Thursday, 2013-11-21

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sledges Stskeeps, git bissected until the very 24th of October (7978ca7) - still same problem. something else might cause ill side effects00:04
sledgestalking about mce00:04
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sledgeslocusf: sandy_locke|away: confirmed: 20131108 nemo image is still unbroken01:08
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spiiroinsledges: you might be able to bypass sensor issues by disabling06:25
spiirointhem -> put these two lines to -say- /etc/mce/90-disable-sensors.conf06:25
spiiroin /system/osso/dsm/display/als_enabled=false06:26
spiiroin /system/osso/dsm/proximity/ps_enabled=false06:26
spiiroineffectively the same as running "mcetool -g disabled -u disabled"06:27
spiiroinbut for that to work mce should be running06:28
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sledgesspiiroin: morning spiiroin, thanks for coming back06:54
sledgesmight you know where the problem lies?..06:55
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spiiroinsledges: on quick glance mce crashes on sensor setup06:56
sledgesi already tried disabling als via etc/mce/10-mce.ini plugins directive06:56
sledgesno luck06:57
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sledgeswhy is touch not working? is it tklock related?06:58
sledgesmce restarts soon after06:58
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spiiroinwhat hw is this on?06:58
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spiiroinit could be tklock related then06:59
spiiroinbut 1st you could try to run mce manually06:59
sledgesand errors *** UNRECOVERABLE ERROR *** happen even when system works06:59
sledgesand vice versa07:00
spiirointhat is probably segv or something, those are caught so that mce can disable autosuspend etc before exiting07:00
sledgesultimately, i reverted mce commits as far as 1.17.1 (october 24th) - still same problem07:00
spiiroincan you run mce manually "mce -Tvvv" and put output to pastebin or something07:01
sledgesbut if i flash n9 with november 8th image - problem gone07:01
* spiiroin goes to gitk07:01
sledgesso i think the culprit is not in mce itself07:01
sledgesbut side effect..07:01
spiiroinit could be even both ;-)07:01
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spiiroinso mce 1.21.1 is working, but 1.22.0 crashes?07:03
sledgesmce launched by systemd with Tvvv ^07:04
sledgesspiiroin: yes, but whole system needs to be of 8th November snapshot07:05
spiiroinhave you tried updating mce on top of now-8th snapshot?07:05
sledgesdowngrading mce to 1.17 still problem persists if other packages are latest07:05
sledgesonly mce? nope, i can try that now07:06
sledgesanything suspicious with Tvvv?07:07
spiiroinsledges: not really, and that did not even crash07:10
sledgesyup, logs seem to unrelated07:12
sledgesand problem exposes at random07:13
sledges50% of boots07:13
spiiroinand the touch does not work at all?07:13
sledgesit works for launcher icons07:14
sledgesbut they get bigger instead of launching an app :/07:14
sledgesno swipes (edge nor middle), no notification dismissals can be made07:15
faenilit's snowing! *_*07:15
spiiroinyay \o/ bye bye crappy darkness07:16
spiiroinsledges: if ui gets any events, and latest mce works on top of the nov8 snapshot -> probably something other than mce07:18
spiiroin... but I do not like mce crashing -> I'd appreciate if you can dig more info/logs about that07:18
sledgesfaenil: \*/ :D07:25
sledgesspiiroin: with -Tvvv in .service?07:25
spiiroinsledges: yes please07:31
Morpog_N9___sledges bigger icons would mean all touches are long touches i guess. or release gets ignored somehow07:32
sledgesspiiroin: nov8 image, mce1.22, 3rd boot - all works, quick-examined last two logs (by looking for 'terminated' and 'ERROR' keywords - did not find them)07:32
sledgesi.e. first 3 boots worked07:32
sledgessome other package is setting up bits wrongly, so that mce fails07:33
sledgesMorpog_N9___: a! good find! spiiroin ^07:33
sledgesofc, icon gets bigger and then you can DRAG it! :D (sadly it doesn't get changed its position ;P)07:34
sledgesspiiroin: means we are losing touch-up event07:34
spiiroinsledges: I hope it is not event eater07:35
