Wednesday, 2013-11-06

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faenilmorning o/07:49
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mric_hey everyone :)14:37
mric_I'm just wondering what is the easiest way to format Alt_OS partition under linux (Ubuntu) ?14:37
sledgeshey mric_ !14:37
mric_sledges, hey !14:38
sledgesumount /media/Alt_OS; mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdX14:38
sledgeshow's life? :)14:38
mric_sledges, always here to help :)14:38
sledgesnot always :p14:38
mric_good good, been quite busy with uni though14:38
mric_what about you >14:38
sledgesgood good :)14:38
sledgesthanks, finally enjoying some awesome non-android linux projects at work :)14:39
mric_good to hear that :)14:40
mric_mke2fs 1.42 (29-Nov-2011) Could not stat /dev/sdX --- No such file or directory14:40
mric_any idea ?14:40
sledgesmric_: ;)14:42
sledgesyou need to know which /dev/sd14:42
sledgesyour Alt_OS is on14:42
sledgescheck dmesg (last mounted /dev/sd?)14:42
sledgesif you already umounted14:42
mric_I can find using ldisk14:42
mric_aaa  ok14:42
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mric_sledges, I'm sorry but I don't really know how to use dmesg14:44
sledgesso you umounted it already?14:44
sledgesdmesg | grep "/dev/sd"14:45
sledgescheck what's the last one14:45
mric_yes I have already umounted it14:45
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mric_I type in the command press enter and the next line is empty14:46
mric_I'll reboot the phone.  think it is easier14:46
sledgesjust do14:47
mric_too late ;)14:47
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sledgesdon't want to risk smouldering your HDDs :D14:48
sledgesok, so before you umount14:49
sledgesdf -h | grep Alt_OS14:49
mric_haha yeah :)14:49
sledgesnote down the devnode14:49
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mric_hum, I'm using VM from Oracle and I can't mount the USB right now I need to restart the machine. I'll be back in 2 min :)14:50
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sledgesok have fun14:51
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mricsledges, back :) but I have lost the control button on the top in VM. I tried to fullscreen Linux using a shortcut CTRL-F11 and now my Ubuntu machine is stretched and I don't have any more control so I can't mount the USB.14:56
mricDo you know how to get back to the normal VM ? (I have already closed VM and restarted no luck )14:57
sledgesHostKey+F ?14:57
mricsledges, yes  :)14:58
sledgesAlso HostKey+Home brings up the menu14:58
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mricalright cool :)15:00
mricfinally I have got the devnode: /dev/sda415:00
sledgesjust to be sure15:01
sledgesplease output15:01
sledgesdf -h15:01
Stskeepssda4 doesn't sound healthy15:01
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sledgesit's the mmcblk0p415:02
sledgesstill fishy15:02
mricaaa ok; here you go
mrictell me it is not too bad :)15:03
sledgesyou're not using MOSLO are you ;)15:03
sledgesyou're using ubiboot15:03
mricI'm trying ubiboot :)15:04
sledgesit's healthy15:04
sledgesgo ahead15:04
mricI shoud have mentioned that15:04
sledgesumount /dev/sda415:04
sledgesmkfs.ext4 /dev/sda4 -L Alt_OS15:04
mricyes it's working15:05
mricnow extracting the last version of nemo to see all the new stuff I read on the log :)15:05
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sledgeshmmph the walllpaper is totally non-transparnt on VM, Morpog_N9_ Morpog_Mobile15:09
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sledgesbut apps are15:14
Morpog_N9_strange, yep15:15
mricsledges, nemo is booting :)15:16
mricthanks for the help15:16
sledgesmric: \o/15:24
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mricsledges, is normal that nemo the bootscreen image is stuck on 1/5 of the screen making the device unsuable ? I have tried to reboot but no luck15:27
sledgesyes, perfectly normal15:28
mricsledges, really ? ;) the older version were more usable than this one15:29
sledgesofc, nemo is in the works ;)15:30
mricno workaround ? :(15:30
sledgesdon't know, booting n9 myself now to take a looksie15:31
sledgesVM is fine though15:31
mricok thanks :) Because I think is more a personnal problem than general because I used the image on Wiki and not a leak one. It wouldn't make sens to upload on wiki a 'worse' version of nemo15:32
sledgesmric: in this stage of development wiki can contain anything15:33
sledgesthe images section on wiki has been updated15:33
