Friday, 2014-03-07

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chriadamgmorning stephg.08:03
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sledges_go morning :)08:42
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stephgit's friday!08:42
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sledgesyay! whats the theme song today? :)08:43
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Deformathello everybody13:28
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DeformatIs qwazix/Hurrian around?13:36
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HurrianDeformat: yep!13:40
HurrianLooks like a nice music icon, although I'd prefer the gradient being vertically linear, and not radial, but that's just me13:41
Hurrianbetter than the current ambiguous "play" icon though13:42
Deformatthat's the thing13:45
DeformatI like it linear13:45
DeformatTBH, I'm not 100% sure, but are you qwazix? xD13:45
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Hurriannope, totally different guy13:47
Deformatthing is, qwazix told me to keep on the guidelines, and the guidelines say that they have to be radial, although I'm willing to do all icons linear13:47
Deformatthe current ones annoy me, they look a bit too much like a copy of the Firefox OS ones. Sort of.13:48
Hurrianwell, if those are the guidelines, then oh well13:48
Deformator dunno, they look unprofessional13:48
DeformatI could try to do them all these days13:48
Deformatboth radial and linear13:48
Hurrianyep, the radial gradients look a bit off somehow, can't pinpoint what exactly though13:48
Deformatand propose them13:48
DeformatI guess I can try13:49
Deformatafterall, all I want is to see Nemo work13:49
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sledgesDeformat: maybe you could help us on a bleeding icon issue then?14:05
Deformatwhich one? A whole revamp of the icons, or?14:05
Deformator a more specific one?14:05
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Deformaticon philosophy?14:06
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sledgeswe don't have these icons at hand:
sledgesbut we need them to finish the header demo14:06
sledgesthe ones you see there are taken from an unlicenced source iirc, so we need a rewrite14:07
sledgesthe black and white ones14:07
DeformatI see14:07
Deformatso, you want me to redesign all those buttons?14:07
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sledgesthat's right14:08
Deformatseems doable. What size?14:08
sledgesmorpog already did settings and refresh here:
Deformatsize, not format :P SVG is not an issue.14:10
sledgesyou see we are going to ship SVGs and rasterise them in-place, currently is our killer RnD feature ;) so fits any form factor / dpi14:10
DeformatThat's brilliant14:11
Deformatwait, dumb me14:11
sledgesfor now please match the size that of browser mockup14:11
Deformatit's SVG, that's vector.14:11
Deformatright, will try and see14:11
sledgesthat's right, but for specs we use N9's resolution as reference14:11
sledgesand for mockups14:11
sledgesyou can see browser mockups are 480x85414:12
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sledgesthat's our scaling factor 1 :)14:12
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Deformatokie-dokie :)14:13
sledgesmore browser ref:
sledgeswe have another designer who did the status bar:
sledgesfor more styling ideas :)14:14
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sledgessandy_locke (@LozereMedia on twitter)14:15
sledges@Morpog also seems to be away, you can tweet him14:15
Deformatthat's a lot of stuff that's been done14:16
DeformatNemo is really hipster, but going14:16
sledgeseveryone's been into their shiny jolla phones and/or exams since end of last year so ;)14:16
sledgesRPMs went down a bit14:17
sledgesbut ask anything away :)14:17
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DeformatSadly, I don't have the money for a Jolla. Or well, I have, but it's a waste of my money, since I already got an Xperia T, so xD14:19
sledgeswelcome to nemo mobile :))14:20
locusfyay, welcome aboard then :)14:21
sledgesjolla will release sailfish porting instructions to android devices, im sure community will hack nemo in too :)14:21
Deformatall I'm willing to buy is perhaps a Nexus 714:21
DeformatI hope that as well.14:21
sledgessailfish on n7 already flies :)14:21
DeformatBut Nemo works as well :P14:22
sledgesyup, we have a video about that from november '1314:23
sledgeshave you got n9 Deformat ?14:24
DeformatMe? Nope. Always been a fan of it. Always had fun with it in stores, but that's about it.14:24
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sledgesif you need to test nemo, it runs in VM on n9's resolution, so all good14:25
Deformatwhen it was released, it was too expensive here. So yeah. Later, I found it a bit pointless to buy, so I got an Xperia T, being a somewhat more interesting alternative to the Galaxy S3. And cheaper.14:25
DeformatI should do that as well. I'll have to do that soon.14:25
sledgeslet me prepare sane instructions first ;)14:38
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Deformatok :))14:46
DeformatI'll go right now, got a date. Laters!14:46
*** Deformat has quit IRC14:48
sledgesgood luck with the date ^_^14:49
Hurriansledges: holy crap, we can do that now?14:58
Hurrianwas qt's svg limitation problem hacked around?14:58
sledgesHurrian: we still have no u15:01
sledgesbut is better to have all graphics as SVG surely, i was answering to Deformat's size question15:01
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sledgeswhat qt svg limitation Hurrian ?15:07
sledgesthere is limitation around the 'u' what i can recall15:07
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Hurriansledges: something about Qt lacking support for key SVG features, which is why we couldn't straight-up use SVG for resources, to save space when scaling15:13
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sledgeswe'll be using imagemagick to rasterise15:18
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bencohimagemagick on the device ?16:13
sledgesthat's right16:13
sledgeswe need benchmarks first ofc16:13
bencohyeah ...16:14
sledgesbut in this day an age shouldn't be an overkill16:14
bencohdepends on the plateform I guess16:14
bencohand whether you can cache16:14
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Stskeepsor just pregenerate16:14
bencohdo some caching .... but I'd rather go for the pre-rasterised way16:15
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sledgesall pngs are cached, you can check in /home/nemo/.cache16:18
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