43
sledges(as per our discussion weeks ago)15:43
*** Pat_o has quit IRC15:46
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile15:47
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sledgesfaenil: I want to add qqc-nemo to patterns. Safe totag this: https://github.com/nemomobile/qtquickcontrols-nemo/releases ?15:56
faenilwhat do you mean15:57
sledgeswhich part you didn't get? :)15:57
faenilsafe to tag15:57
sledgesit hasn't been tagged for weeks15:58
sledgeswas there a reason?15:58
faenilah you mean safe to tag current status15:58
faenilwell there's nothing particularly wrong15:58
faeniljust non-implemented stuff ;)15:58
sledgesgood :D15:58
sledgeswhat is more, currently is miles better than that
thpsledges: does the same thing basically, but: 1.) will work as normal user 2.) will wait in queue if something else is in progress 3.) will let other processes (also using packagekit) wait for the transaction to finish before starting their15:59
locusffaenil: problems with slider trumpet, the text doesn't update when slider is moving with canvas15:59
sledgesthp: thanks that good info. would you agree is more relevant to the qmlpackagemanager developer than currently us zypper fans?16:01
* sledges eyes niqt16:01
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile16:02
sledgeswill certainly recommend PackageKit to niqt when he gets back to porting qmlpackagemanager to Qt5, but for now I'd like to resort Nemo/Updating process back to zypper16:03
faenillocusf, ?16:06
fk_lxhi all16:06
fk_lxfaenil: hi :-)16:07
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile16:08
*** mric_ has joined #nemomobile16:08
mric_Hey sledges : )16:08
locusffaenil: the canvas gets drawn once only, thats the real issue16:08
locusfso no animation16:08
thpsledges: i'd say for interactive use if you know what you are doing, zypper is fine. for ui package managers and automated system updates, use packagekit16:08
locusfsorry to be confusing16:08
faenillocusf, isn't it redrawn when updating bindings?16:09
locusffaenil: nope16:10
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:10
faenillocusf, well, make sure you're not doing something wrong16:10
faenilbut if that's really the case16:10
faenilyou can always16:10
faenilonPropChanged: redraw16:11
locusfcan't bind to props of slider from style16:11
faenillocusf, why not?16:13
locusffaenil: I don't know, its just not possible16:16
faenillocusf, false, don't believe :D16:16
faenilyou can access the properties?16:16
locusfyes, like control.value16:16
*** mric_ has quit IRC16:17
locusfhats how theyre exposed16:17
faenillocusf, so you can also watch them ;P16:17
locusfoh? how thats done?16:17
faenilConnections{ target:control; onValueChanged: redraw() }16:17
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile16:17
faenilactually you could also try control.onValueChanged: redraw()16:17
*** exec_s has joined #nemomobile16:18
faenilread more about connections, they're very useful16:18
locusfsegfaulted :D16:21
locusfso it worked16:22
locusfbut crashes when pressing the slider16:22
faenilyeah well depends on what you're doing :D16:22
*** faenil has quit IRC16:26
locusfI should probably redraw every time the slider moves 1mm16:26
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile16:31
locusfany repaint will make it crash16:37
locusfeven just one is enough16:37
*** Aranel has quit IRC16:37
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:39
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile16:41
*** arcean__ has joined #nemomobile16:43
locusfinteresting to debug such an issue16:43
*** arcean has quit IRC16:43
locusfand with faenil gone its just a monologue, great16:43
sledgeslocusf: (faenil gone?) how can i make qqc-nemo-examples use opensans and not the serif font?16:43
*** arcean__ is now known as arcean16:43
sledgesthp: thanks!16:43
*** arcean_ has quit IRC16:43
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:44
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile16:44
locusfsledges: I don't really know, that usually goes to main.cpp16:44
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile16:45
locusfsledges:     QGuiApplication::setFont(QFont("Open Sans")); <- usually this helps16:45
sledgesthat's why lipstick is all fine16:51
sledgesbecause it has that setfont ;)16:51
sledgesbut other apps dont (doh) :D16:51
*** Aranel has quit IRC16:51
sledges(filemuncher looks opensansy OOB, will look into it)16:51
locusfbecause of qtcomponents16:52
