Sunday, 2013-12-08

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coderushello! i want to build image using mic and .ks file05:49
coderusbut there warning:05:49
coderusWarning: vdso is enabled on your host, which might cause problems with arm emulations. You can disable vdso with following command before starting image build: echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled05:49
coderusbut: -bash-3.2$ echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enable05:50
coderustee: /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enable: No such file or directory05:50
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coderushow to reset passwd?08:46
grywhich one?08:53
gryroot password on nemo?08:53
tbredit /etc/shadow while in MOSLO08:55
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coderussure, but what should i change?09:09
stephgmorning everyone09:13
tbryou replace the hash in the line of the user you want to change the password for with a different hash where you know the password for09:17
stephgor lose the hash altogether for a blank pw09:18
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tbrstephg: didn't suggest that as IIRC sshd_conf has no-password root login disabled09:36
stephgyeah must admit I've not looked at the config09:36
* stephg forgets that these aren't like, computers with a tty ;)09:37
tbrI just use key based auth and don't have to bother09:37
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sledgestbr: morning09:53
sledgescould you seed the 1206 image on formeego pls?09:53
tbrsledges: ok, magnet hash, can haz plox?09:54
sledgeswiki Nemo/Installing#Images09:55
sledgesta :)09:55
tbrmeh, some link shortener for magnet hashes? srsly? so that you can't directly copypaste? meh!09:57
sledgesthe 1205 can easily bite the bucket, as it's still half broken %)09:57
tbrok, will dump that09:58
sledgestbr: wiki needs magnet plugim for that09:58
tbrwhy would it? it should understand arbitrary URLs?09:58
tbranyway, torrent is running, but looks like no seeds09:59
sledgesat least one should seed :)10:00
tbrstill at zarro10:01
locusfI got someone dling it10:03
locusfbut slowly though10:03
locusfsledges: I'll see what I can do about the label on switch10:07
sledgeslocusf: thanksy!10:08
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tbrsledges: image is now done and available via http and torrent from formeego10:40
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stephgThe following packages are going to be REMOVED:10:46
stephg  ti-omap3-sgx ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl10:46
stephg^^ something not right there methinks :)10:47
faenileheheh nope10:48
faenildo you have adaptation* repos in ssu lr?10:48
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faenilstephg, ^10:49
stephgI've not changed anything; that's the 1205 image that I ref, up yesterday, I ref and look at dup today and it wants to do that :)10:49
stephgI have a nemo-ux, -mw and apps10:49
faenildo ssu ur10:50
faeniland check if adaptation* appears in that list10:50
stephghm no difference after the update, let me pastebin10:50
faenilstephg, aha, so you have adaptation repos! :P10:51
stephgoh jes10:51
stephg(sorry, slow this morning)10:52
faenilnow zypper ref10:52
faeniland then zypper dup10:52
faeniland tell me if it still tries to remove omap10:52
stephgthat's much more sensible10:52
stephgno just a couple of upgrades and a couple of reinstallations but nothing driver-ey10:52
faenilok good :)10:53
faenilcould it be that your first lr in the pastebin was already after ssu ur?10:53
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stephgno not by me afaicr10:54
faenildon't know then :) but it's fixed :D10:54
faenilwhen I investigated the problem I got to the point that it was missing adaptation repos10:55
faenilhence it didn't find omap stuff anymore, and tried to replace that with mesa10:55
stephgI mean a zyp ref should be enough packages-wise?10:55
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stephglet me try to reproduce10:55
stephgI'm pretty sure all I did last night was a ref, then up (not dup)10:55
faenilto upgrade? you need zypper ref and zypper dup10:55
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stephgfaenil so there does seem to be something fishy in the 1205 build11:06
stephg is from a completely clean install of the 1205 build11:08
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faenilstephg, yes that problem has been there for quite some time11:13
faenilsledges has also added a script which should run ssu ur at first boot11:13
stephgah cool11:13
faenilbut it seems it didn't help11:13
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stephgwell you can't ssu ur until you have internet11:14
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stephgso a boot script wouldn't work11:14
tbrdoes it have "ifup" scripts?11:16
faenilstephg, you sure you need internet for ssu ur to work?11:17
stephgno :)11:18
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* faenil goes check ssu sourcecode while eating pasta :)11:22
stephgssu ur via fingerterm with the wireless off fails11:22
