Friday, 2013-11-22

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sandy_lockeqwazix: I know everyone is asleep, but I just pulled a request for statusbar specs & icons. It's a proposal, anything can change depending on all further decisions ;)03:55
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! i just got my hands onto a n950, which drops into moslo and wants a meego rootfs. #meego suggested to go for a nemo/mer image, which i got from
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LetoThe2ndso how can i proceed?10:04
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LetoThe2ndis the way to go?10:06
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sledgesLetoThe2nd: yes10:18
sledgescongrats on hands-on n950 \o/10:18
LetoThe2ndsledges: ok, thanks10:18
sledgeswhat are you interested in?10:18
LetoThe2ndhaving a linux system with a full keyboard :)10:19
sledgesto get the most out of your n95010:19
sledgesa daily phone perhaps?10:19
sledges(which is too much to ask from nemo today, but we are working on that ;))10:20
sledgesdoes it boot MeeGo/Harmattan, too?10:20
LetoThe2ndat the moment, it just has some moslo running. next plan is to follow these instructions.10:21
sledgesinteresting, means it hasn't got meego available/reachable10:22
sledgesyou could have best of both world ;) (dual boot)10:22
sledgesas meego can be used as a daily phone linux system10:22
sledgesbut is no longer maintained10:22
sledgeswhereas get the latest and greatest (nemo is currently wayland/qt5, the image you chose of 26th April is no longer supported x11/qt4)10:22
sledgeswith nemo10:23
LetoThe2ndsledges: but where to get the functional meego? the given link is non functional by now.10:23
sledgesyou need to flash it10:23
sledgeslet me see10:23
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#475 waiting for review at
sledgeswell, first can you telnet into it?10:25
LetoThe2ndi only got an usb connection at the moment.10:26
sledgeswith phone attached via USB, type ifconfig -a on your linux host, what do you see?10:26
LetoThe2ndeth and lo. the bootloader seems to only do the filesystem export over usb10:27
sledgeswe have two options10:28
sledgesor one10:28
sledgesjust flash nemo first10:28
sledgesthen we can look for traces of meego10:28
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sledgeswe have two options10:29
sledgesold nemo10:29
sledgesnew nemo10:29
sledgesyour pick ;)10:29
LetoThe2ndwhatever boots and you call better.10:29
sledgesnew nemo is better for heavy development10:29
sledgesold nemo is better for trying to use as a phone10:30
LetoThe2ndold probably, then.10:30
sledgesdepends on your intentions10:30
sledgesyou will need to download latest available "old nemo" then:
LetoThe2ndok, downloading it.10:31
sledgesvery well10:31
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sledgeshas anyone had a one-character fix resolving the whole system crash? ;)10:43
sledgesi had10:43
sledgeswell this time10:43
sledgesis about commenting out two lines....10:44
sledgesladies and gentlemen, the root of all evil on recent nemo n9 brekage:
sledgesw00t: im taking my words back, it wasn't the PinchArea ;)10:44
sledgesanybody knows anything about delegates? ;)10:45
sledgesand why is these two lines causing a halt?10:45
sledgesI haven't had chance to debug this yet10:45
rcghuzza @sledges for fixing that issue :)10:45
sledgesrcg: is not a fix, it'd be a revert :D10:45
chriadamsledges: so, delegates are constructed by the view10:45
rcgsledges, well, the issue is gone right?10:46
chriadamthe view decides when to construct new delegates, based on the cachebuffer size10:46
rcgthen i consider it a fix :D10:46
chriadamit decides when to release them (delayed deletion) based on the cachebuffer size and current contentY too10:46
sledgesrcg: O_o :D10:46
chriadamthat patch you link, ensures that spacing is taken into account when deciding which delegates to release10:46
chriadamotherwise you can hit a situation where a delegate is released and then immediately recreated, because the logic which determines when it will be created and when it will be delayed removed, used to be different (by the spacing amount)10:47
