Wednesday, 2014-01-29

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ryukafalzseadot looked interesting, but the fact that everything's in german made it kinda hard to find info02:13
ryukafalzif I could run that on my nexus 7 though that'd be cool02:13
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sledgesg00d morning10:01
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faenilsledges, moo/10:05
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rcghey :)10:50
fk_lxrcg: hi10:56
alinany progress on nemo on nexus 5?11:00
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sledgesalin: all-purpose instructions being prepared11:24
alinsledges: cool... see the jolla video on nexus 411:25
alinsledges: i can give it a spin once comes out11:25
alinsledges: so one shall expect the basics working? internet and gps11:27
alinmaybe even some legacy features like calls/sms?11:28
sledgesin theory, everything will work11:29
sledgesin practice: depends on people's(community( passion and time contributed11:30
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alinsledges: ok that is normal...11:39
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New_userHello there I am new to nemo/mer/zypher and would like to start hacking on it.  I am a little bit confused about the sdk and setting it up on my machine.  I am a Qt/C++/QML  developer that Would like to try this out. thanks for your time. I am installing the vdi image right now to a virtual box .15:18
New_userIs there a qtcreator version for the sdk kit ?15:19
New_userwhere I am confused is here     where it says15:20
New_userA working Mer SDK setup is required. If you have not installed Mer SDK yet, read Mer Platform SDK guide until the "Basic Tasks" section (excluded).15:20
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New_userI keep on getting the error15:22
New_userError: Image format 'None' isn't supported. Supported formats: fs, livecd, liveusb, loop, ubi, jffs2, raw, vmdk, vdi, mrstnand, nand15:22
New_userthis is when I run   sudo mic create raw mer-next-sdk-rolling-vm.ks -o . --pkgmgr=zypp --arch i48615:23
New_userIs there a special mic that I need or some build deps ?15:25
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New_usergit checkout mer    error: pathspec 'mer' did not match any file(s) known to git.15:54
New_userwill not build with qt5.2 trying 5.115:58
New_userwill not build with qt5.1 either keeps on trying to pull in qtsingleapplication which if I am right was used for qt415:59
faenilNew_user, sorry I'm a bit busy at the moment, I can try help you in the evening :) (i.e. 3-4h)16:00
faenilwhere do you get the error 'None' isn't supported though?16:01
faenilNew_user, and welcome to Nemomobile :)16:01
New_userfaenil,  when trying to build the images from the kickstarter files16:01
faenilso you have Mer SDK setup already?16:02
New_useryeah faenil  if we could set up a meeting time that would be real cool.  I think that you will like what I have to offer on the qt dide of things16:02
New_userfaenil,  no16:02
faenilNew_user, ok, so where are you running mic? :)16:02
faenilNew_user, cool to know you have something to offer :) we're always looking for new contributors :)16:02
New_userfrom a bash terminal emulator16:03
faenilyes but on your host ?16:03
New_useroh Ubuntu 140.0416:03
faenilthat command should be run inside Mer SDK16:03
New_user14.04 *16:03
faenilbut you said you don't have it :)16:03
faenildid you try following Mer SDK guide that I point to in that tutorial?16:03
New_userI think that I may have a different version of mic that could be messing things up16:04
New_useryes I have read the wiki16:04
faenilok, so where did you get stuck while setting up mersdk?16:04
New_userI can not install the qtcreator nor can I build the image from kickstarter.  from this page
New_userand here
faenilA working Mer SDK setup is required. If you have not installed Mer SDK yet, read Mer Platform SDK guide until the "Basic Tasks" section (excluded).16:06
faenildid you follow the link in that sentence?16:06
faenilok, so where did you get stuck while following the Mer SDK link16:07
New_userbut I think I went wrong with the excludes part and just tried to start there16:07
New_userright now I am downloading a tar file from here in the setup
New_userInstallation / setup *16:08
faenilyes, you need to follow that guide16:08
faenil*until* Basic tasks section, which is *not* needed16:08
New_useryeah  I must have been on empty with the coffee and missed that16:10
New_userlooks like things are starting to work out16:10
* sledges jumps in16:10
New_user \o/ Entering chroot as MYAWESOME_USER_NAME MerSDK me@mycomputer:~$16:11
faenilNew_user, ok cool :)16:12
New_userfaenil, what me to bump up the creator to 3.0 ?16:12
faenilNew_user, spoiler: I don't use QtCreator when developing stuff for Nemo, so I don't know much about its Nemo compatibility, sledges and locusf may know more about that16:12
faenilI use command line as I think it's less hassle :)16:13
New_userwhat up sledges  :)16:13
sledgescommand line will sure work16:13
