Tuesday, 2014-02-25

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norguhtari'm create and commit libpurple and telepathy-haze on github. Configure web hook and register on OBS05:33
norguhtarhome project on obs  home:norguhtar05:34
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drasko_Hi all, is there any example program using NetworkManager of https://github.com/nemomobile/libconnman-qt?09:10
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xavinuxHi people, good morning09:16
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sledgesnorguhtar: great, but i have some remarks10:50
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norguhtarsledges: okey. tell me11:27
sledgesif upstream has VCS (git at best), you should go with that11:27
sledgesand a tag11:27
sledgesinstead of a link to tarball11:27
norguhtarchange this?11:29
sledgesand you will also have to do this: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Development#Using_submodules_with_tar_git11:30
sledgesinto your github11:30
sledgesthat's the best practise to manage a package - have its sources, so you can patch, update, submit back upstream (yay!)11:30
norguhtarlike this?11:30
sledgesnorguhtar: yes11:31
norguhtarIn telepathy-haze.yaml set Sources: http://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/telepathy/telepathy-haze.git/11:34
norguhtarbut i'm not found tag in spectacle11:35
sledgesnorguhtar: Sources is less important. most crucial is submodule and source copy on github/11:35
sledgespoint Sources to their git webUI11:36
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norguhtarsledges: https://github.com/norguhtar/telepathy-haze11:39
norguhtarnow right?11:40
sledgesvery well norguhtar11:40
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sledgeswhich revision have you checked out?11:41
norguhtarsledges: pidgin use hg11:41
sledgesit should match the stable version you are confident to work with11:41
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norguhtarsledges: i just tested on stable release 0.8. icq work on jolla fine. But need manual configuration :)11:42
sledgesnorguhtar: for piding use git_subtree: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/User:Sledge/Nemo/Development11:44
sledges(need to promote this to wiki!)11:44
norguhtarjust add from tarball?11:45
sledgesnorguhtar: then point telepathy-haze submodule to 'telepathy-haze-0.8.0' tag11:45
sledges( 00be1032a4dbb7340d0213959954cf93d236accb )11:45
sledgesnorguhtar: yup, instructions on subtrees are there11:45
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norguhtargit checkout in submodule telepathy-haze?11:46
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sledgesnorguhtar: delete this first: https://build.merproject.org/package/show?package=telepathy-haze&project=home%3Anorguhtar11:56
sledgesthen create a subproject (how you want to call it?)11:56
sledgeswhere all telepathy and purple will reside11:58
norguhtari think haze11:59
norguhtari'm right pack tarball?11:59
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sledgesyup, good stuff12:05
* sledges is waiting for subproject ;)12:05
sledgesadd cibot as maintainer there pls12:07
* sledges webhooking it up12:08
* sledges invites norguhtar to mer-boss12:08
sledgesthe channel12:08
sledgesadd mer:qt:devel repo for architecture of your choosing https://build.merproject.org/project/repositories?project=home%3Anorguhtar%3Ahaze12:10
sledgeshang on12:10
sledgeslet's build against nemo:devel:mw12:10
sledgessafest bet12:10
sledgesnorguhtar: let's try again12:12
sledgeshint: add only necessary repos and archs (one or two to start with)12:12
sledgeswe don't want to overload obs extra when ironing out12:12
sledgesso: use " pick one via advanced interface." feature12:13
sledgesto add nemo:mw:devel12:13
sledges(why? because e.g. telepathy-devel is in it - best bet for other deps to resolve fine)12:14
norguhtarin Project or repo?12:14
norguhtaron this?12:15
norguhtarhmm nothing changed12:16
sledgeshint: start typing nemo:mw:deve...12:16
sledgesand select from drop down12:16
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norguhtarsledges: got  nemo:0.20130426.0.1:armv7hl and nemo12:17
norguhtarneed use simple nemo?12:18
norguhtarnemo:devel:hw ?12:18
* sledges mubles something about sage repo naming ;) mer:qt:devel and nemo:devel:mw :P12:18
sledgesnorguhtar: nemo:devel:mw12:19
sledgessorry mixed up namings ;P12:19
norguhtarokey got it12:19
sledgeslatest and your arch you'll test on12:20