locusfopensans is set there16:52
locusfor what ever com.nokia.meego was16:52
Morpog_PCqqc-nemo-examples are in open sans here16:52
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:53
sledgesMorpog_PC: do you have any other fonts in the system?16:53
Morpog_PCsledges, sure16:53
locusfno open sans here16:53
Morpog_PChaven't deleted any16:53
sledgeslocusf: right, so qmlcalendar is not written using qtcomponents?16:54
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile16:54
sledgesas that one is now serif16:54
locusfsledges: in qqc-nemo-examples16:54
sledgesfilemuncher isn't16:54
sledges16:52 < locusf> because of qtcomponents16:55
locusfsledges: ?16:56
faenilsledges, we're just missing the setting16:56
faenilwe should create NemoLabel or something16:56
*** giucam has quit IRC16:56
faenilwhich is just a Text { font: blabla}16:56
faeniland always use that one16:56
faenilso far I think I've only set it in Button16:56
faenil(you can check that in Buttons screen)16:56
sledgesfaenil: sounds good16:56
sledgesbut my question was16:57
sledgeswhy filemuncher is in opensans16:57
sledgesand qmlcalendar isnt16:57
locusfach so16:57
faenilsledges, I was replying to the qqc nemo question :P16:58
faenilsledges, about qmlcalendar, check which qml element it uses for text16:58
faeniland check that it doesn't overwrite font settings in its main.cpp or whatever16:58
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile16:58
sledgesso we arrive to my point:16:59
sledgescan we make qqc-nemo have a global font setting like qmlcomponents now have, and avoid creating nemolabels (introducing overhead if any, breaking sailfish apps too ;))16:59
*** Aranel has quit IRC17:03
faenilbreaking sailfish apps?17:04
sledgesif they don't use NemoLabel, they'll get serif font, iiuc17:06
sledgesor any other Qt/QML app (as sailfish might provide their own fonts, np)17:06
faenilwell, in qt-components case, if they don't set the font, they'll get serif font17:07
sledgesbut qt-components now set it globally17:07
faenilsledges, ?? :O17:07
sledgesfor those who use qt-components17:07
sledges16:52 < locusf> because of qtcomponents17:07
sledges16:52 < locusf> opensans is set there17:07
sledges16:52 < locusf> or what ever com.nokia.meego was17:07
faenilI'm not sure that's true17:08
faenilyes, read the code17:09
faenilit's just setting a context property17:09
faenilto be a particular font17:09
locusfso its not an all around fix17:10
faenilI don't think so17:10
faenilit works for all apps that use qt-components17:10
faenilit's not systemwide17:10
faenilif you use Text, it won't get that font17:10
*** louisdk has quit IRC17:10
locusfwell we don't have systemwide17:10
locusfwe only have home-wide and qt-components wide17:10
sledgesfaenil: that's what im saying, apps which use qt-components17:11
faenillocusf, it's actually the same17:11
sledgesnow apps with use qqc-nemo should do the same principle17:11
locusfif qqc-nemo just had a proper main.cpp17:11
faenilsledges, and they do the same by using NemoLabel while developing components17:11
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile17:11
sledgesbut that's different approach17:11
faenil(or if you prefer the contextproperty like qt-components, it's the same17:11
faenilsledges, is it?17:11
locusfhmm I gotta reboot, I can't focus my mouse17:12
*** ericcc has quit IRC17:12
sledgesor focusl17:12
faenilsledges, if you put a Text in a qt-components app, it won't get the font, do you agree?17:12
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:12
faenilonly if you use qt-components component it will17:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile17:12
sledgesok so filemuncher is usint qt-components' component17:13
sledgesand qmlcalendar is using Text17:13
faenilcould be17:13
faenillet me know if you see a Text which shows with opensans, so that I can fix my knowledge ;)17:14
sledgesi might have misunderstood the whole thing once again ;P ;D17:15
locusfokay back17:15
sledgesyup, calendar is using Text17:15
faenilsledges, :D feel free to start all over17:16
sledgesand muncher is using "Label"17:16
sledgesboth use com.nokia.meego 2.017:17
sledgesoh well17:17
sledgeslocusf: clear to you too now? :))17:17
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile17:24
locusfprobably not17:24
* faenil calls this *fatality*17:24
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile17:24
faenilwho remembers *babality* ?17:25
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:25
