Wednesday, 2013-11-20

sandy_lockebring me back to the prompt with sudo00:00
sledgesnow ping00:00
sandy_lockeping ok00:00
sandy_lockeping 101 ok00:00
sandy_lockeI'll test 2.1500:00
sandy_locke2.15 host down00:01
sledgespartitions are now exported00:01
sledgesif you could forward your usb connection to linux vm00:02
sledgeswe'll take it from there00:02
sandy_lockeyes I can do that00:02
sandy_lockejust a sec, I launch the VM00:02
sledgesthen check dmesg00:03
sledgesbottom of it00:03
sledgesfor sdb00:03
sledgesor similar00:03
sledgesin vm00:03
sandy_lockesd 8:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk00:06
sandy_lockeis that it ?00:06
sandy_lockesledges: ^00:07
sledgessudo fdisk /dev/sdb00:08
sandy_lockeunable to open sdb, no medium found ^^00:08
sledgesls /dev/sdb*00:08
sandy_lockejust sdb :/00:09
sandy_lockeno sdc00:09
sledgesyou will need to reboot n900:09
sandy_lockeok then00:10
sledgesfladh ubiboot kernel00:10
sledgesand connect fast your usb to vm00:10
sandy_lockeI'll do the flasher from the VM00:10
sledgesvery good00:11
sandy_lockenope, it says operation not permitted00:12
sandy_lockeI have to do it from host00:12
sledgesfor which bit?00:12
sledgesor sudo00:13
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC00:13
sandy_lockenice touch ;)00:13
sandy_lockeok fdisk sdb work00:14
sandy_lockeI've got the prompt00:14
sledgesplease paste00:14
sandy_locke"/dev/sdb1            1024    18464767     9231872    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)00:15
sandy_lockesorry ^^00:15
sledgesdw ;)00:15
sledgesplease press00:17
sledgesand repaste00:17
sandy_lockeChanging display/entry units to cylinders (DEPRECATED!)00:17
sledgesrepaste the00:17
sledgesthat's better00:18
sledgesa nothing00:18
sledgeslet's see00:18
sledgessadly moslo didn't even resize it00:19
sandy_lockeyou want me to retry launching MOSLO and look at it again ?00:20
sledgesyou can type00:20
sledgesand select partition 200:20
sledgesand then 8300:21
sledgesfor ext linux00:21
sledgesso it's not "Empty"00:21
sledgesmaybe moslo is failing for that?.....00:21
sandy_lockeyup, I found this empty was strange...00:21
sandy_lockedo I try MOSLO then ?00:21
sledgesi dont know00:21
sledgeswhy you have 9GB MyDocs00:22
sledgesis this BackupMenu or smthng?00:22
sandy_lockenope, nothing00:22
sledgesit should be ~6.5GB00:22
sandy_lockeit's a fresh reflash00:22
sandy_lockefrom 2/3 days ago00:22
sandy_lockeI didn't do anything on it since then00:22
*** araujo has quit IRC00:22
sledgesif you are flasher-happy00:23
sledgeslet's go va bank00:23
sandy_lockeflasher-happy ?00:23
sledgeswell, you reflashed many times00:23
sledgesand I think I know what happened00:23
sandy_lockeI don't count anymor e;)00:23
sledgeslet's delete all your partitions00:23
sledgesand recreate them nemo-sanely00:23
sandy_lockejust like that ?00:24
sledgesfollow me ;)00:24
sandy_lockeoook ^^00:24
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile00:24
sledgesat fdisk prompt00:24
sledgesuntil no more partitions left00:24
sledgestrust and dw ;)00:24
sandy_lockepartitions are no more :D00:25
sandy_lockeenter ?00:26
sledgesfirst cylinder00:26
sledgescan it do that?00:26
sandy_lockeI've got 33-48512000:26
sandy_lockeyes, just enter select the default00:26
sledgesdam fdisk00:26
sandy_lockewhat ?00:27
sandy_lockewill it explode ?00:27
sledges:D no00:27
sledgeslet's ignore that then00:27
sledgespress enter00:27
sledges(let it 33000:27
sandy_lockenow last cyl00:28
sledges(yes, with 0 ;P)\00:28
sledgesthen press t00:29
sandy_lockeyes, strange that there's no 17 ...00:29
sledgesit's fdisk, but we leave that for now00:29
sandy_locket pressed00:29
sandy_locke1st cyl ?00:30
sandy_lockenot 208 ?00:30
sledges(no ;P)00:30
*** zhost has quit IRC00:31
sledgesthen press p, and paste for cross check00:31
sledgesvery well00:33
sledgeslet's pull the trigger00:33
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile00:33
sandy_lockeyou had all those cylinders flashing before you're eyes, didn't you ;)00:33
sledgesjust reading the wiki really *g*00:33
sledgesnow let's check00:34
sledgesls /dev/sdb400:34
sandy_lockesdb4 present00:34
sledgesPS: i hope you had nothing important in MyDocs :D00:34
sandy_lockenope, I never leave important stuffs on phones00:34
sandy_lockeok then, so I just launch MOSLO and copy Nemo ?00:36
*** phdeswer has quit IRC00:36
sledgessudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb400:37
sledgesfirst ;)00:37
sandy_lockewriting superblocks00:37
sledgeslet's do it again00:38
sledgessudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb4 -L Alt_OS00:38
sandy_locke(this superblocks term is really geeky)00:38
sledgesor any other name00:38
sledgesbut let's stick with Alt_OS for weird legacy reasons00:38
sandy_locke(in the good sense, ofc)00:38
sandy_lockeI CTRL-C ?00:38
sandy_lockecan I do it ?00:38
sandy_lockeI didn't add the -L00:38
sledgesjust wait, should finish before too long00:39
sledgesin another window00:39
sledgestry to telnet into device00:39
sledgesjust for my personal interest00:39
sledgesfirst type ifconfig and check for usb000:40
sandy_lockeyup, usb000:40
sledgessudo ifconfig usb0 19200:40
*** blam_ has quit IRC00:40
sledgessudo ifconfig usb0
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile00:40
sandy_lockeok done00:40
*** sni1 has joined #nemomobile00:41
sandy_lockeyou know that you put 2.1 : sudo ifconfig usb0 ?00:42
sledgesand back to the mkfs.ext4 screen...: do mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb100:42
sledgesi know00:42
sandy_lockebecause telnet 2.1 is denied and 2.15 has no route00:42
sledgesok let's scratch that00:42
sandy_lockeno -L ?00:42
sledgesthat one should be short00:43
sandy_lockeyup done :)00:43
sledgeswe're done here00:43
sledgestype sync00:43
sledgesjust to get in a habit00:43
sledgesand let's reboot to moslo now00:44
sledges:D flasher-happy00:44
*** sni1 has quit IRC00:44
*** sni1 has joined #nemomobile00:44
* sledges singing along
sandy_lockethe partition is exported into linux00:47
sandy_lockeso I just have to put nemo in it00:47
sandy_lockedo you have a link for a fresh brand new nemo ?00:47
sandy_lockeflasher-happy everyday ... 8°00:48
sledgesbrand new is torrented00:49
sandy_lockearrh... ok let's do it anyway00:49
sandy_lockeI'll have to get deluge for linux00:49
sledgesim seeding one ;)00:49
sandy_lockenice, I'll leech to you then :P00:50
sledgesafterwards ^00:50
* sledges off zleep ;)00:50
w00tholy crap you people talk a lot00:51
sandy_lockeyeah, thx so much sledges00:51
* w00t waves a cane, get off my lawn, etc00:51
sledgesw00t :D we're trigger/flasher happy :D00:52
sandy_lockee-ve-ry-day !00:53
sledgespunks :D00:53
sledgessandy_locke: have a lot of fun! glad to help00:53
sledgeswhich TZ are you btw? :))00:53
* sandy_locke smash the lawn with a fork and a hammer00:53
sledges(another geeky term)00:54
sandy_locke+1 PARIS00:54
sandy_lockebut not in this particular city00:54
sledgesnice, quite late in there00:54
sledges+0 London00:54
sandy_lockeand you ?00:54
sledgesbut not in this particular city :))00:54
sledgesearliest country in europe (together with Portugal)00:54
sandy_lockeit's late at your place too, may I say00:54
sledgesso everyone else seems pretty late :)00:54
sandy_lockeyeah, but geek fun is never late ;)00:55
sledgestoo true!00:55
sledgesexcept when gotta get up to work tomorrow, err today :))00:55
sledges(nah :D)00:55
sandy_lockeyeah, I work at home :P00:55
specialmy trick is working for a company in a very different timezone00:55
sledgesgood on ya :)00:55
Eztran I'm not sure what it is about geeky stuff, but about 90% of it always seems to be done in the hours just after midnight :)00:56
specialI can keep any hours I want and justify it with work00:56
sandy_lockeit's like the gremlins, never give them water after 00:00 otherwise...00:56
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile00:56
*** alin_ has quit IRC00:56
sandy_lockebut you're special :P00:57
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile00:57
sandy_lockeand what special work do you do ?00:57
sledgesthe most special around here ;)00:57
sandy_lockeyou make special smatphones ?00:58
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile00:58
sledgessandy_locke: does harmattan still boot ooi00:59
