Sunday, 2013-12-15

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faenilMFaro-Tusino, good night o/00:17
faeniland good morning to you :P00:17
MFaro-TusinoBye faenil - sweet dreams :p \o00:18
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coderusinstall android apps in emulator...haha!05:53
coderusbtw, where to get ifconfig/iwconfig utilities from?05:54
coderusand good morning for laters :)05:55
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vakkovaclocal: command not found :(07:46
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vakkovsb2 -t mer-target-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper search wget08:14
vakkovno packages found08:15
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Stskeepsmorn wazd08:15
vakkovIs there SDL for mer08:18
vakkovchecking for SDL... no08:19
vakkovchecking for sdl-config... no08:19
vakkovchecking for SDL - version >= 1.2.10... no08:19
Stskeepsprobably not preinstalled no08:19
vakkovzypper search sdl ... nothing :(08:20
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vakkovif somebody finds this log looking for sdl - sb2 -t mer-target-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper addrepo
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vakkovis it possible to port preenv from maemo to an old nemo (that's using x11). i mean is there going to be some conflict (armv7l vs armv7hl..)09:19
Hurrianvakkov: yep, it links against some system libraries.09:22
Hurrianyou are better off trying to run webos in chroot, IIRC javispedro demoed that and has sources online for that09:22
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Hurrianmorn, faenil!09:28
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stephgthey have too many fingers :)09:36
DocScrutinizer05really? how many would you expect?09:39
stephgcartoon characters tend to have 3 fingers and a thumb09:40
DocScrutinizer05I'd like to see/hear this guy play piano ;-D09:42
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Stskeepsevolved for better VKB usage09:48
stephgVKB? _required_ for emacs!09:49
wazdheya creepy people :D09:51
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coderusfaenil: ping11:36
faenilcoderus, yes?11:36
coderuswhere lipstick / compositor rotation fix placed?11:36
faenilcoderus, which one?11:37
dmolHello! I try to compile qmlcalc for n950, but got an error
faenildmol, look in Mer/nemo wiki, there is the solution11:38
dmolI  have tried to sb2 -t mer-target-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in meego-rpm-config, but that hepls not11:38
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coderusfaenil: everyone11:39
dmolfaenil: Do you mean "sb2 -t mer-target-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in meego-rpm-config? . It not hels.11:39
faenilcoderus, sorry, can you repeat the question then, I don't understand what you're looking for about the rotation in compositor11:39
faenildmol, then I don't know, I don't how that couldn't help :)11:40
coderusfaenil: your fix for orientation rotation lipstick11:41
faenilcoderus, the fix to *what* problem11:41
coderus90 degrees rotation :)11:41
faenilcoderus, mmm my fix...11:42
* faenil thinks11:42
faenilcoderus, talking about nemo or sailfish, and n9 or jolla?11:42
coderusnemo n9 :)11:47
faenilcoderus, did we have a 90 degrees rotation problem? :)11:47
coderusfaenil: i'm thinking how to set wayland-0 rotation11:47
coderusfaenil: in nemo no, in sailfish yes :)11:47
faenilcoderus, that's why I asked, I don't know abotu sailfish n9...11:47
coderusfaenil: i see, i'm asking you because you can think about it and suggest anything11:49
coderusfaenil: what is PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS for?11:49
faenilcoderus, ah ok... you said "your fix" :D11:49
faenilcoderus, so please describe the problem in details because I don't know what the problem is11:50
faenilcoderus, honestly I don't know about that11:50
faenilit's probably something related to plymouth11:50
faenilbut not sure11:50
coderuscan you search through sources for this env value> who using it11:50
faenilcoderus, sorry but I'm studying :/ I can do that this evening if you want my help investigating11:51
coderusokay :)11:52
faenilcoderus, if you can describe in details what is your problem and what you want to fix I can see if I know the solution11:52
coderusfaenil: and what is QT_COMPOSITOR_NEGATE_INVERTED_Y=1 for?11:54
faenilcoderus, what about replying my question :P11:54
coderusfaenil: generally: wayland-0 display orientation locked in 0 degrees. I want to rotate it 90 degrees :)11:54
faenilcoderus, that env var is for inverting the Y axis, otherwise you'll see apps mirrored (text going right to left)11:54
faenilcoderus, but there is a chance that qtwayland handled that differently recently, so maybe it's not needed anymore now (I don't know)11:55