chriadamwhat evil did it actually cause?10:47
sledgeson n910:48
sledgesonly touch down events are received10:48
sledgesand touch-release are lost10:48
chriadamnah, these are the ones you should be looking at:10:49
sledgesi was hoping so10:49
LetoThe2ndso, download is finished10:49
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sledgesLetoThe2nd: is there anything on the exported Alt_OS ?10:50
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sledgeschriadam: you are right, the bug is still there10:50
sledgesi need to revert more10:50
sledgessorry for false alarms10:50
sledgesbut the havoc wreaks apparently not during 100% of reboots10:50
LetoThe2ndsledges: it is not called alt_os... but yes, there seems to be a nemo (at least the ist /home/nemo) firsystem10:51
sledgesLetoThe2nd: but it doesn't boot?10:51
LetoThe2ndor is there some magic key to try it?10:52
sledgesthe key is to unplug the usb10:53
sledgesand see what moslo spits out10:53
sledgesor behaves10:53
LetoThe2ndok its completely powered off now.10:53
sledgeswhen you pull out it just shuts down?10:53
sledgesok so boot back to moslo10:54
sledgesdelete everything on that exported partition10:54
LetoThe2ndwhen i switch it on without usb, i get the nokia warning for 15secs or so... then moslo...10:54
sledgesand then?10:54
sledgesand if with usb?10:54
LetoThe2ndah, and then some nome screen. first a blueish one, then some green/greyish pattern, then black10:55
sledgeswell some old nemo version it means10:55
LetoThe2ndok, it now actually brought some gui up10:55
sledgesjust wipe it and you'll be fine10:55
LetoThe2ndwiping how?10:57
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*** dmol has joined #nemomobile10:58
sledgesrm -rf /media/Alt_OS/*10:58
sledgeswhichever is called10:58
sledgesprepend with sudo10:58
sledgesprepend with care :)10:58
sledgeschriadam: im totally baffled10:59
sledgeswe got 8th Nov nemo image which works10:59
LetoThe2ndhm can i use tabulators on this keyboard?10:59
sledgeswith qtdeclarative-5.1.0+git2111:00
sledgesattempts to update qtdeclarative cause problem to come back11:00
LetoThe2ndsledges: nothing in /media anyways.11:01
chriadamsledges: that's indicative of a lurking bug in the implementation :-/  i've mentioned the problem to mjones, hopefully he will look into it further.11:01
sledgesnow i got the latest image (zypper dup yesterday), and reverted qtdeclarative to 5.1.0+git21 , problem still there11:01
sledgesLetoThe2nd: find where it is11:01
chriadamwait what?11:01
chriadamyou've reverted to a qtdeclarative prior to when those patches were made?11:01
chriadamand the problem still exists?11:01
sledgesnot the mouse patches11:01
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sledgesthat tag is here of a working snapshot:
sledgesbut it could be that not only qtdeclarative is the playing package in this puzzle11:02
sledgesim now reverting prior to the two commits you gave me, will shed more light then11:03
LetoThe2ndsledges: can't find it. but uname -a gives me, and lsb_release -a says Mer release 0.201111:03
chriadamsledges: is that on X11 or using wayland now?11:05
sledgeschriadam: wayland11:06
sledgesLetoThe2nd: where?11:06
sledgesdid you usb in?11:06
sledgesinto black nemo11:06
LetoThe2ndsledges: nah, just used the terminal11:06
sledgesso you have nemo running?11:06
LetoThe2ndyes, the "black" seems to ahve jsut been the screensaver... sry.11:07
sledges10:55 < LetoThe2nd> ok, it now actually brought some gui up11:07
sledgesmissed that bit11:07
sledgesjob done11:07
LetoThe2ndkind-of yes.11:07
sledgesyou might want to update it to latest11:08
LetoThe2ndso is there anything more currect and worth tinkering with that old-sounding 0.2011?11:08
sledgesbut that can be done only by overwriting image contents11:08
sledgesLetoThe2nd: you can look for traces of meego now11:09
LetoThe2ndok... how?11:09
sledgesperform df -h /11:09
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sledges(you should also be able to ssh now)11:09
LetoThe2ndhmmm i have usb0 now, but no ip11:10
sledgesadd it ;)11:10
sledgessudo ifconfig
sledgessudo ifconfig usb0
LetoThe2ndgotcha, i'm logged in.11:11
