Wednesday, 2014-03-26

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dr_gogeta86g'day guys08:45
dr_gogeta86and girls .... also cybette is here08:45
dr_gogeta86hi Stskeeps08:45
dr_gogeta86just in time08:45
dr_gogeta86did u tried to port lua 5.2 in mer core ?08:45
Stskeepsnot yet08:46
dr_gogeta86last night i've tried to08:46
dr_gogeta86port telegram from ubuntu touch to sailfish os08:46
dr_gogeta86for test case08:46
dr_gogeta86the tg library use lua08:47
dr_gogeta86if you compile by hands08:47
dr_gogeta86you can pass08:47
dr_gogeta86./configure --disable-liblua08:47
dr_gogeta86but i didn't find how to do that with qt create08:48
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draskolpotter, present?15:17
specialbrisbane timezone, so currently 1am15:18
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dr_gogeta86good night so :-D15:29
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ejjomangood evening :)18:25
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sledgeslocusf: \o/18:26
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sledgeslocusf: very nice, just tested18:52
sledgesbut the query text does not wrap18:52
locusfsledges: hmm? really18:53
locusfI gotta fix it tomorrow18:53
sledgesoki, then we'll merge it and tweet the screenshot :)18:54
locusfokay :)18:55
Eztranproduction cycles do not often end with 'tweet the screenshot' ;)18:55
locusfI gotta set the width to be smaller and then text.wrap it18:57
Stskeepshow many of you have nexus 4's, btw?18:57
Stskeepsjust in case you want to play with glacier on it too it should be possibl18:57
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locusfI was wondering wether I should describe libhybris in my thesis too18:59
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Stskeepsif you want to fail for suggesting something so architecturally obscene .. ;)18:59
locusfmy instructor told me to include androids history so libhybris would make a nice fit18:59
sledgeslibhybris is not history *g*18:59
locusfas overall19:00
sledgesit was a statement, not an argument locusf ;P19:00
sledgeswith many connotations :)19:00
locusfwhy just nexus 4 btw? Stskeeps why not sgs3 as well19:02
Stskeepslocusf: n4 is first19:03
Stskeepssgs3 comes a bit afterwards19:03
Stskeepsthen hadk19:03
locusfbwtw the dialog spec is quite odd with spacings I'm not entirely familiar with19:04
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sledgessuch as?19:04
locusfwell look at it :)19:04
locusfmaybe sandy_locke can explain better once hes back19:07
sledgeslocusf: margins?19:07
locusfthey are not connected to anything19:08
sledgesso everything is centered, and margins are from the edges19:08
locusfI'll take another look tomorrow, but for first draft I just need wrapping19:10
sledgessame strategy as qt5 apps porting ;P19:10
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lpotterdrasko: I am now20:08
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