Friday, 2013-12-13

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faenilmorning \o/08:18
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coderusdeztructor: ping08:46
coderusdeztructor: i checked all sources related to bme, contextkit and statefs stuff and have some questions08:47
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deztructorcoderus: i am ready to answer :)09:07
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coderusdeztructor: i see upower statefs is only provider, so bme values should be set outside, from the some plugin to statefs, right?09:28
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deztructorcoderus: it should be a separate provider using bme ipc api, it can be implemented in the same way as inout loader does (see inout.* in the statefs repo)09:35
deztructorindependent on upower provider, just providing same set of properties09:36
coderusdeztructor: ah. i can just reuse [contextkit-battery-n950-n9] and transform to statefs then, thanks :)09:37
coderusdeztructor: now i'm trying to build test bmeipc project :D09:37
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deztructorcoderus: definitely09:39
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deztructorcoderus: there are examples of providers written in pure C (statefs/examples), taking into account bmeipc.* is C, you can write very compact C provider :)09:40
coderusdeztructor: yup, i got sources, looking to it :) thanks09:41
coderusdeztructor: first need to get velues from battery and see if bmeipc works for me :D09:41
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deztructorcoderus: thank you for taking this useful task :) Also maybe statefs-providers @ github/nemomobile can be a good place to land provider there finally09:46
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sledgeslaughing everytime:
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sledgesgreat find, zbenjamin :D10:56
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sledgesw00t: have you noted channel's mascot friday song has reshaped a bit ^10:56
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zbenjaminsledges: ;)11:01
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coderusdeztructor: by some reason bme service was not started and i spent 2 hours to understand why bmeipc not working :D12:06
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deztructorcoderus: you got errors, I hope :)13:03
rantomI'm a bit confused. What's the current URL for Nemo images?13:04
rantomIt used to be but Wiki links to
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rantomAh, actually, nevermind. Found the information from mentioning that the images are discontinued13:09
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sledgesok rantom :)13:15
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coderusdeztructor: how to compile cmake project with mb2?13:22
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deztructorcoderus: just as with make, i guess. # mb2 -t $T cmake . && mb2 -t $T make13:27
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coderusdeztructor: i'm asking because mb2 -t $TARGET cmake fallig to help message13:40
deztructorcoderus: cmake is not installed by default, it should be added to dependencies (installed additionally)13:41
coderusoh :D13:42
coderusdeztructor: for testing provider following files enough?13:46
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faenilcoderus, yeah unfortunately when you run stuff in sb213:59
faenilif you see no output at all13:59
faenilit probably means "command not found"13:59
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deztructorcoderus: yes, enough (...scripts/qt5... - I guess you are doing qt5-based provider in this case, isn't it?). btw, oneshot and on-bme are results of generation by rpm macros, check statefs-providers rpm14:03
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coderusdeztructor: bme requires qt QSockNotifier14:11
deztructorcoderus: bme does not require it :) contextkit plugin is using it but you can just use poll/select14:12
deztructorI mean bmeipc, not bme14:12
deztructorbmeipc is just a unix socket and handle can be just polled14:12
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coderusdeztructor: never used it in this side, can you give me example code?14:25
sledgesMorpog_PC: claim your screenshot icon back - zypper ref; zypper in lipstick-qt5-tools-ui14:36
sledges(i.e. time to ln -s in nemo-theme-glacier ;))14:38
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deztructorcoderus: i should be away for a while and will return soon15:04
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coderusdeztructor: found poll/select info, reading15:23
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coderusdeztructor: but still making qt provider for quick tests15:23
coderusdeztructor: nad cant findwhere #include <statefs/qt/ns.hpp> located15:23
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deztructorcoderus: it is located in statefs-providers repo includes15:45
coderusdeztructor: i found it in statefs-providers-qt5-devel but i cant find statefs-providers-qt5 in repo =]15:52
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deztructorcoderus: yep, there is inconsistency, statefs-provider-qt516:01
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deztructorit was just overlooked, now it is not so critical to change name to the correct one but maybe later it should be done16:08
coderusdeztructor: installed cmake but still cant do cmake with sb216:12
coderusdeztructor: logged with sb2 to build target, working here :D16:17
