Monday, 2014-02-03

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sledgeshere to help18:29
sledgesjust reboot your n918:29
sledgeswith that cmdline enabled18:29
sledgesand press vol down again18:29
* tbr throws Merbot a botsnack18:30
ZogG-sailfishneochapay: need помощь?18:30
neochapaysledges: after reboot i not see cmdline (green leters) - i see white nokia letters18:31
neochapayZogG-sailfish: absolutly ниид :)18:31
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sledges* power off the phone18:34
ZogG-sailfishsledges: why are droid configs are on device but in dhare folder and not in /etc/fonts ?18:34
sledgeslaunch cmdline18:34
ZogG-sailfishi mean on jolla18:34
sledges* plug usb cable in18:34
sledges* wait18:34
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sledgesZogG-sailfish: sorry I don't know that; how is it in nemo?18:35
ZogG-sailfishnot nemo relatef. true18:37
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sledgessailfish is very much nemo related :D18:37
sledgesa good fallback environment for validation18:37
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ZogG-sailfishsledge you confused me19:13
sledgesfont management is middleware19:13
ZogG-sailfishso it's from nemo?19:13
ZogG-sailfishi need to delete sailfish from n950 and install nemo ;)19:14
sledgesno, test on vm19:14
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ZogG-sailfishsledges: why nit on hw19:28
ZogG-sailfishi dont like vm btw19:28
sledgesok, remove on hw, reflash, test there; flash sailfish back, how long will your NAND memory hold? ;)19:29
sledgesVMs is the best way of prototyping19:29
sledgesalso, on sailfish itself (be it hw or emulator), you can run `rpm -qf FILE` to see which package it belongs to and start tracking down the answer to your question19:30
ZogG-sailfishi dont want to flash saikfish back19:30
ZogG-sailfishill leave nemo there19:30
sledgesZogG-sailfish: that's something i was not aware19:30
ZogG-sailfishI'm full of surprises19:31
ZogG-sailfish1st i have jolla for now19:32
ZogG-sailfish2nd there is no 2nd19:32
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Morpog_Jollanemo rox :D19:38
* sledges envisages the future times of "ZogG-nemo" and "Morpog_Nemo" are in this channel :)19:39
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ZogG-sailfishit depends on venemo and co19:46
ZogG-sailfishif they release nemo client as well19:47
ZogG-sailfishMorpog_Jolla: what version if communi u have?19:47
ZogG-sailfishmy has that bug with only half input is seen ;(19:48
Morpog_Jollamine doesn't ;)19:49
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Morpog_Jollait will be released soon19:50
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ZogG-sailfishMorpog_Jolla: you have newer build or what?20:12
Morpog_PCfrom yesterday20:13
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artemmawhich package do I require for audioresource.pc?21:36
* artemma hopes to learn some standard procedure for answering this sort of questions one day21:37
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* artemma found a list of mer packages content, but not one for nemo pakages yet..21:40
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* artemma is tempted to just copy-pase audioresource header from github and hope that it works21:42
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artemmalibaudioresource-qt project is requiring libaudioresource via BuildRequires: pkgconfig(audioresource)21:45
artemmawhen I do the same I get No provider of 'pkgconfig(audioresource)' found.21:45
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artemmaIs it in some repository not enabled for sdk then?21:45
artemmamaybe it's time to install last sdk update..21:46
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sledgesartemma: you need to build against mer:qt repo22:07
sledges(and click on "The repositories are inherited from the project nemo:devel:mw")22:07
* artemma almost went for bundling whole nemo-qml-policy plugin with his app :)22:07
artemmanow thinking is I want to go for fully recommended, but low level audioresource or for more convenient to use, but tough to add nemo policy plugin22:08
artemmasledges: thanks22:08
sledgeswelcome, hope all works out for you22:09
artemmaI will try dancing around plugin sources for a while.22:09
artemmaactually, I just figured that audioresource has specific handing for audio only indeed.. that's not good enough for me, I want to acquire led22:10
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artemmado you know what's the license for ?22:11
artemmaCan't see it in repository22:11
artemmaah, cpp files tell BSD, never mind22:12
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artemmaI deploy my own nemopolicy qml plugin and runtime cannot find it: module "" is not installed23:04
artemma     import 1.023:04
sledgesis not exported in qmldir ?23:05
artemmaqmldir and are deployed to /usr/share/harbour-flashlight/lib/harbour/flashlight23:06
sledgesis this where other apps store them?23:06
artemmaand, well, qmldir file is apparently found (registered via view->engine()->addImportPath(SailfishApp::pathTo("lib").toString()); )23:06
* sledges shrugs23:06
artemmayes, you have to supply all the bundled libs to /lib23:07
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artemmaso qmldir is found and parsed fine, but then .so file is not found23:07
sledgesask on #sailfishos ?..23:07
artemmaI checked strace, app isn't even trying to load it23:07
sledgesi'd also look how other apps of same composition behave23:07
artemmaah, I thought plugin questions are more likely to be answered here23:07
sledgesbut not packaging ones :)23:07
* artemma tends to be on the edge of these tricky technique in sailfish os unfortunately..23:08
artemmaand I did manage to deploy my own qml plugin in the past, but without multilevel import23:08
artemmaerrgh, need to figure out how system decides where to look for .so files for the plugins23:09
* sledges nods23:09
sledgesis something new you are introducing there ;)23:09
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M4rtinKartemma: try that import debugging env var23:18