sledgessplit into current (Wayland/Qt5) effort15:33
sledgesand the no-longer-supported X11/Qt415:34
sledgeswith respective images15:34
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mricYeah I understant, but I had locusf wayland image with the new keyboard and nemo was working fine but on this image the bootimage makes it completely unsuable.15:35
mric*locusf wayland image15:35
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sledgeswe don't keep past images, especially when locusf's dropbox account got suspended from too many traffic ;)15:36
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sledgesnemo is a rolling release now, with latest and greatest and baddest together ;)15:36
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Mric_sledges, haha too much traffic ;) ok I guess I will for the next release to play with nemo than :)15:37
Morpog_N9_mric, why?15:38
Morpog_N9_update it15:38
Morpog_N9_via zypper15:38
Mric_Morpog_N9, I'm sorry I'm just a beginner but how can how can I update it ?15:38
sledgesMorpog_N9_: on N950-9 the bootsplash remains visible on wayland15:38
sledgesi'm looking into it now15:39
Mric_Morpog_N9, ssh connection -> zypper apt-get update ?15:39
Morpog_N9_mric, you are not on harmattan :)15:40
Morpog_N9_zypper ref15:40
Morpog_N9_zypper uo15:40
*** mric has quit IRC15:40
Morpog_N9_zypper dup15:40
Mric_thanks, I will try that and report back15:41
Morpog_N9_as root15:41
*** jmlich has joined #nemomobile15:41
Morpog_N9_and if you got an very old image you need to do some ssu command i forgot15:42
Mric_Morpog_N9, I have the wayland image in wiki. But I can;t connect to internet because of the bootscreen so will I be able to update ?15:43
Morpog_N9_ssh into?15:43
faenilI find it awesome that you can send apks to Harbour :D15:43
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Mric_sorry "ssh into" what do you mean ?15:44
*** jpetrell has joined #nemomobile15:45
sledgesMric_: on your 'oracle vm' type sudo ifconfig usb0
sledgesand then ssh nemo@
sledgeslatest nemo image: app start time slashed twice!15:50
sledges\o/ on n915:50
sledgesMorpog_N9_: on n9 apps are not transparent15:50
faenilsledges, ?15:51
EztranWow, what sped up start times that much?15:51
sledgesMric_: im using 2013-11-04 nemo image , no bootsplash screen anywhere on there15:51
*** artemma has quit IRC15:51
sledgesall usable15:51
sledgesmapplauncherd i guess, Eztran15:51
Mric_sledges, strange I'm using this one aswell15:51
sledgesi noticed that on VM apps start way faster since recently15:51
sledgesand it wasn't just my host PC apparently :))15:52
Mric_I have downloaded the torrent yesterday from the wiki page15:52
sledgesMric_: very odd15:52
sledgesi'm updating now btw15:52
sledgeswant to see that wallpaper lockscreen ;)15:53
Mric_sudo ifconfig usb0
Mric_give me an error: SIOCSIFADDR: No suuch device15:54
sledgesMric_: paste sudo ifconfig -a15:55
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mricsledges, nevermind it is working now15:58
mricthis command is working "sudo ifconfig usb0". Windows had to install a driver for the usb device15:58
sledgeshope your ubuntu in your vm won't disconnect you fast because of the dreaded window manager15:58
sledgess/window /network/15:59
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mricyeah you are right I'm getting disconneted quickly. under windows I need to find a foler "network" right ?16:01
sledgesunder ubuntu16:02
sledgesyou need to disable that network connection16:02
sledgesnot under windows16:02
sledgeshope it will do for you16:03
mricokay I'm going to try it16:03
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sledgesMorpog_N9_: the wallpaper looks awesome on n916:05
sledgesand the rounded corners are just a must there :D16:05
sledgessorry Eztran and faeni, further experiments show that i might have timed my benchmark incorrectly to have such an improvement in app start time16:05
Morpog_N9_hmm, hurrian doesn't want them on g√ľacier16:05
sledgesi'll take a picture ;)16:06
EztranAww, shame. Still faster though, right?16:06
Eztranargh, 4% bug'd. Does the N9 have that problem on Nemo?16:07
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mricsledges, USB networking did the job. Now it's time to update16:13
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile16:17
mricI'm ashamed to ask that , but how can I get root privilege under ssh16:18
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EztranThe 4% battery bug just made me quit, in fact. Anyway, yeah, any sign of this one on Nemo?