sledgeshw - armv7hl12:20
sledgesvm - i48612:20
sledgesdon't press "Add repository yet ;))12:20
sledgesgive it a shorter name12:20
sledgeslike remove the obvious _devel and _latest12:21
norguhtari'm already add12:21
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sledgesnow be careful about architectures checkboxes12:22
norguhtarnemo_mw_armv7hl (x86_64, armv7l, i586)12:22
sledgesfor armv7hl it should be built on armv8el scheduler12:23
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sledges( https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/OBS_architecture_naming )12:23
sledgessome obs cockup, you'll just have to bear with us i'm afraid ;)12:23
norguhtarnemo_mw_armv7hl (x86_64, i586, armv8el)12:24
sledgesanother news12:24
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sledgesyou can build arch only with it's own scheduler12:24
sledges(see how default ones got added)12:24
sledgesnemo_mw_armv7hl (armv8el)12:24
norguhtarjust remove x86_64 and i586?12:25
norguhtarnemo_mw_armv7hl (armv8el)12:25
sledgesdelete the rest of repos12:25
norguhtarnow done? :)12:25
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norguhtarokey i'm del other repositories12:26
norguhtarnow only nemo in list12:26
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sledgesgo to https://github.com/norguhtar/libpurple/releases12:27
sledgesand tag12:27
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sledgestag as nemo/(version)-112:28
sledges(press create new release)12:28
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sledgesclick on that release, and click delete12:29
sledgesto get rid of big font12:29
sledges(ugly :))12:29
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sledgessee your libpurple building here: https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log?arch=armv8el&package=libpurple&project=home%3Anorguhtar%3Ahaze&repository=nemo_mw_armv7hl12:30
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norguhtarerror: File /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SOURCES/pidgin-2.10.9.tar.bz2: No such file or directory12:32
sledgeslooking ;)12:32
norguhtarsledges: where obs get sources?12:33
sledgesneed to look how other tar_git packages .spec themselves12:33
sledgestelepathy-gabble hey hey hey :)12:33
sledges%setup -q -n %{name}-%{version}/%{name}12:34
norguhtarit spec?12:34
sledgeswhat you need to adjust in your .spec ^12:35
norguhtarsledges: now i'm think obs don't download tar.gz12:35
norguhtarit shuld be?12:35
sledgesnorguhtar: is irrelevant in our case12:35
sledgestar_git tarballs from git12:36
sledgeshence the name ;)12:36
sledgesis only your %prep setup in .spec incorrect12:36
sledges#modify spec to do %setup -q -n %{name}-%{version}/%{name}12:36
sledgesfrom https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/User:Sledge/Nemo/Development12:36
norguhtarsledges: hmm archive name is pidgin not libpurple12:37
sledgesupstream yes12:38
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sledgesbut you renamed it all12:38
sledgesso let's go all the way :)12:38
norguhtarreally? i'm put in my git pidigin-2.10.9 dir12:38
sledgesshould rename that too then12:39
sledgesall has to be same name12:39
norguhtarsledges: ok i need rename pidgin to libpurple right?12:39
sledgestou didn't do skip-component12:39
sledgestar -xvf ../uthash-1.9.4.tar.bz2 --strip-components=112:40
norguhtarhah just put in rpm catalog all source12:41
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sledgesnot into rpm12:41
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sledgesthere's a way12:43
sledges%setup -q -n %{name}-%{version}/pidgin12:44
norguhtaralso need version12:44
sledgesas this is how tour tarball looks like + version12:44
sledgesis not good idea12:44
sledgesto keep version in folder's name in github12:44
sledgesso rename there12:44
norguhtarhm okay12:44
sledgesas you might want to update to newer12:44
sledges(just like nemomobile-packages/uthash does)12:46
norguhtarsledges: got it12:49
sledgesnice to see you get going fast12:50
sledgeswhat did you do before?12:50
sledgesSource0:    %{name}-%{version}.tar.bz212:51
sledgesit does matter apparently12:51
norguhtari'm oftten build custom packages for ubuntu centos, build smaill system with openembedded12:52
sledgesURL can be a homepage instead of you like12:52
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norguhtarsledges: on libpurple.spec?12:52
sledgeswelcome aboard norguhtar :)12:52