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sledgesdf -h /11:12
LetoThe2nd2.2G free on /11:12
sledgeswhich dev?11:12
sledgescat /proc/cmdline11:12
sledgesfdisk -l /dev/mmcblk011:13
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LetoThe2ndfdisk not found ;)11:14
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sledges/sbin/fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk011:14
LetoThe2ndhm, the usb0 link died.11:16
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sledgesnetworkmanager pest:
sledgesyou can just do11:17
sledgessudo ifconfig usb0
sledgesand it will come back alive for a bit11:17
sledgesssh session should persist11:17
LetoThe2ndit does not :(11:17
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile11:18
LetoThe2ndi just set it up in NM now, maybe it will prevail.11:19
LetoThe2ndbut no sudo.. how to become root, or where might sudo be hidden?11:19
LetoThe2ndand whats the default pw?11:24
LetoThe2ndworks :)11:24
sledgeschriadam: first two boots are sane with 6f73d5a549c9352d235d16364c2ba265cdf5cd8911:24
sledgesthat's more than promising11:25
sledgesok LetoThe2nd, means harmattan is there11:25
sledgesdo you want it back? ;)11:25
LetoThe2ndnot necessarily... its the qt dev platform, right?11:26
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sledgesqt4 in your case11:27
LetoThe2ndnot that important to me.11:27
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile11:27
sledgesvery well :)11:28
sledgesim sure you will have a lot of fun!11:28
sledgeswe have the tools and help necessary here to get you going with dev env11:28
sledgeschriadam: 3rd boot fine, we can call it confirmed11:29
LetoThe2nddeveloping is the plan once it kind of works basically.11:29
chriadamsledges: that's mildly terrifying11:29
LetoThe2ndsledges: so how to proceed with the update? itsnot my intention to annoy you - if you can point me to kind-of fitting documentation it should hopefully be fine.11:30
sledgeschriadam: for me it isn't, because the two commits you gave me must have introduced some badness, and im compiling the commit just before the two11:31
sledgeschriadam: ignoring the 8th  Nov snapshot working madness ;)11:31
sledgesLetoThe2nd: just reboot back to moslo11:31
sledgesand wipe the nemo that's in there11:31
sledgesfrom your host PC11:31
sledgesthen follow:
LetoThe2ndsledges: ok... rebooting with usb conencted should give me moslo, right?11:32
sledgesit should give moslo all the time no?11:33
sledgesidk how you got there before ;)11:33
LetoThe2ndneither me ;)11:33
LetoThe2ndok... nokia warning now11:33
LetoThe2ndseems to be in moslo again now11:34
LetoThe2ndok, and exported fs is mount. so i'll just replace it with the tarball.11:35
sledgesas per instructions11:36
sledgesdont forget to wipe it ;)11:36
LetoThe2ndnemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130620.0.1.tar.bz2 is the tarball to use?11:37
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*** dmol has joined #nemomobile11:40
LetoThe2ndsledges: ok finished, then pulled usb. lets see.11:43
sledgesdid you sync?11:43
sledgesor at least gracefully umounted11:43
LetoThe2ndi umount, which should sync ;)11:43
sledgesjust a precaution, seen too many missed bits in the past :D11:43
sledgesof chasing ghosts thereafter11:44
dm8tbrLetoThe2nd: the device you have had a 'proper moslo' already...11:45
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile11:45
LetoThe2nddm8tbr: yeah, seems so :)11:45
LetoThe2ndsledges: looks like it successfully booted and stuff.11:45
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sledgeslsb_release ooi?11:48
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile11:49
LetoThe2ndstill says 0.2011 but the gui is considerably different now.11:50
sledgesvery well!11:50
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*** dmol has joined #nemomobile11:53
dm8tbrsledges: for some context, it's the device I gave to AV500 last year during ELCE. I know things because I did them to the device. ;)11:57
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sledgesdm8tbr: O_O12:38
sledgesyour baby ;)12:39
sledgeslocusf: could you test the tmpfix please?
