Thursday, 2014-03-27

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locusfwow what no mornings or anything :) ?13:02
locusfI was just wondering ..13:05
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stephgoh I see13:06
stephgwell morning has gone now, so13:06
sledgesbig day today see ;)13:08
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alinsledges: hi13:24
alinsledges: I see the email went out...13:25
alinsledges: are you still collecting emails for early adaptor?13:25
sledgesalin: i have your email13:25
sledgesif you didn't receive, pm Stskeeps13:25
sledgescheck your spam beforehand13:25
alinsledges: I know and I got the email13:25
sledgeswe are still accepting yes13:25
sledgesbring your friends over ;)13:25
sledgesall same until public release ofc13:26
alinsledges: I read it... was not for me... I have a friend.. old nokia linux adopter13:26
alinsledges: he was tempted to join too13:26
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alinsledges: and I remember that one could do so by emailing13:27
sledgesalin: 1st requirement - get them to join #sailfishos on IRC13:27
locusfsledges: dialog text wrap now works13:29
locusfpushed -f13:29
sledgeslocusf: \o/ testing13:29
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dr_gogeta86sledges: want mine ?14:13
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sledgesthanks dr_gogeta86 :)14:28
locusfindeed a big day14:38
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sledgesyay we have timestamps in untagged tar_git archive names!!15:15
sledgesthanks to phaeron ;)15:16
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dr_gogeta86ERROR:ovirt_hosted_engine_ha.agent.hosted_engine.HostedEngine:cannot get lock on host id 10: (90, 'Sanlock lockspace add failure', 'Message too long')15:17
dr_gogeta86how redhat piss mi off15:17
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sledgeslocusf: merged \o/17:16
sledgescan we haz battery % toolbar pls? :) needs new glacier-home project on
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locusfsledges: sure we can :)17:23
sledgesgreat :)17:23
locusfsledges: and thanks for merging17:23
sledgesthanks for devving :)17:23
locusfI can't create project on nemomobile-ux, could you ?17:23
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stephgsledges cool17:27
stephgv. cool17:27
locusfvery nice17:27
sledgeslocusf: try again ;)17:27
locusfsledges: okay :)17:27
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sledgesstephg: thanks :)17:28
sledgesi barely did anything :D17:28
sledgesit's locusf and sandy_locke17:28
locusfsledges: okay pushed glacier-home to nemomobile-ux17:30
locusfalso I guess it needs a PR to faenils kickstart repo17:31
locusfor to nemo mobile patterns17:31
locusfthat is if we decide to use it as default such early on17:32
* sledges nods17:32
sledgesif it's as useable as colorful-home why not17:32
sledgesbut i would unleash it after theming the toolbar a bit :)17:32
locusfokay :)17:32
sledgesi guess even black is better (and easiest)17:33
bencohoh well, it's getting better every week :)17:33
locusfI guess Sfiet_Konstantin would know how thats done17:33
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Sfiet_Konstantinah query dialog looks good :)17:36
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I have to go :(17:36
locusfah okay17:36
locusfI can probably push directly to ux repo if homescreen needs anything new?17:38
sledgeslocusf: but then we won't know ;)17:39
sledgesuse your home one as sandbox17:39
sledgesi breaked too many things in the past :)17:39
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locusfsledges: okay17:40
locusfgood point17:40
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* sledges goes to polish his english17:41
locusfah black rectangle just worked for statusbar17:42
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sledgessly ;)17:43
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coderushello :)17:46
locusfhey coderus17:46
coderusanyone works with nemomobile qml contacts plugin?17:46
SK_Sailfishfun, review PR in a bus17:47
SK_Sailfishcoderus: me a bit (studied SF code)17:47
sledgeslocusf: great, commented17:47
coderusi need to create vcard for contact for export17:47
locusfsledges: commented back17:48
SK_Sailfishcoderus: use QtContacts17:48
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SK_Sailfishcoderus: imo it is easier / better17:49
coderusSK_Sailfish: ok, but how to export vcard then?17:49
SK_Sailfishiirc there is an api17:49
coderusin harmattan was versit converter in mobility17:49
SK_Sailfishor read code from vcardimporter (in nemo)17:49
coderusnemomobile lack of docs17:51
coderusi need to clone whole organization to desktop17:51
coderusto have search in contents faster :D17:51
sledgescoderus: obs is another point of entry to search17:52
coderusnever touched obs17:53
coderusonly github :)17:53
sledgesyou missed out ;)17:53
* coderus fear obs...17:53
locusfsledges: filed bug as
MerbotNemo bug 713 in Glacier UI "Theming not working in Glacier homescreen." [Major,New]17:53
sledgesSK_Sailfish: lgtm the PR#117:54
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sledgeslocusf: wasn't that toolbar the default provided by qt-components17:55
sledges(at least it looked like ghost from the past)17:55
sledgeswhich obviously shouldn't be :)17:55
