Monday, 2014-02-24

artemmanever mind, got pointer to
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stephgmorning folks07:23
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rantomI'm a bit confused considering how to update N950 image of Nemo, running Wayland10:04
rantom "(ssu ur won't output anything, and only needs to be run if `zypper lr` doesn't report any adaptation* repos):"10:04
rantomSince zypper lr does list adaptation repos what should I run now? As I understand not ssu ur?10:05
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rantomOr is the current workflow to update the image in Wayland, if adaptation repos are listed: su - zypper ref - zypper dup - zypper in -t pattern nemo-n950-wayland ?10:13
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sledgesrantom: yes10:30
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rantomsledges: OK. So my workflow is correct (double-checking)?10:47
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rantomAlso, what does the "Refresh: No" mean from zypper lr?10:54
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sledgesgmornin! :)12:37
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norguhtarhello. i'm build libpurple and telepathy-haze for mer. How contribute it?13:47
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sledgeshi norguhtar, from upstreams, source is under
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norguhtarsledges: how add new repo?13:52
vakkov_sailfish on everythiing - waiting for them Nokia X+ and XL13:53
sledgesnorguhtar: you need to ask one of the admins, but first just have it in your github/home13:53
sledgeswith packaging info under rpm/13:53
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sledgesand upstream management with submodules (or other way of your choosing)13:54
sledgesthen i can create a webhook and we will produce your RPMs on our build server for further integration13:54
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norguhtarsledges: okey i'm just create two projects with rpm included spec. After this send  admin link. Right?14:01
sledgespoint me to your two repos pls14:02
sledgesand create an account and a project under home:yourusername on our build server: http://build.merproject.org14:02
norguhtarsledges: already do it. Need put new package to my home project?14:03
sledgesno, just tell me the name14:03
norguhtarokey thanks.14:05
sledgeswelcome :)14:06
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rantomNoticed that when running zypper dup I got: Problem: ohm-plugin-videoep requires ohm-plugins-misc but this requirement cannot be provided15:53
rantomSolution 1: keep obsolote ohm-plugins- Solution 2: deinstallation of policy-settings-basic-n950 or Solution 3: break ohm-plugin-videoep by ignoring some of its dependencies15:55
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rantomQuite easy to reproduce: remove Nemo Mobile, re-add it using the mentioned image and once network connection is set up update by Wiki's instructions for Wayland16:02
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sledgesrantom: regenerating an image yourself would work 100%16:04
sledgesas packages have been shuffled around quite a bit since december16:04
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sledgesfor now it's also safe to break the dependency16:05
sledgessolution 316:05
sledgesas videoep absence won't do much harm16:05
*** radiofree has joined #nemomobile16:05
sledgesor its dependencies16:05
rantomsledges: Alright, thanks. I'd rather use ready-made image since I'm not that experienced to build an image (and I guess hardware-limitations)16:06
sledgeswe need a new image locusf ;)16:06
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*** radiofree has joined #nemomobile16:06
sledgeshey glad to see you're here locusf :)16:07
sledgeshow's life?16:07
locusfall good16:07
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locusfhows jolla doing for you? :)16:08
sledgesdoing well, couldn't do better really :)16:08
sledgesbusy from head to toe and loving it :)16:08
locusfnice :)16:08
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rantomIn my opinion the Updating page from Wiki needs a bit more work. E.g. mention of ssu ur could be better (in this re-added image adaptation repos were not present but after running ssu ur I *think* they are present -> no need to run ssu ur anymore after first time, if I'm not mistaken) and old instructions could be moved to a e.g. subpage. It's a bit confusing now to have X11 instructions on the same page16:10
sledgesrantom: ok thanks; yes, ssu ur might be needed, might be not, it's a random oneshot issue on first boot16:11
sledgesso better it's there16:11
rantomsledges: Alright. Thank you too :)16:11
sledgesthe x11 bits need vacuuming, agree :)16:14
sledgesvolunteers? ;)16:14
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rantomsledges: Out of curiousity: if one wanted to make an image by himself was SSE4 required?16:16
sledgesjust install mer platform sdk16:17
sledgesis a chroot based for your linux host16:17
rantomOk. I remember SSE4 being a minimum in the early days of Nemo Mobile16:17
sledgesbut that's for VMs16:17
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locusfbuilding a image now16:20
locusfsledges: can you still seed ?16:20
sledgeslocusf: i can yes :)16:20
locusfalmost thought that my n9 was dead16:21
sledgesn9 can't be killed, but can be almost dead :)16:22
locusflol yeah :)16:22
locusfhaven't touched it in a while16:22
locusfI prolly should do some glacier stuff16:23
rantomHmm. One more thing. Was the Alt_OS in ext4?16:24
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sledgeslocusf: what keeps you busy otherwise? :)16:25
sledgesrantom: yes16:25
rantomAlright. So no chance to tar with OS X. Thanks16:26
sledgesubuntu vm ftw16:26
sledgesis where you'd place your mersdk too ;)16:26
rantomVirtualbox doesn't like USB16:26
locusfsledges: my studies :)16:27
sledgesrantom: we just generated a new image for you ;)16:27
sledgeslocusf: ah :)16:27
rantomsledges: Coold16:27
locusfuntested totally16:27
locusfbut its rnd :)16:27
sledgesperfect :D16:27
rantomGuess who *just* booted up the December-image with updated packages :)16:28
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile16:28
sledgesrantom: ;P \o/ so solution 3 worked?16:28
rantomsledges: Seems like it16:28