Merbot` bug 1144 in N9 "OS reports wrong battery remaining capacity" [Major,Assigned]16:19
mricit's ok16:19
sledgesgot it?16:20
mricError code: Connection failed Error message: Couldn't resolve host ''16:20
mricis that normal ?16:20
mricfor the command "zypper ref" , sledges ?16:21
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Morpog_N9_looks like you got no internet connection16:25
mricMorpog_N9, how can I configure in ssh the wifi connection ?16:25
Morpog_N9_dunno, only used VM nemo16:26
Morpog_N9_sledges or faenil or locusf can help16:26
mricMorpog_N9, ok thx16:26
mricsledges, sorry to keep bothering you :) up?16:27
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:29
stephgmric you may be able to hack around with networkmanager by hand but I don't know what that'd be off the top of my head16:29
mricstephg, ok ok but I'm just a beginner so I have no idea what to do but thanks anyway16:30
sledgesmric: on your host VM:16:32
sledgessudo /usr/sbin/iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE16:32
sledgesecho 1 | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward16:32
sledgesin your n9 ssh shell:16:32
sledgesroute add default gw
sledges/sbin/route add default gw
sledgesecho > /etc/resolv.conf16:33
mricthanks, but the first command gives me this error: "sudo: /usr/sbin/iptables: command not found"16:34
sledgessudo apt-get install iptables16:36
stephgnot /usr/sbin16:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:36
stephg^ or that16:36
stephgiptables for me is /sbin but it may vary16:36
sledges/usr/sbin here (Arch Linux)16:36
mricstephg, it worked16:37
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*** lbt has joined #nemomobile16:40
mricsledges, when I' m doing zypper ref I still have the connection error  :(16:41
*** Martix_ has quit IRC16:41
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mricsledges, I hve to go thanks for all the help hopefully we can fix it later on16:45
*** mric has quit IRC16:45
*** jmlich has quit IRC16:45
sledgesim uploading a teaser ;)16:46
sledgesah he's gone16:46
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sledgesoctober? brr :))16:54
EztranI take it you're trying to tempt everyone who hasn't yet to try out Nemo? It's kinda working :)16:55
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sledgescome aboard ;)17:04
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile17:04
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ryukafalzDoes anyone know if there's been any effort to standardize the QML component APIs with Plasma Active and Ubuntu Touch lately?19:11
faenilryukafalz, last time I heard about that there was a post on qt's mailing list19:11
faeniltrying to look for a uniform api for QML on mobile devices19:12
faenil(ragarding UI components)19:12
faenilbut I think they never got anything out of it19:12
ryukafalzThis one, right?
