Wednesday, 2014-01-08

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wazdhello world :D07:08
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krnlyngjuiceme: do you have a diff of the l2fix? i want to know what this does08:17
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krnlyngjuiceme: is it this?
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valdur55krnlyng: someone just explained the purpose of l2fix kernel...08:47
valdur55In ubiboot thread08:47
krnlyngvaldur55, juiceme: nvm i found what i needed08:47
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valdur55ok :)08:50
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tbrgood moaning09:11
valdur55tbr: hello!09:15
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faenilmorning o710:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning !13:11
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sledgeshello sfiet!13:13
Sfiet_Konstantinhello sledges13:13
Sfiet_Konstantinhow are you ?13:13
sledgesnever been better ;) thanks13:13
sledgesand you?13:13
Sfiet_Konstantinnow that Sailfish stuff is ready, I need to do some nemo stuff13:13
Sfiet_Konstantinquite well13:13
Sfiet_Konstantinhad some time to code during christmas so happy13:13
sledgesO_o anything that floats your boat ;) (no pun intended)13:13
Sfiet_Konstantinslightly unhappy that Friends got rejected from harbour though13:14
sledgesOT here ;P13:14
* Sfiet_Konstantin don't like when OBS is blocked too13:14
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Sfiet_Konstantinlet's talk nemo here13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: do you know how to have a vbox image of current nemo ?13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinor is there a recent snapshot ?13:19
Sfiet_KonstantinI was expecting a link :D13:19
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sledgesno current image im afraid :) locusf ;)13:25
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Sfiet_KonstantinJoe8: hi13:33
Sfiet_KonstantinJoe8: here is the spec for lists
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: ^ he is implementing list elements :)13:33
faeniloh cool! :)13:36
faenilis he your university friend?13:36
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: yep13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning faenil o/13:38
faenilcool :) welcome Joe8 :)13:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: can the nemo image fit in an image of 1.5 gigs in your opinion ?13:42
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm short on disk space now, so ....13:43
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Joe8hi, faenil :)13:43
faenilwell the final compressed file is about 250mb iirc13:43
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :/13:43
faenilbut I don't know how much you need to build it13:43
faenilor you meant the VDI?13:43
faenilor what13:44
faenilsorry I was not following :)13:44
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: mic create raw13:44
Sfiet_Konstantincreates me a 3 gigs image13:44
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm creating a 1.5 now13:44
faenilshould be okay, imho13:44
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: ah sorry: context: I'm building a nemo VBox image13:44
faenilokay, haven't done that since I was working on booting nemo wayland :D13:45
fk_lxJoe8: salut! :-P13:46
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: :D13:47
* fk_lx downloaded some French learning app some time ago, but haven't had time to recall, so his basing on his French knowledge from high school :-P13:49
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fk_lxIl fait froid un peu ici au Sud du Pologne :-P hehe13:50
fk_lxenough :D13:50
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: and it seems that it often summaries in "salut" :D13:50
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: aaah nice :D13:50
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: how cold is it ?13:50
* Sfiet_Konstantin test13:51
fk_lxC'est 5 degree :-P13:51
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: geez13:51
Sfiet_Konstantintoo cold for me13:51
fk_lx(don't know if it's 5 degrees, but had to answer something)13:51
Sfiet_Konstantinof course, some finn will come and say that FI is -40 right now13:51
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: ah :D13:51
fk_lxat -40C Finns finally put on themselves t-shirts13:52
fk_lxat -60 they put on jacket :-P13:52
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: yeah13:52
* fk_lx smells with his experienced academic nose that appearance of Joe8 here means end of semester is coming soon ;-)13:55
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crnd_it's more like +5 here now :(13:58