* sledges hides00:59
sandy_lockesledges: I didn't try yet (and you better do, because I'm pretty sure it won"t!)00:59
sandy_lockeshould I try ?01:00
sledgeswhile torrenting01:00
sandy_lockewarranty damn warning !01:00
sandy_lockethis one, he never go by itself does he ?01:00
sledgesjust denotes a geeky phone, all good ;)01:01
sledgesalso, no need to reboot phone in front of friends :D and in general..01:01
*** alin_ has quit IRC01:02
sandy_lockeyeah, but I think the warranty warning is pretty cool in fact01:02
sandy_lockeit boot !01:02
sledgesthere there01:02
sandy_lockebooty boot01:02
EztranThat thing isn't annoying, 'til you have to reboot your phone a few times, for whatever reason. Then, it's very annoying.01:02
EztranThat said, it's probably better than no boot :)01:02
sandy_lockeyeah, I feel you !01:02
sledgesEztran: does it extend boot time?01:03
sandy_lockeyeah, by 15secs at least !01:03
sandy_lockeyowzer ?01:03
sledgesyet another geek word? idk01:03
EztranNokia apparently really wanted you to know you have no warranty now.01:04
sledgesjust to make sure :))01:04
sandy_lockeyeah, but a reflash put it away, so if my phone has any issue, I just happily flash again ;)01:04
EztranYeah, the N9's really hard to kill by accident.01:05
sandy_lockethey don't do phones like this anymore01:05
sandy_lockeI'm glad I found it by pure coincidence !01:05
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile01:05
sandy_lockeactually that's the maemo talk community that made me want an n901:06
sledgesusually tmo make you want an n900 :)01:06
sandy_lockeyeah, but the n900 was for devs01:06
sandy_lockeI'm a graphist ;)01:06
sledgessandy_locke: if you reflash, warranty goes away, but any openmode kernel boot (even without physical flashing) triggers warranty01:07
sledgestrue, n9 is very elegant01:07
sledgesso will be jolla phone let's hope01:07
sandy_lockeyeah, the jolla seem truely a good successor01:07
sledgesstrange warranty appears even when you've turned it off01:07
sandy_lockeyou need flashing to get another kernel no ?01:08
sledgesi mean01:09
sledgeswarranty came back01:09
sledgesbecause you loaded moslo01:09
sandy_lockemmh, you mean just replacing the stock one with the modded k ?01:09
sandy_lockeby hand ?01:09
sledgeseven without replacing01:09
sledgesjust flash it to RAM01:09
sledgesand boom - warranty nag01:09
sandy_lockemmh yeah01:09
sledgesJonni confirmed that recently01:09
sandy_lockeit must be hard coded into some chip no ?01:09
EztranThat particular warning simply comes up whenever an openmode kernel's used, unless you've removed the message.01:10
sledgessome weird triggers on RAM/bootloader registers ;)01:10
sledgesi always though RAM is volatile, but something else intercepts that, flasher/NLO etc01:10
sandy_lockelike a worm waiting for your misfits01:10
sledgesdisclaimer-cal remove View-openmode01:10
sledgesyou did that sandy_locke ^ ?01:10
sandy_lockeI should have01:11
EztranThat has to be done from closed mode, sorry :P01:11
sandy_lockeit's too late now , right ?01:11
sandy_lockebut there's no openmode already01:11
sandy_lockeI didn't put it01:11
sandy_lockethis time01:11
sledgesyou opened it01:11
sledgesby flashin ram01:11
sledgescrazy ;)01:11
sandy_lockeyup ^^01:11
sandy_lockedid they know we were going to use it that way ?01:12
sledgeswell, n9 is n900 successor so01:12
sledges(with n950 dev dev in between)01:12
sledgespurely linuxy01:12
sandy_lockeyeah, how come nobody makes phone open like that ?01:13
sledgesTI pulled out01:13
sandy_lockeI think it's a killer idea01:13
sledgesQualcomm just don't make such HW01:13
sledgesN9 it TI OMAP01:13
sandy_lockeand what's it's name, with semiconductor in it01:14
sandy_locke ?01:14
sandy_lockewe had tandy in the days01:14
sledgesST Micro?01:15
sandy_lockeST Micro ?01:15
sandy_lockemmh, no I don't think it was that01:15
*** artemma has quit IRC01:16
sandy_lockeah I don't remember01:19
sandy_lockeunpacking to nemo01:21
sandy_lockeI may be left alone here...01:21
sledgesdon't forget to sync after extract01:21
sandy_lockeah you're here :D01:21
sledgesupdating wiki ;P01:21
sandy_lockeI just type sync ?01:21
sandy_lockewhat does it do already ?01:22
sledgesand then unmount gracefully01:22
sledgesflushes buffers01:22
sandy_lockewhat buffers ?01:22
sledgeson block devices (HDD and removable storage) from their cache01:22
sandy_locketo what purpose ?01:23
sledgesif you extract nemo now01:23
sledgesbig portions of it get cached01:24
sledgesand are only in RAM01:24
sledgesnot on n901:24
sledgessync ensures they are flushed01:24
sledgesbefore you plug the cable01:24
sandy_locke(we should keep this night of logs for following peops that need this kind of assistance...)01:24
sledgesif you unmoutn nicely01:24
sledges(sandy_locke: all will be in wiki summarised soon, 5mins ;)01:24
sandy_lockenice :)01:25
EztranI'm keeping an eye on this partly for that reason :)01:25
sandy_lockegood job!01:25
sandy_lockeok for sync, I understand the need01:25
sledgesif you unmount nicely, it should also sync01:25
sledgesbut sometimes one or the other get forgotten :D01:26
sandy_lockeyeah, good habit ;)01:26
sandy_lockeok, right now I've got a black screen01:26
sledgesas expected ;)01:27
sandy_locke(boot to nemo)01:27
*** blam_ has quit IRC01:27
sandy_lockeah :)01:27
sledgeshow long have you waited?01:27
sledgesif you very briefly press power, white LED comes on, so you know phone is totally powered off01:27
sledgesand time to re-moslo ;)01:28
sandy_lockere-moslo then ;)01:29
sledgesno need to re-extract ofc01:31
sandy_lockeyeah, but black screen again :/01:31
sandy_lockeyeah, it shut itself down again ^^01:32
sledgesdid you extract the way wiki says?01:32
sledgeslet's boot to moslo again01:32
sledgesand have Alt_OS exported01:32
sledgesto perform some checks01:32
sledgesdid you extract from your Mac or Linux VM?01:32
sandy_lockelinux vm01:33
sandy_lockeok, re-reMOSLO ;)01:33
sledgesgo to your linux vm01:34
sledgeswhere you have nemo tarball torrented01:34
sandy_lockeyup, and now altos mounted01:34
sledgesopen shell in that directory01:34
sledgesof tarball01:34
sledgesmkdir nemo-rootfs01:35
sledgessudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-*.tar.bz2 -C nemo-rootfs01:35
sledgesmeanwhile in another windo01:36
sledgesdo ls -l /media/Alt_OS/home01:36
sandy_lockedrwx------ 2 100000 100000 4096 Nov 19 15:33 nemo01:36
sledgeslooks sane01:36
sledgesfinished untarring?01:37
sledgescd nemo-rootfs; sudo rsync -rlpgovc --delete . /media/Alt_OS01:38
sledgesand would be good if you pasted this output01:38
sandy_lockeI wait for it to finish01:40
sandy_lockesome errors01:40
sledgessudo rm -rf /media/Alt_OS/.Trashes01:41
sledgessudo rm -rf /media/Alt_OS/.fseventsd01:41
sandy_lockerm: cannot remove `/media/Alt_OS/.Trashes': Input/output error01:42
*** blam has joined #nemomobile01:42
*** blam is now known as blam_01:42
sledgeswhere are those trashes from :D01:42
sandy_lockesame for the other01:42
sandy_lockeit's created the moment I mount01:42
sledgesthey shouldnt prevent nemo from booting01:43
sandy_lockeI mounted with the GUI file manager01:43
sledgeslet's try again01:43
sledgesumount via GUI now01:43
sledgesit should do sync01:43
sandy_lockeok, unmounted via gui01:43
sledgespull the plug01:44
sledgesand do you repull the plug01:44
sledgesbefore VolumeDown?01:44
sledges*repull lol replug01:44
sledgeslet's try with plug plugged01:44
sandy_lockeah ok01:44
sandy_lockestill black screen01:45
sledgesis it powered off though?01:45
sandy_lockeit rebooted01:45
sledgestough luck01:45
sandy_lockenow it's booting into harmattan01:46
sledgesyea because of no moslo in between01:46
sledgesall i can recommend sandy_locke is to try instead01:46
sledgesknown to work01:46
sledgesyou can extract it locally and rsync it with command above01:46
sledgeswill be least intrusive to your n9 flash memory scrubbing01:47
sledgesthat's last resort for now :(01:48
sledgesdon't know why is it not booting01:48
sledgesi remember it needed several reboots to push through initial nemo installs01:49
sledgesespecially after fresh flash01:49
sledgesbut those are magical moments :}01:49
sandy_lockesledges: I want to mount via term, what sdb should I mount to ?01:51
sandy_lockesdb4 ?01:51
