Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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grythe alarm makes no sound at all :o10:44
sledgesgry: you overslept!10:44
sledgesgry: have you seen locusf's latest: ? :)10:45
grynow i have10:46
sledgesgreat :)10:47
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gryi am amused, alarm appears to exist within the clock app only and is silent11:03
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stephgsmall steps for everything11:05
stephgloving the fact that at some point in the last week double-tap to wake appeared11:05
sledgesgry: sound is not yet in place; do you get soudns elsewhere? (ringtone?)11:06
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gryyes, sms has a sound, ring too11:54
sledgesthen it should not be a problem to make alarm work11:55
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locusfgry: is the nemo alarm not working?15:35
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sledgeslocusf: yep, the qmlclock's one20:19
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coderuszchydem_: ping21:19
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alinsledges: hi21:43
alintrying to get a start with mer obs... I am a little bit lost in targets21:44
alinSending meta data...21:44
alinBuildService API error: unknown_project (404)21:44
alinwhen I added the repo in the config21:44
sledgesalin: im born and bre(a)d OBS web UI user *g*21:45
* sledges hides21:45
sledgesalso, refrain from armv7tnhl for now, keep it simple for starters21:46
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stephgbe(a)dtiem for me21:46
stephggood night folks, see you in the morning21:47
alinsledges: i see me too21:47
alinso i will stay with hl for the moment21:47
alinone more thing21:47
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sledgesif you want some CLI action21:47
alinsledges: I shall now that... I will be ashamed... not too21:48
sledgesalin: is fine, web ui is your friend21:50
sledges(prepares for someone to +kb us two from this channel :))21:50
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alinsledges: i see the wiki info is out of date21:53
sledgesalin: surprise surprise21:55
alinsledges: I cannot even edit it... it seems I am in some alien group21:55
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sledgesalin: did you sign in?21:56
sledgeswith account everyone should be able to21:56
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alinsledges: yap... timed out... now I am fine21:57
alinsledges: is ok to update it?21:57
sledgesalin: is not ok to not update it ;)21:59
alinsledges: done... the example is done... I will not touch the table21:59
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sledgesalin: step by step ;) if you want a review when in doubt - ask me22:00
alinsledges: the scheduler entry seems to be no more22:00
sledgesalin: ?22:01
alinsledges: the arch in the example use to be armv8el22:02
alinsledges: but added by wui the repos
alinand got the arch that you see listed there22:03
sledgesah that article22:03
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sledgesalin: not quite right there22:09
alinsledges: where? on the wiki or what the obs does?22:09
sledgesalin: in what you do, i think; let's see together:22:10
sledgesadd i486 repo in your project with i586 scheduler22:10
alinsledges: ok I will show you22:10
sledgesthen as second one22:10
sledgesarmv7hl repo with armv8el scheduler22:10
sledgesand you should get more similar to what is in wiki22:10
sledgesas opposed to your both armv8el ones22:11
sledges(in your edit)22:11
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sledgesalin: to match the wiki example, please add i486 and armv7hl repos instead (pointing to _latest )22:13
alinsledges: let me see.. something like this
sledgesyes, the first two should go to wiki22:15
sledgeswhich means only minor change from the past really22:15
alinsledges: ok...22:15
alinsledges: no problem22:15
sledgesthanks :)22:16
grylocusf: not making sound, showing gui only within the clock app window22:16
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:17
sledgesgry: qmlclock is very rudimentary, needs work22:17
sledgeswe are thankful to nomovok who gave us that port , and that's pretty much it22:17
sledgesqt5 port that is22:17
alinsledges: done22:18
alinsledges: now I will look through the hello example...22:18
sledgesalin: great22:19
grywhat amuses me is that the width are given in pixels (like if I don't want to run nemo on a tv screen or something)22:19
sledgesgry: you might find that elsewhere too22:19
sledgesqt5 qml nemo ports are very primitive22:19
sledgesevery app will be rewritten using glacier components22:20
sledgesfrom as ground-up as possible22:20
sledgesand with the aim to scale22:20
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alin_sledges: what is the version of your osc22:30
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile22:33
sledgesi'd first try to update my Mer Platform SDK as there is new version as of Feb '1422:34
sledgessince now im using an old one22:34
sledgesbut for only osc-oriented tasks it shouldn't matter much22:35
sledgesi'm happily running osc co add rm commit build bits22:35
alin_sledges: ok... does not seem to be too happy... for local builds I will try tomorrow when in office22:38
alin_sledges: but I have created a simple package... thehello example22:38
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alin_sledges: tomorrow I may ping you to see what are the packagesone may need to build... I suspect kernel libhybris22:40
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sledgesalin_: ? libhybris does not come in a picture here whatsoever :)22:42
sledgesand if you are talking about what you are asking me every day, then that's another story ;)22:43
sledges#nemomobile-porters is a better place to discuss those things, i'll see how i can keep you busy until we release22:44
alin_sledges: ok22:52
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