faenilnot sure19:12
faenildon't remember19:12
ryukafalzYeah, that and aseigo's blog post were the last I heard about that19:12
ryukafalzbut those were from january...19:13
ryukafalzWhat does Nemo use?19:13
faenilWe're building the new components set based on QQC19:14
faenilQtQuickControls, Qt5's UI set19:14
ryukafalzAh okay, so that's basically where upstream Qt is heading then?  So yours would be API-compatible?19:15
faenilbut we're adding lots of mobile stuff that's missing19:16
faenillike orientation handling, page component,19:16
faenilrest to be defined :D19:16
ryukafalzAhh heh19:16
ryukafalzplanning to upstream those? :P19:16
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faenilryukafalz, I've never upstreamed stuff to Qt yet, but yes of course the plan is to contribute, if they like our stuff19:25
faenilwith "I've never upstreamed" I mean that I have to learn the process19:25
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*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile19:29
ryukafalzWell it sounds like you guys are headed in the right direction then19:30
ryukafalzI just recently read this post ( which made me wonder about that again19:30
*** Martix_ has quit IRC19:32
ryukafalzAll these new mobile linux OSes are so exciting :D19:38
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:38
* ryukafalz can't wait to ditch Android19:38
Venemo_N9ryukafalz, awesome :)19:39
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:39
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile19:41
faenilryukafalz, :)19:44
ryukafalzIt's just... Nemo feels like the closest thing to the nice, non-commercialized Linux I love so much on my laptop and desktop, and with the glacier stuff I've been seeing in here recently it looks pretty damn beautiful to boot19:46
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile19:50
faenilryukafalz, :)19:54
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*** sledges_ is now known as sledges21:01
*** jpetersen has quit IRC21:13
sledgesVenemo_: long time no C!21:16
Venemo_sledges: indeed! how're you? :)21:16
sledgesnot too bad, and yourself?21:17
Venemo_I'm OK!21:18
Venemo_recently quit my job to continue university21:18
Venemo_and to get back to Nemo hacking :)21:18
sledgesniice, brave move, but most of us here'd ditch .NET job in no time :D21:22
Venemo_most of you here didn't come from a .net background21:22
sledgesyes, i mean, hypothetically ;)21:23
sledgeswelcome back :)21:24
Venemo_well, unfortunately, that's where I started21:24
sledgesme too ;)21:25
sledges"but it's not important right now" :D21:25
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:27
sledgesso will you be looking for new job? :)21:28
sledgesparttime ofc21:28
sledgesor just uni+nemohack instead21:28
*** arcean has quit IRC21:30
Venemo_it's a hard questin21:33
Venemo_if I get a good offer, I might take it21:33
Venemo_but I'm not really looking for it21:34
sledgesenjoy your time here meanwhile :)21:35
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:45
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:52
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile21:53
*** mric_ has joined #nemomobile21:56
mric_Hey sledges, unfortunately for you I'm back ;)21:57
sledgesim back too :))21:58
mric_cool :)21:58
mric_I was able to have a constant connection modifying the netwrok files but I'm stil not able to have internet on the device ....21:59
sledgesmric_: i gave you commands for masquerading22:02
sledgeslook in the logs22:02
mric_yeah, I'm going use them again hopefully  is it going to work this thime.22:03
mric_I don't have the same error as before but here is the log:
sledgeskillall zypper22:11
sledgesand retry22:11
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:11
*** phdeswer_ has joined #nemomobile22:11
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile22:12
