Sunday, 2014-03-16

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sandy_lockesledges: arf, I missed your message. You'll have to explain me tomorrow. I go to sleep now ^^04:08
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gryhi! where can I download a latest version? i have one from a few months ago, it doesn't show the statusbar04:17
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tbr is the latest I've been given to host06:07
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stephghappy sunny sunday morning08:49
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grythan you, tbr08:59
grythank, too08:59
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gryhow do I check battery level for a version where the statusbar is missing?08:59
gryhow do I check battery level from terminal, for example?08:59
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sledgesgry, what does upower --dump say?09:27
locusfhmm I could add the battery frontend if necessary09:29
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sledgesand the status bar UI ;) (with only battery icon for now) \o/09:34
Morpogsledges, hmm, sounds like double work if he is implementing new glacier homescreen as well09:34
sledgeslocusf: here's your tutorial:
grybattery: percentage: 0%09:35
gryi thought it has been charging for 3 hours09:35
sledgesgry: is it plugged? also, don't believe all what it says, we needto examine kernel and sysfs nodes too, cc locusf09:36
gryi think it's plugged, but nowhere in the interface it says that; i just need battery level so i can flash to the 2014 version09:36
sledgesMorpog: status bar shows up on homescreen too :) for indicative purposes rudimentary status bar is enough for now09:36
Morpogdo we need a status bar at all?09:37
phaeronsledges: didn't statefs have a bme provider ?09:37
gryMorpog: some place to show cellular and battery status. how do you call it?09:37
sledgesphaeron: yes, but upower needs to be done sane first09:37
Morpoggry, well it culd be on homescreen, like in sailfishos09:37
grythat'd be ok09:37
Morpoga status bar just eats screen real estate09:38
sledgesMorpog: status bar spec is done, lost you a bit09:38
gryyey, i can ssh, i will pastebin upower output in a moment09:38
sledgesgry ok09:38
locusfsledges: okay thanks09:38
Morpogsledges, true forgot that totally :D09:39
Morpogthere you go locusf :D
sledgesphaeron suggests that battery is read from bme instead of upower (as you see upower is nuts from gry's paste)09:40
sledgeswhat does bme say? (i dont know syntax)09:40
phaeronsledges: this is on n9 , right ?09:41
sledgesphaeron: yes09:41
sledgesgry n950 ?09:41
gryyes, sledges09:41
grybme command not found09:41
sledgestab complete?09:42
grybmedatalogger  bme_RX-71      bmestat09:42
gryFailed to connect bme server, Connection refused09:42
sledgeslong shot: systemctl start bme.service09:43
sledges(or find /lib/systemd | grep bme )09:43
sledgesas root09:43
sledgesgry, which version are you running now?09:52
gryit's probably one from 2013-04, but i admit that i have no idea09:53
gryFailed to issue method call: Unit bme.service failed to load: No such file or directory. See system logs and 'systemctl status bme.service' for details.09:53
gryme.service\n   Loaded: error (Reason: No such file or directory)\n  Active: inactive (dead)09:54
sledgesgry, does it show status bar?09:54
sledgeswith battery09:54
sledgesthen it's >=2013-0909:54
sledgesthen run find command09:55
sledgeslocusf: try to get bme going first09:55
locusfsledges: yeah figured as much09:56
sledgesgood, just double checked you read backscroll and didn't get carried away by the 'tutorial' :)09:57
locusfthats whats happening in systemctl with bme_RX-71 -v 7 -n09:59
Morpogsledges, any chance the remaining yellow blocks on nexus grouper get green before the beta starts?10:00
locusfso bme isn't starting at all10:01
sledgesmorpog, we're concentrating solely on n4 and s310:02
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Morpogoh :(10:02
sledgesafter we release porting docs, i expect the whole table to be green thanks to community ;)10:03
Morpogbut understandable, as it's not a tablet OS UI10:03
sledgeslocusf: strace bme_RX-71 -v 7 -n10:03
sledgescheck what is it trying to open bmeipc.c:bmeipc_open10:03
* sledges afk a bit10:04
locusfI probably need one of those files10:05
locusfokay strace is good too10:05
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sledgesgry, just flash latest image , no worries if you keep in plugged in charger10:05