sandy_lockecommand line01:51
sandy_lockesledges: how do I format sdb4 ?01:53
sandy_lockethe files are there but I believe they need to be gone for a clean install01:53
sledgesrsync would take care of that01:54
sledgesbut for you to have peace of mind01:54
sandy_lockeand will it remove the .trash folder ?01:54
sledgessudo mkfs.ext4 -L 'Alt_OS' /dev/sdb401:54
sledgessandy_locke: trash is mistery to me, and it's input/output error01:54
sledgesso yea, you can go format way...01:54
sledgesif .trashes appear sporadicaly, might be some meta folders... (from mac?)01:55
sandy_lockesdb4 does not exist, obviously there's only sdb (which mount Alt_OS)01:55
sandy_lockecan I format sdb ?01:55
sledgesit will warn you that you shouldn't be formatting whole disk, but it isn't whole disk as you see ;)01:56
sandy_lockeno, it's meta folder from the file manager app of my linux install I believe01:56
sledgesin moslo's weird export case01:56
sledgesyes, but it should create .Trash only when you delete something to trash01:56
sledgeswiki updated:
sandy_lockeno, I've seen this already: trash is created at first mount if rw, it's like that on mac, so this fm must behave the same01:57
sledges.fseventsd is Macs ;P01:58
sandy_lockenice update sledges :) you're right, deleting partition 3 was not necessary02:00
sandy_lockeah, strange for .fseventsd, cuz mac didn't access the Alt_OS partition, only linux...02:01
sledgesmaybe it did for that brief moment of usb vm switching?02:01
sledgesanyhow, hopes for formatting02:02
sandy_lockeyeah, format done02:02
sandy_lockeI have to find those commands to rsync again though02:02
sandy_lockeok found02:03
sledgesif you formatted02:03
sledgesthen you can simply extract directly02:03
sandy_lockethe moment of truth arrive02:06
sandy_lockein a few minutes/secs02:06
*** amizraa has quit IRC02:07
sledgesjust asserting you synced02:07
sledgesbtw first boot is often black02:07
sledgesknown issue02:07
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile02:07
sandy_lockenemo boot screen02:08
sledgesgreat success02:08
sandy_lockeAND, nemo HomeScreen :D02:08
sandy_lockeV for Victory02:08
sandy_lockethx Eztran :D02:08
sledgesand.... locusf image is candidate for blackscreening02:08
sandy_lockeah, issue02:09
sandy_lockeI'm in landscape02:09
* sledges already in bed, now letting eyes shutting down :D02:09
sandy_lockeand the "recharge battery" won't go02:09
sledgesclick on it02:09
sledgesthey dont go02:09
sandy_lockeeven if I click it02:10
sledgespower btn twice02:10
sledgeszypper ref zypper dup asap02:10
sandy_lockescreen is frozen, power 2x doesn't work02:10
sandy_lockemaybe just a reboot will do02:11
sledgestry unplugging cable02:11
*** zhxt has quit IRC02:11
sledgesyea that too02:11
*** sni1 has quit IRC02:11
sandy_lockecable already unplugged02:11
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile02:11
sandy_lockesledges: are you sleeeeping ?02:15
sledgeshalf :P02:15
sledgesreboot helped?02:16
sandy_lockeok, still frozen02:16
sandy_lockeI want to ssh into it to zypper dup02:16
sledgessame trick02:16
sledgesifconfig etc02:16
sandy_lockebut I tried what seemed to be it's IP, and added the fingerprint, but it says permission denied then02:16
sledgesits ip is 2.1502:17
sandy_lockeyeah, I tried wifi, but it would be better with usb yeah02:17
sandy_lockebut 2.15 doesn't do02:17
sandy_lockeah done :D02:19
sandy_lockeI did what you told me02:19
sandy_lockeit works02:19
sandy_lockeso zypper ref then zypper dup02:19
sledgesas root02:19
sledgesand start02:19
sledgescommand first02:19
sledgeslater can reattach to it if get disconn, with screen -dx02:20
sandy_lockearf, no connection02:20
*** mschlens has joined #nemomobile02:20
sandy_lockeit can't reach the repo02:20
sledgesofc :D02:20
sandy_lockeworkaround ?02:21
sledgestry killall lipstick02:21
sledgesmaybe unfreeze?..02:21
sledgesotherwise google for USBNetworking Nemo02:21
sledgesfor internet over usb sharing instructions02:21
sledgestr7 2013.11.08 image from timoph websitr i pasted you02:22
*** sni1 has joined #nemomobile02:22
sledgesthats all from me for now speak in 7 hours :D02:23
* sledges over & out :)02:23
sandy_lockethx sledges :)02:23
sandy_lockenice nite :)02:23
sledgeswe got somewhere, thanks for patience02:23
sandy_lockeand yours!02:24
sledgesas you see we found bugs in images..02:24
*** mschlens_ has quit IRC02:24
*** blam_ has quit IRC02:24
sandy_lockemaybe locusf could provide me a fresh one02:24
sandy_lockeI'll let it like this for tonite02:25
sandy_lockeI'll take it back tomorrow02:25
sandy_lockenite sledges :)02:26
*** vgrade_ has joined #nemomobile02:29
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC02:31
*** sni1 has quit IRC02:37
*** sni1 has joined #nemomobile02:38
*** sni1 has quit IRC02:39
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile02:40
*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam02:40
*** Eztran has quit IRC02:43
*** blam_ has quit IRC02:45
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has quit IRC02:48
*** KaIRC has quit IRC02:48
*** sni1 has joined #nemomobile02:54
*** sni1 has quit IRC02:55
*** sni1 has joined #nemomobile02:55
*** amizraa has quit IRC03:00
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile03:00
*** sni1 has quit IRC03:00
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*** rcg has joined #nemomobile08:03
Stskeepsmorn rcg08:06
rcghey Stskeeps, how's it going?08:06
Stskeepsgood good08:06
rcggreat :)08:06
rcgfamily is also doing fine?08:06
Stskeepsyes, kiddo's developing well08:06
rcgcool :)08:07
rcgour small fella got his first teeth some weeks ago :)08:07
Stskeepsyeah.. i think ours is teething08:08
rcghehe, we thought that for about 5-6 weeks. seems like there are always some phases in which the small ones are more twitchy than usual.08:10
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile08:12
rcgfamily aside, all eyes are on next wednesday, right?08:13
Stskeepswednesday.. what's happening there again08:13
Stskeepsoh, right08:13
rcgsunrise in the morning, sunset in the evening08:13
rcgbtw. how are the guys from ubuntu pushing to libhybris upstream?08:14
Stskeepssame way as everybody else, merge requests..08:14
rcgwell, but they do push upstream?08:14
rcggreat :)08:15
rcgdidn't follow that one closely. just remembered that there were some issues at the start08:15
rcgbut well, don't want to dig out old stories08:16
*** Pat_o has quit IRC08:16
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #nemomobile08:17
* rcg wishes there was zypper for fedora.08:26
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile08:30
*** alin_ has quit IRC08:30
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile08:33
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*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile08:42
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile08:44
juicemewednesday, yes, 7 days to go :)08:45
rcghey sledges08:47
sledgesahoj rcg08:47
*** blam_ has quit IRC08:47
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*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile13:12
zbenjaminqwazix: hey how are you?` still fighting the flu?13:12
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile13:16
*** IgorSK has joined #nemomobile13:16
*** detrout_ has quit IRC13:18
*** detrout has joined #nemomobile13:19
*** itbaron has quit IRC13:19
sledgesdead silence in here zbenjamin, maybe only us survived the pandemic %)13:19
*** m4g0g has joined #nemomobile13:20
*** itbaron has joined #nemomobile13:20
*** louisdk has quit IRC13:22
sledgesone more survivor ;)13:31
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC13:32
*** zhxt has quit IRC13:32
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile13:39
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*** notmart has joined #nemomobile13:49
sandy_lockehi o/13:52
sandy_lockesledges: thx again for yesterday :)13:52
locusfsandy_locke: you needed a fresh ARM image13:52
sandy_lockelocusf: yes I do :)13:52
locusfsandy_locke: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:GWFWGUY3UQ5C7FQPVIO7BJBZJNPAPDCD&
sandy_lockethe one I have just freeze13:52
sledgeswait guys13:53
sledgeswe tried yours locusf13:53
sledgesand it blackscreened13:53