*** dmol has quit IRC22:13
mric_sledges, I had tried with kill but no luck. Killall worked but I'm now getting the same error as before:
sledgesmric_: doublecheck that your host performs forwarding22:16
sledgesping from nemo22:16
sledgesand do /sbin/route for a paste22:16
mric_ping is working fine22:16
mric_here is the paste:
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC22:18
*** giucam has quit IRC22:18
sledgesthen cat /etc/resolv.conf22:18
*** zbenjamin has joined #nemomobile22:19
mric_this is the computer one22:21
mric_is what is written22:22
sledgesecho nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf22:23
sledgesis it there? (the nameserver bit)22:23
mric_only numbers22:23
sledgesthen perform what i wrote22:24
mric_It's working :)22:24
mric_Once more you have fixed it :)22:24
sledgestaking one for the team :)22:24
mric_Thank you, I'm going to take some  notes now ;)22:25
sledgesenjoy mric_ :)22:26
mric_The device sucessfully installed the updates, but my screen saver looks nice but I still have the glitch with the bootimage making the device unsuable22:31
sledgesthe blue bootimage?22:32
sledgeshow weird22:32
mric_I can take a picture if thats any help ?22:32
sledgessurely we can fix this22:32
sledgesjust to disable plymouth splash on startup should do...22:32
mric_If I recall correctly, on older versions of nemo the bootscreen image only showed up the first time. I think it was a bug so now the bug seems like it has been fixed but it is breaking something else22:34
mric_hum, how would I disable plymouth ?22:34
Venemo_what, nemo has plymouth?22:35
mric_Venemo, I don't know ask sledges :) By the way double tap seem to be working as well if that's any help22:37
Venemo_how is plymouth related to double tap?22:38
Venemo_AFAIK plymouth is the thing that shows the loading indicator on bootup in Fedora22:38
sledgesthat's what it is22:38
sledgesand 5th of it remains visible when wayland takes over (for mric_ only) ;)22:39
sledgesmric_: as root perform `systemctl | grep plym`22:40
Morpog_MobileDelete splssh image?22:40
sledges:D Morpog_Mobile also an option (and you are an expert knowing where they are located ;P)22:40
Morpog_Mobilesledges: i forgot already :)22:41
Morpog_MobileCheck that ce- package22:41
sledgeswell let's just disable it shall we? ;)22:42
Morpog_MobileOr that22:42
Venemo_sledges: we finally have a bootsplash instead of that ugly GPU garbage?22:43
Venemo_that's AWESOME!22:43
Morpog_MobileNow the bootlogo is ugly Venemo_22:44
Morpog_MobileI exchanged it on my vm22:44
Venemo_wellll, we can always make it better22:45
Morpog_MobileVenemo_: it stretches images to display size and current splashimage is 840x48022:45
Morpog_MobileSo ugly stretched on n922:46
Venemo_it should not do that22:46
Venemo_at least it doesn't do that in Fedora22:46
Morpog_MobileMaybe you can fix that22:46
mric_plymouth...-start.service loaded active exited        Show Plymouth-lite Start Screen22:46
Venemo_I've never worked with it, just observe it every time I turn on my laptop22:47
Morpog_MobileI made bootlogos for every mobile resolution i could think of22:47
mric_Morpog_Mobile, it looks good but as you said it is stretched22:48
sledgesmric_: systemctl disable plymouth-lite-start.service22:48
mric_ok , done. Should I restart now ?22:49
sledgesyes please22:49
mric_For the first time I had a shutting down image ...22:50
sledgesthere's always something :)22:50
mric_I guess it is one or the other :)22:50
mric_I still have the splashscreen :(22:51
sledgesthe fight goes on22:52
mric_The phone switch itself off and is now restarting ....22:52
sledgeseven more fighting :)))22:53
mric_ahhah :)22:54
* Morpog_Mobile hears that shaggy song in his mind22:54
mric_Should I reformat Alt_OS and rextract nemo ?22:55
Morpog_Mobile"It wasn't me" if you still guess :D22:55
mric_hahaaha Morpog :)22:56
