Friday, 2013-11-15

ZogG_laptopfaenil_: is there new imgs btw?00:04
faenil_ZogG_laptop, not sure, haven't had time to look into it since I am here :/00:04
faenil_ZogG_laptop, but not much has been done recently unless I missed something00:05
faenil_we're missing contributors00:05
sledges*contributors are busy :)00:08
sledgessfiet implemented progress spinner this week00:09
sledgesim looking into configs' mess00:09
ZogG_laptopfaenil_: i might have more time and i may try slowly learn here and there. but i need working img :P00:09
sledgesZogG_laptop: last torrent00:10
sledgesafterwards zypper dup00:10
sledgesis on wiki00:10
faenil_ZogG_laptop, there are working imgs out ;)00:10
faenil_well, *working* :D00:10
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ZogG_laptopsledges: the problem that latest img i had had no working terminal :)00:12
ZogG_laptopand no wifi connection set/possible to set00:12
ZogG_laptopso that's why i wanted "working" img :)00:12
ZogG_laptopnot latest00:12
ZogG_laptopbut working00:12
faenil_ZogG_laptop, define working :)00:13
sledgeswprked for me . which dated img?00:13
faenil_those two things are working now00:13
Morpog_MobileZogG_laptop: then you need to wait a long time i guess00:13
sledgesMorpog_Mobile: why? i can use wifi and fingerterm on n900:13
sledgesalso linux is about choice00:14
sledgesno terminal, use ssh. no wifi? use connman-tests ;)00:15
Morpog_Mobilesledges: i define working as stable00:15
sledgesand we are here to help00:15
ZogG_laptopsledges: all i need is to get to terminal00:15
ZogG_laptopwith device or ssh00:15
ZogG_laptopdoesn't matter00:15
ZogG_laptopand i do chose linux00:15
ZogG_laptopi have compiled funtoo img for n95000:16
faenil_ZogG_laptop, terminal works00:16
ZogG_laptopit's working00:16
faenil_it's dead slow, but via ssh it's ok00:16
ZogG_laptopbut i faield to get screen working there except updating it maunaly everytime :(00:16
sledgesand if no choices work, shout here, we can haz fixes it :)00:17
sledgesbecause Morpog_Mobile is right, current wip is unstable00:18
sledgesbut waves are settling down after storm in middleware by youKnowWho ;)00:18
ZogG_laptopsledges: i asked to help me with display than but as it was not nemo i was pushed out and ignored00:19
ZogG_laptopi cried a lot at nights but i got over it :)00:19
faenil_ZogG_laptop, we have big troubles even getting nemo to run on n950, and you want to get something else :P00:19
sledgesand tbh terminal breakage is fundamental, so im sure that got fixed soon after you tried that nonworking image ZogG_laptop00:19
ZogG_laptopfaenil_: i had it running ( without X)00:20
ZogG_laptopall i wanted to get display00:20
faenil_which I wouldn't know how to help with00:21
faenil_gnite people00:22
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faenil_sledges, you're master of geeky witts00:22
sledgesfingers cross(compile)d im not00:24
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w00tZogG_laptop: you need something kicking the display ioctl at the right times00:59
w00tand fwiw, you weren't ignored, there is no conspiracy, your question likely got forgotten about or lost along the way to someone who has knowledge about the problem - there aren't many of them around, and those that are are busy and forgetful people01:02
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stephgmorning everyone!06:51
dm8tbrgood moaning06:52
fk_lxhello :-)06:57
JvD_hyvää huomenta07:02
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sledgeshewwo :)07:05
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zbenjaminmorning !07:46
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ZogG_laptopzbenjamin: morning indeed08:18
locusfmorning :)08:23
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fk_lxsledges: :-D09:57
zbenjaminsledges: omfg09:59
zbenjaminworst song in history10:00
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sledgeszbenjamin: it has history in this channel zbenjamin ;P10:23
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khertan w00t sledges : i prefer this version :
khertanmore audible10:37
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sledgesthat's awesome khertan :D i'm into a cappella versions, need to look for one :))10:49
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sledgeshey fellows, would be great if you could update:
sledges(copied and updated from , thanks to bitsandnumbers who did the initial list)16:05
sledgescouldn't remember everything 100% correctly off the top of my head16:06
locusfnice, thanks sledges16:06
sledgesso could now be just redirecting to wiki page (I'll PR qwazix if no-one gets ahead of that :))16:06
sledges(just added the trumpet bit ;))16:08
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#464 Rejected promotion request16:09
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#465 waiting for review at
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ZogG_laptopStskeeps: ping17:43
ZogG_laptopw00t: thanks for display tip. the other question is if it's possible to make X/Wayland independent? in other words can i get that working with out graphics and in tty?17:47
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faenilevening o/18:43
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faenilthomas_sch, welcome ;)22:31
thomas_schthx faenil ;)22:31
faenilso, are you looking for something in particular?22:32