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sandy_lockeqwazix: did you see my PR ?13:24
Morpog_nice 89 packages to update after obs slaughter :)13:25
Morpog_sandy_locke, qwazix may ask you to squash that commits13:27
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile13:27
sandy_lockeMorpog_: ? "squash" the commit ?13:29
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away13:29
Morpog_merging all those commits into a new one13:29
sandy_lockehow do I do that ?13:30
Morpog_usually by going back in commit history and then resubmitting13:30
sandy_lockeok, I'll look into it...13:31
Morpog_but he might not care, after all there is no history logging etc.13:31
Morpog_the nemomobile maintainers would force you :)13:31
sandy_lockeMorpog_: I don't find a way to delete a commit ^^13:33
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile13:33
Morpog_git reset --hard HEAD moves back 1 commit13:34
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:34
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile13:34
sandy_lockemmmh, I don't use command line, dunno how to use git CLI13:34
Morpog_windows github?13:35
sandy_lockemac, but I might found a way...13:37
Morpog_backup your files before doing a mess ;)13:38
sandy_lockenope, I tried revert and rollback but I just did a mess ;)13:39
sandy_lockenothing bad really13:39
sandy_lockejust there's revert everywhere on the statusbar commits ^^13:40
Morpog_yeah I see lol13:40
Morpog_no wax to start a shell there from your client?13:40
sandy_lockeyes I can13:40
Morpog_a github shell13:41
* sandy_locke president13:41
sandy_lockeyes, I can go to terminal but you'll have to guide me ;)13:41
sandy_lockeso in terminal, what should I do ?13:41
sandy_lockeMorpog_: ^13:42
Morpog_second, let me see how to start a github shell, I always launch it from client :)13:42
sandy_lockeah ok, sorry13:42
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile13:43
sandy_lockeMorpog_: I think I don't have to launch a github shell, the git command do everything directly from terminal13:44
Morpog_ah ok13:44
Morpog_navigate to your repo foler which you want to work in13:45
Morpog_so glacier-controls-spec13:45
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile13:45
sandy_lockedone :)13:45
Morpog_git reset hard HEAD~113:45
sandy_lockefatal: ambiguous argument 'hard': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.13:46
Morpog_that moves you back 1 commit13:46
sandy_lockeUse '--' to separate paths from revisions, like this:13:46
sandy_locke'git <command> [<revision>...] -- [<file>...]'13:46
Morpog_git reset --hard13:46
locusfsledges: in a moment13:46
Morpog_git reset --hard HEAD~13:46
sandy_lockeHEAD is now at 27d8c57 Revert 9feb3c4..8afb14113:46
Morpog_do this till you are on the commit where you were before submitting all those commits13:48
Morpog_that long number is the commit number13:48
sandy_lockeok done13:48
Morpog_you are where now?13:48
sandy_lockeI'm back to 'update4' of dialogs commits13:48
sandy_lockehow do I sync ?13:49
Morpog_great, so submit your commit now, but don't push yet13:49
Morpog_don't sync yet13:49
sandy_lockehow do I submit from command line ?13:49
Morpog_should work from client too13:50
Morpog_just close your client and reopen to see the changes13:50
sandy_lockewait, I have to put the files in statusbar folder again13:51
sledgeslocusf: thanks13:51
Morpog_unless do git commit mynewcommitmessage13:52
Morpog_sandy_locke, they should be still there13:52
sandy_lockenope ^^13:53
sledgesMorpog_: obs slaughter doesn't affect x86 ;)13:53
w00tthat's over though, right?13:53
Morpog_sandy_locke, hmm maybe because of your former mess actions ;)13:53
sledgesw00t: yes, the storm has passed13:53
Morpog_sledges, still I got 89 packages, whole qt5 was rebuilt13:53
sledgesMorpog_: git reset --hard nukes everything13:53
sledgesMorpog_: due to actual changes i gather13:54
Morpog_sledges, ah true, should have done without hard :) well, I knew why I told him to backup :)13:54
sledgesit's still on github13:54
sledges;) pull from there asap13:54
sandy_lockeit's ok, I still have the stuffs, commiting now ;)13:54
sledgesgoood sandy_locke :)13:54
Morpog_after commit do13:55
sandy_lockeMorpog_: hum, I synced already, is it bad ?13:55
Morpog_yes, now all your commits are back :)13:55
sandy_lockearf !13:56