faenilI got a call from FI the other day "are you in Italy?" "yes" "how is the weather like there?" "it's -2°" "what? here in FI it's +something!"14:00
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :O14:00
tbryes, weather here sux14:00
tbrno snow, just wet and dark14:01
Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: nope, the semester is not finishing at all. actually we don't even have "semester". It is 8 month14:01
faenilmaybe fk_lx's nose is just a bit cold :D14:01
fk_lxhehe :-)14:01
Sfiet_Konstantinit is because of the 5°C14:02
fk_lxhow was it in the joke, Italian cars brake down when temp is under 0C14:02
* fk_lx hides to not be caught by faenil and stezz14:03
faenil? I don't know that :)14:03
fk_lxfaenil: I guess it was part of that joke that at -20 C Finns put on t-shirts, kind of earlier part of it with Italian cars :-P14:05
faenilah :)14:06
fk_lxit was like what happens at certain temperatures14:06
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: is this normal that glacier ui background is transparent ?14:07
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, which background14:08
faenilit's usually black14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: application background14:08
Sfiet_KonstantinI just built a fresh vbox image14:08
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, talk QML :P14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :D14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinwait a s, I'm rebooting the vm14:08
faenilI remember there was an issue in VM maybe14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :(14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat kind ?14:08
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, did you read on the page where you downloaded the vm?14:09
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, you're a very naughty boy :P14:09
Sfiet_Konstantindidn't see this14:09
faenilbla bla bla :P14:09
Sfiet_Konstantinwas following
faenilmmm might be worth adding a note there14:10
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: yep14:11
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, done :)14:12
Sfiet_Konstantinthx faenil, the emu looks nice14:14
* faenil is sad becaues he doesn't have time for Nemo :( looks forward to finishing uni exams14:15
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: how many compilers exams like left ? :D14:16
Sfiet_Konstantinhow many projects left too14:16
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, none :P14:16
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: aha :D14:16
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: btw when were you done with uni14:16
faenil1 P2P project, 1 Data Mining Project, 1 HUUUGE math exam14:16
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: end of april14:16
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: that's actually fairly soon14:16
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, already?? coool14:16
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: yeah \o/14:16
Sfiet_Konstantinquick quick, I want to work14:16
faenilso you're working on the thesis already?14:16
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: no thesis here14:17
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, oh, anything similar? or just exams?14:17
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm allowed to directly go to work after exams etc.14:17
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: exams14:17
faenillol :D14:17
Stskeepswill it be a masters?14:17
faenilnot fair! o/14:17
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: engineering school master14:18
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: french style :D14:18
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: actually the nemo project can be considered as a "thesis"14:18
Stskeepsah so diploma engineer14:19
faenilwhats is the difference between MSc and that?14:20
Stskeepsyou don't get invited to fancy uni parties14:20
faenilwhich uni parties xD14:21
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, Joe8 always check github for specs, the ones on grog blog can be outdated14:21
valdur55o yea... my first semester's session time...14:21
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: go update them on grog :P14:21
krnlyngi just finished my bsc :). may i work for jolla ;D?14:21
faenilkrnlyng, you'll never know if you don't apply ;)14:22
Morpog_PCeverything is there14:22
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: putting stuff like this (images) on git disturbs me a bit14:23
Sfiet_Konstantinbut ok14:23
Morpog_PCwell, like that you can see whats new ,)14:24
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: is there specs about transition ?14:24
Sfiet_Konstantinhow should the page move ?14:24
krnlyngfaenil: i don't think it's ever gonna happen, was just kidding. i would be highly motivated though, but i don't even have an informatics bsc, it's a mathematics bsc^^14:25