timophthe new image?13:53
sledgesnot timoph's13:53
sledgeslocusf's new image blackscreened13:53
sandy_lockeah yeah, if this is this one, it doesn't boot at all13:53
sledgestimoph's froze13:53
sledgeswe haven't tried your 2013-11-04.1 one yet timoph13:54
timophok. neither have I :)13:54
sledgesi have13:54
sledgesand it worked13:54
timophoh. cool13:54
timophI just build it and didn't have the time to test it13:55
sledgesbut i have not tried any that sandy_locke tried :))13:55
sandy_lockeso 4th nov work ?13:55
sledgessandy_locke: yes13:55
sandy_lockeand what's the dl link then ?13:55
sandy_lockeI'll try it13:55
sledgesso, locusf and timoph, don't get upset, it might not be you, it might be sandy_locke's n9 ;)13:56
timophno worries :)13:56
* sledges drumrolls for 4th November image test13:56
sandy_lockeI take it even if the image is called 1st of August ? (with upload time at 4th nov?)13:57
sledgesit's too slim chance that two images simply get fubar'ed (and other zypper dups don't)13:57
timophI need to take a closer look at the build scripts if I messed up something13:57
sledgesno timoph, sandy_locke it's the mer's version13:57
sandy_lockeah ok13:58
*** jpetrell has quit IRC13:58
sledgestimoph: thanks for package manager and patience, you will still need it ;)13:58
sandy_locketimoph: as sledges says, it could be my n9, he is very uncooperative ^^13:59
*** notmart_ has joined #nemomobile14:00
locusfI haven't gotten any feedback from twitter as of yet14:00
sandy_lockeok, sledges , I need the command line to format sdb ?14:00
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC14:00
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile14:00
sledgessandy_locke: backlog ;D14:01
*** notmart has quit IRC14:01
timophI need to take a closer look at the build/release scripts anyway since I'm not that familiar with those14:01
timophI'm thinking about setting up something like bi-weekly automated image creation and upload14:02
locusfI gotta take a look too at some point as I'm gonna be the release master as of yesterdayy14:02
timophor montly. dunno yet14:02
locusflbt tasked me to build automated torrent adder for IMG14:02
timophdo you have a place to host images or do you need me to continue hosting those?14:03
timophI can if needed14:03
locusftimoph: I do, at releases.nemomobile.org14:03
timophbetter place for them anyway14:03
*** Pat_o has quit IRC14:04
*** MohammadAG has joined #nemomobile14:05
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile14:05
sandy_lockesledges: sdb won't mount ^^14:06
sandy_lockeno medium found14:06
sledgesdid you 'catch it' ?14:07
sandy_lockecatch it ?14:07
sandy_lockeit is in dmesg if that's what you mean14:07
sledgesboot with usb posessed by linux vm14:07
sandy_lockethat's what I did, I'll retry14:07
*** Hurrian has joined #nemomobile14:08
*** nsuffys__ has quit IRC14:08
*** Eztran_ has joined #nemomobile14:09
sledgesin as early stages of boot as possible14:09
sandy_lockeyeah, linux didn't catch it, you were right :)14:09
*** FReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile14:09
* sledges gone fishing14:10
sledgesis all about sealife isn't it ;)14:10
*** Eztran has quit IRC14:12
*** FlameReaper-PC has quit IRC14:12
sandy_lockein great depth14:12
sledgesdoesn't feel out of plaice14:13
sandy_lockemoment of truth...14:13
sandy_lockeboot screen displayed...14:14
* Morpog_N9 drumrolls14:14
sandy_lockeit... works :D14:14
sandy_lockeno freeze14:14
sledgestime to scratch the images? ;)14:15
sandy_lockeI'll update the thingy14:15
sledgesi can test them briefly locusf timoph14:15
* sandy_locke scratching the image... "good girl"14:15
locusflol :D14:15
sandy_lockeis there only one screen ? there's no multitask screen nor notification screen...14:17
sledges3 screens14:18
sledgeslauncher, switcher, and empty feed14:18
sledgesshowing date14:18
sandy_lockenope, I'm in landscape, and no way to swipe left or right14:18
locusftough customer you14:18
sandy_lockeanyway, I'll ssh into it and zypper dup14:18
sledgessledges scratches sandy_locke ...14:19
Morpog_N9zypper it14:19
sledgesbut when i flashed that image, was all good...14:19
sandy_lockeif I plug it in, I can ssh into it via USB w/o further setup ?14:19
sledgeslocusf: timoph: could (one of) you just bake another one now please? and I'll test it right here14:20
sledgessandy_locke: backlog says ifconfig
sandy_lockeI remember14:20
timophsledges: can't do one now :/14:21
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:21
sledgeswhoever first then ;)14:22
timophdon't have the needed stuff on this machine. don't have my hacking machine with me14:22
locusfI can do it, uno momento14:22
sandy_lockeah, no, the 3 screen are back :D14:22
sandy_lockemust have been doing stuffs in the background before loading them ?14:22
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile14:23
sandy_locke25mb upgrade :)14:25
sandy_lockeI *really* like the new look btw :D14:25
sandy_lockewas waiting for further implementation, and I'm well served :)14:26
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile14:26
sandy_lockebtw, last time I installed nemo (maybe 2 months from now) once the battery completely drained everything was messed up when I recharged14:27
sandy_lockemeaning, no access to harmattan anymore, nor to nemo14:27
sandy_lockedo you think this is fixed ?14:27
locusfsledges: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2N3WU4A5FPSZDAVGCEA6TQSOKTXC2EA5&
sledgesbattery needs to be charged well14:27
sandy_lockeyeah I know sledges ;)14:27
sledgesi mean14:27
sledgesif it'Ãs 1%, systems will not boot14:27
sledgessuffering with same problem14:28
sandy_lockebut sometimes, you forget to cuddle your thingy and it just go to sleep quietly14:28
sledgesor if it's 2%, boots halfway, then dies with 0% again14:28
sandy_lockehum, no kinky stuff implied ofc ^^14:28
Morpog_N9sledges, you just need a strong wall charger14:28
sledgescan't refrain from innyourendos14:28
sledgesyea, for good half hour14:29
sledgeswhich i don't normally have14:29
sledges(the half hour that is)14:29
locusfsledges: is it working or not :p14:29
locusfah got it now14:29
sledges:D just clicked add, works like charm, thanks!14:29
locusfI'll do the dishes, finally14:29
sandy_lockebut I actually never really suffered of this 1%/2% stuff your talking about14:29
sledgesthat was faaast14:29
locusfgotta love em torrents14:29
sledgesim suffering as the battery is soo oold14:29
Morpog_N9replace it14:30
sandy_lockeonce drained, the n9 charges as always, waiting to have enough battery to boot14:30
sandy_lockewithout hassle14:30
sledgesprobably some flash memory corruption smelted your n9 then14:30
locusfI wish I had a powered USB port on my motherboard14:30
*** xhaakon has quit IRC14:30
sandy_lockelocusf: why don't you have ?14:31
sandy_lockeI thought all computer had powered USB ports nowadays...14:31
locusfsandy_locke: its a new feature, even though I have a beast motherboard otherwise14:31
locusfthey do but they only carry a little power14:31
sledgesall standard usbs aren't powered enough (amps?)14:31
locusf2A could be great14:31
Morpog_N9locusf, those can only charge at high output14:31
Morpog_N9so not so ideal14:32
sandy_lockeThere are some running programs that use files deleted by recent upgrade. You may wish to restart some of them. Run 'zypper ps' to list these programs.14:32
sandy_lockedo I need to worry ?14:32
Eztran_That's normal. Zypper's great like that :)14:33
sledgesreboot now best bet though14:33
Morpog_N9just reboot14:33
sledgeskillall lipstick nto recommended for >2 weeks worth upgrades ;)14:33
Eztran_Not considering the rate you guys go through updates, surely.14:33
sandy_lockethis nokia "warranty" odd advertisement will get on my nerves, I know it! ^^14:34
Morpog_N9we tag new releases daily just to make it look we were developing hard :D14:34
sledgesnow it's a mad rate from nemo:mw by YouKnow, many times been pleasantly surprised how things are improving with each zypper dup14:35
sledgesthough Jolla seem to follow two steps forward one step back experience ;)14:35
Morpog_N9and they sctrwed my VM experience ;)14:36
sledgestoo true!14:36
sandy_lockeok, guys, I have a situation here !14:38
sandy_lockeafter zypper dup, double restart, I've got the freezes again!14:38