SK_Sailfishcoderus: however I don't kbow the API well17:55
coderusSK_Sailfish: cant find vcard anything in QtContacts17:56
locusfsledges: its Page's tools property17:56
coderuswill check nemomobile plugins17:56
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sledgeslocusf: understood; so for proper fix it would take restyling it somehow other ways?17:59
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locusfsledges: yes18:00
sledgesbug pretty pls? :)18:00
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locusfbug 71418:03
MerbotNemo bug 714 in Glacier UI "Glacier homescreen uses Page as parent item" [Normal,New]
locusfthats the root cause18:03
sledgesmany thanks18:03
locusfnp :)18:04
sledgesshower time :D18:06
locusfbtw the MysticWrapper is courtesy of Jolla (mainly w00t)18:06
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locusfthis effectively fixes the Y-rotation18:07
sledgescourtesy fuelling OSS ;) great!18:07
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locusfhey faenil_18:12
locusfend of march I presume :)18:13
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile18:13
faenil_f*** yeah :D18:13
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locusfwelcome back, we've been waiting for you :)18:16
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faenil_locusf, thank you :)18:21
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faenil_I wonder why freenode says faenil is already in use...18:26
locusfit is18:26
faenil_is it me? or what happened18:26
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locusfan impostor!18:28
Eztran22 days? Pretty epic idle time, that.18:28
faenil_WTF :O18:28
faenil_I mean, I created the name nick faenil, so it must be someone who's done that on purpose...18:29
faenil_it's a fantasy name :/18:29
EztranConsidering if it's actually someone else, they're using your real name too...18:29
faenil_right, exactly18:30
locusflooking at the host name's webpage is quite wild18:30
faenil_I wonder if it's Mer's shell, which is handled by tbr18:31
locusfit is18:31
sledgesfaenil_: your nickname flashed through my mind whilst tweeting today's nemo news18:31
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faenil_sledges, :D18:32
sledgesas if we knew you were about to pop up :D18:32
faenil_locusf, so, we only have to know what happened now :D18:32
locusffaenil_: yep :D18:32
sledgesfaenil_: you see, whe don't pretend to be working only when you're around18:32
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faenil_sledges, ahahah18:33
sledges(we do it all the time :DDD )18:33
* faenil_ starts Steam18:33
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faenil_anyone playing Path of Exile in here?18:36
locusfnot for Linux I guess :p18:37
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sledgessteam4linux ;)18:37
EztranIs that 'playing PoE right now', or 'has played it'?18:38
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sledgesbuon divertimento :)18:49
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coderuswhy nemomobile souces lack of docs and examples? :D19:04
sledgeswho needs docs? :D19:05
sledgesexamples would be nice though :))19:05
coderusyeah, but qtcreator format docs will be nice :)19:06
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M4rtinKI guess patches welcome :)19:18
M4rtinKor the age old19:18
M4rtinKfeatures, bugfixing, docs, marketing <- choose one19:19
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coderusno, i hate writing docs :D19:29
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SamZaNemesisHow can I enable a framebuffer terminal from the kernel so I can debug visually? I don't have any knowledge/equipment for serial debugging21:38
*** nodevel has quit IRC21:45
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ejjomangood evening21:46
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ejjomanI have a problem. I try to build QtMultimedia on OBS, but I get following error:
ejjomanhat am i doing wrong? :/21:59
*** mjones has quit IRC22:02
sledgesSamZaNemesis: CONFIG_CONSOLE_FRAMEBUFFER & Co :)22:05
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile22:06
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SamZaNemesisThanks, I haven't seen that option on my board config22:10
sledgesSamZaNemesis: what about searching for FRAMEBUFFER in menuconfig (where you see all avail options)22:12
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sledgesejjoman: locally or remote?22:34
*** mjones has joined #nemomobile22:34
ejjomansledges: remote22:34
sledgesejjoman: looking22:35
ejjomansledges: thank you :)22:36
sledgesejjoman: you need to build qt 5.1.0 against mer:qt repo22:37
sledgeshere is an example of successful build:
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile22:41
ejjomanokay... build against mer:qt repo means that i have to branch the package qtmultimedia from that repo?22:42
sledgesyou're building it against mer:devel22:43
sledgeswhich doesn't cut it22:43
* sledges afk, have fun ejjoman !22:44
ejjomansledges: ah, okay... i think i got it :) thank you :)22:46
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sledgesejjoman: great!23:17
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ejjomanis there a way to deploy my custom qtmultimedia build with my sailfish-app?23:59

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