Sfiet_Konstantinhey, there is a pulley-menu inspired action system in item delegates :O14:25
faenilkrnlyng, aren't you a kernel hacker? :)14:25
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, nope no spec for transition, be creative :)14:25
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: :(14:25
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: I will use a bounce effect14:25
Sfiet_Konstantin<3 bounce effects :D14:26
Morpog_PCsounds good14:26
sledgesJoe8: wb :)14:26
krnlyngfaenil: i would say informatics hobbyist :), or hobbyist hacker, i went to an electronics+informatics school prior to my studies so i know my way around14:27
faenilkrnlyng, I wouldn't worry about the title if this is what you love doing ;)14:27
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, that extra spec in medium listview was done by qwazix, I'm not sure if that needs to be implemented in 1st version14:27
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faenilkrnlyng, contributing to Nemo is probably the best way to have a chance to be noticed by Jolla14:28
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: let's first implement a draft, and wrap around :)14:28
Sfiet_Konstantinlooking at how pagestack works14:28
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: +114:28
Sfiet_Konstantinkrnlyng: or to the mer project14:28
faenilkrnlyng, remember Stskeeps is active 24/7 here :P he's like the big eye in Mordor14:28
Sfiet_Konstantinkrnlyng: look at sledges :D14:28
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :D14:28
krnlyngfaenil: lol14:28
Sfiet_Konstantindamn, I wanted to say "krnlyng: look at sledges, he contributed a lot to Nemo and to Mer ?"14:29
Sfiet_Konstantinand faenil disturbed me14:29
faenilkrnlyng, Sfiet_Konstantin is trying to be humble, me and him also got an internship in Jolla thanks to our efforts in Nemo :)14:31
faenilkrnlyng, so...well, you know ;)14:31
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :P we got just an internship14:31
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges got a ... JOB :O:O14:31
krnlyngi would love to do an internship :D14:32
Stskeepskrnlyng: where are you located?14:32
Sfiet_Konstantinkrnlyng: are you ready to move to FI for x month ?14:33
krnlyngStskeeps: austria14:33
krnlyngSfiet_Konstantin: if it was to work for/with jolla then yes :)14:34
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, we got what we had time for :)14:34
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :)14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinkrnlyng: then, be prepared to grab a nemo / mer project and contribute to it, beef up QML / Qt / C++ / Mer skills etc.14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinand you might get an internship :)14:35
faenil+1, and good luck :)14:36
krnlyngSfiet_Konstantin: any suggestions which project could need my help?14:36
krnlyngthanks :D14:36
faenilkrnlyng, well I guess getting 3.5.3 to work decently on n9 is a nice piece of it :P14:37
Sfiet_Konstantinkrnlyng: what do you like ?14:37
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, he's working on 3.5 kernel14:37
krnlynghm i like low level stuff :D14:38
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: ah :) kernel hackers, that's good :)14:38
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, told him :)14:38
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Sfiet_KonstantinI guess that doing some android + libhybris or some ports of nemo is the right thing to do14:39
*** winfriedd has joined #nemomobile14:39
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juicemekrnlyng, yes, that's the fix exactly :)18:29
*** juiceme has quit IRC18:31
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coderusjuiceme: try to use Nemo bme, not meego one, and try to compile dummy libdsme for ubiboot to make bme works18:36
juicemecoderus, yes that might work18:36
coderusdsme need to get boot status and s18:37
coderuschecl libdsme in nemo sources, its open18:37
juicemeI kind of thought the Nemo version would be as complex as the Harmattan version.18:39
juicemecoderus, you mean
coderusthis yes18:41
coderuswell, Nemo bme is not so powerful as meego, but enough for ubiboot18:41
juicemeyou are correct there.18:42
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:50
*** krnlyng has joined #nemomobile18:53
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile18:58
juicemecoderus, seems I cannot build it without the whole mer SDK18:59
juicemehmm this is pretty new to me as building kernels is so nice and selfcontained :(19:00
Stskeepskernels are such a blessing19:01
juicemeanybody throw me a quick link what to do to get the SDK and be able to muild nemo components...19:01
Stskeepsdoesn't have a guide?19:01