sandy_lockeright now, am in lockscreen and swipe doesn't do anything14:39
sandy_locketouch doesn't seem to be recognized14:39
* sledges updates his n9...14:41
* sandy_locke thinks he is doomed or something14:41
sledgesi always though Nokia is a she ;)14:41
sledgessandy_locke: funny question: do you hold her in your hand when swiping?14:42
sledges(that's how capacitive screens work)14:42
*** jpetersen_ has joined #nemomobile14:42
sandy_lockesledges: yes, softly ;)14:42
sandy_lockewhen I just boot, I tap on icons and they just size up, one by one14:43
sledgesI remember I couldn't swipe nemo when in car stuck behind steering wheel due to loss of capacitivity14:43
sledgesknown bus!14:43
sledgesis usb connected?14:43
sandy_lockeah ?14:43
sledgesthis is driving me mad seriously14:43
sandy_lockeshould I ?14:43
sandy_lockeme too, don't worry :)14:44
sledgesi had size-up icons bug14:44
sledgesi thought it was my dodgy usb cable14:44
sledgesthen it went away after dup14:44
sandy_lockeand what did you do ?14:44
sandy_lockebut I just dupped^^14:44
sledgesnow qwazix has the same couple of days ago14:44
sledgesi dupped yesterday, was all fine14:44
Morpog_N9dup again?14:44
sledgesso if i dup it now, i think it will play up again14:44
sledgesi have a suspet, but won't tell names until dupp now, give me a sec ;)14:44
sandy_lockeMorpog_N9: nothing to do14:45
Morpog_N9reinstall something14:45
Morpog_N9like lipstick14:46
sledgesdowngrade would be better bet14:46
sandy_lockesledges: is it possible to dg ?14:46
sandy_lockeit's a pitty cuz portrait worked this time :(14:47
sledgesnot really, if it's one of the base components14:47
sledgesbearrrrr with me14:47
sandy_lockeyeah, I bear, I bear :)14:47
* sandy_locke bears <rooooarrrr>14:47
sledgesdead-ish battery, <i think i need a new one>14:48
sandy_lockebattery for n9 are cheap14:48
sandy_lockebut hard to change14:48
* sandy_locke realize that he didn't eat anything today14:48
* sledges is a regular disassembler of n9, proud of resoldering usb socket ^_^14:48
* sandy_locke thinks sledges is a swiss army knife14:49
sledgesmore lithuanian, but who knows..14:49
sledgesicons are sizing up14:50
sledgesi didn't dup14:50
sandy_lockeyeah, just like me :D14:50
sledgesdoes it depend on time!?!?14:50
sledgesit can also be14:50
sledgesif you boot with usb plugged in14:50
sledgesor not14:50
sandy_lockenemo is having a strike14:50
sandy_lockeI boot tethered as I didn't setup a multiboot kernel14:51
sandy_lockeso I boot with usb plugged in, until MOSLO loads, then unplug and let the fish swim14:51
sledgesyea, but plug it out just before pressing VolumeDown14:51
sandy_lockeI need to, otherwise I don't get invite to boot at all...14:52
sledgesno no14:52
sledgesafter alt_os exported14:52
sledgesplug it out14:52
sledgesand continue boot14:53
sandy_lockethat's what I do14:53
sledgesi will test that when battery charges up a bit14:53
sandy_lockewith volume down key14:53
sandy_lockeah ?14:53
sledgesbut do you plug it back?14:53
sandy_lockeshould I ?14:53
sledgesif you will, you will boot just like i did now.....14:54
sledgeswith usb plugged in14:54
sledgesand still get size-ups14:54
sandy_lockeso nothing really exciting, both way just fail :(14:55
sledgesneed to troubleshoot deeper14:55
sandy_lockedeeper in the see14:55
sledgeswe'll see ;)14:55
sandy_lockewe'll sea*14:55
locusfsledges: hows the image?14:56
sledgeslocusf: downloaded, not tested14:56
sandy_lockelocusf: the image I tested is good, only no portrait mode14:56
sledgesas we are on a bug case14:56
locusfsledges: cool14:56
locusfsandy_locke: yeah, you'll get it soon :)14:56
sandy_lockeI got it, I got it, just after dupping, but now everything is unresponsive and I got this size up icons bug14:57
sandy_lockewe would have make this effect on purpose, we wouldn't have succeded ;)14:58
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile14:58
sledgesyea, not a bug, is a feature14:59
sandy_lockeofc ;)14:59
sandy_locke"we are unlike" :P14:59
sledgesspecial: ping14:59
sledgesiekku: o_O15:00
*** m4g0g has quit IRC15:02
sledgesit might be15:09
sledgesthat i zypper dupped15:09
sledgesand then killall lipstick15:09
sledgesinstead of rebooting, yesterday15:09
sledgesso the sneaky bug crept in15:09
locusfme too15:09
locusfso no rebooting for a working lipstick15:09
sledgesthe only way to find out15:12
sledgesis to boot locusf's 20131119 image15:12
sledgesand update package-by-package15:12
sledgesrebooting each time15:12
sledgesi put my bets on qtwayland15:13
locusfso yesterdays image15:13
sledgesif that doesn't blackscreen ;)15:13
sledgesstill haven't tested15:13
locusfok, take your time15:13
sandy_lockebut sledges , I didn't killall lipstick, I rebooted right away, and still had the bug15:15
sledgessandy_locke: that's why you got the sizeup bug right away15:15
locusf6 packages to be downloaded <- this is how many got updated since yesterday15:15
sandy_lockeok I understand15:15
sledgeslocusf: which image as ref?15:15
locusfmic reported that15:16
sandy_lockeok sledges , good luck then15:16
sledgeslocusf: got you15:16
sledgesthanks ;)15:16
sledgessandy_locke: how full is your battery?15:20
*** artemma has quit IRC15:20
sledgesok thanks15:20
sledgeslocusf: are you in a broken state now?15:25
locusfsledges: I don't know actually15:26
sledgeson screen15:26
sledgesdo swipes work?15:26
sledgescan you launch apps15:27
sledgeson n915:27
sledgesvery good15:27
sledgessystemctl | grep failed15:27
sledgesplease paste ^15:27
sledgessystemctl | grep ohmd15:28
sledgesrpm -qf /usr/share/policy/rules/current/policy.dres15:30
sledgesps aux | grep ohm15:32
sledges(you can paste here if it's a oneliner)15:32
locusfroot       238  0.3  0.5  12532  5204 ?        Ss   Nov19   6:21 /usr/sbin/ohmd --no-daemon15:33
locusfnemo      1234  0.0  0.1   5912  1304 ?        Ss   Nov19   0:00 /usr/bin/ohm-session-agent15:34
sledgesrpm -qf /usr/sbin/ohmd15:34
sledgesdang same here15:35
sledgeswhy yours launch mine errors out?15:35
sledges[root@localhost nemo]# /usr/sbin/ohmd --no-daemon15:35
sledgesE: failed to to open resolver file "/usr/share/policy/rules/current/policy.dres"15:35
locusfhaven't rebooted15:35
sledgesdon't reboot15:37
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile15:42
*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile15:42
sledgeslocusf: can you pipe paste your journalctl ?15:44
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC15:44
locusfhmm, lets take a look15:44
locusfprobably ssh to my box and then15:44
sledgesjust journalctl > j.out15:45
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:45
*** alin has joined #nemomobile15:45
locusfno, sizelimit15:46
*** niqt has quit IRC15:46
sledgesoki but thanks for the try15:46
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile15:49
*** nsuffys has quit IRC16:00
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:05
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:08
*** Morpog_N9_ has quit IRC16:09
*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile16:09
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC16:12
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has joined #nemomobile16:12
sandy_lockesledges: any news ?16:16
sledgessandy_locke: do you have device up sshed?16:17
sandy_lockenope, but it's a question of 2min16:18
sledgesyes please :)16:18
sandy_lockeok, ssh & root sledges16:20
sledgessystemctl | grep failed16:20
sledgesjournalctl > journal.out16:21
sledgesthen on your linux vm:16:22
sledgesscp nemo@ .16:22
sledgesand paste contents16:22
sledgesas root16:22
*** niqt has quit IRC16:22
sledgesit is blank16:22
sandy_lockeyes as root16:22
sledgesbecause everything is now on that file :P16:22
sandy_lockejournal.out                                                                                                                                      100%   42KB  42.3KB/s   00:0016:23
sledgesand paste its contents16:23
locusfno wonder it didn't let me pastebin16:23
sledgesdropbox them16:24
sledgeslocusf: I thought you meant sizelimit is of your journalctl16:25
locusfno public links16:25
sledgesanother email account? ;)16:25
sandy_lockepastee accept it16:25
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:25