Morpog_lets do it again without hard13:56
Morpog_git reset HEAD~13:56
sandy_lockeUnstaged changes after reset:13:57
Morpog_thats ok13:57
sandy_lockeI continue ?13:57
sandy_lockeoups, I went to far, there was no feedback ^^13:58
sandy_lockeinline dialogs are now with the statusbar commit13:58
Morpog_hmm, then sync again13:59
Morpog_or wait13:59
sandy_locketoo late ^^13:59
Morpog_ok :)13:59
sandy_lockewhat do you see ?14:00
Morpog_you can check where you are with git status14:00
sandy_lockenothing to commit, working directory clean14:01
Morpog_erm sorry14:01
Morpog_was git log14:01
sandy_lockeI'm at statusbar proposal14:02
sandy_lockeI do the reset again ?14:03
Morpog_reset again :)14:03
sandy_lockehow can I know where I'm at ?14:04
Morpog_git log14:04
sandy_lockeok good, I'm at udpate 4 again :D14:05
Morpog_great, now check if your files are correct and commit14:05
sandy_lockeso now, no mistake allowed ;)14:05
sandy_lockecommit done14:06
sandy_lockewaiting for instructions ;)14:06
Morpog_git push --force14:07
*** blam_ has quit IRC14:08
sandy_lockemmh, it is writing 9 objects instead of 6, hope there's no odd stuff going on... I checked the commit however14:09
sandy_lockeMorpog_: ok there's one commit now on the PR14:10
Morpog_yeah looks fine, all files in?14:11
Morpog_now add a new comment on the PR, so that qwazix knows your not shizophrenic when talking about several commits and tehre is just one ;)14:12
sledgesthat looks very very nice sandy_locke
sandy_lockeMorpog_: but there are zero comment right now, it seems that my old one has disappear ?14:13
Morpog_sandy_locke, I still can see it though14:13
sledgesi still see the comment14:13
Morpog_maybe you look at the commit in your forked repo instead of qwazix?14:14
sandy_lockeand now ?14:14
sandy_lockeyeah, I was not looking at the PR ^^14:15
Morpog_no comment anymore :)14:15
sandy_lockesledges: thx :)14:15
locusfsledges: is it git666 :) ?14:15
sandy_lockelike this the statusbar is more of a connectivity bar ...14:16
Morpog_and if you struggle again with github, ask sledges, he is the master :) I'm still learning that strange stuff as well ;)14:16
sandy_locke^^ yeah, it's not really straightforward !14:16
sandy_lockethat's why I like to use the GUI instead of CLI , although it's limited14:17
locusfsledges: froze14:17
Morpog_yeah if the mac cli is as limited as the windows one you cannot do much with it14:17
locusfor not14:17
locusfits partial freeze14:17
sandy_lockeMorpog_: you mean mac GUI ?14:17
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:18
Morpog_my fault14:18
sandy_lockeyeah, I believe it is14:18
sandy_lockeI have to go in the web app to PR for instance14:18
sandy_lockesomething as simple as that ...14:18
Morpog_same on winows GUI14:19
sledgeslocusf: zypper se -si qtdeclarative14:19
Morpog_still no Jolla order mail :(14:20
sandy_lockeMorpog_: don't worry, you'll have it before christmas :)14:21
Morpog_I hope so ;)14:22
sledgeslocusf: im speechless14:26
sledgesreally flaky problem, comes once in a blue moon...14:26
sledgesi rebooted 5 times, did not freeze since14:26
sledgeslocusf: when did you last zypper dupped?14:27
*** marquiz has quit IRC14:35
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:37
*** xhaakon has quit IRC14:40
sledgesMorpog_: qmlpackagemanager is ready to play with on i48614:44
sledgeszypper in qmlpackagemanager14:44
sledgesaaaaand on ARM too, locusf, sandy_locke ;)14:44
sledgesBIG thanksies to niqt and timoph !14:44
* sledges guesses Morpog_ will first and foremost glacier iconise it :D14:45
sandy_lockewhat is qml packagemanager ?14:46
sledgesis just a ported to qt5, don't expect much functionality whatsoever ;)14:46
sledgessandy_locke: is a package manager written in QML14:46
* sledges ducks14:46
sandy_lockewe'll have to mockup the stock apps now14:47
Morpog_sledges, nothing proves libpackagekit14:47
sledgessandy_locke: yup \o/14:49
sledgesMorpog_: ouch /o\14:49
Morpog_not available on i486?14:50
sledgesMorpog_: full err pls14:51
sledgesMorpog_: zypper ref14:52
Morpog_I did14:52
sledgesis a question of matter of tens of minutes ;)14:53
Morpog_wtf, I did again zyppe ref and now its resolved .....14:53
sledgesand probably seconds, if obs wasn't just ready for you14:53
sledgesMorpog_: ^14:53
sledgessoz, you were too fast (means keen ;))14:53
Morpog_ooooh what a nasty icon14:54