faenilcoderus, ok wait11:55
faenilcoderus, this could be what you need
faenilcoderus, which is also described here
coderusfaenil: no, its not related to my case12:05
coderusfaenil: homescreen itself have good orientation12:05
coderusfaenil: but system notifications are not12:05
coderusfaenil: also gestures rotated in 90 degrees back12:06
faenilah ok12:07
valdur55i played with /etc/sensorfw/*.conf and nothing worked...12:07
faenilcoderus, no I cannot help with that, you will have to investigate :)12:07
coderusvaldur55: sensors are ok12:09
coderusfaenil: okay, do you know who drawing system notifications and handling gestures (compositor?) in sailfish?12:10
valdur55sure? i used wrong conf and still it was same...12:10
faenilcoderus, I guess lipstick (which has compsitor)12:10
faenilcoderus, I think there is the same issue in nemo, so if you fix it in nemo, you'll get it for free in sailfish on n9 ;)12:11
faenilactually no, probably not, because they're using different compositors12:11
coderusfaenil: yup. i see no same issue in nemo. nemo lipstick notifications at root window rotated correctly :)12:13
faenilcoderus, ah so if in nemo you have phone in portrait then you get notification in portrait as well?12:13
qwazixfaenil, coderus IIRC we had this issue and somebody fixed it12:14
qwazixnow I understand that wasn't very helpful :P12:14
faenilqwazix, ok, I know that orientation was enabled in homescreen, but not that notifications followed it12:15
qwazixfaenil, do you know how to invoke a notification?12:16
qwazixso that I can test12:16
qwazix(besides rebooting)12:16
faenilqwazix, don't remember atm, there's a notification-tool script iirc12:16
faenilqwazix, or pm me your number and I call you, lol12:16
qwazixno sim in the N950 right now...12:17
faenilmm ok12:17
valdur55maybe here is something interesting:
faenilqwazix, yeah call notificationtool it should print usage12:18
faenilvaldur55, that's just converting orientation enum to a string12:19
faenilalso remember that's code of qt-components, not silica ;)12:19
coderusqwazix: attach charger? there should be charging notification. or usb, then developer mode notification.12:19
valdur55qwazix: connect your changer :)12:19
coderusas far i remember notification rotating in nemo correctly12:19
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valdur55coderus: are you sure?12:20
coderusi cant keep both nemo and sailfish on my 16gb N9 :D12:20
faenilcoderus, why not :)12:20
coderusbut i remember how it rotated :)12:20
coderusfaenil:  i need to have some space for removable storage :D12:21
valdur55maybe you can use /home for nemo :)12:21
coderusvaldur55: bggg12:21
faenilqwazix, so? :D12:21
qwazixit doesn't seem to help... notifications don't appear12:21
coderusnot in this year12:21
faenilqwazix, lol12:21
faenilqwazix, ok go with notificationtool then12:22
coderusqwazix: connect to pc12:22
coderusqwazix: it should show "using developer mode" or so12:22
qwazixnotificationstool prolly is to manage persistent notifications, not toasts like "recharge battery"12:22
qwazixwhich we don't have a UI for in nemo12:22
faenilqwazix, don't think so12:22
coderusqwazix: why not? just use this toast conf name :)12:22
coderusx-battery.recharge or so12:23
qwazixlet me try12:23
coderusqwazix: look into notificationcategiries to get proper name12:23
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qwazixcoderus, found proper name, but I can't see where I should put that12:26
coderusnotificationtool --help :)12:27
coderusi have no notificationtool in sf, sorry12:27
qwazixok, I just plugged in the cable to ssh in, and a notification appeared :P12:27
qwazixwhich rotates fine12:27
coderusthats it!12:28
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Morpogcoderus, notifications in nemomobile lipstick (lipstick-colorful-home) got fixed with this commit:15:17
Morpog<faenil> coderus, if you ca15:17
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Morpogcoderus: maybe it gives you a hint, but I guess if it's in sailfish lipstick home (or how it is called), then you can't fix it15:18
coderusMorpog: what commit? :D15:39
coderusMorpog: no links in chat :D15:39
Morpogthere we go:
Morpogand PR discussion:
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coderusfaenil: ping19:39
faenilcoderus, yes19:39
coderusfaenil: do you know who controlling system gestures is sf? lipstick itself? gestures like closing application19:39
faenilI guess compositor, don't see any other alternative19:40
coderusfaenil: no standalone compositor in sf :|19:40
faenilcoderus, I know, it's part of the homescreen19:40
faenilof lipstick...19:40
coderusaha! thanks :)19:40
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coderusfaenil: do you have access to jolla sailfish sources?19:49