spiiroinshould not be, the screen was on all the time?07:35
sledgesnow we are totally talking Gremlins ;)07:35
sledgesspiiroin: the screen blanks after 5 seconds07:36
spiiroinsledges: mce can tell lipstick to ignore single events07:36
sledgesbut with mcetool -Don still same behaviour07:36
faenilsledges, since when are you having this touch issue?07:36
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sledgesfaenil: first time spotted soon after 8th of November, but it was one off07:37
sledgeslast week qwazix noticed it07:37
sledgesthis week locusf and sandy_locke are getting it after yesterdays update non-stop07:38
faenilah :/07:38
sledges(i.e. at a regular 50% random boot pattern that is ;P)07:38
sledgess/sandy_locke/sandy_locke, and me/07:38
faenilsledges, try downgrading qtdeclarative07:38
faenilto a very old one07:38
sledgeswell, 8november image works07:39
faenilsledges, so, try downgrading to that package? :P07:39
sledgesim runnin 8nov image now07:39
faenilah ok07:39
sledgeslet me zypper up qtdeclarative ;P07:39
sledgesthis what is being upgradede now:
spiiroinsledges: If you get a chance to crash mce, I'm still interested in logs / backtraces ...07:42
sledgesI hope im about to.. ;) (due to qtdeclarative upgrade)07:43
* sledges the moment of truth....07:43
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sledgesIT STUCK!07:44
sledgesFAENIL YOU'RE DA MAN :D07:44
sledgeslet's see logs07:44
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sledgeshow did you?..... ;D07:44
faenilwell... :D07:45
sledgesno wonder you're at jolla now :D07:45
sledgesniqt: morning :)07:47
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sledgesspiiroin: this is the "touch broken" log -
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* sledges goes back to 30mins sleep ;)07:53
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locusfwow so its fixed now?08:07
sledgesdirty hack: flash 8nov image08:25
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sledgesupgrade everything except qtdeclarative :D08:26
sledges(hope not too many direct deps)08:26
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sledgesor simply keep rebooting until works :)08:34
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locusfoh, ok08:34
sledgesshould find offending code easier now08:34
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jussisledges: "have you tried turning it off and on again? " :D08:41
sledgesjussi: ;)08:44
faenilback o/08:52
faenilit's getting harder to walk with this snow :P08:52
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sledges:D i wish i was driving there now ;)09:07
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faenilsledges, not sure you'd manage to get here :D09:09
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sledgesMy friend was visiting finland in winter, when he saw a mad driver drifting at high speeds. When the car stopped he saw a lady farmer coming out to milk her cows09:47
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locusfwtf :D09:49
sledgestrue story ;)09:49
sledgesyou get slide tests during eriving exam mmmm09:52
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rahthis is where I want to be :-)11:04
rahI want a GNU/Linux system on my Allwinner tablet, that's usable with a touch interface11:05
rahit's an A3111:05
rahis vgrade the only person working on Allwinner support?11:07
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rah(for Nemo?)11:08
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sledgesit's called 'hardware adaptation' in mer terms ;)11:14
sledgesmer is a core, hardware-independent, adaptations reside in nemo11:15
sledgesbut it doesn't hurt to discuss that in either of the channels ;)11:15
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sledgesrah: in a nutshell, if your tablet supports CM10.1 or 10.2, very likely nemo will run with least porting effort (via libhybris)11:24
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sledgesinstructions to come soon11:24
sledgessome people here already done that on their devices11:25
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rah"Platform SDK" eh?11:28
Stskeepsvery useful selection of tools11:28
Stskeepsso you don't have to try to get each of them working on your linux distro11:28