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deztructorcoderus: I am using sb2 by myself and do not remember when I used mb2 :)16:20
sledgescoderus: would mb build -t $T rpm/....spec work ?16:23
deztructorcoderus: sledges has a point, mb2 should pull deps if you are building rpm, iiuic16:25
sledgesyup, and should be more *make friendly16:26
locusfwow, used up all my 32GB of RAM now, happened for the first time though16:26
deztructorbut for the fast build/debug cycle imo sb2 is more handy16:26
sledgeslocusf on a rampage :)16:26
locusfI was wondering why the freezing :p16:27
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Morpog_PCsledges, PR sent ;)16:38
sledgesMorpog_PC: \o/16:38
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Morpog_PClets see what gets broken with a dup after 2 weeks :)16:41
Morpog_PCmaliit gets downgraded, strange16:41
sledgesscrenshot in patterns now ;)16:42
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Morpog_PCcomplete icons, yay16:45
Morpog_PCand back to opacity bug :)16:45
sledgeswell, you know what to do ;)16:45
sledges\i/ -cons :))16:45
*** simbrown has joined #nemomobile16:45
* Morpog_PC *pokes sledges to fix it*16:45
sledgeswell, you can live with workaround ;)16:46
Morpog_PCor just wait a few more days for my Jolla and then put nemo on N9 ;)16:46
sledgesuntil i stomp on other priorities16:46
sledgesbecause priority now is to fix nasty n9 ssu ur bug ;P16:47
Morpog_PCthats still in?16:47
sledgesit pops out time to time :(16:47
sledgeson newly flashed Alt_OSs16:47
sledgessometimes something goes terribly wrong on the first-after-untar boot16:49
sledgesand no way to tell as we don't keep persisten logging16:49
sledgesduring first boot ssu ur happens, and likely fails16:49
sledgesbut not 100% :{16:49
sledgesbecause we usually -have- blackscreen on first boot anyway ;)16:49
*** zhxt has quit IRC16:49
Morpog_PCan external debug console would be handy16:50
coderusdeztructor: how to use
Morpog_PCsledges that work coderus does atm should be great for nemo too, aint it?16:51
sledgesMorpog_PC: juiceme tried to wire in serial console16:51
Morpog_PCtried and failed?16:51
sledgeswhatever you improve on sailfish, nemo will immediately benefit ;)16:51
sledgesMorpog_PC: not failed, he knows which pins to solder, he just wanted a spare n9 not wanting to drill holes on his main one :))16:52
rantomOh btw, is ssu ur still relevant when updating Wayland image?16:52
sledgess/improve on sailfish/improve on sailfish in mw and hardware adapt./16:52
sledgesrantom: ssu ur is critical in wayland16:53
rantomWiki is missing that16:53
sledgesthat's why it has been added as oneshot job, but we're having troubles16:53
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*** nciked_ has joined #nemomobile16:53
sledgesrantom: because we though oneshot will fix (and it did fix - now it fails only sometimes, not always ;))16:53
sledgesbut since the bug is present ,i will adjust wiki, thanks rantom16:53
*** marquiz has joined #nemomobile16:54
deztructorcoderus: just run in the spec directory, it processes .spec.tpl -> .spec16:54
rantomsledges: You're welcome :) I'll flash something else for AltOS then for now16:54
coderusdeztructor: done16:54
deztructorcoderus: provider is added into generate.spec data structures16:55
sledgesrantom: afraid? ;)16:55
rantomsledges: no, confused :)16:55
sledgestell me everything :)16:55
* sledges updated wiki16:55
*** nciked_ has quit IRC16:55
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*** nciked has joined #nemomobile16:55
deztructorcoderus: dictionaries extra, provides, conflicts etc.16:56
*** krnlyng has quit IRC16:56
rantomWell first I followed X11/Qt4 instructions and it didn't boot to the desktop, got stuck to the Nemo-splash (old bookmarks ftw). Then I ran zypper ref and dup and noticed that ssu ur wasn't run16:56
rantomThird times the charm, heh..16:56
*** krnlyng has joined #nemomobile16:56
Morpog_PCYou could have flashed a more recent image :)16:57
rantomI think I did?16:57
Morpog_PCsounds like a x11 one16:57
rantom20131206 is the newest one?16:57
Morpog_PCok, that looks new16:57
Morpog_PCno wait16:57
rantomMorpog_PC: I followed, by accident, update instructions for X11 in Wayland16:58
Morpog_PCthats 6th of june16:58
Morpog_PCthats a x11 image16:58
rantomNope, that's December16:58
Morpog_PCerr 12th of june, lol16:58
rantom check the dates16:58
Morpog_PCah ok, I'm kinda confused, :D16:58
deztructorcoderus: i hope they are quite transparent. so, power-bme should be put there in a way similar to upower, obsoletes, provides should correspond to contextkit-nemo/power-bme: statefs providers replaces corresponding contextkit plugins16:58
rantomYeah, you're not the only one16:58
Morpog_PCthats recent16:58
sledges;) YYYYMMDD16:58
sledgesrantom: if you once ran zypper ref without ssu ur17:00
sledgessystem needs a cure:17:00
rantomsledges: removed AltOS, tar:ing it now again17:01
sledgeszypper rm mesa17:01
rantomBut thanks17:01
sledgesif stucks on splash screen, reboot again17:01
sledgesthat's first and most successful remedy17:01
rantomIs ssu defaulted to rnd now?17:01
coderusdeztructor: yes, generated correctly in 99%17:04
rantomAnd before reboot zypper in -t pattern nemo-n950-wayland ?17:04
sledges17:01 < sledges> if stucks on splash screen, reboot again17:04
coderusdeztructor: %define p_bme -n statefs-provider-bme was not added17:05
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:05
rantomsledges: so: 1. su 2. ssu ur 3. zypper ref 4. zypper dup ?17:06
rantomJust making sure since ssu ur printed nothing17:06
rantomgreat, thanks17:06
