Tuesday, 2014-03-18

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m4g0gzchydem_: ping06:03
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alinsledges: hi... so still waiting11:10
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sledgesalin: im happy you are :)14:18
alinsledges: heard sailfish os was released?14:19
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alinsledges: yeaterday on 17th... you should have made it green... and charge the irish something for it... like the chinese did with the wall14:20
alinsledges: now I suspect will come the time for release to other people?14:20
sledgesinstalling green ambience for those who like this tradition should do ;)14:20
sledgesalin: yes14:21
alinsledges: cool.. this is great news...14:22
alinsledges: I suspect once is out maybe we convince the obs people to create a mer target on obs14:23
sledgesalin: define mer target14:24
alinsledges: whatever is the equivalent of sailfish to allow providing packages14:25
sledgesalin: if you are talking about sailfish, its target is already on OBS to build against14:25
alinsledges: on the opensuse obs?14:25
alinsledges: I mean the one at build.opensuse.org?14:26
sledgesmer obs14:26
alinsledges: perfect... more or less the same14:26
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alinsledges: got an account there14:30
sledgesgood you :)14:30
tbryou can probably already now build against mer/nemo/sailfish on other OBSes if you go through OSB-links, but not sure if mer obs has that enabled and how well it works nowadays14:31
alinsledges: why do you have the opensuse projects?14:31
sledgesalin: because it's the least PITA ; comes from nokia meego times and decisions14:32
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* sledges hugs obs14:32
tbrOBS has significant benefits14:32
tbralso OBS stands for "Open Build Server" nowadays, no longer open suse specific14:33
alintbr: I know... I used/abused it... for many years now14:34
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alinsledges: and now I am on your list with early adopters?15:46
sledgesalin: you are on the list yes15:46
locusfhmm again buffer overflows on mer sdk15:51
locusfnow even mv .scratchbox2 doesn't work15:51
sledgesping lbt? ^15:52
locusfStskeeps knew the solution before :)15:53
sledgesbut you say it doesn't apply anymore15:53
sledgesis this latest mer sdk?15:54
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locusfnot latest no15:56
sledgeshttps://img.merproject.org/images/mer-sdk/ (26 Feb)15:56
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lbttbr: external links won't work - we use sb2 building15:56
lbtwe have made an effort to catch up to suse obs but not yet pushed changes15:56
locusfsledges: how did I upgrade it?15:57
lbtlocusf: eww15:57
locusflbt: yep15:57
sledgeslocusf: well maybe first zypper dup ?15:57
sledges(least intrusive :)15:57
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sledges(also do the same for your target)15:58
locusfcan't as I can't sb2-init it15:58
locusfbut dupped host as well15:58
sledgesah ok then :D15:58
locusfnothing changed15:58
locusflbt: any idea what could be wrong?15:59
lbtold sdk ?15:59
lbtseems most likely15:59
lbtuse rolling and make sure it's uptodate15:59
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lbtI'm not sure about the 950 target16:00
lbtprobably needs a rebuild16:00
locusfI used the tldr version16:00
locusfso it is rolling16:00
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sledgeslocusf: you forgot -d parameter: sb2-init -d16:01
lbtthat's just 'make default'16:01
lbtwhere/when is the n950-root from ?16:01
lbtit may need a rebuild16:01
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locusfmarch 416:02
sledgeslocusf: https://github.com/faenil/NemoWaylandKickstart/blob/master/nemo-i486-vm-wayland_SB2.ks ?16:02
lbtok, not that then16:02
locusflast year16:02
sledgesthat is16:02
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lbtlocusf: !16:02
lbtlocusf: our LTS release support period is about 2 weeks16:03
locusfeven with newer target it fails with stack trace16:04
sledgeshow newer?16:04
locusfAugust last year16:05
sledgesmic cr16:05
locusfwell damnit16:05
locusfI'll do another16:05
sledgeswe need to get obvious variable out of way first16:05
sledgesand how come both of your targets aren't sb2-init`ed ? ;)16:06
locusfwell I removed the inits due to that last buffer overflow problem16:06
sledgesinstalling latest sdk (can go side-by-side) is another recommendation: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK (see recently updated tl;dr instructions)16:07
lbthe did that16:08
sledgeslbt: question is, when ;)16:08
lbtlocusf: you did that today ?16:09
sledgesand whether zypper dup would tie all loose ends16:09
sledges17:54 < sledges> is this latest mer sdk?16:09
locusflbt: no I just mv .scratchbox2 .old-sb216:09
sledges17:56 < locusf> not latest no16:09
lbtah ... [18/03/2014 16:00] <locusf> I used the tldr version ..... 4mins would indeed be pretty quick16:10
* lbt shoots locusf16:10
sledges(is a key *g*)16:11
locusfhmm how do I remove my old installation with bind mounts still in place?16:12
sledgeslocusf: sdk umount16:12
sledges(leave all shells first)16:12
locusfah ok reboot it is then16:13
