Thursday, 2014-03-06

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arcomivi what would i need to do, to exchange lipstick with another qt5 app to start at boot?07:00
Stskeepsedit the user session07:00
arcomiviwhich i find where? :)07:01
arcomivisorry for dumb question07:01
Stskeeps /usr/lib/systemd/user probably07:01
arcomiviok, will look into this, but what about the touch calibration stuff, are there any startup procedures that i would have to take care of?07:01
Stskeepstouch calibration.. you have a resisitive screen?07:02
arcomiviTFT screen in a car, not evey one is the same - that is one thing. But things like sound network etc. how can i find out what is at the moment/lipstick starting first, sedond, etc...?07:03
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Stskeepswell, that's up to systemd dependencies07:04
arcomiviok, so lipstick does not care about this, fine. What would you suggest to think about when exchanging lipstick, I do not mean UI stuff, but systemwide settings, or sth like this.07:05
Stskeepsnot much in practice07:06
arcomiviok, regardless whether i use xorg or wayland?07:06
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arcomiviabout calibration again. Do you know of any calibration rpms supported by nemomobile or do i have to compile some stuff myself. I did not find any rpms in repos.07:08
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Stskeepsi haven't done any touchscreen calibration in ages, i think you need to make it yourself07:09
Stskeepstslib based?07:09
arcomiviyes, back in moblin times i did compile an rpm for TFT screens07:09
arcomivianyways, thaks for the tips about systemd for session startup, maybe i will finally understand how this stuff works ;)07:12
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jussisledges: in the ning nag nong where the cows go bong and the monkeys all say boo! :D09:29
sledgesand you didn't just make that up (google told me after thinking otherwise :))09:30
jussiSpike Milligan  :)09:31
sledgesa friday video candidate? ;)09:31
jussihehe, maybe :D09:32
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locusftodays component, buttonrow10:25
sledgeswe got stephg as tester too ;P10:26
locusfall of the components in glacier-control-spec are in my thesis now10:26
stephgyou should have said before you were looking for people for testing10:26
stephgI have an n9 sat at home right now with nemo on it patiently waiting :)10:26
sledgesany extra pair of hands helps :)10:27
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locusfsurely yes :)10:33
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locusfwtf buffer overflow while compiling10:40
bencohrock-solid toolchain :]10:40
locusfthis happens even after reboot10:46
sledgeshow about `mb2 -t nemo-n950 rpm/qtquickcontrols-nemo.spec` ?10:47
sledgesfor a change10:47
sledgeslocusf: without `build` ;)10:48
sledgesbuild in the end that is ;P10:48
sledgesand more changes:10:48
sledgesmb2 -t nemo-n950 -s rpm/qtquickcontrols-nemo.spec build10:49
locusfFatal: This specfile does not have the qtc_* macros defined10:49
locusfah that one works10:49
sledgestill the end?10:50
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locusfthanks sledges10:50
sledgesas it's still the same sb2 underneath10:52
locusfinitial buttonrow implementation now works for single selection11:02
locusfmultiple selection not yet done11:02
locusfand also no animations and no dragging11:04
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sledgesthat was fast! :)11:05
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locusfwill do the multiple selection now as well11:32
locusfI just don't know how but I'll figure it out11:32
locusfSince they are stored as a set of values, instead of as an object, their contents cannot be modified individually <- ok not doable then11:35
locusfproperty variant selected_items: []11:35
locusfmain.selected_items.push(name) <- this won't do anything11:35
locusfso if anyone wants to build and test :)11:37
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sledgeslocusf: just did that :) looks like a good jumpstart12:02
locusfsledges: cool :)12:02
sledgeslocusf: implementation's design-wise, will it be easy to add single (sliding) select functionality on top of what is now (multiselect) ?12:05
locusfI have no idea12:05
sledgeseven if not easy, it will be only to modifying controls/ButtonRow.qml itself ;)12:07
sledgesso let's pull the trigger \o/12:07
locusfthanks for pulling it in :)12:09
sledgeslooks good to go ahead, (just like for buttonrow) will label this as "lightgreen" in which will mean "not yet 100% up to spec"12:15
sledgeshappily merged both those components \o/ thanks! this way it will enable anyone else to continue polish them :)12:15
sledgeswiki updated too :)12:16
sledges(i was about the trumpet there ^ :)12:16
sledgesyay one red box less ;)12:16
locusfheheh :)12:16
sledgesqqc:nemo tagged and rebuilding \o/12:17
locusfgreat \o/12:18
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locusfping Hurrian14:02
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locusfso much red in the wiki14:08
Hurrianohai locusf14:08
stephgso, wiki, much red, wow14:08
locusfhey Hurrian14:08
stephgso red, much wiki, wow?14:08
locusfHurrian: I'll msg you14:09
Hurrianstephg: "much wiki, such red, very wow"14:09
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sledgesto those who have noclue what just happened (including me):
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locusfI'll start the Nemo homescreen now, will probably push tomorrow or later17:40
locusfor rather Glacier homescreen17:42
locusfI can't create a repo to nemomobile-ux so I'll create one myself17:43
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locusfI'll call it Iceberg :)17:44
locusfhmm no17:44
locusflets see something similar to it17:44
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locusfnow thats a name for icebergs17:46
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Morpog_PCAndroidDelegate ? o_018:11
locusfwait up :)18:16
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locusfbuffer overflows again on my Mer sdk18:20
Stskeepslocusf: what's happening?18:20
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locusfI don't have no clue whats happening, it just does18:22
locusfneither mb2 or mb work anymore ;(18:22
Stskeepsi assume this is not sailfish vm sdk?18:22
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locusfyep its not18:22
locusfmy host machine sdk18:22
Stskeepsanything special about $HOME?18:23
locusfI dunno, probably nothing special18:23
Stskeeps /home/foo, i presume18:23
locusfits /home/locusf18:24
locusfso its ok18:24
Stskeepsmv .scratchbox2 .scratchbox2-old and re-init the target?18:24
locusfwill try18:25
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locusfStskeeps: worked, thanks :)18:26
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locusfalmost there18:58
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locusf <- something goes wrong but what goes its still under review19:14
locusfJan 11 04:52:23 localhost [5415]: [W] unknown:-1 - qrc:/qml/NotificationPreview.qml: File not found19:16
locusfJan 11 04:52:23 localhost [5415]: [W] unknown:-1 - qrc:/qml/ConnectionSelector.qml: File not found19:16
locusfthat is probably the problem19:16
locusfpushed my work now, will continue probably on monday19:21
sledgesthanks o/19:26
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m4g0ggood night20:14
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m4g0gMay somebody can help me with transfer engine&20:15
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phakois it possible to use lipstick with wayland but without it being a compositor?21:14
m4g0gdoes somebody has experience in transfer engine plugins?21:20
* phako would like to avoid writing something similar but we do have a (mandatory) compositor in the system already21:22
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sledgesphako: refer to the how lipstick looked in qt4/x11 times?21:59
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