Friday, 2014-01-03

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sledgesgdmorning Fryday!09:13
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faenilmorning :)10:58
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krnlyngcan somebody merge:
faenilkrnlyng, are you hurrian?11:01
faenilI'm getting quite confused :P11:01
Hurrianfaenil: no, i'm not krnlying ;)11:02
faenilHurrian, ok :D11:02
krnlyngfaenil: no i am a entirely different person11:02
faenildid you guys have nice holidays? :)11:02
krnlyngnew to #nemomobile11:02
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krnlyngyeah :) you too?11:02
faenilyeah, not that realxing due to university stuff11:03
faenilbut had fun with nephews etc :)11:03
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Hurrianfaenil: finally had about a week of rest, unfortunately i forgot to memorize some stuff and do slide shows though so i'm rushing now D:11:04
faenilkrnlyng, welcome to nemomobile community then! :D11:04
faenilHurrian, ehehe11:04
Hurriangotta memorize three reaction tables by the sixth, fun fun fun11:04
faenilkrnlyng, we have no kernel guys atm, so I'll try to keep you glued to this place, you and filippz :P11:04
faenilHurrian, reaction as in chimics? or?11:05
Hurrianfaenil: yep, chemistry.11:05
faenilchemistry, right11:05
xavinuxmorning :)11:05
faenilxavinux, o/11:07
faenilI'll be nemo-zombie until mid of March :(11:07
sledgeswb xavinux11:07
sledgesfaenil D:11:07
w00tfaenil: braaaiiinns11:07
faenilw00t, ehehe11:08
faenilStskeeps, please tighten w00t's chains, it seems he's trying to get out of them11:08
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krnlyngfaenil: i'll try to debug the hell out of the kernel :), won't be disappearing anytime soon :)14:25
faenilkrnlyng, wohoo :)14:26
faenilkrnlyng, we've been waiting for someone to pick up 3.5 for so long :D14:26
krnlyngbut i appreciate any kind of help in this regard :D14:26
krnlyngfaenil: who has push/commit access to the repository?14:29
w00tkjokinie: ^14:30
faenilkrnlyng, not sure :)14:30
krnlyngkjokinie: can you pull the changes from ?14:31
faenilkrnlyng, filippz should make a PR :) so kjokinie can review and merge14:31
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krnlyngbad sign?14:36
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faenilnah :)14:43
faenilanyway, the flow on github is14:43
faenilfork --> create newbranch -> push commit to newbranch -> make Pull Request to upstream repo --> maintainer reviews and merges14:44
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faenilgotta love unstable connection15:56
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w00tc0d3faenil: middleware adds an API, right?16:18
faenilw00tc0d3, I don't think that's a good definition16:18
faenilbut since you really want a definition, let's look for something reliable16:18
faenilI think wikipedia's definition is good enough :)16:20
faenil"Middleware is computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system. It can be described as "software glue".[1] Middleware makes it easier for software developers to perform communication and input/output, so they can focus on the specific purpose of their application."16:20
w00tc0d3so only a part of the job is providing an API?16:23
w00tc0d3and, I just bought the book the C Programming Language, I know basic C++ - objects, for/while/if loops, switch cases, basic understanding of pointers -, is there anyway I could help at Nemo, or more specifically, Glacier?16:27
faenilw00tc0d3, Glacier UI is mostly QML, so you should start playing with QML :)16:33
faenilw00tc0d3, you can start from here if you're insterested :)
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w00tc0d3it's a bit like CSS, or am I wrong?16:37
faenilCSS is a style sheet language16:39
faenilyes the syntax is similar16:39
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faenilthough QML is like javascript16:40
faenilw00tc0d3, but if you're a web developer you might want to read this
w00tc0d3I am not ;)16:40
faenilw00tc0d3, QML is based on CSS and JS, if that makes you feel at ease :D16:41
w00tc0d3I just have been interedsted at web development16:42
w00tc0d3I'm not an advanced web coder or something ;))16:42
faenilI suggest you read the first link I sent if you want to start learning QML ;)16:42
faenilI'm no web coder at all, fwiw :)16:42
w00tc0d3faenil: the whole UI consists of QML? No C/C++?16:49
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faenilthere's c/c++ as well for things like UI theme handling16:49
faenilbasically, if there's something big which is part of UI logic, that will be done in C++16:50
w00tc0d3I *think* I prefer doing that ;) altho, not sure, when I want to write an app, QML knowledge is useful16:50
faenilotherwise, UI, strictly speaking, is QML16:50
faenilnot sure there are c++ UI tasks atm16:50
faenilif you want to go down to middleware then there's plenty of stuff, like signal indicator, volume buttons handling, etc16:51
w00tc0d3oeh, volume buttons handling sounds not too bad16:51
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faenilw00tc0d3, I'd choose QML :P16:57
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filip_Hi guys, I'm taking just a short break from C#/SQL land...20:09
filip_I'll just try to quickly reply on kernel question in the last couple of days20:09
filip_krnlyng: as for calling/sms/3g - I haven't tried but there is mention of "HSI port not initialized" or something to that affect in dmesg20:09
filip_I'm not sure wether it has anytning to do with SIM card not being in the tray, but I thing that is the reason for calling/sms/3g not working20:09
filip_If you find some time please take a look at that, and of course, hw revision detection bug that prevents 150x revisions from booting20:10
filip_In the meantime I've tried BME with my code - and bmestat simply detects charger, and won't charge20:10
filip_I'll try to write proxy that will "feed" BME with data by using twl4030-madc hwmon feature (if I get hwmon to work)20:10
filip_That seems to me as the best approach atm (I had quite a few "best approaches" regarding bme - and they have all failed)20:10
krnlyngfilip_: i found out its not a revision detection error20:10
filip_As for github I suggest that we use my repo for now - I think that it's current state just isn't right for inclusion in the main repo20:11
krnlyngfilip_: ok20:11
filip_krnlyng: it's not that ? Do you know what is, or it's yet unknown?20:11
krnlyngfilip_: if the device is registered the kernel fails somewhere (don't know where yet, need to get some logs)20:12
krnlyngfilip_: first i thought it detected the wrong revision but thats not the case (i compared the code with the 2.6 kernel)20:13
filip_krnlyng: then it's "printk everywhere" game - I wonder why on my N9 it works20:14
filip_someone with wokring serial cable could help20:15
filip_going back to SQL... :( Bye for now...20:16
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