niqtthanks sledges14:54
Morpog_cannot see much of the app because of that weird opacity bug :(14:54
sledgesMorpog_: time to backtrack?14:55
sledgesnow you could try being in my shoes of this week :D14:55
Morpog_no, not really :)14:55
sledgesniqt: not at all :) how is life?14:55
sledgesMorpog_: is easy, flash old image, start installing packages (most suspicious first) one by one14:55
sledgestill you hit the road jack :)14:56
Morpog_or I search in logs where I first reported it14:56
sledgesthat's the first bit14:57
Morpog_omg, its weeks ago15:00
Morpog_is there a way to download all logs at once?15:00
Morpog_an easy way :)15:00
sledgeswget can do it15:01
Morpog_windows :)15:01
sledges:D non-windows was15:01
sledgesbrowser plugin?15:01
Morpog_well, not today, maybe tomorrow, got to go in 2 hours15:01
sledgesi have logs here15:01
Morpog_search for morpog and transpareny or opacity15:02
sledges5th November15:03
Morpog_more back15:03
Morpog_I think15:03
sledgesme too15:03
sledgesbut it's the first time we talked about it15:05
sledges30th Oct: 19:35 < Morpog_PC> anyone else got this?
Morpog_well, thats before 5th november15:07
Morpog_so between 20th and 30th october I would guess15:08
sandy_lockesledges: in VM I got this15:13
sledgessandy_locke: yea15:17
sledgesMorpog_ has just volunteered to fix it15:17
sledgeswe all got that ;)15:17
sledgesI have 16th September VM image..15:17
sledgesmaybe locusf can find something closer to 20th October amongst his archives15:18
*** dmol has quit IRC15:18
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile15:19
*** niqt has quit IRC15:20
sledgesfound it15:21
sledgeswill give it exclusively to Morpog_ , so we don't jam locusf bandwidth once again ;)15:22
sledges(it's on dropbox)15:22
Morpog_good idea15:23
Morpog_but as I said, no time today anymore :)15:23
Morpog_need to shower soon and shave and get prepared for party :D15:24
sledgesoh no15:24
sledgesit's 16th September...15:24
sledgesthe only one we got15:24
sledgesmight be a long shot15:24
sledges(because many packages will want to update)15:24
sledgesbut nevertheless15:24
sledgesMorpog_: just set that download for 1GB in backgroun15:24
Morpog_sledges, that one from 16 sept I got myself here15:25
Morpog_It's the one I still use15:25
Morpog_and yes I also got it untouched still too15:25
Morpog_btw sledges :D15:29
locusfMorpog_: do you want a new image?15:31
locusffor VM15:31
Morpog_locusf, after that bug is fixed15:31
sledgesMorpog_: we want an old image :D15:32
sledgeslocusf: have you run more tests15:33
sledgesi cannot get it to freeze again15:33
locusfsledges: not yet15:33
sledgesalready 10 reboots :D15:33
locusfhmm I'll reboot too15:34
locusfmust have been my fingers which didn't really react when all dry15:34
locusfno freezing after reboot15:35
sledgesah \o/15:37
Morpog_qwazix, still not sure if I like the packagemanager icon that much ;)15:39
*** mikhas has quit IRC15:40
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has quit IRC15:41
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile15:41
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:42
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC15:51
sledgesi love it15:52
sledgesprovided the background is there ;)15:52
sledgeshey everyone, how about a new twitter header:15:57
locusfwow :)15:57
sledgesbbl, have a good evening!15:59
*** rcg has quit IRC16:01
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qwazixhrmpf! twitter is still crashing my firefox18:23
qwazixnice header sledges_18:23
Stskeepsevening qwazix18:24
qwazixevening Stskeeps!18:24
Stskeepshow is it going?18:24
qwazixnot bad, at least I'm not a flu zombie anymore :)18:25
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile18:26
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile18:31
qwazixsandy_locke, saw your PR didn't manage to check it out yet, thanks for squashing the commits though18:31
sandy_lockeyou're welcome :)18:32
qwazix(personal policy regarding squashing commits: I prefer the commits unsquashed when there are github/irc comments between them, for educational reasons - that's why I didn't ask last time. Now it was appropriate)18:33
*** arcean_ has quit IRC18:37
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stroughtonsmithStskeeps: you see ? :D18:43
Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: hehe, looks good18:44
Stskeepscrazy people around18:44
stroughtonsmiththere's no u-boot for N9, right?18:44
qwazixI commented on the PR, very nice work, just some minor things that we might improve (or not). Maybe Morpog_, Hurrian, sledges_ have input too?18:45
qwazixsandy_locke, ^^18:45
Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: no, sadly18:45
Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: it should be possible though18:45
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: that's a shame, bringup on the N9 would be relatively easy18:45
stroughtonsmith(of Darwin)18:45
Stskeepswell, n9 has a manual update display which is a pain in the ass18:45
qwazixwould be a very nice bedtime clock though when decommissioned18:47
Stskeepsthat's how it is working for me atm18:48
qwazixespecially with some nice lpm alarm gui so you won't have to exit lpm at all18:48
qwazix(I wish I had more time)18:48
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:55
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rcgqwazix, dito19:00
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sledges_hum, a tail_21:23
*** sledges_ is now known as sledges21:23
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sledgeswhat does the wifi symbol on right with triangle means? in status bar mockup shot22:46
sledgesqwazix: ^ ?22:46
sledgesgreat hear youre over with the flu22:46
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:51
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*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile23:18
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile23:23
sandy_lockesledges: hope you're still there. To answer your question, it's supposed to bring you directly to the wifi system preference window23:26
sandy_lockeif it's not straightforward enough, we can change it ;)23:27
sandy_lockethe idea is that each panel can bring you to it's system window directly23:29
sandy_lockeso panel = most used options, and preferences still accessible a tap away23:29
*** faenil has quit IRC23:35
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile23:35
sledgessandy_locke: got you23:39
sledgesmaybe we could brainstorm for another icon (i propose generic settings icon), because now there are too many wifi icons around like this ;)23:41
sandy_lockenice :)23:41
sledgesdo you have a twitter handle?23:41
sandy_lockeyes, @lozeremedia23:42
sandy_locke(name of my company)23:42
sandy_locke+1 for the brainstorm on generic settings icon23:42
sledgesbrainstorm done :D23:43
sandy_lockeI'm trying a slight change on the map icon23:43
sandy_lockejust received a twitter ping from nemo_mobile ;)23:44
sandy_lockethx sledges23:44
sandy_locke*@NemoMobile, my bad23:44
M4rtinKand I've already retweeted that :)23:44
sledgesand i managed to delete it all :D23:45
sledgesok, no more deletes now ;)
sledgesthanks M4rtinK , you're welcome sandy_locke23:45
sandy_lockesledges, M4rtinK : what do you think ?23:46
sandy_lockeold one :
sandy_lockeI want to have a polished maps icon to serve as a gps icon23:48
sandy_lockethe satellite one seems to be too skeuomorphic compared to our other statusbar icons23:48
*** giucam has quit IRC23:48
sledgesah, the fancy skeuomorphic word ;)23:49
sledgeswhy slimmed sandy_locke ?23:49
sledgesother icons on status bar are circular (=rectangular)23:50
sledgesbut probably best to see it in action ;)23:51
* sledges zleeps23:51
sledges(some action heh ^ )23:51
sledgeslaters all!23:51
M4rtinKIMHO, new one looks better23:51
sandy_lockesledges: cuz I find the maps icon like it's helium inflated ^^23:51
sandy_lockenite sledges23:51
sandy_lockeok M4rtinK, thx for the feedback23:52
M4rtinKbut when seeing it I think POI23:52
sandy_lockeI'll see if I can keep the width of the old one with the fitness of the new one ^^23:52
M4rtinKnot really GPS/location enabled23:52
sandy_lockeyeah me too23:52
M4rtinKsomething like a crosshair/sextant/small GPS satellite/satellite dish23:53
M4rtinKmight be more intuitive23:53
M4rtinKjust an idea :)23:54
sandy_lockeM4rtinK: link ?23:55
sandy_lockeright now, gps icon look like this
M4rtinKmaybe something more like ?23:59
*** alin__ has joined #nemomobile23:59
M4rtinKeq. bigger solar panel & smaller body for the satellite23:59

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