Wednesday, 2014-01-22

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tbrgood moaning06:00
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sudomani was just saying on #mer that i'm interested in potentially spending some time organizing as it's pretty much an organizational nightmare.06:57
sudomanalso, i'd like to test out a wayland build for the n900, to help update the status matrix06:57
sudomanbut i'm kinda bummed there aren't gpg sigs for the install files. :(06:58
sudomananyhow, i'm looking forward to giving this a shot :)06:59
tbryou can just take the kickstart files and build your own image07:01
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sudomanhm, there's not a lot of https goin on there... :/ also, https is vulnerable to CA attack, so gpg would rock, imho.07:07
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faenilsudoman, that URL is for x11 image09:28
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faenilthe last x11 image, 20 June09:28
faenilI don't know the status of wayland driver on n900, there was a guy working on it, but I don't remember his nick atm09:29
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stephgsledges just saw your N4 video :)14:53
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Venemoqwazix: sorry for saying this, but I still think it's a bad idea to place the back button in the top left15:06
Venemoqwazix: can I convince you to put it somewhere else?15:06
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Morpog_PCnice work sledges17:17
Morpog_PCit looks smoother than on Jolla17:18
Stskeepsprobably just bad framerate17:18
Morpog_PCerm, that would make it look choppy17:19
Morpog_PCbut it looks smoother17:19
Stskeepsyou'd be surprised17:19
jussiStskeeps: but still no android app support, right... ?17:19
Morpog_PCjussi, I need android apps less and less every day17:20
sledgesthanks Morpog_PC17:20
jussiMorpog_PC: when you have decent FB, G+, Bank (op) and elisa viihde support, then let me know17:21
Morpog_PCfb is already nice17:21
Morpog_PCg+ no one uses i know17:21
Morpog_PCbank I use webbrowser17:22
* alterego too17:22
Morpog_PCand i don't even know what elisa is :D17:22
alteregoI don't even really care about facebook / google+ on my devices any more.17:22
sledgescarry two phones (like the cheapest android imaginable, and feed it of with your jolla wifi hot spot)17:22
alteregoI don't actually use google+ ..17:22
jussistreaming service for stuff I saved on the digibox17:22
Morpog_PCwell jussi, more and more apps will come17:23
jussino, Im looking for a better solution, not a workaround17:23
jussiI expect elisa to come soon - there is an openviihde app on android already17:23
Morpog_PCand I already own a Jolla :D17:23
Morpog_PCI just need sailfishos on my nexus7, there I don't need apps, just a decent webbrowser17:24
alteregoSailfish on Nexus 7 will be nice.17:24
Morpog_PChint to sledges17:25
Morpog_PC2012 version of course17:25
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alteregoYes, I have a 2012 Wifi one.17:25
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Morpog_PCme too, grouper17:25
alteregoThere is this:
Morpog_PCI know17:26
Morpog_PCthats why I wonder why it isn't out already :D17:27
* alterego shrugs17:27
alteregoI guess my video wasn't as cool as sledges ;)17:27
Morpog_PCwhich alterego?17:30
* Stskeeps looks for a gag for alterego17:30
Morpog_PCI just know the video of thp showing nemoo on Nexus717:30
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ZogG_laptopwhere is wazd19:27
ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin: heeeey19:28
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: heeeey :)20:00
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: was eating :)20:00
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faenilZogG_laptop, sad? :)20:07
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: sad because we said that he could find us on this chan, and that we weren't here20:14
faeniloh weren't we? :O20:15
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faenilZogG_laptop, so, I heard you're willing to do something for nemo :D20:16
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: we should give him the trumpet :)20:17
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faenilSfiet_Konstantin, he's gone already! :D20:47
fk_lxyou guys sure know how to scare off ZogG20:58
faenilfk_lx, I want ZogG_laptop to contribute, but he disappears! :D21:02
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fk_lxfaenil: ok, but that probably does not require comments about trumpets and similar stuff21:09
