Friday, 2014-01-17

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stephghappy friday folks07:05
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iekkusame to you stephg07:20
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faenilmorning :)08:50
Stskeepsmorn faenil08:50
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wazdoh no, not again :D17:49
sledgeswe nearly missed it today :D17:50
wazdwait a sec, I'll post something friday-ish related to the topic (super lame though) :D17:51
wazdcause I'm still struggling with Flash :D17:51
sledgesno lamer can beat our Rebecca :))17:52
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wazd <- trying to visualize my UI concept for nemo :D17:54
wazdThe goal is to record a bunch of interactions and stuff and make a small/moderate video17:54
sledgesyup, i see your ideas there17:56
wazdI can probably bind some timeouts to save you from nausea :)17:56
wazdbut since we've already seen Rebecca, then it's not an issue anymore :D17:56
* sledges wipes the table17:56
* sledges twice17:57
sledgeswazd: I like it, but the icons on top are prone to thumb-stretching17:57
wazdsledges: well basically these are two panels for you to use however you like according to your current version for other platforms17:59
wazdof an app*17:59
sledgesyou mean, zoomed states17:59
wazdzoomed out, yes17:59
wazdand there's an option to "force" each panel to be shown in fullscreen as you can see on the bottom of the media player18:00
sledgesdo i see that?18:02
wazdbottom panel of the window is transparent, revealing controls in fullscreen mode18:02
wazdsorta kinda :D18:03
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wazdbut that's an option for some extreme use cases like playback controls or camera shooting18:05
sledgesso app switching is coming from ubuntu touch?18:05
wazdwhen you need immediate access to specific functionality from anywhere of the app18:06
wazdMore like Maemo 5 :D18:06
wazdI've decided to use my previous "bridge" concept ( ) but switch feed to widgets :)18:07
faenilwazd, are you still trying to hijack glacier? :D18:10
wazdnot at all, see, I even came up with fancy name! :D18:11
faenilso, it took months to get a few UI components done, and now you want to start from scratch again :p18:11
wazdsomeone should work on Nemo's "wow" effect :P18:12
sledgesnemo is a playground of innovation18:12
wazdKind of concept car :)18:12
faenilsledges, yes but due to the low task force we can't keep changing things..18:13
sledgesthe main direction is around glacier, but since qwazix is having the spec of homescreen only in his head, suggestions are welcome18:13
sledgeshe said he'll mock it up soon though18:13
faenilsledges, sure, but wazd's proposal is not a proposal of homescreen for glacier, it's his own UI18:13
faenilwhich is very different from glacier18:14
sledgesfaenil: you can pick things, and surely glacier is not hijacked,18:14
sledgesi see it as glacier being born, then other UXs can come round (into the sandbox)18:14
sledgesand component sets extended (or branched)18:15
sledgessomething like seadot UX living next to Mer18:15
sledgesother UXs will live next to glacier18:15
faenilsledges, yes, so *first* let's do glacier, *then* we do other UX18:15
sledgesbut that's surely after glacier gains traction18:15
faenilwe have no people to do glacier, and instead of joining forces18:15
faenilwe're splitting18:15
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wazdfaenil: I'm not asking to change things, consider me as a one man army and I'm not hijacking anything for sure :)18:15
sledgesfaenil: it's scratch your itch approach. if wazd wants to show what he has, let this itch happen. the direction is dictated by our design lead18:16
faenilwazd, I'm just trying to convince you to do something more useful for Nemo's short run :p18:16
wazdfaenil: What's the problem with Glacier right now? Is there any work design-wise?18:16
faenilwazd, there are components specs18:16
wazdfaenil: cause you can clearly see in my wonderful Flash animation the level of my coding skills :)18:16
faenilwe're missing apps specs, so that would be one thing you could focus on, for example18:16
faenilwazd, :D18:16
wazdsomewhere around ground zero :D18:16
sledgesi would like to see glacier things developed ofc, but wazd chose to work on homescreen - we welcome everything as ideas (doesn't mean we accept into dev plan ;P)18:17
faenilsledges, yeah, my point is: it's great to see ideas, but better if they also use glacier components :p18:17
faenilsince that's what we're currently working on :)18:17
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sledgeswazd: how can we convince you to change your itch? :D18:18
faenilwhile from what I gathered so far, wazd doesn't like glacier and he's trying to convince us that something else would be better :D18:18
* sledges not pushy enough, we're foss freetimers here anyway18:18
sledgesbut he's just one man's army :D18:18
wazdand there's another tiny reason I'm working on my futuristic stuff. Right now I have no job and I was thinking to use this demo as a portfolio thing and stuff :)18:18
faenilnot that I'm against that, it's just that it took so long to even do only few components18:18
wazdfaenil: no, you're wrong about convincing and not liking :)18:19
faenilwazd, I heard this thing that when people contribute to Nemo there's a higher chance of jolla to notice him :D18:19
sledgesand then stop contributing ;D18:19
faenilyeah that's the bad part, but shh18:20
faeniloh about that, I'm cloning updated qtquickcontrols-nemo repo right now :p18:20
* sledges will prove it wrong18:20
sledgesfaenil: you should be studying anyway :D18:20
faenilsledges, no, I did an exam yesterday, give me a couple of days of break, please, will you :p18:20
sledges:D sure, I'm not Stskeeps :D18:21
Stskeepssoon you'll be like me!18:21
sledgesfaenil: can you review PR?18:21
sledgesof qqc18:21