gryfind command, sledges?10:06
sledgeslocusf: systemctl start bme-rm-680-bin.service ?10:06
locusfGOT IT10:06
sledgesif that sets up environment better10:06
sledgesgry, locusf is your man now ;)10:06
sledgeslocusf: \o/10:06
gryhi locusf10:06
* sledges continues bit of afk10:07
locusfbme_RX-71 -l stderr -c /usr/lib/hwi/hw/ -n -v 710:07
gryyou suggest me to do that?10:07
locusfso that inits the bme correctly10:07
locusftoo much crap on stderr10:07
locusfand it shuts down at the end10:08
locusfupower and DSME ignore bme completely10:09
grylocusf: it's post 2013-09; how can i check battery level? i charged for 1.5h and it shut itself off within a hour, now i charged about 3 hours and i don't know battery level10:11
grythe goal is just to flash a new version properly10:11
locusfgry: you'd need to check and parse bme output by hand10:11
locusfhmm I wonder why bme isn't starting on boot10:12
gryyes, i showed earlier that bme doesn't start the simple way10:12
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locusfgry: bme_RX-71 -l stderr -c /usr/lib/hwi/hw/ -v 5 <- try this10:14
locusfas root ofc10:14
locusfand pastie the output so lets see about it together10:15
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locusfthere is a battery voltage level displayed by that10:19
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gry(are the instructions at up to date? i've already got 2014 image from tbr's host, i don't understand what to download from
locusfso your battery voltage level is 3768mv10:22
locusfdo you remember the n950 battery capacity?10:23
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locusfgry: you need the moslo rootfs and flasher from skeiron.rog10:23
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sledgesgry, you already have done this step (since you have nemo on)10:25
sledgesboot your n950 with usb plugged10:25
sledgesand then moslo should stay in usb exported screen10:25
sledgesthen continue with10:25
gryno, i don't remember, it's behind screws which i would rather not touch, but i could look it up somewhere10:27
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gryi had downloaded something flash-like before but i don't recall where i put it10:28
locusfsledges: I was rather thinking about using bme contextkit plugin ISO the tutorial10:28
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sledgeslocusf: yes that will be needed, but later10:28
sledgesgry, you don't need flasher nor moslo files, as they are already on your phone, skip that step and go to the bit i paste10:29
gryok, i just asked it to shutdown through ssh, no interface on phone; on it10:30
sledgeslocusf: does this fail too?10:32
sledges12:06 < sledges> locusf: systemctl start bme-rm-680-bin.service ?10:32
locusfsledges: it doesn't fail10:32
sledges12:08 < locusf> and it shuts down at the end10:33
locusfjust not started on boot, thats all, I guess10:33
sledgessystemctl enable bme-rm-680-bin.service10:33
locusfsledges: yes when run on cli with -n10:33
sledgeswell i think you can expect it to fail at any point, if it fails from cli10:33
phaeronstatefs has compatibility to replace contextkit ..10:33
sledgesbetter to check what's in bme-rm-680-bin.service file under Exec10:33
locusf-n means no dsme10:34
locusfwithout -n it starts and churns along happily10:34
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gryuntar takes a while, nice10:34
sledgesnow time to do what phaeron just said ;)10:36
sledgeslooks like yes10:38
sledges(forgot the links to what deztructor been instructing)10:39
sledgesmaybe phaeron will help if we derail with marrying contextkit with statefs10:39
grysledges, i follow the, how do i do after it? i unmounted alt_os, do i now just unplug?10:39
gryi just forgot, got lost on the parent page10:40
phaeronsledges: I don't know much except the general names. deztructor wrote that stuff :)10:40
gryit booted, i see no statusbar and no information on home screen10:40
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sledgesgry do you see icons?10:41
grysome icons were missing in the apps list, now they are not missing10:42
sledgesgry, job done \o/10:42
sledgesphaeron: i believe in locusf :)10:42
Morpogsledges, wouldn't coderus work on battery info for sailfishos on n9 help alot?10:43
sledgesMorpog: good find ;)10:45
* sledges afk , will check back when i can10:46
Morpogit's merged here btw:
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locusfMorpog: awesome10:47
grythanks sledges, i now try bmestat on this version10:48
grysame error, connection refused10:48
locusfMorpog: the problem is that there are no packages for it in devel:mw10:49
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locusfgry: systemctl start bme-rm-680-bin.service10:50
locusfbmestat does show everything10:51
gry8, 4, 47, what are these numbers?10:51
gryi think 47% level charge10:52
gryis there a way to show battery level in the gui perhaps?10:53
locusfgry: thats what I have been trying to start working on :)10:54
locusfgry: pct level is exactly that10:54
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gryi wonder whether i can hack in a simple desktop icon which opens a window with big fat percentage, using a bash script10:55
gryand whether it's charging10:55
locusfah statefs-provider-bme is in devel:mw10:57
grythanks locusf, i will resort to bmestat for now (i hope i will be able to just charge it every evening) :)10:57
locusffiring up qt creator :)11:01
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locusfhmm there are no qml plugins for statefs11:12
phaeronlocusf: nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt5 maybe ?11:13
locusfphaeron: yes thats probably better :)11:13
Morpognice, was in shower while you found all solutions :D11:14
locusfhmm no, phaeron, statefs-providers-bme overrode everything11:17
locusfso no more contextkit11:17
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phaeronlocusf: hmm , wait for dez then11:18
locusfif statefs just had qml plugins11:19
phaeronlocusf: I wonder how it is done on sailfish11:22
locusfphaeron: I don't know, don't have the sources11:23
phaeronlocusf: all nemo's mw is the sources :)11:24
locusfphaeron: happy birthday btw :)11:24
phaeronoh :) thanks :)11:24
Morpoghappy birtday phaeron!11:26
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phaeronlocusf: afaics it's done with contextkit11:32
phaeronoh we have a graveyard now
locusfphaeron: trying that now but failing11:39
locusfMar 16 13:37:20 localhost [1661]: [W] ckit::CKitProperty::tryOpen:246 - No property file  "/run/user/100000/state/namespaces/Battery/OnBattery"11:39
phaeronlocusf: is statefs mounted ?11:39
locusfphaeron: I don't know11:39
locusfmount tells me that it is mounted11:40
phaeronsystemctl status statefs.service ?11:40
phaeronlocusf: but it also has to be mounted for the user11:41
phaeronsystemctl --user status statefs.service11:42
phaeronas nemo user11:42
locusfits running too11:43
phaeronhmm and bme provider is installed and registered ?11:44
locusffor statefs11:44
locusfhow can I make sure its registered?11:44
phaeroncheck the bme provider package if it has scripts . maybe you need to reboot11:45
phaeronas it seems to be using oneshot11:46
phaeronrpm -q --scripts <provider>11:46
locusfoneshot was activated on package installation11:46
locusfand I just manually triggered it too11:46
locusfbut reboot might help too11:47
phaeronor remount11:47
phaeronbut yeah reboot is easiest11:47
locusfnow I can test whether bme is started too11:48
locusfstill contextkit can't open the value11:49
phaeronlocusf: check the contents of the fs manually then ..11:51
locusfnothing there11:51
locusf/usr/lib/statefs/provider-action $1 /usr/lib/statefs/ default --system ${@:2}11:53
locusfthats what the oneshot is doing11:53
locusfso that should probably be --user?11:53
locusffor user namespace to register the key11:53
phaeronnot sure but you can try11:54
phaeronlocusf: there's also /usr/bin/statefs-prerun which seems to be run before user session11:55
gryhow do i set time and date? the gui does nothing after i click 'accept', apart from the timepicker dialog itself having incomplete styling11:59
locusfphaeron: found the files for bme12:00
locusfbut they are root owned12:00
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phaeronlocusf: did you run the register as root or as user ?12:01
locusfas root12:01
phaeronlook at /usr/bin/statefs-prerun12:02
locusfphaeron: ah Battery appeared :)12:04
locusfphaeron: so running statefs-prerun as user helpedd12:04
phaeronlocusf: yes it should be run by a service in user session12:04
phaeronlocusf: ok that may be some bug in the bme provider12:08
phaeronbut at least you are on the right track12:08
locusfphaeron: it works !12:08
phaeronoh ! :D12:08
locusfsomehow got it working now12:08
locusfjust f'd up property names in my main qml12:09
locusfthanks phaeron for all the help :)12:15