faenilwant to start contributing? or have any question?22:32
thomas_schoh yeah I wanted to start again to play around with my phones.I wanted to switch from android and possibly update my good old n900 (would have to do some soldering first though)22:33
faenilah, ehm...the new nemo (the wayland-based one) currently doesn't run on n900 as far as I know22:33
faenilas there is some work needed to adapt the wayland stuff to n90022:33
thomas_schI read about the sailfish os apk compatibility and was intrigued22:34
faenilyes well the apk story of sailfish is closedsource22:34
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faenilyou won't find it in Nemo22:34
thomas_schyeah guessed that already ;) that's why I joined the irc hoped I had overlooked something22:34
thomas_schit's not the most important feature it was just interesting22:34
faenilthomas_sch, sure it is ;)22:35
faenilalso Nemo is currently in transitioning state22:35
faenilwe're building the new Glacier UI22:35
thomas_schI want a phone not trash heap after all22:35
faenilso there are many things not working at the moment while we rebuild everything22:36
faenilbut if you want to contribute you're very welcome :)22:36
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thomas_schfaenil: I would first need to look at the code ;) or at least some documentation don't even know how portable it is right now :)22:40
faenilhow portable in what sense22:40
faenilwhat do you want to port and where :D22:40
thomas_schhow easy it is to port it to device $foo found a howto for the nexus i925022:40
faenilthomas_sch, well it depends, if you want to port it to an android device you'll use libhybris22:41
thomas_schlet me first read up on some things don't want to talk nonsense (at least if it can be helped)22:41
faenilsure ;)22:41
thomas_schniiice weston has libhybris support22:42
thomas_schso I can basicly build it for every android phone (for that I can build my own images)22:43
faenilwell, kind of, I'd advice to ask Stskeeps more details ;) he's probably sleeping now22:44
faenilhe's the author of libhyris22:44
thomas_schfaenil: are you using nemo right now? :)22:47
faenilthomas_sch, if you want to know if nemo is ready for daily use, no ;)22:48
faenilas I said, it's under heave reconstruction after the transition to wayland22:48
faenilif you want something kind of usable you can try the images from June, which were x11-based22:49
faeniland most of the stuff was working :)22:49
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thomas_schI just wanted ton w know on what hardware you used it :P because I got some low end phones with gingerbread on them and wanted to estimate if it would be profitable for me to start working on this old devices again22:50
thomas_schIf I get a better user experience out of nemo I would gladly sacrifice my old android phones and it's app store :P22:51
faenilthomas_sch, I use it on nokia n950 dev phone22:51
faenilthomas_sch, it will be months before nemo becomes usable again though22:51
faenilwe have to write UI components (started already)22:52
faenilthen rewrite all core apps with those components22:52
thomas_schI guessed that much ;) but I got time if it becomes useable at the same time when wayland is useable on any desktop pc it's ok with me22:52
faenilthen rewrite the homescreen22:52
thomas_schit's a mobile device it's for the best to exchange X with wayland22:52
faenilwrite all the UI plugins for signal indicator, battery indicator, wifi indicator, etc22:52
faenilthomas_sch, ;)22:53
faenilabout how easy it is to port to gingerbread phones, I suggest to ask that guy22:53
thomas_schI got ics running on it ;)22:54
thomas_schjelly bean was too bloated though22:54
faenilyeah well it's not exactly the same process :D22:54
thomas_schI was going to try kitkat next (I mean low end phone could work..) but if nemo is good I will try this22:54
faenilsure, it's good to have somebody hacking on that ;)22:55
faenilplease try again tomorrow ;)22:55
thomas_schI'm willing to put some hours and coding in it22:55
faenilnot sure some hours will be enough, but yeah, if you're very lucky :D22:55
faenilotherwise there's lot of help needed with the new UI effort ;)22:56
thomas_schtomorrow I will be out of town and mainly working on my day job but the day after tomorrow I have all the time in the world22:56
thomas_schohh I'm not really that big on guis22:56
faenilok good ;)22:56
thomas_schalso I'm willing to learn ;) but hey right now I got much work, little time22:57
thomas_schok it's decided I will get my soldering iron :D brb fixing my n90022:57
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:58
*** NIN102 has joined #nemomobile22:58
thomas_sch(usb connector broke off of the mother board)22:58
thomas_schwill have to use the debug port22:58
faenilsame problem everywhere :D22:59
thomas_schreally?that's soo sad22:59
faenilyeah iirc22:59
*** PMG has quit IRC22:59
thomas_schI just hope the battery didn't die on me in two years :/23:01
faenilthomas_sch, this is pretty much the current situation23:02
faenil(in the meanwhile icons were changed, and lots of other stuff23:02
faenilbut still using old UI as you can see23:03
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thomas_schomg you can get a n900 for 70 bucks from ebay oO23:43
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