Monday, 2014-03-17

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stephghappy monday!07:48
* stephg facepalm07:48
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sledgesgo morning09:30
jussimorning sledges09:32
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grythe keyboard just doesn't close on some things (like entering a wifi password) and gets in the way of pressing a next button: i can't10:02
grymorning too :)10:02
locusfhey gry, you can swipe down the keyboard if it gets in the way10:03
grynope, it stays10:03
locusfthe swipe must start on a key10:04
locusfhavent tested the kb on n9 wifi password so I dont know whats wrong10:05
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cos-what would be the correct way of injecting audio to a voice call?12:42
cos-QMediaRecorder probably can record audio from voice, but i can't find any example of injecting audio.12:43
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tbrpulse-audio should be able to do the mixing12:44
tbrjust play it back12:44
tbrBUT if policies are used, then you need to make sure that you have the right class or whatever, else your playback will be muted.12:44
cos-to the ihf sink?12:44
cos-is there a higher level (Qt) api for playback that could be used?12:46
tbrjusa_ might be able to give you a quick pointer if he isn't too busy.12:47
jusa_cos-: injecting audio to upstream?12:50
cos-jusa_: yes, to outgoing voice call stream12:55
cos-i already found this for recording- do you think it will work on nemo?
jusa_cos-: doesn't work13:10
jusa_and unfortunately recording or injectin cs call audio doesn't work with the device (at least for now)13:11
cos-dang. looks like i'll have to use a N9 then.13:12
jusa_with N9 it was nice when all voice call audio was going through pulseaudio..13:14
jusa_but here it's quite different, so just telling the dsp side that now it would be nice to get audio from modem to speakers..13:16
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jusa_cos-: sorry. I was in non-nemo mode, so did you refer to N9/nemo audio recording/injecting? :)13:41
jusa_(I can't read)13:41
jusa_cos-: anyway, yes, recording call audio should work with that application, injectin audio to the upstream isn't so straightforward13:42
jusa_I did a hack for that a loong time ago, which might still apply to
jusa_I wonder if that is still lying somewhere..13:47
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cos-jusa_: actually, i can use any hardware for this project. i'd prefer Jolla of course as it's available.13:55
jusa_cos-: yep13:56
jusa_found the hack for voice module but it was even older than I remembered13:57
cos-so what would you recommend? this is a work project, but i'd hope to release at least a proof of concept app as oss14:02
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jusa_cos-: afaik injecting audio with jolla won't work14:32
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