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:25
faenilawesome stuff17:26
faenilI only played mortal kombat with Sega MegaDrive17:26
faenilbut it's right there in my head :D17:26
faenilmust have been a trauma :D17:26
sledgesearly childhood :) (hence the baba-lity :)17:27
sledgeslocusf: qt-components only set opensans if qml apps are using its Label component. Text compo is coming straight from QtQuick and would not pick opensans up17:28
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC17:29
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:30
locusfsledges: ok17:30
locusfnow I got it too17:30
sledgesperfetto :)17:34
Morpog_PCbtw, does really nobody else suffer from that transparency bug?17:35
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile17:35
sledgesMorpog_PC: i do17:36
sledgeson vm17:36
sledgesdupped today17:36
Morpog_PCreally drives me nuts :D17:36
Morpog_PCbut show that we can improve rendering17:37
Morpog_PCdisabling rendering of hidden stuff17:37
sledgeslooks like black is completely transparent17:37
sledges(launch qmlcalc)17:37
sledgesand anything towards white gets more opaque17:38
Morpog_PCthe brighter it gets, the more opacity it got17:38
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile17:39
*** Aranel has quit IRC17:43
sledgesshould every app have a black rectangle composed behind it or something17:43
Morpog_PCdon't think so17:46
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:46
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:46
Morpog_PCsledges, an alternative for lockscreen animation: reduce opacity of lockscreen so that background image of homescreen gets visible, in the same time raise opacity of icons which where hidden and maybe scale them in too17:51
sledgesMorpog_PC: in short, sailfish :D17:52
* Morpog_PC starts sailfish emulator to check17:53
sledgesnot the lockscreen17:53
sledgesbut this is how they do feeds17:53
sledges(left or right swipe)17:53
sledgesand swipeoff active apps17:54
sledgesmostly playing in opacities17:54
Morpog_PCbit like17:54
*** M13 has quit IRC17:54
Morpog_PCI do a quick POC in premiere :)17:55
sledgesand icon scaling has been done in harmattan (just saying, not being against ;)17:56
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile17:56
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Morpog_PCwell yeah :)18:01
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:03
*** notmart has quit IRC18:04
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile18:06
sledgesMorpog_PC: colorful home PR commented18:07
* sledges off now18:08
Morpog_PCseen :)18:08
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC18:12
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*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile18:46
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sledgeslipstick now should have wallpaper lock! dup away :D18:55
sledgesthanks Morpog_PC18:55
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Morpog_PChmmm http://abload.de/img/nemomobile-wayland-banyk49.png21:14
*** Aranel has quit IRC21:17
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:21
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile21:25
sledges   blur? :)21:26
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:27
*** Aranel has quit IRC21:36
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile21:37
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile21:37
Morpog_PCsledges, I somehow screwed my webhook21:40
Morpog_PCit doesn't update anymore21:40
Morpog_PCneed to edit revision manually21:40
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile21:42
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC21:47
Morpog_PCin OPS21:47
Morpog_PCsource parameter21:47
*** Aranel has quit IRC21:48
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile21:48
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile21:48
sledgesso if you tag nothing happens?21:53
Morpog_PCi removed repo and forked again, this is how it started21:55
Morpog_PCworked well last time21:55
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile21:55
Morpog_PCto get it to build now I need to change the revision manually to the latest one and run it manually21:55
Morpog_PClooks better: http://abload.de/img/nemomobile-wayland-ba3gjts.png21:56
sledgesmoar blur moar :D21:57
sledgesyou need to go to settings of your repo21:57
sledgesand add webhooks url21:57
Morpog_PCaaah, that could be21:58