Morpog_PCfk_lx, do you even know what we refer to when talking about trumpet?21:10
faenilfk_lx, I'm quite sure that's not a problem, if it is I'm sure ZogG_laptop won't wait to tell me ;) we have a quite open "relationship", he knows he can talk to me directly21:11
faenilZogG_laptop, if on the other hand you felt offended by that joke, sorry about that ;)21:11
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artemmaHi there22:19
artemmais there anybody who knows lipstick a little?22:19
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artemmaI am trying using it's LauncherItem::launchApplication to start apps and it works for many apps, but now the browser, Browser's Exec line is not enouh to actually start browser somehow22:20
artemmaVenemo: hi! I was just talking about lipstick :)22:20
artemmaBrowser cannot be started via [my slightly modified version of] LauncherItem::launchApplication, so I wonder if this method is really used in lipstick nowadays22:21
artemmamaybe it's some obsolete code and real app starts go through something else?22:22
Venemoartemma: hey!22:22
artemmaand BTW, Quick Launcher built with your advices is now live in the store!22:22
artemmathanks a lot!22:22
Venemoartemma: sorry, I don't know. it's worth to file a bug report and/or look at the code of the current nemo home screen22:22
artemmaWell, real lipstick starts apps somehow, I guess I am just using it wrong or the wrong part of the code22:23
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artemmawell, if you are not into that code anymore.. then I'll try finding more advice22:23
Venemoartemma: look here:
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artemmaVenemo: yep, that's what I was looking at and grabbed parts of code from there too. Well, will need to study more probably22:26
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Venemosorry artemma that I can't be of more help today23:32
artemmano worries, Venemo, thanks anyway23:32
artemmaproblem seems to go away if I just call xdg-open for desktop file23:33
artemmasort of devaluates the use of a LauncherItem though23:33
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sledgesartemma: aren't invokers used?23:46
artemmasledges: that's the thing, invoker seems not to invoke enough23:47
artemmajust on ssh command line execute exec line from sailfish-browser.desktop23:47
artemmayou'll see browser crash on not finding one of its dynamic libraries23:47
artemmaxdg-open starts it just fine however23:48
sledgesssh is another world23:48
sledgestry same from fingerterm23:48
artemmaand I am looking at nemo lipstick code right now, it seems to do the same23:48
artemmawell, my Quick Launcher uses a copy of lipstick code and fails same way23:48
sledgesmeans environment is not complete23:49
sledgesPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH23:49
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sledgesapparently since browser is more picky about things :)23:49
artemmaI had a look at lipstick process environement, there's no LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all23:49
specialsailfish-browser doesn't run via invoker23:49
artemmaand PATH is identical to quick launcher's23:50
specialthe Exec= line is wrong, but not used anyway. it's launched via dbus, see X-Maemo-Method.23:50
sledgesspecial to the rescue :)23:50
artemmaspecial: aha! that's how it goes23:51
artemmaspecial, but.. but.. how does lipstick do this special handling23:51
specialthat's as much as I know23:51
speciallipstick's code should answer the rest23:51
* artemma is looking at the lipstick code and LauncherItem::launchApplication does Exec thing only23:51
artemma#if defined(HAVE_CONTENTACTION) might be different in real lipstick code and in my crude extraction!23:52
artemmathat would explain23:52
artemmaindeed! real lipstick project has it defined!23:53
artemmamine certainly doesn't!23:53
artemmaspecial: thanks a lot!23:53
* artemma went to check if contentaction is allowed in harbour lib linking rules23:54
artemmanope, it's not allowed, so I'll need to supply it mysefl23:54
specialrunning via xdg-open should end up going through libcontentaction, iirc?23:55
artemmano, I can't provide my own lincontentaction as I certainly want to use the system one23:56
specialQDesktopServices::openUrl on a .desktop file should accomplish the same thing, I believe.23:57
artemmaspecial: yes, I tried xdg-open way now, it works, just didn't want to spawn another shell23:57
artemmaoh, QDesktopServices::openUrl can be better indeed23:57

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