sledgesNew_user: welcome :)16:13
New_userthis is some cool stuff right here16:13
New_userwayland and qt5 ! WHOO Hoo16:13
faenilNew_user, finally someone who appreciates :D16:13
faenilNew_user, btw, you might want to run "sudo sdk-version --latest --go" in the sdk to update the packages16:14
New_userheck yeah I love qt and wayland is like a extra bonus16:14
New_userfaenil,  in chroot ?16:14
faenilthen you can continue the Nemo VM tutorial :)16:14
New_userfaenil,  can not connect to   need to add to host ?16:15
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New_useryup 177 updates16:17
New_userthis is awesome systemmd and not libupstart !16:19
New_userfaenil,  ping me when you are not busy. we should def talk. this is good because it gives me time to test things and come up with ideas. like gui installer and what not.16:20
faenilsure :) but if you have questions ask away, sledges is always active ;) and there a lot of other cool guys here ;)16:21
faeniljust they're busy from time to time with their fulltime jobs :)16:21
New_usersweet thanks again all16:21
New_userI hear that16:21
faenilnp, glad to see such enthusiasm :)16:22
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New_userfaenil,  I am going to rock this once I understand it16:23
faenilgreat :)16:23
faenilNew_user, is this your nickname btw?16:24
New_usernot sure that I have one16:24
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New_userI have a question about this command VBoxManage convertfromraw ./mic-output/nemo-i486-vm-wayland-sda.raw  ./nemoWayland.vdi --format VDI16:51
sledgesfire away16:51
New_userthe part  "./nemoWayland.vdi"    this is what I am going to name the vdi file ?16:52
New_usersweet thanks16:52
sledgesnp :)16:52
New_usersledges,  what do you think about a gui tool to set this all up ?16:56
New_userlike a qml application that uses something like QProcess16:56
New_useras a declaritive plugin that is16:57
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile16:57
sledgesthere already is one written in python iirc16:57
sledgesbut for another flavour of this sdk - the sailfish one16:57
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sledgesyou can have chroot sdk17:01
sledgesor you can run it in a vm17:01
sledgesvm approach works also on other operating systems17:01
New_userOk so I have converted the wayland image to vdi  but had to use sudo but now I am having permissions issues when adding to VBox.  Before I change the permissions or users I just want to get feedback as to what they should be thanks.17:02
sledgesVBox can run as simple user17:03
sledgeschown is fine17:03
New_userI guess that I should just chane the user and not the permissions................  Cool thanks again sledges17:03
sledgeswelcome, we keep rockin' :)17:04
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New_userhey sledges  not sure if I have a working image I may need to build again.  I am not seeing any fingertip on the top left to open a bash emulator just a grey screen ..... taking screen shot17:12
sledgesdid you set the videomode?17:12
sledgeswith VBoxManage17:12
sledgesfrom wiki17:12
New_userI will try again to set the VideoMode17:14
New_usermaybe I did a typo17:14
sledgesnote, that this is not MerSDK - it's a Nemo Mobile Emulator17:14
New_useryeah that is just the name that I choose for the vbox vdi  stuff I will rename :)17:16
sledgesoki :)17:16
New_userHere is the command that I entered in for the videomode17:17
New_userVBoxManage setextradata "MerSDK" CustomVideoModel "480x854x32"17:17
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sledgesit's CustomVideoMode117:17
New_userdang typos17:17
sledgesa common one :)17:18
New_userThis is so friking AWESOME !17:19
sledgesNew_user: it is!17:20
sledgeshi ZogG_laptop17:20
faenilNew_user, awesome :)17:21
ZogG_laptopsledges: btw are you working on nexus port? or you just wanted to show the prove of concept ?17:21
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i got the device17:21
faenilZogG_laptop, wohoo!17:21
sledgesZogG_laptop: it's being worked on17:21
sledgesZogG_laptop: congrats!17:21
ZogG_laptopsledges: officially you mean?17:21
New_userNow I want to start Hacking on the QML components and what not. Where is the source sor that kinda stuff. git=torious ?17:22
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i dont get why at phone the round parts are at sideas and top and bottom falt and other half is oppostie17:22
ZogG_laptopi can't stand my phone straight :)17:22
faenilZogG_laptop, design :)17:22
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i get it, but it's not nice imho17:22
New_userIm on it !17:22
faenilZogG_laptop, well, is this a news to you?17:23
sledgesNew_user: launch an app (like messages), see if it's oddly transparent though ;P17:23
sledgesit's a bug17:23
ZogG_laptopand btw the usb charger on top is not a smart thing as most cables goes from bottom17:23
sledgesthere's a workaround17:23
New_useryeah I do see that17:23
ZogG_laptopfaenil: yes it's new17:23
New_usersome sorta render issue17:23