rantomHave to run zypper in -t pattern nemo-complete-wayland now16:29
rantomAnd I noticed one error during the update installation. Exited with error 1, don't remember which package it was16:29
sledgesprobably you'll get a package manager :)16:29
rantomOh well. In worst case I'll re-add the new image16:29
sledgesthat's fine, you can safely ignore16:29
rantomYeah. That's what I like in rnd-images16:30
rantom"X printed an error. Should I worry?" it's rnd it's fine16:30
sledgeswell, not only :D16:30
sledgesduring update app is performing some checks16:30
sledgesand it can happen that they are not critical even if it errors out in test/release builds16:31
sledgesbecause an old version is running etc16:31
locusftbr: you might wanna download that image to images.formeego.com16:31
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile16:31
rantomAh, ok16:32
rantomInstalled nemo-complete-wayland instead of n95016:33
rantomGuess I'll try the new image now..16:33
sledgeslocusf: leeching :)16:33
locusfsledges: whee16:33
*** Jurre has joined #nemomobile16:34
sledgeslocusf: whoops16:34
sledgesnothing :D16:35
rantomHmm. When is the new image coming to images?16:36
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:36
locusfrantom: use the link I just pasted16:36
sledgesarrived (the link) to images ;)16:37
*** Jurre has quit IRC16:38
locusfoh nice, thanks sledges16:38
*** Superpelican_ has joined #nemomobile16:38
sledgeslocusf: torrent one16:39
Superpelican_I know this isn't a strictly Nemo/Mer question, but does anyone here have experience building qtmozembed on non-deb-based systems?16:40
Superpelican_The Mozilla Wiki only shows how to build it with dpkg-buildpackage16:40
Superpelican_(I'm using Fedora currently)16:40
tbrlocusf: sorry?16:41
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locusftbr: new image for you to mirror :)16:42
sledgesSuperpelican_: rpmbuild ?16:44
* tbr grumbles, rtorrent doesn't like the link16:44
Superpelican_sledges: Have you tried it?16:45
tbrdownloading it at home and will push it later16:46
locusfI'll leave it seeding for the night16:46
sledgesSuperpelican_: yes we did:
rantomSeems like I don't have an application installed for magnets. I'll wait until the new image is up for direct download16:48
rantomAgain, thanks a lot :)16:48
sledgesrantom: sensors?16:52
locusfI've got the torrent file16:52
locusfI can share it too to my dropbox16:53
locusfone moment16:53
rantomNo need, I don't have a torrent-client either installed16:53
sledgesis also for tbr ;)16:53
sledgeshe'll put it up16:53
rantomGood point :)16:53
locusfah ok16:56
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rantomI'm checking the dual-boot method for N950 from the Wiki.19:09
rantom I checked the new modified moslo and there's "moslo-rootfs.tar", when extracted. Where is this needed?19:11
rantomI was considering to update my modified moslo to the newer version (the one I have works but extracts Alt_OS when plugged to charger)19:12
rantomOther than that it looks familiar, excluding that there's also now "moslo-version" file in there which I don't recall seeing in the previous version19:14
sledgesextracts Alt_OS when plugged to charger)19:15
rantomAn old bug that was fixed long time ago19:16
rantomI just didn't get myself to update moslo when Nokia's servers still offered OCF, moslo, etc19:16
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:17
rantomOh. Poor wording on my part. I meant that it exports USB mass storage when connected to charger, since I have the old one19:18
sledgesit exports mass storage into a charger? :)19:21
rantomWell it seems to do so :D19:21
*** alin has quit IRC19:22
rantomAnyway, to summarize: when downloaded modified moslo is extracted what are the other files used for? E.g. moslo-rootfs.tar since those are not covered in that Wiki page?19:22
rantomI'm also guessing that the Installing-site is a bit out-of-date, e.g. links are old/outdated from what I can tell (the Nokia ones)19:24
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin19:28
sledgeshumm, can't tell about n950 myself :/19:32
*** furikku has quit IRC19:33
sledgesflasher the latest moslo loader following tutorial?19:33
sledgesshould do it19:33
rantomI'll let it be for now then. Last time I re-installed/updated modified moslo it was a bit of pain (IIRC that was due to the distros behavior that caused some problems)19:35
rantomJust curious what the extra files are needed for since they are not listed on the site itself19:36
sledgeslike what?19:41
sledgesflasher and ape algorithm from ROM image?19:42
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rantomI mean that on the Wiki, Install - Dualboot, page there's no mention of moslo-rootfs.tar that comes out of the downloaded modified moslo .rpm20:25
rantomWhat is it used for, that is my question20:26
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rantomBut I'm going to apply the "if it's not broken don't fix it" logic here. :)20:46
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alinsledges: hi.. is the wait over?21:25
stephgalin, afaik, no21:25
* stephg just one more day... I keep telling myself21:26
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vakkov210 euro and it is that good?21:39
vakkovthe bigger variant (non-mini version) has snapdragon 800 :X #putSailfishOnThat21:40
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vakkovonly one question - why the hell the bigger and faster zte does not support micro sd cards while the smaller one with snapdragon 600 does22:16
*** piggz__ has quit IRC22:17
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artemmainstalled timed-qt5 to sdk (via PkgConfigBr) , trying to #include <timed-qt5/interface> and getting fatal error: QDBusMessage: No such file or directory22:23
artemmashouldn't timed package depend on some dbus package then?22:23
artemmaand which package should I install then?22:23
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile22:24
artemmaactuall SDK contains /mer/targets/SailfishOS-armv7hl/usr/include/qt5/QtDBus/QDBusMessage22:24
artemmawhy it cannot be found from timed sources then?22:24
*** faenil_ has quit IRC22:25
artemmasome CONFIG += needed for adding dbus headers?22:25
artemmaah, it was not CONFIG, but QT += dbus22:26
*** niqt has quit IRC22:29
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kimmolitalking alone sometimes solves issues ...22:37
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