rahthat sounds like the kind of "helpful" that's actually the opposite ;-)11:29
Stskeepstrust me, when you've been fighting with python differences and other linux bits, it's much better :)11:29
Stskeepswe tried that in meego times11:29
rahwhat is python used for?11:30
sledgesyou name it11:30
rahI don't know what either of those things are11:30
sledgesmic - MeeGo Image Creator11:30
Stskeepsstuff you'll need11:31
sledgestogether with kickstarter -- to produce deployable deliverables ;)11:31
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sledgesonto your device11:31
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rahI see11:31
rahdoes Mer or Nemo use anything for Android?11:32
sledgesit's vice versa :)11:32
rahwhat does it use?11:33
sledgeslibhybris reuses all underlying android hardware layer11:33
rahoh :-/11:33
sledgesand binds all calls from bionic world to glibc11:33
sledgesproviding GNU/Linux fertile soil for Mer and family11:33
sledgesrah: there's no other way that you could break through android's closed blobs11:37
rahsledges: assuming that the hardware requires closed blobs from Android11:38
sledgesshow me which doesn't ;)11:38
rahsledges: as I understand it, the Allwinner A10 doesn't require closed blobs and that chip is ported in the pages linked to in the IRC log you gave the URL for11:40
rahsledges: I don't believe it requires any closed blobs except the wifi firmware11:41
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Stskeepsyou don't -have- to use libhybris11:41
rahI could be wrong though11:41
rahStskeeps: I'd hope not :-)11:42
sledgesrah, yes, you can go the superpelican way ;)11:42
sledgesbut now we are using wayland/qt5 in nemo11:42
sledgesand facing that other devices don't have non-android gpu drivers for wayland, so we resort to libhybris11:42
sledgesthat applies to pandaboard for example11:43
sledgeshope allwinner and wayland are friends11:43
rahI see11:44
rahI don't know that they are11:44
rahcan wayland not make use of xorg drivers?11:44
sledgesStskeeps: ^ ?11:45
Stskeepsnot really11:45
sledgeswhat does it take for a gpu driver to support wayland, API/ABI-wise?11:45
rahthat is very not good11:45
Stskeepssledges: buffer sharing and using that buffer as a texture11:45
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rahthinking about it, I was under the impression that wayland was supposed to sit on top of the DRM kernel interface?11:47
rahor rather, DRM/KMS interface11:48
rahdoes that still require hardware-specific awareness in wayland?11:48
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Stskeepswell, you still need a libEGL that uses that :)11:51
sledgesi wonder where egl sits there ;)11:52
* rah looks at the Khronos Group website11:55
rahOpenGL has a family11:55
rahit's breeding11:56
sledgeswe use nokia n950/n9 here for nemo as dev device11:56
sledgesiirc, we ran fast to wayland drivers, because nokia has been using its own dodgy khronos extensions for x11 driver11:57
sledgeswhich qt5 demanded11:57
sledgesso, minefield everywhere, just have to hop fast ;)11:58
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sledgeslocusf: you're a star
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locusfwow :)12:51
sandy_lockehope it will help Jolla make a real Sailfish port ...12:51
locusfJolla propably won't making one12:52
sandy_lockearrh... yeah, it would be like shooting its own foot ^^12:52
sandy_lockesledges: "confirmed: 20131108 nemo image is still unbroken" >> what was this message at 2:00 (U+1) this morning ? image is broken or did you succeed in unbreaking it ?12:54
locusfoh unbroken12:54
locusfI completely misread that one12:54
sledges08:25 < sledges> dirty hack: flash 8nov image12:55
sledges08:26 < sledges> upgrade everything except qtdeclarative :D12:55
sledgesi meant 4th of November ;P12:56
sledges(as theres no such thing as 8nov)12:56
sledgesor simply reboot with latest image12:56
sledgesas many times as needed12:56
sledgesto make it work ;)12:56
sledgesthose are two temporary workarounds for now12:56
sledgesfix being pursuited as we speak ;)12:57
sandy_lockesledges: and if I keep the n9 awake w/o reboot until a fix update to eventually dup to it, will it do ?12:59
sledgessandy_locke: yes, if you can last that long ;)13:00