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artemmaM4rtinK: tried, didn't reveal much. Figured pluginPathList() by now, trying it23:19
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artemmaM4rtinK: well, that debuging var only showed that it doesn't know where to load plugin from23:20
artemmaHmm.. I do QQmlImportDatabase::addPluginPath: "file:///usr/share/harbour-flashlight/lib/harbour/flashlight"23:21
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artemmabut then pluginPathList() is just  ("", ".")23:22
artemmathe path exists23:22
sledgesM4rtinK: ahoj, sorry did not salute you properly last time, I realised I was late to a meetup23:24
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sledgeshope you had a nice journey home23:25
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artemma"By default the engine searches for the plugin library in the directory that contains the qmldir file." - so it should work except that it doesn't23:28
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M4rtinKsledges: thanks :)23:38
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M4rtinKsledges: got back safely, back to the winter country now :)23:39
M4rtinKsledges: Brusels felt like spring, but we have some snow here :)23:39
artemmaokay, I was deploying to wrong folder, of course the proper one should have been /usr/share/harbour-flashlight/lib/harbour/flashlight/org/nemomobile/policy23:39
artemmashort :)23:39
artemmaNow Module namespace 'org.nemomobile.policy' does not match import URI ''23:40
artemmahmm, I hoped not to change at least the module line in qmldir :/23:41
* artemma dislikes if sailfish makes me to change qmldir that is sort of a plugin api. Deployment to specific folders I can understand, but the need to change actual sources..23:41
artemmaokay, plugin loaded now even though I had to change sources. Configuration saga is over23:43
M4rtinKartemma: yeah, I really don't see a reason for this rule23:47
M4rtinKas long as it is in a proper dir23:47
M4rtinKshould have asked about that at the roundtable23:47
artemmaM4rtinK: imho they are just overreacting23:47
artemmayou know, checking import string in qml files is possible by a simple script23:48
artemmawhile to track what app actually loads you need to setup run time tracking23:48
M4rtinKwell, most of it kinda makes sense, but the end result still sucks23:48
M4rtinKbut this one does not make sense at all23:48
artemmathough if you really want, you can hide your stuff from qml checker as well by just putting qmls to qrc23:48
artemmahmm.. maybe I should have done it23:48
M4rtinKbetter than that :)23:49
artemmathough I almost got the modified version working23:49
M4rtinKyou can load stuff from network :)23:49
M4rtinKQML files23:49
artemmash-sh-sh, don't tell Jolla people about it :)23:49
M4rtinKsupport for that is built in23:49
M4rtinKanyway, getting late - good night! :)23:50
artemmaThe core of a problem IMO is that Jolla just has zero security, so they are restricting everything they can't in a desperate attempt to compensate23:50
M4rtinKit is more about ABI stability23:50
artemmathough all these efforts would look pale in eyes of any real hacker and only complicate things for the developers23:50
M4rtinKsecurity IMHO comes second23:51
M4rtinKthe issue is23:51
M4rtinKthat on closed platforms23:51
artemmaM4rtinK: I don't mind the rules for putting custom libraries to your own folders. I mind the stupid checker. They could have just asked to do it right23:51
artemmaand provided examples23:51
M4rtinKthey usually have a stable API and just cobble new stuff on top23:51
M4rtinKon linux distros, you have the source sou you can just rebuild it23:51
M4rtinKand what you can see is those two clashing23:52
artemmadamned, now I have three import statements for the same logical subtree, but two physical locations conflicting with each other :/23:52
artemmaactually three locations23:53
M4rtinKthey can't really support a bazillion of old APIs Google/Windows style23:53
*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam23:53
M4rtinKand doing it the linux way will make users angry23:53
artemmaApple way for restrictions works23:53
M4rtinKas their orphaned properietary apps would stop working23:53
artemmaI don't have anything against bundling libs/plugins, I think it's a good idea23:53
M4rtinKwell, considering there are whole classes of applications that are not possible on iOS due to brain-dead policies23:54
artemmathe fact that they provide zero example and I need to modify the code just for stupid checker - that's bad23:54
M4rtinKwell, you can bundle everything23:54
M4rtinKbut Jolla is supposed to be a moibile linux device23:55
M4rtinKso you should not need to do all that shit you have to do on Android and BB10 for example23:55
M4rtinKI have to bundle about 15MB+ of stuff, without Qt, to make my Python apps run on Android23:56
M4rtinKwell anyway23:56
artemmaM4rtinK: and the problem is?23:56
M4rtinKits basically a normal distro23:56
artemma15MB is not most pleasant, but OKay in nowadays world and sure Jolla would have many qt packages preinstalled anyway23:56
M4rtinKso why should one do all those hacks ?23:56
artemmaHooray, my plugin runs!23:57
M4rtinKnothing better than to have 150 copies of bundled libraries23:57
M4rtinKeach with its own set of exploitable holes23:57
M4rtinKand no way to update them23:57
M4rtinKnot to mention bastardizing your packaging23:57
artemmaM4rtinK: certainly for being ready to run on any firmware that user may have never updated23:57
M4rtinKyou have to draw the line somewhere23:58
* artemma wouldn't like a random dev's app to install hell a lot of packages to user's device23:58
M4rtinKI attended the Sailfish community events at FOSDEM this weekend23:58
M4rtinKand I got the impression the Jolla guys are working really hard on all this23:59
artemmadamned, I made plugin work, but it looks sorta useless, LED resource seems to be forbidden whenever app is minimized23:59
M4rtinKit is really not easy to satisfy all the requirements23:59

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