Saturday, 2013-11-23

sandy_lockeM4rtinK: see link, actual is almost like this00:00
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sandy_lockewe need sth more abstract00:00
M4rtinKI've seen it, body too big, panels too small :)00:00
M4rtinKI would say it is not an easy question :)00:01
sandy_lockeyeah I see, but qwazix think we should for sth in the round shapes00:01
sandy_lockeyeah I know ;)00:01
M4rtinKsputnik ? :)00:01
sandy_lockethe dog ?00:01
sandy_lockeyeah I see sputnik now ;)00:02
sandy_lockewhy not actually00:02
M4rtinKnice, round & retro00:02
sandy_lockeI'll try to look into that, thx M4rtinK :)00:03
M4rtinKand as all the other, doesn't have anything to do with how it actually works :)00:03
M4rtinKhh :)00:03
sandy_lockeM4rtinK: something along this line ?00:10
M4rtinKyeah, looks fine :)00:11
M4rtinKbut maybe thicker lines for the 4 anthenas ?00:12
sandy_lockeok, I'll try that ;)00:12
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sandy_lockeM4rtinK: reload the former link to see the changes, but I'm afraid the icon is too complex to stand in the statusbar w/o standing out00:15
M4rtinKyeah, that could be an issue00:16
M4rtinKon the other hand, I think most users might just check based on position of the icon00:17
M4rtinKeq. next to icon X00:17
M4rtinKbut yeah, it should still be intuitive00:17
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M4rtinKthat reminds me, I think BB10 is using a compass00:18
M4rtinKbut doesn't just show you where North is, strange :)00:18
sandy_lockesee M4rtinK : , too complex :/00:18
sandy_lockewhat kind of compass ?00:19
M4rtinKyeah, a bit too cluttered in comparison to the others00:19
sandy_lockeotherwise could go back to this
M4rtinKhmm, looks like they are actually using that POI marker :D00:23
M4rtinKmight be a newer build on their Z1000:23
sandy_lockeah, yeah they use it00:25
sandy_lockemay as well find sth new, you're right00:25
M4rtinKoh, I got i mixed up - N9 is actually the one using the compass:
sandy_lockeyeah which is now the Here Maps icon00:25
sandy_lockeit is kinda original on their part00:26
M4rtinKand N900 has a big satellite dish pointing up00:26
sandy_lockemmh, ok so let's summarize: we have satellite, sattelite dish, compass, POI marker ...00:27
sandy_lockewe need sth that stands out00:27
sandy_lockenever seen before00:27
sandy_lockelet's think genius here :P00:28
M4rtinK ? :)00:28
sandy_lockeyeah, we could go the retro route00:28
M4rtinKkeeping up with the marine image :)00:29
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EztranOh, like the sextant. Nice idea!00:42
sandy_lockeEztran: M4rtinK :
M4rtinKlooks good :)00:48
sandy_lockeyeah, we could go with the sextant00:48
M4rtinKmaybe add some bit to the left to make it a bit more balanced ?00:48
EztranMakes a lot of sense with the marine-themed stuff. Only doubt is whether it's intuitive enough - probably?00:48
sandy_lockewith a little more polish00:48
sandy_lockeEztran: depend to whom ...00:48
EztranTrue, I guess that counts for loads of things. Fair enough.00:49
sandy_lockeI don't believe it's ultra intuitive, but it's nice to let people think too ;)00:49
EztranProbably what I'd think if I just saw it on a desktop, is something along the lines of 'What's that? Oh... I get it... :)'00:49
sandy_lockeM4rtinK: I like the unbalancing, it makes you wonder what the thing on the left is for :)00:50
sandy_lockeand it actually look like a ship too :P00:50
M4rtinKok :)00:50
sandy_locke(the last two sentence are not related)00:50
sandy_lockebut maybe you're right, I'll leave it at that for tonight, and we'll see with the others tomorrow see what they say00:51
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sandy_lockeM4rtinK: Eztran :
sandy_lockewhat it looks like on statusbar ;)00:54
EztranDoes 'balance out' the round Bluetooth one on the other side of the NFC one better, I think?00:58
sandy_lockewhat do you mean ?00:58
EztranThose two icons are inside circles, the others are just circle themed. Because the Bluetooth and GPS ones are on either side of the centre, it kinda looks more symmetrical than it did before, and the Bluetooth one doesn't stick out as much.01:00
sandy_lockeyeah I see what you mean01:01
sandy_lockeit's true, but now I feel like the nfc icon is out of place ^^01:01
sandy_lockemaybe I should round theme it too ... to create a coherence : icons that need signals are free, those who don't are rounded01:02