*** DarkSim has quit IRC16:26
*** rantom_ has joined #nemomobile16:26
sledgeslocusf: your log is only hope now ;)16:26
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile16:26
sledgesthere are many hosting sites16:26
sledgesand pasting too16:27
sledges( oldest (?))16:27
locusf[root@localhost ~]# ls -la journal.out16:27
locusf-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1118143 2013-11-20 18:27 journal.out16:27
sandy_lockesledges: anything interesting in journal.out ?16:27
sandy_lockelocusf: strange, mine is 43kb16:28
sledgeslocusf: zip, or just cut first 42KB :D16:28
locusfI'll putlocker it16:28
*** piggz has quit IRC16:29
sledgessandy_locke: i need to compare with locusf's16:30
zbenjaminsledges: seems others survived too ;) I'm still fighting .... i guess after the virat infect i catched something else :/16:30
sledgeszbenjamin: ouch, all best for you!16:30
sledgessandy_locke: do you have microSIM card in your n9?16:37
sandy_lockeno, no simcard16:37
locusfI do16:37
*** WWDrakey has quit IRC16:38
*** stephg has quit IRC16:40
*** Hurrian has quit IRC16:41
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:42
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile16:42
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile16:42
sledgesguess what16:43
sledgesmy n9 just started to work16:43
sledgesafter numerous reboots16:43
sledgesi think16:43
sledgesit's because16:43
sledgesthe sun just went down16:43
sledgescan't think of any other reason, that's why :D16:44
Stskeepssledges: broken ALS16:44
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile16:44
sledgesStskeeps: for mine, sandy_locke and qwazix N9s ?16:45
sledgeslocusf: time to reboot, i have your journal ;)16:45
Stskeepssledges: yours16:45
locusfsledges: fingers crossed16:45
sledgesStskeeps: all 3 of us experiencing identical symptoms16:46
sledgesdrumroll for locusf ;)16:46
locusfsledges: what, me reboot?16:46
sledgeslocusf: yea16:46
locusfah ok16:46
sledges;) i got your journal, and I know where you live16:46
sledges(do I?)16:46
sledgesStskeeps: or did you just watch my video?16:47
locusfall good16:47
locusfbooted to normal env16:47
sledgeslocusf: dupped when?16:48
locusfand now16:50
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has quit IRC16:50
sledgesall good?16:51
locusfnothing yet16:51
locusfblack screen at the moment16:51
* sledges drumrolls16:51
locusfwithout my interaction16:51
locusfboot screen16:52
locusfblack screen, normal env16:52
locusfah no16:52
locusfI get enlarged icons when tapping16:52
locusfand can't swipe16:52
locusfsound familiar?16:52
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile16:53
locusfso close ..16:53
sledgesStskeeps: ALS? don't think so ;)16:54
locusfnew journalctl16:54
locusfunusable system16:55
sledgeslocusf: welcome to the broken world :D16:55
sledges"and then there were 3" ;)16:55
sledgesat least we can always go back to yesterday's iamge16:56
locusfrebuilt colorful-home16:57
locusfand dsme16:57
sandy_lockeso sledges , your n9 behaving correctly now was all a joke ?16:57
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC16:57
sledgesit wasn't16:57
sandy_lockesun down didn't help ?16:57
sledgesit needs some circumstances to boot fine16:58
sandy_lockeput a sim card ?16:58
sledgeslocusf: please reboot to MOSLO, and run fsck on your exported /dev/sdX16:58
locusfsledges: ok16:58
sledgesbecause mine just got corrupted16:58
locusfthats a long shot but lets see16:59
sledgesit is16:59
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile16:59
sledgesalso called distributed troubleshooting ;)16:59
locusfhmm lost+found not found17:00
locusfok fscked now17:00
sledgesno errors?17:00
locusfno errors17:00
sledgeslocusf: if you have some thyme on your hands17:09
sledgesyou could rsync back to yesterday's image17:09
sledgesand update only innocent components17:09
sledgesonly 6 to go ;)17:09
sledgesone by one, reboot each time17:09
sledgesstart with colorful home i guess, mind which deps they pull in17:09
sledgesmany thanks17:10
locusfwhat was the rsync spell17:10
sledgesas you might have shot already17:10
sledgesdsme is targetted17:10
sledgessudo rsync -rlpgovc --delete src dest17:11
locusfyeah thanks17:11
locusfI think that the colorful-home and lipstick ones are just rebuilds with just newer release numbers17:11
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:12
*** Morpog_N9__ has joined #nemomobile17:14
locusfyesterdays image still same after rsyncing17:16
locusfbuggy homescreen17:16
locusfand no wifi17:16
*** nsuffys_ has joined #nemomobile17:16
*** Morpog_N9_ has quit IRC17:16
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:17
sledgesso unbelievable unpredictable!17:17
*** Morpog_N9__ has quit IRC17:19
locusfdup results in :
*** nsuffys has quit IRC17:19
sledgeslocusf: so you unpacked fresh image to your host17:20
sledgesand rsynced from there?17:20
sledgeswith --delete option? hmmmmmm17:20
sledgesdo ssu ur17:20
sledgesand try to dup again17:20
locusfhmm my middle monitor might have just died17:21
sledgeszypper up dsme17:23
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:23
sledgessee what outputs17:23
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:24
sledgeswell done17:24
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:24
sledgeswas it in broken state still?17:24
sledgesi gues it was17:24
sledgeswe might be chasing ghosts17:24
* sledges spitting teeth17:25
*** stephg has quit IRC17:28
qwazixI expected a happy end after reading so much backlog17:32
locusflol :D17:32
qwazixmy MONEY back!17:32
qwazixzbenjamin, at least I think I'm over with the fscking flu17:32
* sledges goes to microwave some steak&kidney pudding17:33
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:35
sledgesneed to find version where it never freezes17:36
sledgesnow the chance of getting stuck up homescreen is 50%17:36
sledgesdidn'ŧ even dup17:36
*** fk_lx has quit IRC17:38
sandy_lockearrh, I just have to get nemo installed w/o breaking anything to see it go in bug state for everyone!17:39
sandy_lockeit pisses me off^^17:39
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile17:39
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:41
*** rcg has quit IRC17:47
*** stephg has quit IRC17:50
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:50
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:51
*** lexik has left #nemomobile17:56
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:56
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has joined #nemomobile17:57
locusfits ok for open source projects :)17:59
locusfand its rnd17:59
mike7b4_on_x230qt-componets is kinda laggy when push_page in nemo? driver issue or to just slow "animation"?18:00
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile18:02
zbenjaminsledges: thx ;)18:03
zbenjaminqwazix: good for you ;) i hope i'll be over with it soon too18:04
sledgescan this irc channel be used as a channel to pass virus? %)18:06
* sledges sneezes18:06
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:11
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: do you mean ?18:13
sledgesStskeeps: you might be right18:15
sledgesJan 01 02:00:08 localhost mce[288]: mce: T+1.803 I: mce-sensorfw.c: mce_sensorfw_load_sensor(): loadPlugin(alssensor)18:15
sledgesJan 01 02:00:08 localhost mce[288]: *** UNRECOVERABLE FAILURE ***18:15
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:18
locusfalso Jan 01 02:08:49 localhost mce[427]: *** BREAK ***18:18
sledgesthe problem is that i'm not getting *** xxxx *** errors every time, even when in broken state18:19
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:20
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:22
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile18:25
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile18:27
specialsledges: late pong18:28
sledgesspecial: we're fighting with breakage on n918:28
sledgespossible ALS/mce related18:28
sledgesdawned on us this week mostly18:28
sledgestouch doesn't work, 50% of boots at random18:29
sledgesonly launchger icons get zoomed in to no avail after (where is that funcionality from? :))18:29
sledgesyou could be the person to talk to (iirc from long hauled history on this channel ;) i hope im not too wrong addressing)18:30