faenilsledges, mric_ sees splashscreen at bottom of screen?22:56
sledgesfaenil: yes22:56
mric_faenil, yes22:56
sledgesmric_: so now phone keeps on rebooting? 8|22:56
faenilmric_, ubiboot?22:56
mric_yes and yes22:56
sledgesah, ofc, yes, ubi..22:57
faenilare you using ubiboot 0.3.5?22:57
faenilif not, have you set vram param in G_NEMO_INIT ?22:57
sledgesmric_, faenil: but now we have another problem (thanks to me ofc :D)22:58
faenilmric_, ok, so that's what fixed your problem22:58
sledgeshow to re-enable plymouth start?22:58
faenilsorry if I didn't read earlier22:58
faenilsledges, you made him delete the service?22:58
mric_faenil, ok thanks :)22:58
sledgesit shouldn't cause that harm just by not issusing ply-image pffff :D22:59
faenilI didn't follow, can you sum up the problem22:59
sledgesi made him do `systemctl disable plymouth-lite-start.service`23:00
sledgesand now his phone shuts down after power up23:00
mric_How can I be sure which version of ubiboot I used? I flashed ubiboot-02_04061323:01
sledgesby checking what's in that file?23:02
sledges(ubiboot.conf i mean)23:03
mric_it doesn't say23:04
mric_it says ubiboot-0223:04
sledgesmric_: you are using old one23:05
sledgesbut first we need to fix your nemo :P23:05
mric_sledges, ok ok I used the one on in the ubiboot wiki23:05
mric_yes :)23:05
mric_can I just plug in my device and ssh it ? (I mean before booting nemo )23:06
mric_and fix it  :)23:06
mric_it's ok now it's not restarting anymore !23:07
mric_it booted nemo and it is staying up23:07
sledgesITWASNTME :D23:07
mric_haha :)23:08
Morpog_MobileI would reenable it and fix ubiboot23:09
mric_Should I flash the last ubiboot or try to fix it using faenil link ?23:09
*** lbt has quit IRC23:09
mric_ok yes23:09
Morpog_MobileUp to you23:09
faenilmric_, same23:10
mric_I guess it is easier to flash for me :)23:10
sledgesit'd go for a fix instead ;)23:11
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile23:11
*** lbt has quit IRC23:11
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile23:11
sledgesmric_: first let's restore status quo23:11
sledgesssh into nemo23:11
mric_systemctl enable plymouth-lite-start.service >23:11
*** exec_s has joined #nemomobile23:12
sledges(just no > symbols 8)23:12
mric_unfortunately: The unit files have no [Install] section. They are not meant to be enabled using systemctl.23:12
sledgesas root?23:12
Morpog_MobileReinstall plymouth-lite?23:13
mric_haha :)23:13
mric_apt-get install plymouth-lite ?23:13
Morpog_MobileForget apt-get :D23:14
mric_yeah it's not harmattan23:14
mric_oups ;)23:14
sledgeszypper in -f plymouth-lite23:14
sledges(and yes, you -will- need internet connection for that :))23:14
mric_Great [sarcastic] :)23:15
* sledges slaps himself with a large trout23:16
* aard_ assists sledges 23:24
mric_sledges, don't do that :) OK it's done plymouth-lite is reinstalled.23:24
mric_time to flash :)23:27
faenilwhy flash?23:28
sledgesvery nice, i just got a notification "Battery empty, shutting down", thanks jolla :)23:28
sledgesEztran: you have hopes :) ^23:28
faenilsledges, :)23:29
sledgesmric_: faenil's right, don't flash23:29
sledgesjust boot into ubiboot23:29
sledgesand mount MyDocs partition23:29
sledgeson your vm23:29
sledges(or you can even telnet into ubiboot instead)23:30
mric_ok I'll do that23:34
mric_ok I'm in Mydocs23:37
sledgesedit boot/ubiboot.conf23:38
sledgesand add that change23:38
mric_ok done, now reboot I guess ?23:42
mric_I don't have the splashscree but I still have 1/5 of the screen black23:44
sledgesfaenil: ^23:45
mric_I will try again tomorrow23:45
faenilmric_, you sure you edited G_INIT_NEMO?23:45
mric_faenil, I will check tomorrow :) Thank you very much for the help both of you23:46
mric_See yuo23:46
faenilsoryr I'm falling asleep23:46
sledgessame here23:46
*** mric_ has quit IRC23:46

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