Saturday, 2013-12-14

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faenilsledges, back from what? :)00:09
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sledgesworkplace christmas dinner :)00:31
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* sledges tired too, zleep iz better now00:35
faenilsledges, ah, cooL!00:40
* faenil is approaching 17th work hour for the day :D00:40
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faenillet's say it's time to go to bed01:01
faenilnight nemomobilers01:01
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deztructorgmorning all09:00
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deztructorcoderus: it should work, I commented there a bit but nothing preventing it from beeing functional09:00
deztructorcoderus: check is provider registered and upower provider is not installed (registration information is in the /var/run/statefs subdirs, it is clear there)09:01
coderusdeztructor: QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread - error09:02
coderusdeztructor: my bme provider sending default data okay, just QSocketNotifier not working09:02
coderusdeztructor: i'm looking for threading now, remaking code09:03
deztructorcoderus: Bridge::init is called from qt5 thread if provider is registered as qt509:03
coderusdeztructor: its executed and showing error message i showed before09:04
deztructorcoderus: so, if QSocketNotifier complains, it was not loaded by qt5 loader. you can dump /var/run/statefs/system/bme.conf to see is it registered correctly09:05
coderusbattery values updated with default values -> updated with current values -> not updated after changing09:05
deztructoryes, because it was not loaded by qt5 loader09:06
coderusdeztructor: i'll reboot to nemo now and continue  trying =)09:06
deztructorcoderus: i think only wrong registration prevents provider from executing correctly09:07
deztructoryour rpm changes show it should be registered as qt5 provider, so I wonder why it complains09:09
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coderusdeztructor: i have no /var/run/statefs09:25
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coderusdeztructor: /var/lib/statefs/system/provider-bme.conf
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faenilo/ morning09:38
coderusfaenil: morning09:38
sledgesgmorning faenil coderus deztructor09:40
deztructorcoderus: yes, ur correct, typo. .conf is correct09:40
deztructorsledges, faenil: gmo :)09:41
coderusdeztructor: no eventloop suitable for QSocketNotifier :)09:41
deztructorcoderus: it is becomes interesting. maybe I should take out my nemomobile n9 today (or to put sailfish there to see how it looks on n9 now ;)) to see what happens09:42
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deztructorcoderus: statefs-loader-qt5 runs qcoreapplication event loop, and all qt5 providers are using it. so, this is why I wonder you get this error09:44
coderusdeztructor: anyway. can you help me with std::thread?09:49
coderusdeztructor: in examples i see it used inside basic property09:49
coderusdeztructor: i need to use it in properties source09:49
wazdheya people :)09:51
sledgesahoj wazd !09:51
wazdcoderus: hello comrade :D I was thinking if you need some artwork for "Prosecute" :)09:52
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coderuswazd: i'll need in future09:56
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deztructorcoderus: you can e.g. run thread in the Namespace and exec setters09:56
deztructorbrrr, call setters09:56
* deztructor is going to coffee machine09:56
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wazdcoderus: well, I can help with that09:57
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coderuswazd: thanks :)09:58
wazdoh, and it's not connecting on N950 40.2012.21-3 :(10:04
wazdjust in case :D10:04
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coderuswazd: persecute?10:10
coderusdeztructor: if i start thread in Namespace, i have only init() method i can call in propertiessource10:11
* sledges just found Lars Knoll's tweet10:12
wazdcoderus: yep10:13
coderuswazd: i'm not a wizart, send log to my email and i help you10:14
wazdcoderus: sure10:16
coderusdeztructor: do i ever need to create this "PropertiesSource" class?10:17
coderusdeztructor: everything can be done in Namspace10:17
coderusdeztructor: or it should just exists in provider?10:17
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deztructorcoderus: PropertiesSource is just a wrapper used by Qt providers10:37
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coderusdeztructor: ok, i can just remove it from provider?10:40
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deztructorcoderus: if you are building plain cpp provider, you can link in the way similar to example_statefspp.*: you do not need anything except statefs-cpp pkg-config10:51
coderusdeztructor: yes, trying this now.10:55
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coderusdeztructor: do i need to create BasicPropertyOwner for each property? Cant set multiple?10:55
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deztructorcoderus: BasicPropertyOwner is wrapping statefs_property node, each property has separate statefs_property struct. You can use statefs::Discrete traits to create properties together with their setters. Example:
deztructorcoderus: and for each changed property then just call his setter function (in your poll loop)11:10
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Stskeepsfk_lx: please refrain from altering your e-mail address in order to send mail to my personal e-mail account, it's abusive behaviour, if i don't reply e-mails, i simply don't and that's my right11:26
fk_lxStskeeps: I'm not altering anything11:26
fk_lxStskeeps: sent you from my normal mail11:28
fk_lxStskeeps: and now I feel abused11:28
deztructorStskeeps: maybe smth. wrong happens with the mailing list server? because I got some e-mail from list (can't find it now) "sent" from my other e-mail address11:29
coderusdeztructor: its Qt wrapper11:31
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Stskeepsfk_lx: i've made it explicitly clear that i do not want to have any contact with you on a personal level, please refrain from contacting me on anything but work or project related issues. further pushing will result in me having to block you in that area as well.11:31