Stskeepssledges: consider building mce and git bisect'ing a bit18:31
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: yes I mean that18:31
specialso, do you mean that touch only works on 50% of boots, and when it does work, the launcher icons animate but don't launch anything?18:31
sledges*when it doesn't work18:31
sledgeswhen it works, everything works18:31
specialif touch doesn't work, why are icons animating?18:31
sledgesmeans it works18:31
sledgesbut only for icons18:31
sledgesnot for swipes/notification dismissal18:32
sledgesand we never did that kind of animation that is being exposed :/18:32
sledgeswe should have busy indicator hovering18:32
sledgesand instead we get an icon increase in size by ~10% and app doesn't launch18:32
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC18:32
specialdo you have logs of any of it?18:33
sledgesok sec18:33
specialmce would be a place to look, definitely18:33
sledgessystem works fine:
sledgestouch only for icons:
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:34
sledgesmce[295]: *** UNRECOVERABLE FAILURE *** <- ignore this, appears in logs at random, not co-related to our problem18:35
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: no, all fast in other apps. qmlmessages must be doing some logic between the pushes18:37
sledgesStskeeps: i was thinking disabling plugins in 10mce.conf divide&conquer18:37
sledgesspecial: i also got working+nonworking system logs with launched `mce -Tvvv --systemd`18:38
specialI don't actually know anything about mce specifically :p18:39
sledgesspiiroin :^ (just checked the gitrepo finally :D)18:39
sledgeslet's mb build mce ;)18:40
specialthe tklock changes come to mind for touch problems18:40
specialthey were 20 days ago according to git18:40
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile18:40
sledgesthis is when i noticed it first18:40
sledgesbut was one off only18:41
sledgesi blamed it on dodgy usb cable ;)18:41
sledgesi shouldn't have :)18:41
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:42
*** panda84kde has quit IRC18:42
*** faenil has quit IRC18:43
*** itbaron has quit IRC18:44
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC18:50
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:01
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile19:04
*** VDVsx has quit IRC19:04
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC19:04
sandy_lockeso, sledges ... what's up ?19:05
mike7b4_on_x230sledges, naah the QmlComponentGalleryExample is slow19:05
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: i tried qmlsettings19:05
sledgessandy_locke: im zeroing in19:05
sandy_lockehappy-flasher ?19:05
sledgeslocked on target ;)19:05
sandy_lockewhy ?19:05
sledgesno, last time i flashed was the first time ^_^19:05
sandy_lockeah !19:06
sledgesfingers cross(compil)ed i wont become happy flasher :)19:06
sandy_lockeI hope for you19:06
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: hmm yes thats faster, is settings using qml-componets or Qt5Components?19:06
sandy_lockewhy are you zeroizing ?19:06
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: we use qtcomponents19:06
sledgessince it's qt5 everywhere19:06
sledgeswe are using qtcomponents-qt5 ;)19:06
sledgesglacier will be qtquickcontrols19:07
sledgessandy_locke:  lol, not my flash memory luckily19:07
sledgesbut (im zeroing in on) the problem19:07
sandy_lockeah ^^19:08
sandy_lockemy bad, I misread19:08
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: so the qml-componets is deprecated?19:08
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: all apps are qml19:08
sledges"qml-components" what is that?19:08
sledgesqtcomponents package provide QML components for us19:08
mike7b4_on_x230the nokia harmattan qt-components I mean is that deprecated?19:09
sledgesah harmattan, yes we are re-using those in our package called qtcomponents19:09
sledgesit provides*19:09
sledgesbut that past and present. in future we are moving onto qqc19:09
sledgesyou can check the source of QmlComponentsGallery and compare to src of qmlsettings, to figure out where the delay is introduced19:10
sledgesgallery might not be boosted mind19:10
sandy_lockeso, hem, sledges : do we have a working build, or a way to fix all this mess in a future one ?19:10
sledgesmany possibilities19:10
sledgessandy_locke: patience *g*19:10
sandy_lockeoooook ;)19:11
sledges10mins ;D19:11
sandy_lockeseriously ? pb solved in 10mins ???19:11
sledgeswill be19:11
sledgesfor last hours ;P19:11
sandy_lockeyou'll have earned a virtual beer !19:12
sledgesit ain't over till it's over :P19:12
sandy_lockeyeah, ofc19:12
sandy_lockebut I believe in your power sledges19:13
mike7b4_on_x230yes, thats why I am confused because the qt-components-qt5 is a fork of Harmattan one, and qt5has its own component, so what is the official in nemo?19:13
sledgesi thank to guys helped above most19:13
sandy_lockeyou're the swiss army knife of this community, remember ? ;)19:13
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: 19:10 < sledges> but that past and present. in future we are moving onto qqc19:13
sledgeswe need more ;P19:13
M4rtinKalso I guess the normal QtQuick Controls should be available19:14
sledgesM4rtinK: yes19:14
mike7b4_on_x230Morpog_PC: yes but that was not installed? when doing zypper search19:15
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: it's not in default image19:15
Morpog_PCwell, it's a WIP19:16
Morpog_PConce it's more polished it will be19:16
sledgesjust install it ;)19:16
*** furikku has quit IRC19:17
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile19:17
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: so that means settings IS using harmattan import 2.0?19:17
Morpog_PCbut won't be in the future19:17
sledgesthat's the present, yes19:17
mike7b4_on_x230I see :)19:18
sledgeswe'll keep legac, why not, but stock apps will transition to qqc19:18
mike7b4_on_x230but then again its wierd  QmlComponentGalleryExample is slowert than settings app if bot using the*19:18
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: gallery might not be boosted19:19
sledgeswe use booster-qt519:19
sledgesor other approaches of implementation might make it slower19:19
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile19:19
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile19:19
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile19:19
Morpog_PChey faenil19:20
mike7b4_on_x230hmm I thought booster is only on startup?19:21
sledgesim not 100% sure19:21
mike7b4_on_x230I see well well <I should not care to much if its deprecated anyway :D19:21
Morpog_PCsledges could that regression you are fighting atm also cause opacity bug on VM? Timeframe sounds same19:23
sledgeslocusf and/or sandy_locke : please check if your /etc/mce/20als-defaults.ini looks the same: if not, overwrite it and reboot several times. it fixed for me, but not 100% sure which config file19:27
* sledges gotta scoot19:27
sledgesill be back in an hour ;)19:27
sledges.rpmsave is apparently an old version :/19:29
sledgessandy_locke: more patience ;P19:29
sledgesciao all19:29
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away19:37
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:38
*** KaIRC has quit IRC19:48
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke19:48
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:49
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile19:50
sandy_lockemooore patience :'(19:52
sledgestry the file ;)19:54
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile19:56
sandy_lockesledges: which one ?19:58
*** jpetersen__ has joined #nemomobile19:58
sandy_lockeah, didn't notice the mention19:59
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile20:00
sledgesdiff first20:01
sandy_lockewait, sledges : the issue is gone by itself ^^20:02
sandy_lockejust booted into nemo and it works !?20:02
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC20:02
sandy_lockewhy is that ?20:04
sandy_lockedid you voodoo my n9 ?20:04
sledgesjust dont reboot20:04
* sandy_locke look suspiciously at sledges20:04
sandy_lockeok then , but there's no way to know the battery %20:05
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC20:06