juicemeStskeeps, true it is19:01
juicemeam just looking at it, tl;dr :)19:01
juicemebut I guess I'll have to read it all *sigh*19:01
*** lbt has quit IRC19:03
juicemewhat's the preferred install, on bare metal or in a virtual machine?19:04
Stskeepsi personally just have platform sdk on my host19:04
juicemeso I have an ubuntu box, forex this one now... 12.04, some lousy core2duo, about 40G free space. Is that adequate?19:06
Stskeepsshould be fine19:07
sledgesjuiceme: no you don't have to read19:08
sledgesand then19:08
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile19:10
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:11
juicemesledges, there was an error message: "Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug"19:15
juicemeotherwice it seems ok?19:16
sledgesjuiceme: at which point?19:17
juicemewhen I did "sdk mount"19:18
juicemebut otherwice it seems to work, am now pulling stuff in via zypper just fine19:19
sledgesgood good, just that im not getting that error during sdk mount; "what can possibly go wrong?" (TM)19:21
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:21
juicemeright :)19:21
juicemenow that I have installed the chroot SDK, how can I make single components, forexample the libdsme?19:22
juicemecan I just pull it off git and run "make" just like that?19:23
juicemeor do I need to manage dependencies and pull more stuff19:23
faeniljuiceme, more like git clone the repo19:23
faenilcd to the cloned dir19:23
faenil"mb build -t target_name rpmfile"19:24
*** dmol has quit IRC19:24
faenilthat will download dependencies, compile, and create rpm :)19:24
faenilbut it requires having a working sb2 target, if you don't have that already19:24
juicemeya, have not got that yet19:25
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile19:25
sledges2nd link i pasted19:26
juicemethat's the "mic create...." stuff?19:26
juicemehmm... mic gives me a warning "vdso is enabled on your host, which might cause problems with arm emulations."19:29
juicemeshould I disable vsdo?19:29
juicemewhatever that is... :)19:29
juicemewhat's this mic thingy doing now, is it kind of "build world" in bsd terms...?19:30
Stskeepstakes rpm from repositories, makes iamges19:31
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artemmahow do you guys test lipstick components22:42
artemmaI am banging my head at mocking LauncherModel (for testign stuff I want to build on top of it) and.. LauncherModel instantiates a monitor in a constructor - kind'a hard to fill it with fake stuff instead22:43
artemmaor is there some general mock framework that you use for nemo tests?22:43
VenemoI'm not sure anyone has ever done that kind of testing for it22:44
Venemocan't you "just use" something other than a LauncherModel, for your test?22:44
* artemma was last time seriously coding for Qt a couple of years ago and mock frameworks were hard that time22:45
Venemoyou could emulate with a simple QML ListModel or whatever22:45
artemmawell, I am creating a FilteredModel on top of LauncherModel22:45
artemmaso as long as there is something that looks like QObjectModel containing something like LauncherItems I should be fine22:46
Venemolet me take a look22:46
VenemoI haven't seen that code in like, a year or so22:46
artemmaoh.. so I need to build my fake model on top of qobjectmodel then. But then my FilteredModel should be able to accept any QObjectModel while I'd like it to be tied to LauncherModel :/22:47
*** wazd has quit IRC22:47
*** mjones has joined #nemomobile22:47
artemmathough maybe it's not a bad idea to allow for filtering any object model. After all it can filter anything that responds to title()22:47
artemmathat provides* title()22:47
Venemoartemma: QObjectListModel?
Venemoartemma: it has a single role called "object"22:48
artemmayep, QObjectListModel22:48
Venemoif you get the data() you will get a QObject*22:49
artemmayes, and all of these objects are of known type (I build LauncherItemMock instances for testing)22:49
Venemowell, I have two ideas for you22:49
Venemofirst, build your filtered model on top of QObjectListModel instead and make the assumption that the QObject* it returns is of the right type22:50
artemmathe final ideal target would be to get FilteredModel that is able to accept LauncherModel which in-test would be mocked. But it looks like that is impossible without a real mock framework while nemo.. doesn't seem to use any general mock framework?22:50
Venemoartemma: have you looked at ?22:51
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile22:51
artemmabrowsed quickly22:51
artemmaand haven't found anything mock related22:51
artemmathat is why the question about how you guys test classes that plug into lower system levels such as file monitor22:52
Venemowhat's wrong with accepting a QObjectListModel instead of a LauncherModel?22:52