sledgesbut, if you reboot, normally max 5 reboots are enough to make it work again (i usually get it with 2-3 reboots)13:01
sandy_lockemmh, ok13:01
sandy_lockeif do those reboots, I'm gonna hate the warranty warning for good :D13:01
sandy_lockenice work sledges anyway, you've spent a lot of time on it, much appreciated :)13:02
sledgeswell we need the wheels turning ;)13:05
sledgesespecially with jolla out, many peeps will want to put their n9/950s to good use ;)13:05
sledgesand it was faenil who found the problem in 3 minutes :D13:06
locusfyeah it was quite magical :D13:06
locusfhe just uttered qtdeclarative13:07
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sandy_lockedo you know if Sailfish will support carddav and caldav btw ?13:10
dm8tbrdoes nemo support those? :)13:10
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile13:10
*** stephg has quit IRC13:10
sandy_lockecaldav yes (harmattan anyway), but carddav has always been a mess to get working (I used syncevolution)13:11
dm8tbrif nemo supports it, then it can be made to work on sailfish. :)13:12
chriadamsandy_locke: there is development ongoing for both of those in buteo.  not sure of current state.  you can ask in #sync channel though13:12
sandy_lockethose protocols are very important to me. I'm sick of those iClouds/Google sync/exchange shites13:12
sandy_lockechriadam: what is buteo exactly ?13:14
chriadama synchronisation framework13:15
sandy_lockedm8tbr: yeah but I wondered if it was supported in Sailfish out of the box. Otherwise I wonder what peops at Jolla propose for an alternative13:15
sandy_lockehope they don't offer another cloud thing13:15
sandy_lockechriadam: thx13:15
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faenilsandy_locke, as he said, wip14:14
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile14:14
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sledgesbfff cant build qtdeclarative with mb: + qmake -qt=514:17
sledgesUsage: /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmake [mode] [options] [files]14:17
locusflemme guess, qtdeclarative is a submodule?14:17
sledgeslocusf: a remedy?.. ;)14:18
locusfsledges: looking14:19
sledgesobs works magic as always ;p14:19
locusfit was a cd to subdirectory in %build and %install14:19
locusfsubmodule subdir14:20
locusfdid you understand?14:22
sledgesthat's what it does yes14:23
sledgeslocusf: worked14:24
sledgesmeans i need14:24
sledgescd qtdeclarative/qtdeclarative14:24
sledgesmb build ../rpm/spec ;)14:24
locusfhmm well that could work too yeah :)14:24
locusfno problem :)14:24
sledgesqml/qqmlglobal.cpp:277:29: error: cannot convert 'QQmlValueTypeProvider*()' to 'QQmlValueTypeProvider*' in assignment14:24
sledgescontinuing started obs effort ;P14:25
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*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away14:33
sledgesStskeeps: that's for last 9mins:
sledgesshall I rebuild it?14:35
* sledges is having deja vu from the last OBS hickup14:35
sledges*trigger rebuild it14:36
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:37
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile14:41
sledgesok it started14:46
sledgesmeans i need to give OBS 18 min to pull in a 37.5 MB file ;)14:46
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sledgesnice, the official qtdeclarative failed to build on OBS15:14
sledgesw00t, Stskeeps : ^15:14
w00tkaltsi: Stskeeps: that looks like a sb2 tools problem..15:15
kaltsi/usr/lib/qt5/bin/uic: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:16
w00tkaltsi: we already fixed that on our side a long time ago afaik. could it have not been hooked up to mobs?15:18
kaltsiI remember fixing that, I was just trying to find where15:18
kaltsiI'm not sure where the sb2-tools-qt5 package comes from in mobs15:21
sledgeskaltsi: ^15:24
kaltsiyep just found it too.. it's quite old, its build has not been triggered in mobs for 5 months15:25
sledgesStskeeps: ^15:26
sledgeslbt: ^15:26
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kaltsitriggering it should be enough, but I don't have the rights to do that15:39
kaltsitriggering the service15:39
sledgesi can15:39
sledgesi'll start with armv7l15:40
kaltsiwhat-could-go-wrong (tm)15:40
