Monday, 2014-01-27

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wazd_morning all06:17
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Stskeepsmorn wazd06:18
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* wazd_ 's back08:19
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vakkova guy asked me about sailfish on the n900 :D :D :D09:18
vakkovso i uploaded this .ks which i made in december Thomas Schneider09:18
vakkovit booted to the welcome screen as i remember .. if someone fixes wayland ..09:20
vakkovand mods their n900 with a bigger ram+nand chip :D09:21
vakkovand has graduated  from hogwarts09:23
tbrmaybe a nekro900 if that ever ships09:27
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blackjack4ithi all ;)!09:32
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sledgessome nifty discussions on design to catch up from yesterday ;)09:42
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faenilmorning o/09:43
* faenil has gone c++ to implement header09:43
faenilinput handling is so fun09:44
sledgesstill the propagation of events faenil ?09:45
sledgesfun for real :)09:45
faenilhaving some issues at the moment with the qqc being optimized for desktop09:46
faenilthey seem to think the hover even is still live, when it's not09:46
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faenilsledges, right, I forgot I was testing stuff without Nemo style files -.-09:57
faenilvgrade, o/ how you doing09:57
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faenilsletta, can you have a quick look at this and tell me if this is how it should work?
faenilon Qt5.1 and Qt5.2 you can't drag starting from the Text10:10
slettayou can't?10:12
faeniltested on 5.1.1 and 5.2 desktop10:13
slettaseems to work here (dev branch)10:13
slettaI was puzzled by parent (aka the toplevel element), but it works just fine10:13
slettaworks on 5.2.1 branch as well10:14
faenilstarts to be worrying... do you have 5.2.0 handy?10:14
slettaSo far I tested on mac. I tried 5.1.1 on linux and that also works10:15
sletta5.2.0 on linux works as well10:15
slettaWhere does this not work?10:15
faenilon my machine...10:15
slettastock 5.2.0 64bit?10:16
faenilif I drag from inner or outer rectangle it works10:16
faenilif I drag from the text it doesn't10:16
slettaright.. I'm dragging on the square10:16
faenilah ok, so can you try dragging starting from the text :)10:18
slettaI can not :)10:18
faenilwohoo :D10:18
faenildo you think this is expected (for whatever reason) or I should file a bug?10:19
faenilI'd say it's a bug, but wanted to be sure before filing it10:19
slettaQQuickText sets acceptedMoueButtons to left to intercept clicking on links. I guess that is why it doesn't pick it up10:21
faenilsletta, but you don't have the same issue if you put it inside a ListView, which filtersChildrenMouseEvent10:22
slettayep, and it gives a buggy impression, even if it was intended10:23
slettaI'd say file a bug10:23
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faenilsletta, mm so you think it should keep blocking events?10:23
vgradefaenil: i'm good,10:25
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slettaIdeally it would be able to distinguish between a click (which activates the link) and a drag which should go to the MouseArea's drag.10:27
faenilyeah, ok we agree10:27
slettaok, just confirmed that the not setting "accepts left button" on the text elements makes it draggable.10:27
slettaIt is set unconditionally, even for non-html texts10:28
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wazd_faenil, o/11:12
faenilwazd_, o/11:12
wazd_have you seen my drawer concept?11:12
wazd_what do you think?11:15
faenilyeah not much to think about :D11:16
stephg_still 403!11:16
wazd_goddan dropbox11:16
wazd_fu dropbox!11:16
wazd_ok, look up for it in logs, I surrender :)11:19
coderuslooks like your local link11:20
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stephg_that's better11:21
wazd_oh, thanks a lot :)11:21
* sledges showed it to a friend on facebook yesterday, so link was within hand's reach :)11:23
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wazd_coderus, Mobile dropbox always gives me local one even when I tap 'share'. Happy birthday btw :)11:24
faenilwazd_, behaviour?11:24
faeniloh yeah, happy bd coderus ! :)11:24
wazd_faenil, well, right now it's more about toolbar labels styling, behaviour would be the same as it is now to minimize time impact11:26
faenilwazd_, so the clipboard line will be always visible to be able to open the toolbar?11:27
faenilwhat happens with kbd, what happens at the bottom with that fade when it's at the last item11:27
faenilalso, this means we have two toolbars visible on screen11:28
coderuswazd_: thanks :)11:28
coderusfaenil: thank you :)11:28
coderusblackjack4it: ty!11:29
wazd_imo header should slide up when you scroll things down and appear when you scroll up + back swipe guesture11:29
faenilwazd_, I mean, I like the graphics very much, but the behaviour is an important point to decide11:29
faenilah ok, the bb10-y thing11:29
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wazd_not quite, in bb10 it's locked at the top11:30
wazd_more like sailfish browser11:30