sledgesssu does not print out anything17:06
rantomAnd zypper in -t pattern nemo-n950-wayland is not needed?17:07
sledgesit will pull only newly introduces packages (such as apps)17:08
sledgesit can be run any time later17:08
rantomAh, as I thought17:08
rantomThanks again17:08
sledgeshave fun17:08
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deztructorcoderus: I left ability to give names to packages not corresponding to generated ones, so p_bme macros should be added to .tpl17:21
deztructorcoderus: generation covers most error-prone parts to avoid copy/paste there17:22
*** simbrown has quit IRC17:32
coderusdeztructor: compiled17:35
coderusWrote: /home/mersdk/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/statefs-provider-bme-x.x.x-1.armv7hl.rpm17:35
coderuswhat wrong with versions? :D17:35
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*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile17:55
coderusdeztructor: getting strange troubles:17:59
coderusroot@sailfish:/home/nemo$ rpm -i statefs-provider-bme-1.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm17:59
coderusTrying to dump qt5 provider "/usr/lib/statefs/"17:59
coderusQt5 loader: loading /usr/lib/statefs/libprovider-bme.so17:59
coderusstatefs: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/statefs/ undefined symbol: bme_xchg_open17:59
coderusadd-oneshot: /usr/lib/oneshot.d/statefs-03-register-bme - could not be run, save for later17:59
coderusadd-oneshot: /etc/oneshot.d/0/statefs-03-register-bme - job saved OK17:59
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coderusdeztructor: recompiled, installed fine18:33
*** DarkSim has quit IRC18:33
coderusdeztructor: but not working =(18:37
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile18:44
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deztructorcoderus: if you push it to your home project @ github I can review and we can together detect where can be issue19:09
deztructordo not forget to give me ro access :)19:09
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coderusdeztructor: i found problem19:17
coderusQSocketNotifier working in event loop only19:17
coderusneed to remove qt and use poll :D19:17
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile19:21
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*** arcean has joined #nemomobile19:26
coderusdeztructor: i still need example of polling bmeipc desc19:29
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile19:33
coderusdeztructor: what condition loop i should use for pool?19:40
coderusdeztructor: i beware of malfunctions :)19:41
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coderusdeztructor: do {} while () in provider not acceptable. any other poll methods without QSocketNotifier? :D19:53
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has joined #nemomobile19:58
coderusdeztructor: i'm out of ideas :D20:05
coderusdeztructor: lopping blocking systemfs20:05
coderusdeztructor: maybe make dbus server providing bme data and watch it?20:06
coderusdeztructor: because i have no idea how to make qt-less provider using socket poll only in library :D20:06
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deztructorcoderus: in qt5 provider you have an event loop, it is run by qt5 loader20:56
deztructorqt5 loader cares about it20:56
deztructorcoderus: if you want to use e.g. poll() just run thread (pthread library) and poll in it20:57
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deztructorcoderus: C way threaded examples - in statefs/examples/example_power.c; C++ way - in example_statefspp.cpp. Also boost::asio library provides an async handle processing, you can see example in statefs-providers/src/udev (not yet finished provider but async io is working there)21:01
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC21:01
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deztructorcoderus: in your case it is simplier to get your qt code running, if it is written already. I can help you to find the root cause if you share your code21:02
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:08
coderusdeztructor: okay, ill forking and uploading code soon, wait please :)21:12
coderusdeztructor: also i have no examples in statefs21:14
*** drachensun has quit IRC21:17
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piggzis there anything i can add to a .pro file to detect nemo/sailfish?21:38
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke21:46
coderusdeztructor: found examples :D if QSocketNotifier fail to work i'll look into cpp thread examples :)21:50
*** onurati has quit IRC21:50
coderusbye, will talk tomorrow ;)21:53
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*** rcolistete has joined #nemomobile22:19
rcolisteteHi, how can I "promote" some Python modules/packages to nemo-mw ? For example, ipython, sympy, etc, from my Mer COBS :22:22
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faenilI'm sooo tired22:38
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rcolisteteThe guide here ( is for adding new packages to Mer_Core.23:13
rcolisteteBut to NemoMobile nemo-mw repository ?23:13
*** mjones_ has quit IRC23:15
faenilrcolistete, basically you ask w00t to create a repo for you in nemomobile github23:19
faeniland then setup a webhook which builds it in mer OBS23:19
*** phdeswer has quit IRC23:24
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away23:26
rcolisteteThanks, faenil.23:29
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke23:38
* sledges back from x,as do %)23:44
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