Wednesday, 2014-03-05

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* stephg didn't mean to shout shhhhh, the nemobies still sleep08:34
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dr_gogeta86good morning peeps09:13
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dr_gogeta86anyone here have tested ovirt with multiple modems ?09:16
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sledgeshewwo :)13:42
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sledgestested gallery more yesterday, and i forgot that sfied has change the speed of page transitions :D14:08
sledgesstill, firing up a nemo vm on another laptop was a good idea (my main laptop had CPU too much consumed by it)14:09
sledgespage transitions are deliberately snail speed atm :)14:09
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locusfI so want to start doing the new homescreen already :p16:09
locusfeven though I don't have the specs yet :d16:09
bencohbtw, I guess the latest images are meant for n9/950 (not for n900) ?16:11
bencohis anyone still working on n900/wayland ?16:11
locusfbencoh: yeah its for n9/950 only16:11
locusfI guess someone worked on it for a while16:12
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locusfI don't remember who it was16:12
locusfon n900 that is16:12
bencohyeah I saw a twit/picture of it but nothing more afairc16:12
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vakkovis there a sailfish port for nexus 7?16:18
vakkovthe 2012 version16:18
stephg_if you want to know more/help, /msg sledges16:20
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sledgeslocusf: great for homescreen! Safest (until spec appears and/or qwazix does a brain dump) is to start with putting in wallpaper and coming up with an appropriate parallax effect (is a challenge when portrait/landscape kicks in) - Morpog_Jolla_ already started this, probably still in his repos16:43
locusfsledges: thanks, will check it out :)16:44
Morpog_Jolla_yep still there, but kinda basic hardcoded16:45
Morpog_Jolla_and portrait only16:46
sledges:) at least locusf won't have to spend time on finding the best place to put it amongst homescreen components' hierarchy16:48
locusfMorpog_Jolla_: everything goes :)16:48
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locusfMorpog_Jolla_: can you give the sources to me?16:52
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Morpog_PCsorry locusf seems I've have done a hard reset back then and lost that changes....17:43
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locusfMorpog_PC: ah its okay then :)17:55
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Deformatqwazix around?18:46
Deformat*is qwazix around18:47
Deformathey, one more quick, small question:18:47
Deformatis it possible to contribute with icons as well?18:47
Deformatbecause some of them are a bit...awkward for me18:47
Deformatat least the maps one xD18:47
qwazixapplication icons have some guidelines18:47
Yanielthat's on average a very useful way to contribute18:47
qwazixbut we need lots of b/w icons for inside apps18:48
qwazixDeformat, which maps icon? the red one or the one with the map?18:48
Deformatthis one18:48
Deformatwith the blue stick on a triangle18:48
qwazixno no, those aren't the final icons18:49
DeformatI kinda feel that I can sense the icon guidelines18:49
qwazixand still, the map icon has changed again18:50
qwazixthis is the maps icon now
qwazix(I have to update that specs website)18:51
Yanielnot much better IMHO18:51
DeformatI can try, at least18:51
Yanielbut yeah generic icons for use in apps are a good thing to have around18:52
Yanielbesides actual app icons18:52
Yanielso devs can just say source: theme-icon-sms-unread etc18:52
Deformatit might be me, but sometimes I feel that up-down gradient is slightly better than circular18:53
Deformatbut I'll see18:53
Deformatthanks for the info, again18:53
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YanielI don't find the shape for the maps icon too intuitive18:55
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Yanieltoo used to it being an actual map18:55
qwazixYaniel, it's not, but it's very distinctive, and the user will learn it easily.18:56
qwazixIMO it's not so important to be obvious, than to be easily distinguishable in a sea of icons later on18:57
Yanielapp names are shown too, aren't they?18:57
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qwazix(for example I find myself always lost in the blackberry homescreen searching for that icon)18:57
Yanielso one wouldn't have to rely on the icons at first at all18:57
qwazixsomething that doesn't happen, e.g. on harmattan18:57
qwazixhave to go, I'll be around later on18:59
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sledgesYaniel: Deformat (ah they're gone): current homescreen: ( )19:25
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Yanielseen that19:31
sledgeshard not to notice maps :)19:32
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bolushuhu!:) I would like to exchange lipstick with another application when starting nemo. How would i do it?23:07
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