norguhtarsledges: bot rebuild after i'm add tag?12:53
sledgesvery convenient12:53
sledgescan trigger build from your phone on the run via web ui :)12:54
norguhtarsledges: okey now it building :]12:59
sledgessuccess \o/12:59
sledgestime to tag telepathy-haze ;)12:59
norguhtarneed set nemo/0.8.0-1 right?13:00
norguhtarsledges: telepathy-haze need libpurple-devel13:00
sledgesall good13:01
norguhtarit added after success build libpurple?13:01
sledgestar_git checkout13:03
norguhtarand how build?13:04
sledgesin .spec13:04
* sledges learned a lot today :)13:05
norguhtaryep i'm read errro :)13:05
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norguhtarsame spec problem setup not corrected13:10
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norguhtarsledges: hmm strange13:16
norguhtar cd telepathy-haze-0.8.0/telepathy-haze13:16
norguhtarbut configure not found13:16
norguhtarand so really not found need autoconf ;))13:17
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sledgestarball is empty :)13:17
sledgesi think .gitmodules is missing13:18
sledgesin your haze github repo13:18
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norguhtarsledges: no it fine git not include configure13:21
norguhtarneed run autoconf and then configure13:21
norguhtari'm change it later13:21
sledgesnorguhtar: your haze is empty https://api.merproject.org/public/source/home:norguhtar:haze/telepathy-haze/_service%3Atar_git%3Atelepathy-haze-0.8.0.tar.bz2?rev=65e8aee874b2293ffc2491e1e3b53b45&13:21
sledgesi agree for autoconf (see how -gabble .specs it)13:22
sledgesbut first things first ;)13:22
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* sledges lunchtime too13:23
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vgrade_sledges: good idea13:45
* sledges om nom nom nom13:46
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locusfhmm has there been any discussion about ButtonRow?13:54
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sledgesqwazix: ^ ;)13:58
locusfah so I guess no :)13:58
locusfI have no idea even how to start but its at the top of the list :p13:59
sledgesalphabetically? :)13:59
locusfI really do wish I had better Qt/QML skills to just start doing the components :p14:01
locusfqwazix: so about buttonrow, any pointers on where to get started?14:01
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sledges(and should we think forward about the case where all buttons+labels don't fit in one width)14:02
qwazixspec is here https://github.com/qwazix/glacier-controls-spec/raw/master/buttonRow/buttonRow.pdf I think it's pretty much complete, don't know if faenil has done something, I remember he was studying it.14:02
locusfyeah been reading that14:03
qwazixsledges, if options don't fit then ButtonRow is not the correct element to use14:03
qwazixwe could do something swipey, but it interferes with the current spec, and a SelectRoller is more suitable for many options14:04
qwazixlocusf, got anything you need to be clarified along the lines of the spec?14:04
locusfqwazix: probably nothing, I just need something to get me started on it, the spec is very clear but I just need something like how to handle the multiple items in QML :p14:05
sledgesqwazix: sometimes it's not up to developer to foresee all widths (if we think localisation/fontsize/screensize)14:05
sledgesprobably only 3 max4 buttons with short words in them is the use-scenario14:07
sledges( Sfiet_Konstantin can help with qml too ^_^ )14:07
qwazixlocusf a good place to start is a Repeater within a Row14:07
locusfqwazix: yeah14:08
qwazixsledges, that is true, we can ponder making the widths smaller and eliding the content14:08
qwazixlocusf, though the highlight IMO will be easier if it's a completely seperate element outside the Row14:09
qwazixEither draggable along x with snapping behaviour, or completely custom.14:09
qwazixYou can start without the draggable behaviour at all, and just try moving (animating along x) when user taps on an option14:10
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locusfblank page in examples, grr14:31
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locusfhmm forgot to hit save again in qrc, theres the problem :p14:44
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locusfcould someone please check what I'm missing, I get a black page in the example page: https://github.com/locusf/qtquickcontrols-nemo/commit/a8d1b5f592cf99801a68cf42b505d80ecc541c1815:09
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sledgeslocusf: something more than just .qrc save? :) like styles etc15:13
