Tuesday, 2014-01-21

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sledgesgd morning09:24
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faenilo/ morning09:30
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faenillocusf, o/09:56
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rcghey :)10:37
faenilrcg, o/10:40
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sledgeshey :D10:59
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faenilfor par condicio: sledges o/11:07
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MiceEatCheeseHi everyone, would you mind seeing Nemo Mobile in our new CC0 anarcho-pacifist comic book series Who is Secret Agent X-9? The main character would use a N9-like phone running Nemo Mobile with Glacier UI and Nemo would be a distro of choice for the whole series if everything goes well. I may have a few questions now and in the near future while working on the script. https://github.com/MiceEatCheese/Who-is-Secret-Agent-X-9.14:43
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MiceEatCheeseHave anyone tried to compile CJDNS for Mer?14:44
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sledgeswow that comic sounds really c00l :)15:22
sledgescomic-driven development :))15:23
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Yaniel:D cool15:27
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vakkovfaenil: you should definitely try a 5800 speaker16:21
faenilvakkov, yeah, but I don't have it atm :/16:22
vakkovi think that 5230 has the same but it is only one in it16:22
vakkovand i;m not sure if it is going to be that easy to connect it16:22
faenilnah, connecting should be doable :)16:23
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vakkovI was very disappointed when i understood there is only one loadspeaker in the jolla. I really like listening to music from the phone without using headphones :D (ofc not in public)16:25
faenilvakkov, I don't usually listen to music, but I want to HEAR my phone ringing16:26
vakkovaaand the 5800's loudspeakers are probably the best ever.. they should even fit in the n90016:26
Stskeepsi was just going to hit you before you were one of those kind of people16:26
faenilwhich is a 100% fail with jolla16:26
vakkovthere are people who listen to music from their loudspeakers?16:27
vakkovin public?16:28
artemmavakkov: they are called teenagers :)16:28
faenilyes, many :p16:28
khertanand that s funny now as most use tiny bluetooth device to play music16:28
khertanand you can easily unpair and play music you want on that device16:29
khertanstill funny in the train16:29
khertanchanging rnb music by a loud amon amarth as always his effect16:29
* artemma actually played music from his Jolla in public lately. Several times. Using such a small device, not from phone itself16:30
artemmaI am into the dancing crowds though, so not exactly a typical case16:30
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vakkovwell, i'm still a teenager BUT here we call people like these with the eloquent work "selyak"16:33
vakkovsomething like a unmannered red-neck16:34
vakkovword *   an*   i need some sleep :D16:35
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* artemma really hopes rednecks will also use Jolla one day16:46
artemmavakkov: last time I played music from phone in public in Lviv downtown :D16:47
vakkovI really like it when some of my friends say "hey, checkout that song" ... and you can't here sh*t from their galaxies16:48
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sledgesi want this feature in nemo mobile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDVI0r1vRFw17:02
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vakkovwhat are they using? wi fi direct? bluetooth?17:05
* sledges shrugs17:05
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vakkovu-boot on iphone - now it needs a proper OS and i might buy one17:13
vakkovjoking ..17:13
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zbenjaminhey guys whats up17:21
sledgeszbenjamin: hya! happy new year? ;)17:23
zbenjaminsledges: happy new year ;)17:23
* zbenjamin is busy in his new job17:23
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* sledges too17:23
zbenjaminsledges: wasn't there a qtcreator plugin for mer? i was looking for it but the gitorious page says its moved to qtproject, but i couldn't find it there17:24
sledgesotherwise - components components :)17:24
zbenjaminsledges: what is the state of components atm?17:25
sledgesgreen and red17:25
sledgesspec and qml respectivelly :))17:25
sledgessfiet_konstantin is doing some bits after which simple app transporting would be possible17:26
sledgeswazd is looking into clock mockup17:26
sledgesand stock apps mockups in general17:26
sledgesand still waiting for faenil's header+toolbar code drops ;)17:26
sledgescorrect me if i missed something again faenil :)17:26
faenilwoah, wasn't following here17:26
faenilsledges, yes, I'll be working on it (it's 2 days that I mean to...)17:27
sledgeshappens to the best17:27
faenilthen I got stuck with that loudspeaker hacking17:27
faeniland that was more interesting, sorry :D17:27
sledgestouche :)17:27
sledgeswe all scratch our itches17:28
zbenjaminhehe ;)17:28
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Morpog_PCand I am cutting a birthday video for my mums video since 4 weeks17:31
Morpog_PCerm lol17:31
Morpog_PCignore 2nd video :)17:31
Morpog_PCwith a virtual studio edited in photoshop and green screen and interviews with family and covering her life in photos and videos etc.17:32
Morpog_PCIf I would have known how much work it is, I would never have started it :)17:32
Morpog_PCit's her 60th17:33
faenil:D cool!17:33
faenilyou'll make her happy for sure :)17:33
Morpog_PCthat for sure, will be shown to all guests17:33
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Morpog_PCit's just too long already, need to do 2 parts a 15 minutes, so the guests won't get bored17:34
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zbenjaminwell gf wants to go to a italian restaurant ... need to go guys17:39
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Aardzbenjamin: order pizza?18:23
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fk_lxAard:  well I know cheaper solution18:25
Stskeepsmake pizza?18:25
Aardwith pineapple18:25
fk_lxStskeeps: even cheaper18:25
fk_lxso my solution:18:25
fk_lxgo with her to that restaurant using Google StreetView :-P18:26
fk_lx"she wants to go", there is nothing about eating18:26
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rcgevening all18:26
Stskeepsfk_lx: and the more cheapskate version: virtual reality resturant video18:27
Stskeepser, visit18:27
Stskeepsyou see it as delicious italian pasta dish18:27
Stskeepsit's in reality spaghetti with ikea meatballs18:27
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plfiorinino please don't talk about spaghetti and meatballs in front of me18:35
w00tplfiorini: how come? ;)18:35
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plfioriniw00t, you can do spaghetti with meatballs but i never ate them or seen someone eating them in italy, this is way much better http://cauldronsandcupcakes.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/spaghetti-1.jpg18:41
* w00t hasn't had spaghetti in a while18:43
plfioriniw00t, me too, preparing a proper sauce takes too much time18:56
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faenilplfiorini, damn we didn't even have a talk at qtday!19:36
plfiorinifaenil, :(19:36
plfiorinifaenil, next year you must be there :)19:37
faenilplfiorini, sure :)19:37
faenilplfiorini, I was at your talk btw, cool stuff :)19:38
plfiorinifaenil, and why didn't you tell me something!19:39
faenilplfiorini, because I forgot :(19:39
Stskeepsyou'll meet again in fosdem..19:40
faeniloh right! :)19:41
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: ;]21:08
faenilZogG_laptop, o/21:08
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