stephgjust getting the error now ...11:22
stephggah where is & on fingerterm11:23
stephgscreen to the rescue...11:24
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stephg[D] NetworkService::setPath:447 - void NetworkService::setPath(const QString&) "Method "GetProperties" with signature "" on interface "net.connman.Service" doesn't exist11:25
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faenilis that for ssu ur?11:25
stephgthough it throws that it does create ssu_adaptation0_rnd.repo ssu_adaptation1_rnd.repo11:25
faenilthat's what ssu ur does11:27
faenilif dbus is not working11:27
faenilstephg, do you get something like "falling back to libssu" ?11:27
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stephgno that was the only output11:28
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locusfsledges: updated switch as per your comments, shouldn't look like an egg now :)11:29
locusf+ label from Nemo components added11:31
* stephg asks people to tell him to shut up if it looks like he doesn't know what he's talking about (which he doesn't)11:34
stephgso the adaptations it seems to me should be there at boot, but aren't11:34
stephgthey come from /usr/share/ssu/ssu-defaults.ini (from ssu-vendor-data-nemo-0.1.11-14.1.Nemo.noarch)11:34
stephgshouldn't ssu ur run as a postinst job on the image creation?11:35
stephg(rather, that's where it looks like they come from)11:35
faenilstephg, yes I think it is run already11:35
faenilstephg, don't worry we appreciate if somebody takes the time to get rid of this annoying bug :P11:36
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stephgwell it should just be a one-liner in the ks right?11:41
stephgbut I don't know where the .ks files are that are building these images :(11:41
faenilmy repo11:41
faenilthis is what is called...11:48
faenilI don't see internet there11:49
stephg faenil thanks for the ks11:50
stephgno it's not needed, you were right11:50
faenilah, ok11:51
stephgbeen a long time since I've built an image11:51
faenilbut you still get the NetworkService error?11:51
stephgI did when I ran it yeah11:52
faenilnow you don't?11:52
stephgdunno I've not tried again yet11:52
faenillet me kno11:53
stephgyep will do11:53
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stephgI have to run now, hope to have a look tonighty11:53
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faenilyeah I have to study :/11:54
faenilcya o/11:54
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coderuscant reset password in nemo =(11:59
coderusevein if left blank and edited sshd conf to allow root login and empty passwords11:59
faenilcoderus, did you do the passwd editing?12:00
faenil(I haven't followed the situation, but I read many people modified passwd to get beyond that)12:00
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coderusyou mean how i lost passwords?12:00
coderusenabled devmode in sailfish ui12:01
faenilcoderus, so you followed rzr steps?12:02
coderusno, what steps?12:03
faenilcoderus, for sailfish on n95012:07
faenilI don't know what is suppsoed to work and what is not12:07
coderusah, sure12:07
faenilbut at least if you have those guides try reading them carefully :)12:07
coderusi just need to reset password12:07
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faenilcoderus, and modifying passwd doesn't work?12:11
faenil/etc/shadow, I mean12:11
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faenilcoderus, you there?12:17
coderustrying to overwrite with files from tar ")12:17
coderushah, now i'm getting "Connection reused"12:18
coderusssh not started :D12:19
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coderuseh, need to remove everything and start from scratch =(12:22
coderusokay, faenil help me with creating image with ks then, okay? :)12:22
faenilcoderus, but if you don't reply questions XD12:22
coderusfaenil: what questions?12:25
faenil<faenil> coderus, and modifying passwd doesn't work?12:25
faenil<faenil> /etc/shadow, I mean12:25
coderusfaenil: i copied shadow from nemo tar12:27
coderuswith ssh/sshd configs12:27
coderusand now my ssh dead12:27
coderusi cant login12:27
faenilhave you tried12:27
faenilsystemctl-user start sshd12:28
faenilor something similar12:28
locusfwith ssh dead?12:28
coderusi have no terminal :D12:28
coderuseven fingerterm not installed12:28
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coderusand i dont know nemo/root passwds to execute12:28
valdur55you can chroot into nemo from harmattan12:30
faenilalso ^12:30
faenilcoderus, but yeah if you want to start from scratch it's ok12:30
valdur55no need for terminal app and  root password12:30
coderusvaldur55: i can mount partition to my laptop :D12:31
coderusbut i dont know what to do12:31
valdur55but you can ssh to harmattan12:32
coderusvaldur55: i cah change passwd from harmattan ssh with chroot? ;O12:32
coderustell me how then :D12:33
valdur55ssh to harmattan.12:33
coderusfaenil: and you tell me how to make image with ks12:33
valdur55mount nemo's part12:33
valdur55damn--- search piratepad's guide...12:33
coderusInfo: 511 packages to be installed, 511 packages gotten from cache, 0 packages to be downloaded12:34