sledges(remembers from backlogs)15:13
locusfyeah I got those15:13
locusfprobably not in git but in the device yes15:14
sledgeshumm, start with minimal working case?15:15
sledgesyou know, takes time to refresh things in the head15:15
sledgesdid you run ~generator.py15:16
locusfand added he resulting cpp file to sources15:16
*** shentey has joined #nemomobile15:17
sledgeslook at the commit which adds a simple components in the past15:17
sledgesand compare analogically15:17
locusfyeah, will do15:17
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locusfso there was something wrong with the button row qml16:19
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sledgesall sane now? :)17:04
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile17:04
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locusfcan't make the rectangle to drag, but will continue tomorrow17:14
sledgesmaybe some invisible on top?17:15
sledgesoki, thanks locusf :) good to have you back17:15
locusfthanks :)17:15
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*** stephg has joined #nemomobile17:17
locusfjust one mousearea on that17:19
locusfso no overlapping17:19
* sledges humms17:20
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Mric_sledges, haven't been here for 1 month or so any big changes in nemo ?19:04
Mric_sledges, btw I hope you are fine :)19:04
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sledgesMric_: welcome back :)19:10
sledgesyes, we have buttonrow nearly implemented today \o/19:10
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile19:11
sledgesand mw contribution of icq and msn chat supports19:11
sledgeshow are you?19:11
tbrshould build sipe for that too. would appeal to the corporate types19:12
Mric_sledges, awesome :) I will update my N9 than19:12
* sledges remembers trying to make m$ lync work, it happened until they changes something in company's hosted lync server :(19:12
sledgeson linux box that is19:13
sledgesMric_: great :)19:13
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tbrsledges: I'm knee deep in a lync improvement project. Adding desktop sharing (both ways) and some other stuff19:17
sledgestbr: fantastic, im talking Q2 2013 here *g*19:18
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile19:18
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tbrsledges: you guys have a hosted exchange server, so better shush ;)19:19
sledgesim also talking my ex-workplace :P19:20
sledgeswhat does exchange have to do with sipe|lync ?19:20
tbrthey are closely related :-/19:20
sledgesbut there's no need for lync now if you catch my drift :)19:20
sledgesfor "us guys" ;)19:21
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tbrsledges: you guys are working on establishing a nokiaesque corporation, you'll be running mickeysoft all around sooner than you expect. *snerk*19:28
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alinsledges: hi22:11
alinis today the day?22:11
sledgesalin: keep kicking :) and one day!22:13
sledgesoh btw you might want to join the channel #soon :)22:13
alinsledges: no... I am already in the #waitingForGodot one22:13
tbralin: liar, but at least I'm now op there, harharhar22:14
sledgesi lied to myself, and now i'm op in #soon22:15
sledges(since yesterday though :))22:15
alintbr: I leave in dubllin... we are by default in that channel22:15
tbrsledges: what's the topic? "horse pictures or GTFO!"?22:16
* sledges is not Brit btw ;)22:16
sledgestbr: "soon"22:16
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sledgestbr: topic adjusted22:18
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ryukafalzSo, if I were to get a phone now to run nemo/sailfish... would the N9 be my best bet or a nexus/other CM-supported android phone?23:46
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC23:47
ryukafalzI mean... probably Jolla but that's rather expensive/doesn't ship to the US afaik23:48
sledgesJollaHQ tweeted some unclear message today23:50
sledgesdid you check? :)23:50
sledgesre: n923:51
Eztransledges: this one? https://twitter.com/JollaHQ/status/43797641728518144023:52
sledgesyes :)23:53
EztranThat's probably the most positive official response I've seen yet on the matter, actually.23:53
sledgesso hard to recommend you anything else than wait a bit ryukafalz23:54
EztranDoes look like more info's on the way.23:54
Eztran'soon', no doubt :)23:54

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