EztranMight be better to have some reason as to which use what kind of icon, certainly.01:03
sandy_lockethere should be a discussion about this tomorrow with qwazix, Morpog & Hurrian01:03
Hurrianuhh, about how many hours from now?01:03
sandy_lockeyeah, it's all about coherence, otherwise it's bad desing, unless you eventually have a reason to not be coherent01:04
sandy_lockeHurrian: ^^01:04
sandy_lockewhere do you come from ? I didn't see you coming :P01:04
Hurriansandy_locke: GMT+8; I'm usually up at this time :P01:05
sandy_lockemmh, you live in the east ?01:05
sandy_lockefar east even01:05
sandy_lockeI was going to bed, but maybe you can give a small feedback on the above links (two last ones)01:06
sandy_locke(I'm GMT+1)01:07
sandy_lockeHurrian: ^01:07
Hurrianmmm, the sextant icon starts looking like a satellite dish.01:08
Hurrianpersonally, i'd go with either a satellite icon or an android-style blinking dot with reticle01:08
Hurrianas for statusbar, NFC icon looks a bit unbalanced but okay01:09
Hurrianplay/pause could be merged into one button01:09
sandy_lockeyeah, nfc icon needs redesign I believe01:10
sandy_lockelink for android blinking dot ?01:10
Hurriandot disappears and reappears01:11
sandy_lockefor play/pause, I encourage you to make a quick mockup to show me your idea ;)01:11
Hurriansandy_locke: when music is playing, the button is 'pause', when it's paused, the button is 'play'01:12
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sandy_lockeHurrian: for the droid dot crosshair thing, if go that route it would need good design integration, because I can't see this one from link into Glacier01:12
sandy_lockemmh, yeah, you're right for play/pause.01:12
sandy_lockeanyway I did it just to put it here, didn't even know if it was a good idea to put it in the statusbar01:13
Hurriantrue, it's a big icon so we have some space to play with, but it needs to be unambiguous01:13
sandy_lockeplay pause icon is still to be made ;)01:13
sandy_lockeyeah, true, but I kinda like the idea of the sextant, was pretty well fitted into the sail theme ;)01:14
sandy_lockeanyway, for gps icon, something with an element blinking inside is what's best as for intuitiveness I believe, meaning : to know when it's working01:14
Hurriansatellite dish icon with blinking "radio waves"01:16
sandy_lockeyeah, but I wanted sth totally original, that's not to be seen elsewhere...01:16
sandy_lockesatellite dish is already on n900 AFAIK01:16
M4rtinKthe sextant could be "finding the horizon" :)01:18
sandy_lockecan we add more than two states for icons ??01:18
sandy_lockemmh, M4rtinK : thinking about it, it will look like a pendulum going forth and back to find the horizon... ^^01:20
M4rtinKcould look nice & original :)01:21
sandy_lockewell, anyway I need to go to bed, so we may discuss this tomorrow (for me ;) )01:21
sandy_lockeM4rtinK: yeah, I think so too, but it may really be inintuitive01:22
M4rtinKwell, yeah :)01:22
sandy_lockenite peops, and thx M4rtinK for your support tonight :)01:22
M4rtinKno problem, good night to you too :)01:23
sandy_lockethx :)01:23
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faenilmorningh peeps09:44
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sandy_lockehey qwazix , morpog, Hurrian : what about using Dribbble too to get feedbacks from our designs ?10:42
Hurriananyone here who can invite us to Dribbble?10:42
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sandy_lockeI have an account, although not as an invited designer :/10:48
sandy_lockeHurrian: maybe post a request for an invite on twitter with nemo account ?10:49
Stskeepsthere was this guy who did jolla dribble stuff10:49
Stskeepsconsider asking him?10:49
Stskeepsi think10:49
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sandy_lockedo we blur the background in homescreen ? or is it plain wallpaper ?10:58
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sandy_lockeqwazix, Hurrian, Morpog :
sandy_lockethe game is simple:12:47
sandy_lockeclick on one of the "delete" icon next to one icon12:47
sandy_lockeand try to delete it by pressing "delete" button12:47
sandy_lockeenjoy ;)12:47
Hurriansandy_locke: nice :D12:48
Hurrianhow about shortening animations to 0.2s?12:48
sandy_lockeHurrian: it's already 0.1512:48
Hurrianah, must be my browser then12:48
Hurrianthe app icon should be above "delete this app", though, to inform the user of what he/she is deleting12:49
sandy_lockeyes, but it would have made the design more complex12:50