wazdI have a great skill of walking unnoticed job-wise around different cellphone manufacturers so no worries on that side :D18:21
faenilI have already?18:22
faenilis there any new one?18:22
* sledges checks18:22
wazdalright, what app do you need to be designed? :) You got m attention :)18:22
faenilwazd, well, any? :p18:22
wazdStskeeps: o/18:22
sledgeswhich app you like most first ;)18:22
faenilwazd, you should have a chat with Hurrian and see what he has done so far, I think he was working on apps mockups weeks ago18:23
sledgesand sync with qwazix too (he spoke about that day or two ago)18:23
faenilStskeeps, that vaguely smells like trying to get rid of me :p18:23
sledgeswho is faenil ?18:24
wazdI mean, is there any list or something or should I install it myself to see? :)18:24
faenilwazd, there's nothing organized so far for apps, we have a wiki page for UI components18:25
faenilwazd, but for apps, you have to talk to those guys18:25
qwazixhaving a party without me? :P18:26
locusfhey qwazix18:27
qwazixI suggest working on existing apps though so that the gratification period is shorter18:27
wazdexisting apps like18:27
wazdthat was my question :)18:28
qwazixexisting apps are: notes, clock, maps, contacts, dialer, pin-entry18:28
qwazixmusic, gallery18:28
faenilpackage manager18:29
sledgesbrowser O_O18:29
faenilwe have a browser?18:30
sledgesUI-less cutefox18:30
qwazixsettings has a lot of background work on grog, if anybody wants to take that on18:30
faenilsledges, ah ok18:30
faenilwazd, but the most needed is probably homescreen? :D18:30
faenilwazd, or you could just have a look at the UI components specs and fix/complete those, changing what in your opinion needs to be changed18:31
sledgesqwazix: maybe bitesized pieces first, and first should come a mockup->spec of an app, right?18:31
qwazixwhich is more or less in line with the sailfish settings app, layout-wise (I wonder who reads grog)18:31
qwazixsledges, right.18:32
faenil(I think we all read grog :p but I haven't in a long time)18:32
qwazixfaenil, I'm wondering who reads grog outside of nemoers18:32
faenilah :)18:32
locusfwe have competitors ? :)18:32
sledgesnot anymore18:33
locusfprolly not18:33
sledges(ubuntu late, tizen coffinned)18:33
sledgesbut always stay sharp ;)18:33
sledgesjolla is :DD18:34
sledgesanyway, if i was a UX designer and needed fresh ideas, grog would be on my homepage18:35
qwazix"it is good if the various settings could be pinned either to the status menu, or the main settings screen. The long-tap function in settings does nothing, so it can be used to pin items." written 24th september 201218:37
locusfnice :)18:37
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wazdook, I'll take some :)18:51
wazdlet it be clock for starters :D18:53
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faenilwazd, great :)18:57
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wazdcause I have some nice ideas for clock/alarm :)18:57
sledgeswazd: have you seen hurrian's clock mock?18:57
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile18:58
sledges(just the front screen, stopwatch/timer etc will need to be thought through..)18:58
wazdI saw that one18:58
wazdoh well, can I make something according to current specifications but from the ground up? :)19:00
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sledgesglacier mockups are the guidelines. you don't have to strictly follow then, but if something goes out of place, you mockup won't be left unnoticed (from critics PoV ;))19:06
ZogG_laptopsledges: it's like we would shout "booo, wazd, booooo" :P19:10
ZogG_laptopsup ladies and gentelmen :P19:10
faenilZogG_laptop, o/19:11
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: can you at least take your hat off when you talk to me :P19:14
ZogG_laptopthis @ op thing is not polite :P19:15
* faenil bows19:15
ZogG_laptopfaenil: \o19:15
ZogG_laptopfaenil: o/19:15
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i got n810 as present today :P19:15
faenilZogG_laptop, cool stuff :D19:15
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sledgesyup, nice tweet ZogG_laptop19:45
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Mriicheya .. sledges !20:05
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benthorbenyou guys got any ideas how to prevent the jolla from sleeping while being ssh'd into it?20:14
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krnlyngbenthorben: quick hacky fix: do "ping" on your device ;)20:18
specialbenthorben: it does not sleep while on USB.20:26
benthorbenfor me it does20:26
specialis it connected in developer mode?20:26
benthorbennope, in charging mode20:26
benthorbentrying developer mode20:27
benthorbennope, goes to sleep as well20:27
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benthorbenah, but setting a wake lock seems to work20:34
benthorbenor so I thought20:36
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ZogG_laptopbenthorben: thereis way to switch of sleep and as people say the battery drain not that bad21:30
ZogG_laptopbut the real answer is to change the way it goes to sleep :P21:30
ZogG_laptopcheck TMO with word "watchdogs"21:30
ZogG_laptopand why ask here about it, ask at jolla chan21:31
ZogG_laptopsledges: faenil device is nice for jabber chats21:31
ZogG_laptopneed to find irc client21:31
ZogG_laptopand buy new battery21:31
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benthorbenI rebooted the device while it was attached to the usb charger and the problem seems to have gone away21:56
benthorbenjust got my first hello world app deployed on it \o/21:56
benthorbenis there documentation about the services? I need to debug my xmpp settings and the frontend isn't at all helpful21:57
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ZogG_laptopbenthorben: again, it's better to ask jolla question on jola chan or TJC or TMO23:55
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