*** nsuffys has quit IRC15:40
sledgeswell, nothing's being built on armv7l so15:40
sledges(i mean, no physical arm7 soft-float devices around)15:40
sledgesboom! let's rock15:42
kaltsifingers crossed15:42
sledgesman this felt great ;)15:42
sledgesbuild succeeded15:43
sledgesnow onto qtdeclarative test15:43
sledgesshooot i knew this was going to have an avalanche knock-on effect ;)15:45
sledgesall packages rebuilding now15:46
w00tehh.. yeah :p15:46
sledgesbut only armv7l15:46
sledgesso no angry faces ;P15:46
w00tit'll cause a rebuild for everything arm15:46
w00tslightly inconvenient, that15:46
sledgesw00t: don't forget, only soft fp ;)15:46
sledgeswe can pull the trigger on hard float when everyone's ready ;)15:47
*** phdeswer has quit IRC15:47
kaltsilooks like all the hl is building too15:48
sledgesStskeeps did that :D15:48
* sledges (wasntme)15:48
sledgeslook mer-boss :))15:48
* sledges goes to have a break, is gonna be a long night of build15:50
sledgeshope no cans of worms pop open :D15:50
locusfproper job sledges15:50
sledgesthanks locusf, well I just hit the beehive it seems :D15:51
sledgesnow mystery: how come qtdeclarative was building fine throughout October, if sb2-tools were old?15:53
sledgesStskeeps: did I/we do the right thing just now? ;)15:55
sledgesit felt right :D15:55
w00ti'd say it's likely it wasn't building..15:55
w00tunless qtbase on mobs was like, ancient15:55
w00t(congradulations, you're the first person to be spoken to via irc on my new laptop)15:55
sledgesw00t: apparently last qtdeclarative rebuild took place 8 November15:56
sledges4th November nemo image was still not broken ;)15:56
sledgesw00t: a Jolla laptop maybe? :D15:57
w00tsledges: nah, new macbook15:57
w00tthough as I work on it, I guess you can call it that too15:58
sledgeswith linux vm in it ;P ?15:58
w00ta lot of VMs, yes15:58
sledgesok w00t, the n9 nemo touch is now broken because of one of these commits (search for 'pincharea')
w00tdo you know why?16:01
sledgesnot yet16:01
sledgeswaiting for the world to rebuild :))16:01
sledgestouch-release is lost for lipstick16:01
sledgeslipstick only receives touch-down16:01
w00tit uses pincharea..?16:01
w00tthe things you learn16:02
sledgesthat i do not know16:02
sledgesbut other two commits between november 4th and 8th are not touch related16:02
faenilw00t, did you read my msg regarding this?16:02
sledgesthe worst is that it happens randomly, you reboot and it might work (40/60 chance)16:03
w00tfaenil: no, i've been setting up a laptop most of the day16:03
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sledgesbingo, qtdeclarative build succeeded! nothing was in vain ;)17:26
sledgesstill need for waves to settle before cracking on with the fix17:26
sledgesthank you kaltsi, w00t, Stskeeps17:27
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qwazixtoday's show was better, at least there was some plot :P19:03
qwazixa moment of revelation, some suspense...19:04
qwazixand the anticipation for the sequel :)19:04
qwazixhehe, yesterday after a terribly long backlog read there's was no hope and I asked my money back19:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:07
sandy_lockeqwazix: yeah, today was more of a happy ending ;)19:08
Morpog_MobileWell actually atm sledges introduced an huge cliffhanger19:15
*** Pat_o has quit IRC19:17
faenilqwazix, lol19:17
Morpog_MobileWill sledges fix the bug? Will it make him famous? How did faenill know? And finally, will faenil's Jolla blend?19:18
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eekkelundsledges i was reading backlogs and i have had that same bug (no touch) i think 2 weeks ago and it went away by flashing 4.11 image23:03
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sledgeseekkelund: it can be worked around with an odd reboot ;)23:04
eekkelundyeeah, i noticed that from log :D23:05
sledgesgoodbwe finally trapped the bugger down23:06
* Morpog_Mobile grabs popcorn23:09
sledgesobs still munching, and i cant bud23:11
sledges*build qtdeclarative locally23:11
sledgessave the popcorn :D23:11
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sledgesI think lbt is already in Germany with fire extinguisher lurking near our OBS physical servers23:15
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