sandy_lockeright now it's the exact same elements for all the buttons12:50
sandy_lockeI could add a generic icon though12:50
Hurrianah, in that case, no problem ;)12:50
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sandy_lockeand it's still buggy, sometimes animations are not well rendered, you may have to test several times to see clean animations :/12:53
sandy_lockeit's browser related12:53
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sandy_lockeso use chrome for full effects12:55
sandy_lockeand no blur btw12:55
sandy_locketoo much glitches with blur effects...12:55
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piggzjust updated my n950 and its starting to look polished!13:41
piggzjust one thing...touch screen seems not to work?13:41
faenilpiggz, regression, you have to downgrade qtdeclarative pkg13:42
faenilbut sledges has more details13:42
Wizzup a13:47
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sandy_lockewe need new gps, nfc & goto settings icons ...15:59
sandy_locke(this place is quite still this saturday ^^ )16:00
sandy_lockeand a new play / pause icon16:01
sandy_lockefor the record ;)16:01
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Morpog_sandy_locke, well, I'm wasted today. It seems I'm getting too old for this harcore party stuff :D17:02
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sandy_lockeMorpog_: :D17:39
sandy_locketake a cup of hot coffee and a cold bath ;)17:41
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qwazix'lo ArcherN919:02
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ArcherN9So I'm trying to install the NemoWayland on the VB19:06
ArcherN9It just doesn't boot up =(19:06
ArcherN9Stuck at the welcome screen.19:06
ArcherN9"MerDevice (3.6.11-9.4.Nemo)19:06
ArcherN9Doesn't accept any input after that.19:06
ArcherN9Any idea what's up?19:06
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ArcherN9oo Nevermind20:06
ArcherN9 Got it working =)20:06
ArcherN9cool. hmm20:06
ArcherN9So I have the basic NemoMobile Wayland up on the VM20:07
ArcherN9Now it's time to setup the SB2 target20:07
ArcherN9btw, I ran lipstick before wayland.20:07
ArcherN9they look virtually the same.. although I was able to easily point differences.20:07
faenillipstick *is* wayland :D20:07
ArcherN9eh? lol20:07
faenilas in, when you start lipstick it starts wayland20:08
ArcherN9what was lipstick before then?20:08
ArcherN9the old nemo for which updates stopped in June20:08
faenilthat was x1120:08
ArcherN9oh ohk20:08
faeniland xserver was started separately iirc20:08
faenilwhile in wayland it's lipstick which starts wayland stuff20:09
ArcherN9I thought that was lipstick and new is glacier20:09
ArcherN9noobism :P20:09
faenillipstick is a library20:09
ArcherN9I'll go read more about it now that I know it's not something I ought to be ignoring.20:09
faeniland lipstick-colorful-home is the homescreen (the process which also starts compositor -> wayland, ec)20:09
faenilcolorful-home ofcourse uses lipstick lib to do everything it needs :)20:10
faenil*most* of the stuff20:10
faenilglacier is just the new UI which we're working on20:10
ArcherN9Hmm okay.20:10
faenilglacier UX will still run using lipstick20:11
ArcherN9So until we port everything qt5, we're not working on getting it to Nemo. right?20:11
ArcherN9it being glacier UI20:11
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faenilcrap, I missed his last msgs :)21:37
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faenil<ArcherN9> So until we port everything qt5, we're not working on getting it to Nemo. right?21:38
faenil<ArcherN9> it being glacier UI21:38
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svetlanahi! has there been anything recent released (after June)?23:34
dm8tbrlots of it23:35
*** arcean has quit IRC23:35
svetlanalooking at and failing to see23:36
dm8tbrah, images you mean23:36
svetlanasomething I can reasonably put onto a phone.. if you have some other format it's ok23:36
svetlanaor do I just update using package manager and it's ok then ?23:37
Morpog_Mobilex11 Nemo isn't developed anymore23:38
dm8tbryes wayland is the way to go (pun intended)23:38
Morpog_MobileWe switched to qt5 and wayland23:38
svetlanahow do I install that ?23:39
Morpog_MobileAnd thats far from stable, thus no official releases23:39
Morpog_MobileThere are WIP snapshots on bittorrent23:41
svetlanaah. I found, will try (it's ok if it's not stable)23:41
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