Friday, 2013-12-27

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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#517 waiting for review at
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kopla_I made a little testprogram which uses qmsystem2-qt5 library. When I run the program in Jolla I get a warning "[W] MeeGo::QmKeysPrivate::QmKeysPrivate:39 - Could not connect to  /tmp/qmkeyd" from library. What could be the problem?17:31
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kopla_reason: qmkeyd2-qt5 not running, why?17:49
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sledgesnotmart: ping18:31
notmartsledges: pong18:31
sledgesseasong greetings :)18:32
sledgesnotmart: i think you are hiccupping at the moment:
sledgeswhen someone mentions you ;)18:34
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notmartsledges: hmm, i probably was offline then, since i don't have that in my backlog18:35
notmartvgrade: to answer: my repos are based on top of thhose by mdfe, yes18:36
sledgesnotmart: please join that channel18:36
notmartah, is nemomobile-porters, right18:37
sledgesthat's the thing18:37
vgradenotmart: ok good, I did see some pacakges which were just eoma specific but see from your github you are usung upstream sunxi18:37
vgradenotmart: did you get the eoma fex and uboot into upstream?18:38
notmartvgrade: in the end no, luke prefers to not have the fex there18:39
notmartsince being modular there would be needed a fex for every combination of feature board18:39
notmartas far i understood18:39
vgradenotmart: yes, I saw the discussion on arm-netbooks18:40
vgradeI think his point may be that eoma is not tied to A10/20/xx and fex so having a fex for the a20 eoma may confuse18:42
notmartyeah, probably that too18:42
vgradeso sunxi-baords and sunxi-uboot work the same as they did before and support multiple boards?18:45
notmartvgrade: as far i know the versions of u-boot packaged there should work anywhere18:49
notmartvgrade: only thing i can't try it anywhere else, but apart the fex i did for the eoma68 and some tweaks to the default kernel build should work fine on different a10/20 boards18:51
notmart(even the kernel should work fine on different boards, just can't try ;))18:52
vgradenotmart: ok, I will take a look, there used to be a dependency on memory parameters for uboot so you needed one to match the board, but yes kernel is well configured by fex18:53
vgradesee you in porters18:54
notmartadded in auto join ;)18:55
notmartah, yes, u-boot would have to have to be built for each board i guess seeing how is built18:56
notmartvgrade: unrelated.. i wanted to give a try to libhybris stuff on the eoma68.. as far i understood i have to rebuild parts of android?18:57
notmartlooking at
vgradenotmart: I have a tarball18:58
vgradenotmart: for the andriod system dir, works on my eoma18:59
notmartvgrade: oh, awesome :)18:59
notmartvgrade: downloading, thanks19:01
vgradewas built for cubie but works same on eoma19:01
notmarti don't have the eoma with me atm, but will give a try asap19:02
vgradenotmart: plasma nearing qt5 and wayland?19:03
notmartvgrade: yeah, that's being ported as well19:03
notmartit will still take some time, but it's progressing19:04
notmart(just the quantity of stuff to port is quite huge :p)19:04
notmartalso repakaging all will be fun, eh :p19:04
vgradeyup, lots to do19:05
notmartwon't get bored, eh :p19:05
vgradenotmart: are any of you guys going to FOSDEM this year19:07
notmarti don't, don't know if somebody else is going tough19:08
notmartvgrade: that tarball, is an android image to extract files from or a mer one with the android bits in? (looks like just android?)19:11
notmartah, everything in the tarball should go in /system, right?19:12
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vgradenotmart: yea all in system19:17
vgradeonto of a mer minimal system with qt5 and hybris packages19:18
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macmaNis this the latest image for n900
macmaNit's a bit strange to me why the installation guides dont link to any images
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qwazixmacmaN, yep, N900 images are still stuck in X11 era22:36
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macmaNright. i know wayland is wip22:44
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macmaNthis MOSLO step is confusing me22:45
macmaNConnect your N950, it should begin flashing, wait for it to finish flashing. DO NOT DISCONNECT WHILE FLASHING22:45
macmaN"wait for it to finish flashing" when is that exactly22:45
macmaNthe LED is blinking differently from charging (or so i think) for a few minutes now22:45
macmaNSending ape-algo image (7020 kB)...22:46
macmaN100% (7020 of 7020 kB, avg. 45000 kB/s)22:46
macmaNSuitable USB interface (phonet) not found, waiting...22:46
macmaNnow flasher is just sitting here..22:46
macmaNoh yeah, just in case, i *am* doing this on n950. the n900 is sitting on the charger still :>22:50
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macmaNmh It can take several full reboots of the device to fully enable MOSLO.22:55
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