coderusWarning: installing package sailfish-fonts-0.0.2-10.1.1.jolla.noarch needs 6MB on the / filesystem12:34
coderusWarning: installing package time-1.7-1.1.1.armv7hl needs 391MB on the / filesystem12:34
coderusError <repo>: Could not run transaction.12:34
coderusand exited12:34
valdur55you need mount -b proc , dev and one more part. and then choor12:34
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vgradecoderus: configure /etc/mic/mic.conf to set tmp dir to somewhere with more space12:36
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile12:37
faenilcoderus, sailfishfonts? which image are you building?12:37
coderusfaenil: sailfish :)12:38
faenilcoderus, I don't know the ks you're using12:38
faenilbtw it seems there's not enough space?12:38
valdur55vgrade's ?12:38
locusfhmm sledges wanted the switch ball to be flickable12:38
locusfanyone here knows anything about flickable things :) ?12:39
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile12:39
coderuslocusf: ball? flickable?12:40
locusfcoderus: for glacier stuff :)12:40
coderuslocusf: you mean Switch element?12:42
locusfcoderus: yes12:42
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coderuslocusf: what the problem? qml is easy :D12:43
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile12:46
coderusvgrade: changed, now getting operation not permitter error :D12:46
faenilcoderus, look...I can't help if you don't reply man :/12:47
coderusvgrade: who should own tmp folder to work?12:47
faenilcoderus, how are you building the image, which setup, etc12:49
coderuschanged tmp owner to root, now i'm getting:12:49
coderusError <creator>: Failed create build directory in /home/mersdk/nemo/tmp/mic: Protocol error12:49
coderussudo mic create fs sailfish-n950.ks -o . --pkgmgr=zypp --arch armv7hl  --pack-to=sailfish-n950.tar.bz212:49
faenilcoderus, I suggest trying to build nemo image first12:50
faenilto see if the problem is in the ks or in your setup12:50
coderusin my setup of course :)12:51
coderusmany peoples successfully used that ks12:51
faenilcoderus, yeah I meant some incompatibility with that ks on your setup12:52
faenilor it's totally your setup :D12:52
faenilso, if you manage to build nemo image we'll look for problems elsewhere12:53
faenilotherwise, you'll follow the tutorial I linked again :P12:53
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coderusfaenil: sad :(13:03
faenilcoderus, what13:03
*** zhxt has quit IRC13:03
coderusfaenil: i'm just using virtualbox mer VM13:03
faenilcoderus, ...okay, then I can't support that :)13:04
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coderusi see13:06
coderusthanks :D13:06
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sledgeslocusf: flickable switch ball means you can swipe(drag) left/right, you probably dont want to use QML Flickable, rather look into sliders implementation (hey, switch is just a small slider :))13:29
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sledgestbr: fab! :) wiki updated, you can take out the 1205 from existance :)13:37
*** arcean has quit IRC13:37
sledgeslocusf: will test your changes and probably accept for now (flickable ball can be for later PR)13:38
locusfsledges: okay13:40
sledgeswho thinks that abstracting switch and slider into parent component is a good idea? (introducing hierarchy, just look how groove was done)13:40
sledgesmight be more difficult because we are stemming from qqc..13:41
locusfI don't know yet13:46
sledgesbecause main visual difference between switch and slider is the ball, and the gradient (switch) and blue+black (slider) groove13:48
sledgesqwazix: ^13:54
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sledgeslet's make use of our bz :)15:20
*** wazd has joined #nemomobile15:23
wazdheya people15:32
locusfI assigned myself for the hardcoded label colour, currently it doesn't work at all15:39
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:43
sledgeslocusf: but it works with textinput(?)15:46
sledgeswazd: hya!15:46
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC15:47
locusfsledges: it does?15:53
locusfwell I fixed it newertheless15:54
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locusfsledges: ^15:57
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sledgeslocusf: textinput is white.. can you comment why so many things need changin? does it mean autogenerator creates wrong codes too?16:00
locusfsledges: I don't know, really16:02
locusfit was Sfiet_Konstantin's code16:02
locusfsledges: well text input is white of course, because textColor is set16:06
locusfin TextFieldStyle16:07
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locusfsledges: switch updated16:09
locusfsledges: the actual bug was because colors can't have defaults in current theming instrumentation, only through themes16:10
sledgeswhat prevents us from following textfieldstyle way?16:16
* sledges baffled a bit, sorry on mobile, can't examine codes16:16
locusfnp :)16:17
locusfsledges: nothing prevents us, now I fixed it to be like textfieldstyle16:18
locusfit wasn't like that previously16:18
sledgesdues autogenerator need fixing?.. :/16:19
locusfsledges: nope16:22