faenilcoderus, yes but I cannot check stuff there, sorry19:50
coderusfaenil: why?19:50
faenilcoderus, because it's closedsource? :P19:50
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coderusfaenil: dont give me sources, just look at it, okay?19:51
faenilcoderus, no19:51
coderusfaenil: :o?19:51
coderusfaenil: i dont understand19:52
coderusfaenil: just tell if orientation hardcoded or not19:52
coderusfaenil: or it gets value somewhere19:52
coderusfaenil: dont tell details19:52
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MSameercoderus: what do you want to do?20:24
MSameercoderus: better get hold of w00t and he can answer you20:25
coderusMSameer: i just need to know is lipstick window compositor getting orientation values somewhere. How it gets devide top egde. To close application you need to swipe down, so on N9 top is wrong. I want to know is there any code part what can set/rotate compositor to have modified gestures direction.20:28
coderusMSameer: clean enough?20:28
MSameercoderus: I really don't know but w00t might know more20:30
MSameercoderus: so we are asking you to check with the guy who knows more than us20:30
MSameerwe are nothiding the info. I just don't know how it handles it :)20:30
MSameernot hiding20:30
MSameeri think lipstick starts in some default qt/wayland orientation20:30
MSameerbut i am not sure20:31
coderusMSameer: i think so, it default harmattan framebuffer orientation20:32
coderusMSameer: just need to know is there are some existing way (any) to override it20:32
MSameercoderus: try this gconf  key /desktop/jolla/components/screen_rotation_angle20:33
coderusMSameer: i know this value, it using only for AppWindow qml side20:34
coderusMSameer: already hacking around it :D20:34
coderusMSameer: but compositor is lower than qml20:34
MSameerthen i really don't know20:39
MSameerw00t might know more20:39
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coderusw00t: ping20:44
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winfrieddHi all, I'm looking into development of a network monitor for sailfish.21:07
winfrieddATM i'm looking at libpcap21:08
stephg(I mean eep)21:08
winfrieddDoes nemo already have something else that could be useful for network monitoring ?21:08
stephgcaveat: I'm drunk, but I think libpcap will need privileges, interface stats afaik don't21:11
winfrieddYes, probably app need to run as root, that will likely be a problem.21:11
stephgja that will be a problem :)21:12
stephgwhy do you need the privileges?21:13
winfrieddAny other way to find out which application is using how much bandwidth ?21:13
winfrieddWithout root prigs.21:13
stephgoff the top of my head not that I know, but that doesn't mean that there aren't21:14
stephganything that needs elevated privileges is a bad idea tho21:14
winfrieddOk, thanks, I'll investigate a bit more.21:15
stephgwinfriedd iptables *may* help21:22
stephgbut you'll probably still need privileges21:23
winfrieddOk, I'll look into that. So far I have used ip tables only via GUI interfaces such as Yast.21:23
coderuswho maintaining n950/n9 kernel?21:24
stephgyou may have better luck asking in #mer, this is fairly low-level stuff and I don't exactly what's included and what's not (though it's late now though, some folks may be in bed)21:24
winfrieddNo hurry, I'm just in the research stage. I'll ask on Mer later this week.21:25
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merlin1991faenil: when I update my nemo wayland image, is zypper ref && zypper up enough or do I need to invoke something else?22:36
faenilshould be enough22:36
faenilplease check that it doesn't want to implode22:37
faenili.e. sometimes it tries to uninstall omap stuff and install mesa llvm22:37
faenilin that case, run "ssu ur" and then again zypper ref and zypper dup22:37
merlin1991does the vm image even run with omap stuff?22:38
merlin1991isn't it x86?22:38
faenilah, thought you were on n9/n95022:38
faenilnothing then22:38
faenilhaven't tried vm in the last few months so I cannot say if there's any special recommendation at the moment :)22:39
merlin1991so you do everything on device?22:39
faenilmerlin1991, I've been doing internship at jolla for the last 2 months, so I've been too busy in this time to play with nemo...22:40
merlin1991too bad22:41
Stskeepsinternship? more like, faenil chained to a desk to learn something :P22:41
faenilStskeeps, just didn't want to put jolla under bad light ;)22:41
merlin1991nemo could do with some mission statement on :D22:42
merlin1991or maybe just a link to the nemomobile github, or I dunno anything but the page :D22:43
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:44
faenilmerlin1991, :D22:45