coderusdeztructor: ah, just reuse code, okay11:31
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fk_lxStskeeps: well you haven't made that clear, you just cut off suddenly last Saturday and earlier was contacting normally11:32
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* fk_lx feels that there is some kind of coalition against him11:40
fk_lxand feels abused11:40
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coderusdeztructor: udev source contains propery creation i need :)12:14
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coderusdeztructor: ping13:19
coderusdeztructor: how to make my provider put to default folder? it still packaged to qt5 folder13:19
sledgescoderus: see .spec file for file packaging13:23
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coderussledges: i cant find where files packaging defined13:27
sledgesat the bottom13:27
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coderus%files %{p_bme} -f bme.files13:30
coderuswhere bme.files? :D13:30
sledgesin .pro ?13:31
sledges(a guess, but structure looks similar)13:31
coderussledges: pro? do you ever know what i'm talking about? :D13:31
sledgesunless it's not Qt project ;)13:31
sledgesthen .pro equivalent13:31
sledgesif it's bme.spec13:31
sledgesmight denote a section13:32
sledgeslink pls? :)13:32
coderusi'm making bme Battery provider for Harmattan13:33
deztructorcoderus: if your provider is not qt5, you should define it as _default_13:35
deztructorcoderus: also in macro %statefs_provider_install13:35
deztructorin the same way as udev provider13:35
coderusdeztructor: ah, fount that in py13:36
deztructorcoderus: yep, udev provider is quite suitable example13:37
coderusdeztructor: error :D13:44
coderusProvider /usr/lib/statefs/ is not loaded13:44
coderusNot provider, trying loader13:44
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coderusdeztructor: too many changes, missed something13:48
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deztructorcoderus: try "ldd /usr/lib/statefs/", check it is linked properly14:07
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virtapoika_Has somebody checked if it is possible to install custom edition of nemo to raspberrypi?14:31
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coderusdeztructor: i have success :)15:50
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sledgescoderus \o/ faenil15:57
faenilcoderus, awesome :)15:57
coderusbattery indicator working. i'll do some refacroring and pull for review.15:58
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faenilcoderus, great16:05
Morpog_awesome coderus16:07
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coderusdeztructor: ping16:21
faenilcoderus, if you want it integrated in nemo please make a pull request to the official repo ;)16:29
coderusfaenil: i know16:32
faenilcoderus, ok16:32
coderusfaenil: its why i forked nemomobile/statefs-providers16:33
coderusfaenil: and its why i'm waiting for deztructor review16:33
coderusfaenil: ;)16:33
faenilcoderus, but you linked your repo, not the PR, that's why I wondered ;)16:33
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faenilthe review is done on the pr not on your repo :)16:33
coderusfaenil: deztructor said to do it ;)16:34
faenilcoderus, ah well, ok then ;)16:34
coderusfaenil: if okay i'll do pull request :)16:34
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deztructorcoderus: if it works you can make a pull request to nemomobile, after review, if there will be smth. to fix, you can just update your request. is it ok if I review it till tomorrow? I will be away for several hours18:36
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coderusdeztructor: sure. it works. i'll make request then :)19:04
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coderusdeztructor: compiled provider just 500 kb :) and i think it very fat :D19:14
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coderusdeztructor: request sent :)19:15
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coderusin case you want to get my binary:
coderusinstall it and remove statefs-provider-upower, may require reboot to work. and check if your bme-rm-680-bin.service actually running.19:20
coderusbtw, can i ask about orientation bug in sailfish over nemo on harmattan?19:21
coderuswhy fingerterm follow current screen orientation but lipstick notifications and lipstick gestures wont?19:23
coderusand where actually orientation storing?19:23
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coderus0by *lipstick* i'm talking about jolla lipstick implementation19:29
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winfrieddHi Coderus, are you the same one as the one who is working on WhatsApp client according to ?19:30
faenilwinfriedd, yes19:31
winfrieddHow is that coming along? Any help needed?19:31
faenilcoderus, ^19:32
faenil(I don't know, wait for his answer)19:32
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coderuswinfriedd: no, i dont need any help. i have strong codebase and engine :)19:38
coderuswinfriedd: and test will be public ofcourse.19:38
winfrieddOk, good luck.19:38
winfrieddDid you use Yappari or Wazapp sources or created your own ?19:39
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile19:39
coderususing Yappari engine ported to qt5 :)19:40
coderuswinfriedd: if you didnt noticed there is my Persecute app for Harmattan.19:40
winfrieddYes, I was just looking at those sources the other day. Looked well done.19:40
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winfrieddHarmattan is N9 right ?  I'm still on N90019:42
winfrieddUntil Jolla arrives19:42
coderusharmattan is N9 and N950 :)19:43
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rdappsHello everyone I have a question if anyone is willing to answer22:00
*** virtapoika_ has quit IRC22:00
Venemohey guys I'm in a bit of a trouble22:01
Venemordapps: what's the question?22:01
rdappsI wonder how may I install android apk to emulator :/22:02
rdappsI mean sailfish emulator22:02
rdappsI am not even sure this is the correct place to ask this question but..22:02
Venemordapps: this channel is for Nemo mobile22:03
Venemordapps: you are looking for #sailfishos or #jollamobile22:03
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