locusfits probably so that I need fixing my head around it :)16:22
locusfwhen merging, only attain that this is the only PR to merge now
locusfignore the other as switch PR needed that bugfix to be complete16:25
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sledgeslocusf: sorry i did not notice you added 8c716a0 commit also to the PR15 8|16:40
sledgesand it got merged..16:40
locusfsledges: thats ok16:40
locusfsledges: as I meant that to happen :)16:40
sledgesi wanted to say, please notate as NEMO#xxx for bugs16:40
sledgesit closed another PR too lol16:40
locusfoh okay16:40
* sledges got a heart attack16:40
sledgesnp then :))16:42
locusfI'll crack on #705 next16:43
sledgeslocusf: and for TextField?16:50
sledgesshould we store it under .label. for textfiels?16:51
* sledges shrugs16:51
locusfprobably not16:51
sledgesim also thinking so :)16:52
sledgestested? ;)16:55
locusfhmm not yet ;)16:56
sledgesok, please do, im holding my finger on the trigger :))16:56
locusfworks as specified16:57
sledgesroger that16:59
sledgesmany thanks locusf17:00
locusfnp :)17:00
locusf708 next17:01
locusfor is 707/706 more critical17:01
locusf706 is pretty large17:02
MerbotNemo bug 706 in .Other "[configs] cleanup configs" [Task,New]17:02
locusfcool Merbot still works as this17:03
sledges706 xavinux said will work on..17:07
locusfoh okay17:07
locusfI'll take 708 then17:07
sledges708 way to go!17:07
sledgesand the .desktop onw17:08
sledgesand we are presentable :) yay17:08
qwazix_sledges, re switch/slider and parent component I vote no, because it's clearly a presentation thing, in a different theme one might want to make switch completely different (see sailfish switch)17:13
qwazix_and it will be hard to keep the same api17:13
locusfthats tested too17:18
locusfas long as label looks good, this commit will fix the looks of the entire components gallery17:18
*** rcg has quit IRC17:20
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*** nodevel has quit IRC18:21
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* sledges looks18:38
sledgesqwazix: great point18:38
qwazixsledges, I imagine the breeze switch to be completely chromeless18:39
qwazixsome text that changes font-weight or opacity18:39
qwazixand that wouldn't work at all if we went the inheritance way18:40
*** Eztran_ has joined #nemomobile18:45
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:46
*** FR has joined #nemomobile18:48
sledgesqwazix: ok18:50
sledgesqwazix: now im looking into font normal/semibold issue in current qqc-nemo (now that locusf changed the font to opensans throughout gallery)18:51
sledgesit looks like only Important button should be demi-bold18:52
faenilsledges, it should be, at least I checked that18:52
sledgesall other elements (heading, listitems, label, switch's label etc.) look thin hurrian's mockup, and specs do not specify boldness at all18:53
sledgeshere it looks thin:
sledgesfaenil: what should be?18:53
*** qwazix_nc has joined #nemomobile18:53
sledgeshere it doesn't look that thin anymore:
sledgesbut here listview's thin:
sledgesfaenil: yes, buttons are fine, but not the rest ;)18:54
*** FReaper has quit IRC18:54
*** Eztran has quit IRC18:54
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*** qwazix_nc is now known as qwazix18:54
faenilah ok ;)18:55
sledgesby the looks of it, all components font needs to be thin, only important button is demibold (so i assume same for listview spec [needs adjusting?])18:55
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile18:56
sledgesok, header needs to be bold18:58
sledgessorry i just got confused by listview spec not using the same font/thickness as Cancel button in button spec :}18:58
*** vgrade has joined #nemomobile18:58
MerbotNemo bug 709 in Theme "[glacier] fix font thickness" [Normal,New]19:02
MerbotNemo bug 710 in Theme "[glacier] fix switch label alignment" [Normal,New]19:05
sledgeswe're getting there19:07
sledgesgallery looks *much* better with opensans \o/19:07
sledgeswell done locusf19:07
qwazixsledges, due to a Windows bug :P19:11
qwazixWindows can't cope with more than 2 thicknesses in each font and treats light fonts as different family19:11
qwazixso all mockups by Morpog don't have thin family19:11
Stskeepsbtw, you guys might want to play around with distance field19:11
Stskeepsand it's environment variables19:12
Stskeepssmall fonts don't look right without it19:12
sledgesStskeeps: kerning?19:12
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away19:12
sledgesqwazix: good, now you explained, the world is back to normal again :)19:14
locusfsledges: thanks :)19:14
qwazixsledges, ehm, not exactly, I have to re-export all png's in Linux19:15
*** vgrade has quit IRC19:15
sledgesqwazix:, true, I just got confused with all those fonts, thinking I forgot to take my pill :))19:17
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke19:21
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*** FR is now known as FlameReaper19:46
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faenilpeople, have a look
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile20:11
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