New_useralso testing the qml comonents is also like that.  Some thing with QWindow ?17:23
sledgesqtwayland on vm17:24
ZogG_laptopusb i knew but today i realized that i can't talk while on cable as it would ruin or cable or plug on phone because of T(symbol in physics as i don't know the name)17:24
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i liked TOH material17:24
ZogG_laptopand phone material is nice17:24
ZogG_laptopfaenil: our desinger told that he loved logo ( wanted to steal my stickers) but didn't like the font on "i'm the first"17:28
faenilZogG_laptop, yeah that's not ideal17:31
ZogG_laptopi don't really mind actually as i understand the idea aspecially together with t-shirt17:31
ZogG_laptopfaenil: weird but it doesn't see any wlan here17:32
ZogG_laptopgonna reboot17:32
faenilZogG_laptop, o.O17:32
ZogG_laptoprecieved file over bluetooth before17:32
ZogG_laptopmaybe related (saw on TJC)17:32
faenilah wait17:32
faenilare you using the pulley menu in the wifi screen?17:32
ZogG_laptopi was able to connect before17:32
faenilah ok17:32
ZogG_laptopi love the led17:33
ZogG_laptopbut its too small17:33
ZogG_laptopin the view of practicle17:33
ZogG_laptophope it's seen good in darkness17:33
ZogG_laptopreboot heleped but i can't connect17:35
ZogG_laptopi get error with no description17:35
ZogG_laptopcan connect to any network except home17:36
sledgesNew_user: also updating wouldn't hurt :)17:36
*** PamNor has quit IRC17:37
sledgeseven better than when opacity workaround applied17:38
sledgesas that one should be last bit you do17:38
ZogG_laptopha i can't connect to home wifi :P17:38
faenilZogG_laptop, are you already running last fw?17:41
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:43
* faenil thinks he rebooted his router :)17:44
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faenilNew_user, I'm available17:58
New_usersweet. I am now setting up sb2, I guess one of the things that I would like to talk about is deploying code to the VM  and what toolkit I should use as far as qt17:59
New_usermaybe I just need to add the qmake binary from the chroot dir to my version of qtcreator and add targets to build on the VM18:00
New_userso that I am building against the correct version of Qt.18:01
faenilNew_user, I do "mb build -t <targetname>  <specfile>"18:01
faenilthat produces the rpm, which I then install on the VM18:01
faenil(I haven't used VM in months though)18:01
New_userso you deploy to device a rpm18:02
New_userafter built in chroot with mb .18:02
*** arturo182|2 has joined #nemomobile18:03
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*** arturo182|2 is now known as arturo18218:03
faenilor I just scp the binary over18:03
faenilwhich is even less hassle :)18:03
faenil(that is, if you only have to change the bin ofc :p)18:03
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #nemomobile18:03
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New_useryeah I am going to have to set up qtcreator because that is what I am happy with.  That is just me though as a developer.18:04
New_userI figure if I add the compiler and the versions of qmake to my qtcreator and then have it push code to the emulator and build there or make a deb then push.... not sure18:05
faenilNew_user, locusf did the qtcreator setup for VM already, but I don't remember details18:06
New_userI guess the issue at this point is to compile the qtcreator that you are talking about.18:06
sledgeslocusf made nemo target for sailfish's qtcreator18:07
New_useror to figure out what version of qt was used to compile that sailfish emulator18:07
sledgesit needs modifications to qtcreator itself to make it mer friendly18:08
sledgesand sailfish haz it18:08
faenilNew_user, you'd better just install SailfishSDK18:08
faeniland use the qtcreator from there18:09
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:09
sledges(start reading where strikethrough ends)18:09
New_usersledges,  yeah I could take the git branch that is used in the wiki and fix.  faenil  I have that installed already18:09
New_userwill try that18:09
New_userIs there a version of gcc that is installed to srv/nemo ?18:18
sledgesunder /opt/18:18
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New_userI got it to work from my qtcreator that is version 3.0  using the GCC that is installed using zypper to install qt5-qmake and add that.  then I made a generic linux device that is routed to my virtual box .  works !18:42
faenilcool :) it gets console output in qtcreator as well? :)18:43
New_useryeah but it is not as good as I hope. more hacking.18:46
faenilNew_user, don't forget to write something so that others can reproduce :) ideally in wiki18:47
New_userfaenil,  I will port the qtcreator sdk if needed18:48
New_userand release it in a offline or online format18:48
New_userusing build installer18:48
faenilNew_user, no please, not one more qtcreator :(18:48
*** simbrown has quit IRC18:49
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:50
sledgesfaenil: ?18:51
faenilsledges, ?18:51
sledges18:48 <@faenil> New_user, no please, not one more qtcreator :(18:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile18:51