Morpog_PCdid that last time21:58
Morpog_PCthats why it worked back then :)21:58
Morpog_PCthx sledges21:59
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:02
Morpog_PCenough blur? http://abload.de/img/nemomobile-wayland-bazlsql.png :D22:05
*** Aranel has quit IRC22:05
*** Venemo_ has joined #nemomobile22:07
sledgesMorpog_PC: in mockup is still more blurry and darker22:09
sledgesso icons standout22:09
Morpog_PCdunno how good that looks with other images22:10
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC22:10
Morpog_PCin mockup it's one image spanning over all 3 homescreens22:11
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile22:14
Morpog_PCcould be too much now :) http://abload.de/img/nemomobile-wayland-bav9ses.png22:18
Morpog_PCHurrian used a very little drop shadow, that makes them stand out22:19
sledgesbetter now i like :)22:20
*** arcean has quit IRC22:21
Morpog_PCthats a massice 10px blur radius22:21
Morpog_PCbtw can we get rif of that black rounded corners somehow?22:22
sledgeslooks good on n9 ;)22:30
ryukafalzall these pics are making me really want nemo on my galaxy nexus :P22:34
sledgesryukafalz: fun fact im typing from a gn atm :))22:35
ryukafalza gn running nemo? ;)22:36
sledgesneed to prod Stskeeps + thp for libhybrid instructions22:36
sledgesno, cm1022:36
ryukafalzaha, alright22:36
sledgesfor now :D22:36
ryukafalzwell, poke me if you ever get it running well22:36
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:37
ryukafalzoh, I should ask22:37
ryukafalzgsm or cdma?22:37
sledgesthe white one22:37
sledgesso both iirc22:37
ryukafalzwhite gnex...22:37
sledgeswe need more manhours to make nemo a daily phone ;)22:38
ryukafalzwas that verizon?22:38
sledgesfrom ebay22:38
ryukafalzI'd be surprised if that had a CDMA radio in it22:38
ryukafalzare you guys still using telepathy for messaging?22:39
ryukafalzmight want to keep an eye on this for XMPP stuffs then: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4670022:41
MerbotFreedesktop bug 46700 in gabble "Implement reliable stanza delivery using XEP-0198 - Stream Management" [Enhancement,New]22:41
Aardthough special has said he wants to rewrite it ;)22:41
specialI have not >:(22:42
Aardw00t was there as well, he probably can confirm22:43
specialryukafalz: thanks, hadn't seen that one22:43
ryukafalzspecial: It's something that's not so important on desktop clients, but very very important on mobile, as I've recenly learned22:44
ryukafalz(and on terrible campus networks)22:44
ryukafalzI'm also hoping multipath TCP gets upstreamed soon, then I can have an awesome MPTCP-running nemo phone :P22:44
ryukafalzbut without that XEP messages just get lost, and if you're unlucky enough to not have delivery receipts neither party has any idea22:45
specialyeah, it's a mess.22:45
specialunfortunately I wouldn't count on any of the popular XMPP services to implement stream management22:48
ryukafalzmmm yeah that's the problem22:49
specialit's been hard enough trying to get delivery reports22:49
ryukafalzwell, half of the problem22:49
ryukafalzthe other half being... what, maybe two clients support it? ;)22:49
specialor with facebook, it's hard enough to just keep it functional when they break the server side every few months.22:49
ryukafalzyuck, facebook xmpp22:49
ryukafalzI haven't poked around the new system to see what it supports yet22:50
ryukafalzbut probably still not much22:50
M4rtinKwell, jabber seems to work fine on the N900 & N9 :)22:54
Aardunless tracker delays messages showing up22:55
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC23:04
ryukafalzanyway, I'd imagine it'd be easier to convine jabber.org and the few others than it would be to convince facebook and google23:05
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:08
ryukafalzfacebook is kind of a lost cause I think23:08
ryukafalzand google is... well who knows how much longer their XMPP support will last23:08
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:09
*** JvD_ has joined #nemomobile23:11
*** arturo182 has joined #nemomobile23:19
sledgesMorpog_N9_: Morpog_Mobile: ok to reduce blur radius a bit (should still look good, and mockup is that slight bit less blurry than your last version)23:22
sledgesn9t peoples23:22
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:38
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:44
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:59

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