sledgeskeep pluggrd :D20:08
sandy_lockeok, but it kills battery :(20:08
sandy_lockesledges: there's no ./touch_nemo in /usr/lib/qt5/examples ?20:09
sandy_lockehow ^^20:09
sandy_locke(bmestat = connection refused, as user & root)20:10
sledgeszypper se examples ;)20:10
sledgesyoull find it there20:11
sandy_lockenevermind, I had it noted somewhere, sorry20:11
sledgesbmestat from fingerterm20:11
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has quit IRC20:12
sandy_lockehe, sledges also how do you refresh the homescreen to take a .desktop file into account ?20:17
sledgeskillall lipstick20:17
sandy_lockefrom ssh is good ?20:17
sledgesit wont work qqbnemogallery.desktop :p20:18
sledgesif you are tryong that20:18
sandy_lockeah ?20:18
sandy_lockewhy ?20:18
sledgeslaunch from terminal20:18
sledgesas user20:18
sledgesexport QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_THEME=Nemo20:19
sandy_lockeyeah I know, but it's boring to do that everytime20:20
sledges/usr/lib/qt5/examples/touch_nemo -platform wayland-egl20:20
sledgesyou need to hardcode this into desktop20:20
sledgesproper solution cpming20:20
sledgessoon :D20:20
sledges.desktop thatbis20:20
sandy_lockeok :)20:21
*** notmart_ has quit IRC20:22
sledgesadd Environment section to desktop20:22
sledgesbut i might horribly be wrong20:22
sledgesbest hack: Exec=/bin/sh -c 'export QT....=Nemo; /usr/lib......'20:23
sandy_lockeI can't even get the .desktop file to appear on homescreen^^20:30
sandy_lockebtw, bmestat from fingerterm won't work either, as user or root20:31
sledgesmaybe malformed, in /usr/share/applications/ ?20:34
sandy_lockeqwazix: I believe there's not enough 'unity' for the homescreen icons, it wouldn't hurt to retouch some to be less vivid20:34
sandy_lockeyes, in this folder sledges20:34
Morpog_PChave a go, fork, change, PR, wait for review ;)20:34
sandy_lockeok Morpog_PC, I might give it a try20:35
sandy_lockealthough I'm not very good at icons20:35
sandy_lockeor at least, I never really tried ^^20:35
Morpog_PChere is clean icons repo:
Morpog_PCwith SVG sources20:36
sandy_lockesledges: I copied the QMLComp .desktop file and changed the relevant bits btw20:36
sledgeswill check bmestat in a bit20:36
sandy_lockeyeah Morpog_PC, I'll need to fork it20:36
sandy_lockeI subscribed to it already, a month ago20:37
*** phdeswer has quit IRC20:40
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile20:43
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile20:47
*** alin has quit IRC20:48
*** vgrade_ has joined #nemomobile20:51
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away21:11
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke21:13
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:19
* sledges suspects a boot sequence timing problem for the phantom stuck-up home problem21:28
vgrade_\o sledges21:32
sledges vgrade_ greetings!21:32
vgrade_hows things nemo21:33
sledgesare you the answer to our burdens? ;)21:33
sledgesnot too bad, but we just got ghouled by a nasty mce(tklock) bug21:34
vgrade_I've been busy with day job recently but keen to get more involved21:34
sledgesgot n9(50) around? ;)21:35
vgrade_I have21:35
sledgesim sure you are aiming for some new-device nemo porting ;) ?21:35
vgrade_Been doing mainly alwinner stuff but would be good to flash latest nemo to my n9(50)21:36
sledgesyou're our man ;)21:36
vgrade_in Chicago waiting for flight home to blighty now, be back in uk tomorrow21:36
sledgesotherwise, you've seen the video of glacier effort ;)21:37
sledgespretty much the status21:37
vgrade_yea, looks great21:37
sledgesi hope after jolla is out, many will start using their n9/50 to play around here21:37
sledgesain't that right, Morpog_PC ;)21:38
vgrade_yea and also seems to be a  push to support SF on a range of current android devices21:38
sledgesand afterwards - other devices and form factors via hybris21:38
vgrade_you are in UK right?21:39
sledgeshow was chicago?21:40
sledgesis chilly and rainy here, but got not sleet yet 8)21:40
sledgesright ;)21:41
sledgesi'll be on my way to Cov im afraid this Friday ;)21:41
vgrade_only passing through Chicago, was in Portland21:41
sledgesyay, work?21:41
vgrade_yes ,
sledgesnice, your talk wouldve been interesting to hear21:42
sledgeswell done Jaguar21:42
vgrade_Are you often in Cov, I'm at Gaydon work days21:42
sledgesgenivi centric?21:42
sledgesim seldom workdays, but you never know21:43
sledgesfriday afternoon pub viable ;)21:43
vgrade_more AGL / linux folundation focus, but JLR are also in genivi,  The JLR guy who asked me to help out in Portland is genivi vice president21:44
*** Xruxa has quit IRC21:44
sledgesI met him, Matt21:44
vgrade_meeting could be arranged21:44
sledgesvery ambitious guys21:45
vgrade_yes, that's him.21:45
sledgesbut always baffled me , he's vice in genivi, but jaguar's presence is minimal :)21:45
vgrade_JLR puts a huge amount of money into genivi, AGL, linux foundation and the new OTSC in portland is a big investment in buildings, infra, people21:47
vgrade_gtg, get ready for flight boarding , catch up in the next couple of days21:52
sledgesive been to cov transport museum21:52
sledgesand the new jaguar concept21:52
sledges(zx75 iirc)21:52
sledgesruns on gas turbines and electric motor!21:52
sledgesvgrade_: speak to you later, nice to catch up!21:53
vgrade_JLR I think own the land the heritage centre is built on so we get to use the conference facilities so gives us free access to the museaum21:54
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC21:57
*** piggz has quit IRC22:04
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile22:04
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:10
*** rcg has quit IRC22:17
Morpog_PCsure sledges, just those slow jolla guys stop me from flashing my N9 :)22:19
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away22:20
sledgesslow? they are launching ahead of schedule22:20
sledgesis something unheard/unlike in hw product history ;)22:20
Morpog_PCwell, just a few days :)22:22
Morpog_PCand it feels like I'm waiting for it since I bought my N9 ;)22:22
sledgesyea, i know that feeling ;)22:23
Morpog_PCand thats over 2 years ago now.... almost ordered a Nexus 5 just to have something to play with :D22:23
Morpog_PCafter all with libhybris it could boot Nemo someday22:23
sledgescan imagine..22:23
sledgesoh yes22:24
sledgesit will ;)22:24
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke22:24
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Morpog_PCI had some brainstorming how to get wallpaper fine on portrait and landscape without sacrificing much of original image, but couldn't find anything staisfying22:26
Morpog_PCat least not with same scaling22:26
sledgesin landscape it could simply be "further away@22:27
sledgesif you catch my 'drift' ;)22:27
Morpog_PCand less paralax scrolling22:27
Morpog_PCif we have that22:28
sledgesparalax as in android?22:28
sledgesso ok22:29
sledgesby saying, when in landscape 'further away' i actually meant 'less paralax scrolling'22:30
Morpog_PChaving less paralax in landscape than in portrait helps there22:30
Morpog_PCandroid is doing that too22:30
Morpog_PCsledges, ah ok22:30
sledgesandroid doesnt have landscape home22:31
sledgeswell, stock one doesnt ;)22:31
sledgesso, and iead22:31
Morpog_PCerm, on tablets22:31
Morpog_PCit has22:31
sledgesin portrait we do 1:1 as Hurrian's mockup22:31
sledges(no paralax, divide landscape wallpaper into 3 sections)22:32
sledgesbut in landscape it becomes paralax22:32
sledgeswith minimum scaling22:32
sledges(i.e., to minimise the scaling)22:32
Morpog_PCI thought about portrait paralax with 2 screens and on landscape 1,5 screens22:33
Morpog_PCbut differently scaled on landscape22:33
sledgesbut if we do paralax everywhere, it would be to :/22:34
sledgesorig mockup didn't have22:34
sledgesbut need to see it all live ofc..22:34
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk22:35
Morpog_PCwell, it would be kinda strange to have it only on landscape22:35
Morpog_PCfeel strange22:36
Morpog_PCwouldn't it?22:36
sledgesthat's true too22:36
sledgesbut im sure we will create some innovative paralax  (with accelerations or so :D)22:37
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