faenilyeah, the world is already full of customized qtcreators...18:51
faenillet's not make the situation any worse18:52
New_useryeah it is18:52
sledgeshe was talking about sdk18:52
sledgesmaturing along this one:
New_usermost of the qtcreators that are ported out there are not that well done also IMHO  but sailfish is18:52
sledges( to be precise)18:53
faenilbbl dinner18:53
faenilsledges, will ask again later18:53
*** faenil has quit IRC18:53
sledgesbuon apetito!18:53
sledgescurrently there is no integration of nemo qt+glacier components into qtcreator's IDE18:54
sledgesit would be a very nice further enabler of the community18:54
New_usersledges,  yeah there could be18:54
sledgessailfish solve it with qtc_ macros iirc18:55
New_userbut that would mean yet another qtcreator to download18:55
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:55
sledgesor contributing to sailfish one18:55
sledges(also seeing how they did it)18:55
New_usersledges,  yeah that version of qtcreator does not even build for me on my machine.  I am going to update my sailfish now or build it(new one ).18:56
sledgesit built for me just fine when i tried18:56
New_usersledges,  I have a bunch of plugins for qt that I have wrote all in qt518:57
New_usergoogle voice recoginition translations all sorts of stuff18:57
sledgesyummy :)18:57
New_userspinx qmlrecorder and just a bunch18:57
New_userjust have to get the compiler and the version of qt that is installed on the vdi  to be on my desktop so that I can build and test then push18:58
New_userback to haking18:58
New_userhacking *18:58
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New_userEr so sailfish took out the default wizards for qtcreator :(19:59
ZogG_laptopfaenil: back in the future20:04
faenilZogG_laptop, yep20:05
sledgesNew_user: might have; though they introduced a very nifty sail-hello world creator ;)20:07
New_useryeah that is nice20:08
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile20:18
faenilqwazix, ping20:19
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faenilw00t, ping20:57
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qwazixfaenil, pong21:55
faenilqwazix, have you decided something re b/w icons?21:55
*** jpetersen has quit IRC21:55
qwazixsince there isn't anything and I won't have time soon to make all those icons, maybe we could use font-awesome?21:56
qwazixexcept if somebody wants to tackle the job21:58
qwazixI'm sure there will be things missing, but it's much easier to make the missing icons instead of all the icons21:58
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sledgeswhich b/w icons? :}22:07
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sledgesfaenil: qwazix: ^22:13
faenilsledges, he uses a set of icons in the headers spec22:13
faenilattribution-no-commercial licence22:14
faenilI wanted to know if he decided a set of icons we could use for nemo22:14
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile22:15
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sledgesfaenil: which ones?22:31
faenilsledges, the black/white icons in header spec22:31
sledgesim looking at them22:31
faenilhe says that in the spec22:31
sledgesso we need a '<' back button22:31
sledgessettings '*' wheel22:31
faenilback button is ours I think22:32
faeniland 3 dots as well22:32
faenilbut all the others are not22:32
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:32
sledgesin header.png i can see only settings (*), edit (pen), and refresh22:33
sledgesi wonder where Morpog_PC took his for the browser mockup22:33
sledgesas many are quite wide-spread around our UI farm :)22:33
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sledgesfaenil: looks like you can snatch some currently sought for:
sledgesfrom Morpog_PC mockup22:41
sledgeswonder where he took those from, and hope licencing is all good22:41
sledges(best if it's his creations)22:42
faenilsledges, I'll just use same icons as header specs for the moment, and add attribution txt to repo22:42
faenilI need many, like in header specs22:42
faenilnot just tools icon22:42
sledgesalready need many? ;P22:43
sledgessounds intriguing :)22:43
Morpog_Mobilesledges, faenil those icons i made from scratch22:44
sledgesMorpog_Mobile: c00l22:44
faenilsledges, no just for demo purposes22:44
sledgesfaenil needs moar :))22:44
sledgesfaenil: ah ok, ..22:44
Morpog_MobileA list of needed icons would be handy22:46
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faenilMorpog_Mobile, no idea, I just need something to put in the header :)22:54
faeniland since we're missing most of the components22:54
sledgesthe header is the place where ~95% if the icons variety is22:59
sledgesstatus bar has icons nicely drawn by sandy_locke23:00
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faenilsledges, night23:25
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:27
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stephgnow bedtime for me, night faenil23:35
faenilstephg, night o/23:35
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