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sledgeslocusf: you don't want 1yo scenario do you? :D16:13
* sledges still remembers ^_^16:13
locusfnope lol :D16:13
sledgesit's good that someone doing rm -rf ...sdk_path... and someone having elaborate half-hourly hdd backup system was one and the same person - you :D16:14
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locusfeach 4 hours but close enough :)16:18
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locusfall working now with new installation :)16:29
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locusfI added a percentage indicator for the battery, much more informative than just the icon16:49
coderusany new info about creating nemomobile transferengine plugins?16:56
coderussome example please?16:56
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sledgeslocusf: can't wait to tweet ;)17:05
locusfsledges: ah you want to see it?17:08
sledgesofc :))17:08
locusfok sure, one moment17:08
locusfI was revisiting qqcn on Jolla17:08
sledgescoderus: a person kept asking about this recently :) ping the respectful committers pls17:09
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locusftwittered :)17:12
locusfProblem: nothing provides qt5-qtquickcontrols needed by qt5-qtquickcontrols-nemo-5.1.0-nemo1.armv7hl17:13
locusfthis wasn't there previously when I tried it17:13
sledgeslocusf: mic cr?17:18
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sledgesis in nemo:devel:mw17:20
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sledgeslocusf: RTed ;) thanks looks awe17:21
locusfsledges: mic cr?17:23
locusfah its there17:24
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locusfhumm devel:mw might break stuff if handled improperly17:25
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sledgeso_O ?17:26
sledgesah, on jolla ;P17:26
* sledges afk lunch17:26
locusfa lot of stuff could break lol17:26
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Morpoghmm, your lockscreen thinks it's portrait :)17:41
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:41
locusfwhat :) ?17:42
locusfyeah the image is17:42
Morpogah ok, thought we had a landscape version of it too17:44
Morpogactually, we have :)17:45
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locusfyeah, I just packaged the portrait versiom17:46
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vakkovany hints on nexus 7 2012 porting?18:57
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Morpogsorry. my cat19:08
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artemmaCamera isn't crashing anymore when flashlight requests LED permission, but.. it doesn't release resource either https://together.jolla.com/question/24316/camera-crashes-the-device-when-not-releasing-resource-while-reporting-its-released-also-when-acquiring-resource-while-its-not-free-yet/20:42
artemmaor releases it, but somehow not fully (middleware issue?)20:42
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artemmaa fresh instance of Nemo Permissions is able to acquire permission, but the old one (waiting until Camera app releases resource) never gets permission20:43
artemmaanybody here who could know how to proceed? :)20:43
* artemma is not into fixing it, but can report and adjust reproduction example. Most important is to figure out we are indeed looking at a bug, not at a feature20:44
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dr_gogeta86good night21:34
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alinsledges one sillt question21:38
alinwhat is the map between mer targets and the arm cpus?21:39
alini see armv7hl (aemv8el)21:39
sledgesalin: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/OBS_architecture_naming21:40
sledgesimportant is to use the correct scheduler21:40
alinmy nexus says armv7 rev0 (v7l)21:40
sledgesalin: which nexus?21:41
alinsledges: nexus 521:41
dr_gogeta86hi sledges21:41
M4rtinKalso note armv8el on OBS is not armv8/aarch64 :)21:41
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sledgesalin, your will be armv7hl (hl because of hard-float support)21:49
sledgesand hopes high for armv7tnhl too21:50
sledges(NEON, Thumb2)21:50
alinsledges: i was wondering about21:50
alinsledges: i will read to see what cpu is... it may be my cyanogenmod 11 wgich is conservative21:50
dr_gogeta8611 is hl21:52
dr_gogeta86but not use neon by default21:52
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: ciao :)21:52
dr_gogeta86you make my blush21:52
*** mjones has joined #nemomobile21:52
dr_gogeta86I'm going to start from scratch again21:53
sledgesalin: don't rely on /proc/cpuinfo for your full arch (n4 is armv7hl but there it says Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)21:53
alinsledges: yap... i am reading wikipedia... on the snapdragon and krita... i will endup to the manual21:54
dr_gogeta86usefull just for optimization21:55
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sledgesinteresting that qcom snapdragon devices are not listed here, but [krait] only mentioned as arm compatible http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_applications_of_ARM_cores22:01
sledgesalin: your one is the Cortex-A15 lot22:03
alinsledges: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krait_(CPU)22:03
alinsledges: yap22:03
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