artemmaVenemo: yes, that's probably what I will do. Was thinking of stronger typing22:53
artemmaI think I can solve my particular issue in some way, what is real interesting is how you approach unit testing in general22:53
artemmatests I managed to quickly browse in lipstick are mostly simple gettters/setters22:53
* artemma is mostly coding in JavaScript nowadays where mocking anything is easy22:54
*** niqt has quit IRC22:54
VenemoI never did any unit testing for that22:56
VenemoI mean, when I worked on it it was just a hobby project22:56
artemmaI see22:57
artemmaI am not really familiar with nemo project structure, so don't know much about general practices there22:57
Venemobtw, what you call a "mock" seems to be called "stubs" in that source tree22:57
artemmasome tests do exist in general, don't they?22:57
*** giucam has quit IRC22:58
artemmaaha! indeed. thanks for pointing22:58
Venemoalthough it seems that LauncherItem / LauncherModel don't have any unit tests, but a lot of other things do22:58
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile23:04
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*** RzR is now known as rZr23:15
Venemoartemma: the thing is that I never had any C++ unit testing experience when I did that stuff23:21
artemmaVenemo: I am not saying you or anybody else did something wrong23:22
artemmayou guys did great stuff23:22
Venemobut I did!23:22
Venemoartemma: if I was doing it now, LauncherModel would be two classes instead of one23:22
artemmaand I know that mocking in c++ in general is difficult23:22
Venemoanyway, at that time, I was just happy that it worked23:23
artemmait is indeed most important that it works :)23:23
artemmagood design and tests just tend to get to that point easier and make modifications easier23:24
Venemoyes, I totally agree with you23:24
Venemowhen I first started working on it, it was a big monstrous mess - lots of duplicate code everywhere, no design, no direction23:24
Venemoit was stiched together from the meegotouch home screen and some code from intel's tablet UX23:25
* artemma is no expert in c++ unit testing either despite improving one Symbian specific unit testing network in the past. I just use it when I can23:25
Venemoanyway, I managed to make it better, removed a lot of duplicate code, etc etc23:26
Venemothen, sadly, I had some shit going on in my life, so didn't have any time to work on it anymore23:26
Venemobut fortunately other people picked it up :)23:26
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC23:28
artemmagood for improvement, sorry for the life shit23:28
Venemobut you see, the guy who eg. implemented the wayland part had no idea about QObjectListModel so he just went on and subclassed QAbstractListModel instead23:28
Venemowhat a waste of effort23:28
artemmaah, LauncherItem also can't be mocked23:35
artemmauhm.. I would actually like to check launcher item validity using strict typing23:36
Venemolike I said, use a QObjectListModel and fill it with insteances of a QObject subclass for which you create the necessary properties23:36
artemmabut for the test I need some sort of LauncherItem mock as real one expects actual filename to be present in the system. So I cannot use real one even if I just use title() and isValid() from it23:36
artemmayes, yes, but then model filtering needs to cast contents to LauncherItem to do actual filtering23:37
artemmaI need to get the launcher item titles23:37
artemmaand filter by title23:37
Venemouse QObject features23:37
artemmaand also check isValid probably23:38
artemmayeah, I can call via meta object somehow probably..23:38
Venemotitle and isValid are Q_PROPERTY's aren't they23:38
artemmayes, they are23:38
artemmayeah, calling by name is possible.. just not sure if I want to do it for the test only :/23:39
Venemowhat do you think the QML side calls behind the curtains?23:40
artemmahmm. Well, I guess I don't have a choice for now. For the future I'll probably need to pick up some mockign framework even if complex23:40
artemmaVenemo: I know, and my daytime coding is mostly in java and javascript23:40
artemmayet on c++ side I like using c++ benefits :)23:40
*** faenil has quit IRC23:40
artemmasuch as type checking23:40
*** alin has quit IRC23:41
Venemoartemma: while I understand your concern - and agree with it too - I suggest that until LauncherItem and LauncherModel are reimplemented to be mockable, you should restort to doing it this way23:42
artemmaVenemo: thanks, that's what I am doing now23:42
*** zhost has quit IRC23:43
*** winfriedd has quit IRC23:43
Venemoartemma: also, I'm sure the guys will accept your pull request if you can make those classes testable ;)23:44
* artemma is more on the app side23:44
artemmaWill think about it though23:44
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:44
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