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merlin1991according to the wiki page the last nemo meeting was in 28/08/2012 that can't be right22:48
merlin1991hm any idea why the keyboard would slide in as if in landscape when the ui is in portrait on the vm?22:50
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merlin1991then I'll alter that question, where do I start investigating?23:00
*** giucam_ is now known as giucam23:00
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faenilmerlin1991, yeah well that was the last "official" nemo meeting23:10
faenilwhich is basically before jolla started going serious with sailfish, and lots of sailors were just nemo contributors23:10
faenilmerlin1991, but now we just discuss all days here ;) no centralized meeting atm23:10
faenilas we're very few active members anyway, unfortunately23:11
faenilmerlin1991, but if you want to start giving a hand, you're very welcome :)23:13
merlin1991I'm going to look into this keyboard issue at least23:13
merlin1991I'd appreciate a few pointers as to who handles rotation though :)23:14
faenilmerlin1991, sure, describe all you see please23:14
faeniland reproducibility23:14
Morpog_MobileI think it's an old version pulled in, you should talk with locusf23:14
faenil^ Morpog_Mobile used VM much more than me :P23:15
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merlin1991fire up wayland qt5 vm, start people, tap single existing contact, tap edit in toolbar, tap any input field (vm is in portrait) -> keyboard slides in from the left as if vm were in landscape, meaning the keyboard would work for me if I turn the screen 90° to the left23:16
merlin1991reproduceabilitiy always23:16
faenilmerlin1991, ok, so23:17
Morpog_MobileOn some apps it comes from down, but is also landscape23:17
faeniland maybe two23:18
faenilthough I don't see locusf changes there23:18
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:18
faenilah yes they're in there23:19
faenilso, merlin1991 keyboard and compositor are the places I'd look for more info23:19
faenilmerlin1991, fwiw, maliit should be "overlay" window iirc23:20
faenilin nemo compositor23:20
merlin1991okay I'll dig into that tomorrow, for now I'll just make a screenshot :)23:21
merlin1991hm now the vm has gone mental23:21
merlin1991this screenshot is going to be awesome23:22
qwazixmerlin1991, the N9/50 have landscape screens by default, so I suppose that this is due to a fix for them, that broke the vm23:22
Morpogfaenil, qwazix, strange thing is that in QML Compositor app, when I go there into text input, there the keyboard comes from bottom23:24
Morpogbutin landscape style23:24
merlin1991okay this is the mental bit: and the keyboard:
merlin1991actually looking at the keyboardscreenshot I guess the keyboard slides in in portrait form but from landscape direction23:26
*** frafra has quit IRC23:27
merlin1991because the people window does get resized to make space for the keyboard on the bottom23:27
Morpogmerlin1991, the mental bit is because of an opacity bug with apps on VM23:27
qwazixAIUI keyboard is a different window which has to be rotated 90deg relative to apps (as apps do their own rotation via accelerometer - correct me if I am wrong) on devices, but the same orientation as the apps on VM23:27
*** arcean has quit IRC23:28
Morpogsee this for a temp fix:
merlin1991hm I do have the opqueme repo in there23:29
merlin1991maybe my zypper up broke it again23:29
Morpogyeah, that should break it again23:30
merlin1991what would be the equivalent of apt-cache policy $package for zypper (it shows the available versions with repo url)23:31
merlin1991reapplying the opaqueme fix fixed it again23:32
qwazixzypper noob here too...23:32
merlin1991my apt / dpkg foo has a zen level but zypper is all new for me23:32
Morpogfor a start this helps alot:
*** blam_ has quit IRC23:34
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile23:35
merlin1991 has the bits I'm more interested23:36
*** blam__ has joined #nemomobile23:36
*** blam_ has quit IRC23:37
Morpogoh interesting, didn't find taht one yet :)23:37
merlin1991though the stuff I'm mostly interested are probably on rpm level23:38
merlin1991and I didn't find a way to get zypper to list me different versions of a package in the cheat sheets23:38
merlin1991hm found that bit, zypper se -s23:39
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile23:43
*** sledges has quit IRC23:43
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile23:43
merlin1991hm is the opaqueme "fix" just an older version pre bug?23:52
Morpoghmm, qqc switch doesn't really work like I thought it would work :D23:55
merlin1991and where do I find docs about tar git?23:56
Morpogsledges, ?23:56
faenilgnight people23:57
Morpogn8 faenil23:57
merlin1991n8 faenil23:58

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