wazd_it will slide from the top on scroll up even when you're in the middle of the list11:30
artemmaon iOS and Android there is Pocket application (yet another read-it-later thing) that has pretty well done toolbar like this11:31
wazd_fade out is just a fancy thing for your entertainment but it would be spec'ed if you wish as all animations and behaviors11:33
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wazd_I can even create my awesome 'blood from your eyes' flash animation for demo :))11:33
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faenildamn login expiring11:34
faenilwazd_, sorry misread header for toolbar11:35
faenilbb10 toolbar does like that, and sailfish browser toolbar as well11:35
faenilbut here we're talking about header11:35
faenilso, what happens to toolbar :)11:35
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wazd_1st row stays open, swipe it up to open drawer11:38
wazd_as much as you want11:38
faenilso I guess that implies no customizable layers11:38
faenilor at least first one must be a row11:38
faenilwith fixed height11:38
faeniland this implies no drawing tools toolbar, for example11:38
faenilstop me if I'm misunderstanding ;)11:39
wazd_I think we should fix the height of the toolbar and fix the number of 'buttons/hotspots' to max of 6, but it's up to dev to decide how it should look like11:41
faenilwhat do you mean by fixing the height of the toolbar11:42
faenilwhat are you referring to as toolbar here, the first level of the drawre?11:42
wazd_each bar in the drawer11:43
faenilok,so no more customizable levels11:43
wazd_yes, but it has a purpose11:43
faenilso basically it's exactly the same as the current header but at the bottom, and with fixed levels11:45
wazd_when you open the keyboard, one row of the drawer would still be visible and you'll be able to flick thru all the bars to choose the one you need for your task. Like text color switching or weight or whatever11:45
faenil+ there is a header at the top with the back button11:45
faenilwhat wait? :)11:45
wazd_yes, and tabs are also integrated into the header11:46
faenilwait what, actually11:46
wazd_well, that was the crazy part :D11:46
faenilrephrase and more details please11:47
faenilmaybe qwazix is alive as well?11:47
wazd_I mean imagine you're typing a rich formatted letter with colors, italics bolds and sht. You open the keyboard and you have one toolbar still opened. But what if you don't need the initial one but font settings, or colors or paragraph, or whatever. Imo you should be able to flick thru all the 'shelves' like you do in harmattan's terminal11:50
faenilyeah but define shelves11:52
faeniland also,this is all cool for an editor, but is it needed for most of the apps?11:52
faenilare shelves special elements, or are they just the toolbar rows rearranged horizontally?11:52
wazd_shelves = toolbar rows :)11:53
faeniland what happens when you're in a toolbar row and you close the kbd, how do you rearrange them vertically?11:53
wazd_and that's the question I'm thinking about right now :)11:54
faenilalso, do you like the fact that once you scroll vertically, once horizontally?11:54
faenildon't you lose consistency there?11:54
wazd_  you can flick up and down, I'm not against it11:55
wazd_it can even have a haptic feedback11:55
faenilyou mean instead of horizontally11:56
faenil(even when kbd is open)11:56
wazd_when it's open you scroll thru bars within one opened bar11:56
faenilsounds like a receipt for getting lost inside a tiny toolbar while it scrolls through the levels :D11:56
faenilso when kbd is open you can scroll one level at a time?11:57
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wazd_no, you can scroll multiple levels but you'll see only one row. I'll make an animation later this evening :)11:58
faenilokay, so, don't you think you'll get lost if you scroll a bit11:58
faeniland see all the rows scrolling inside that tiny space of the toolbar11:58
wazd_not at all11:59
wazd_you'll hardly have more than 4 or max 5 rows in some crazy cases12:00
faenilwazd_, okay then have a chat with qwazix, do animations which cover all cases (or images with -> are ok)12:00
faenilbut since I'm really running out of time, I'll continue working on the header in the meanwhile12:00
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wazd_I'd even vote to limit rows count to 512:01
wazd_Cause if you need more than 5 then you're doing it wrong :)12:02
faenilwazd_, but remember this means no drawing tools and similar applications, when you need higher levels12:02
wazd_I'm not even sure if you need higher levels for drawing tools actually :)12:04
wazd_It's more about visual consistency of 99.9% of apps than ability to create some crazy ass custom skeumorphic UIs for 0.1%12:07
wazd_Qt allows you to create whatever you want anyway12:07
faenilwazd_, discuss with qwazix :)12:09
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Stskeepsokay, who of you are commercializing meego CE?12:11
wazd_lots of phantom nokia devices nowadays :)12:18
Stskeepswazd_: and how many % are yours?12:18
wazd_at least that one has 4 sims and TV :D12:18
wazd_Unfortunately 0, but I'm working on it :)12:19
faenilStskeeps, lol12:23
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