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phaeronlocusf: np :)12:25
locusf <- problems12:28
locusfso I get 2 different values12:28
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locusfso the states don't change when doing different  things12:33
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locusfso close ..12:41
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locusfhmm it was bme dying that didn't change the values13:06
locusfI'll pop outside for a while, afk13:23
locusfall working now so I gotta test wether the level of the battery changes13:23
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locusfit works13:58
phaeronlocusf: \o/14:09
locusfhmm still wondering why bme isn't loaded on startup14:16
locusfthe spec file doesn't show anything in particular that it wouldn't work14:17
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locusfit should be loaded after dsme14:19
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locusfso who did that statusbar spec?14:53
Morpogbitsandnumbers, irc nich was different14:54
sandy_lockeyes ?14:54
locusfis bitsandnumbers you?14:54
locusfokay, was just wondering on the status bar14:54
sandy_lockeyou mean about my git account ?14:55
sandy_lockeyes it's me14:55
locusfcould I get those battery icons as single files sandy_locke ?14:56
sandy_lockeok, let me find it and send it to you14:56
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sandy_lockelocusf: what size do you need ?14:57
locusfthe small ones preferably14:58
locusfso I can integrate it to the statusbar of my homescreen14:58
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sandy_lockelocusf: is 29x32px ok ?15:04
locusfsandy_locke: sure15:04
*** stephg has quit IRC15:04
sandy_lockehum, locusf : so you want the empty battery only ? Or do you want it with the bars too ? (i.e: are you planning on coding the bars or do you need their img ?)15:08
sandy_lockeor not bars, but anyway,  the fills15:08
locusfsandy_locke: with fills yes15:09
sandy_lockehow many increments ?15:09
locusfhmm 6 might do it15:09
Morpogsany, why not 32x32 and centering it?15:09
MorpogI like powers of 2 ;)15:10
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sandy_lockeMorpog: ok I'll do that15:22
sandy_lockelocusf: do you want colors ?15:22
sandy_lockei.e: red, orange, yellow, green ?15:23
sandy_lockeor just plain white ?15:23
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locusfsandy_locke: plain white is ok15:29
Morpogwhite icons can be colored with qt15:32
sandy_lockeMorpog: mmh interesting15:33
sandy_locke6 increments + 1 empty battery15:33
sandy_lockeso 7 icons15:33
locusfsandy_locke: thanks15:34
sandy_lockelocusf: yw15:34
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locusfsandy_locke: added to homescreen, thanks again :)17:03
sandy_lockenice locusf :)17:03
sandy_lockeso it will be in the next build ?17:03
sandy_lockehow does it look ?17:04
locusfit looks fine, just as I imagined17:04
sandy_lockeyou have a full battery :P17:06
sandy_locketoo bad that the status bar itself is not themed yet17:07
sandy_lockeotherwise it's nice17:07
sandy_lockeright now the issue is white on grey :/17:08
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sandy_lockegood job btw locusf :)17:16
locusfthx :)17:16
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Morpogsandy_locke, what about a 7th batter icon which indicates it's plugged into power? Or should it animate the bars then?19:58
sandy_lockeMorpog: we can make a 7th battery icon as you say but we would have to thing of a "charging" logo then, like a plug or sth more original20:00
MorpogI like the sailfishOS one :)20:00
sandy_lockeFor now we can just animate the bars if it's easy to do20:00
sandy_lockeMorpog: link ?20:00
Morpogbetter watch it on some dark background :D20:02
*** tanghus has quit IRC20:02
Morpogwithout the plug20:02
Morpogsomething like that20:02
sandy_lockeMorpog: we could make our own based on this then20:02
Morpogyeah, sure20:02
sandy_lockewith the battery icon and a bolt inside20:02
Morpogsounds like a plan!20:03
sandy_lockelike a transparent bolt20:03
sandy_lockedo we forget the plug ?20:03
sandy_lockeI'll take note for later20:03
sandy_lockeI'm not going to do it tonight, but definitely this week20:03
Morpogguess we can ignore the plug :D20:03
Morpogno pressure20:04
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sandy_lockesure ;)20:05
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