Saturday, 2014-04-05

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stephgmuch ow07:57
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locusfmorning, you gotta install statefs-provider-bme for battery stats on n908:26
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stephgooh ok08:29
stephgis already there08:30
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locusfis bme running?08:46
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locusfmorning faenil08:56
faenilmorning people08:56
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stephglocusf, yep09:02
locusfodd, it should display the battery stats09:02
locusfI don't remember exactly how I made it happen, it jus tdid09:03
stephglast time I looked at this with sledges (a couple of weeks back) the sysfs entries don't seem to be there09:03
stephgor aren't correct09:03
stephgso obvs no hope then further up the stack09:03
locusfyeah you need the user based entries, not the root based09:03
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locusfhmm I can't test the latest version of the homescreen due to a bug in my Mer SDK setup09:04
stephgmy drunken ramblings above are what it currently looks like on device09:05
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locusfmy rootfs ran out of space suddenly09:12
stephgin the sdk?09:14
locusfno my host09:17
locusfah my backups09:17
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locusfmy nas iscsi isn't working since the system upgrade, darn09:19
locusfwell see you in a moment09:19
locusfI'll reboot09:19
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stephgsafe rebooting :)09:19
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locusfok back09:42
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locusfproblems building a custom windowmodel /usr/include/lipstick-qt5/lipstickcompositorwindow.h:19:31: fatal error: QWaylandSurfaceItem: No such file or directory10:15
locusf/usr/include/lipstick-qt5/lipstickcompositorwindow.h:19:31: fatal error: QWaylandSurfaceItem: No such file or directory10:15
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locusfworked with DEFINES += QT_COMPOSITOR_QUICK and QT += compositor10:19
locusfWindowModel: Compositor must be created before WindowModel10:25
locusfthis prevents custom WindowModel ping special10:25
faenilcould it be that you're running the custom lipstick while the original one is still running?10:28
locusfah custom lipstick indeed10:33
locusfI have the preview of the pandoras box10:33
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locusfnow my contextproperty doesn't work to the qml10:35
locusfapp.engine()->rootContext()->setContextProperty("GlacierWindowModel", GlacierWindowModel::instance());10:35
locusfthats the correct way of doing it, right?10:36
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locusfhad to use qmlRegisterType11:01
locusfstupid but worked11:01
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: better use qmlRegisterType IMO11:25
Sfiet_Konstantinusing context properties can clash from different modules11:25
Sfiet_Konstantincontext properties should be used with care11:25
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: okay11:26
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: why do you need singleton instance ?11:27
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: no particular reason, I just like doing it that way11:27
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: I don't :(11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinmodels might read from a singleton datasource11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinbut themselves shouldn't be singletons11:28
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locusfSfiet_Konstantin: okay, how should I do it then?11:30
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: I'm reviewing code. Added some comments on github11:31
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: IMO, just remove the singleton thing11:32
Sfiet_Konstantinbeware of the default constructor, you are missing the QObject *parent = 0 argument11:32
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: I left a lot of inline comments as well, feel free to update PR and ping me again ? :)11:36
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: sure, I'll try fixing them11:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: missing Q_OBJECT macro11:39
Sfiet_Konstantinclean your build11:39
Sfiet_Konstantinand, (very important): clean the makefiles11:39
Sfiet_Konstantin(and / or rerun qmake)11:39
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: I'm not missing it11:40
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: rerun qmake11:41
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: inherit from WindowModel too11:41
Sfiet_Konstantin(line 16 of your paste, inside the constructor)11:41
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: what do you mean by that?11:41
Sfiet_KonstantinGlacierWindowModel::GlacierWindowModel(QObject *parent): WindowModel(parent) {}11:42
Sfiet_Konstantincomment out all the instance things too (rignt now)11:42
Sfiet_Konstantinand try rerun qmake11:42
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can also try to add a destructor as well11:42
Sfiet_Konstantin(should be optionnal though)11:42
Sfiet_Konstantinif nothing works, you can simply remove your build folder and rebuild11:43
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: are you trying to build the glacier compositor on top of Jolla ?11:44
Sfiet_Konstantineh ...11:44
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: probably not11:44
Sfiet_Konstantinwhere is the source of WindowModel :D ?11:44
locusfin lipstick11:44
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: sorry I was wrong then11:45
Sfiet_Konstantinit is interesting that they don't have the constructor using QObject11:45
Sfiet_Konstantinremove the QObject thing11:45
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever, this sounds wrong11:45
locusfI also removed the Q_OBJECT macro11:47
locusfit didn't work with it11:47
locusfeven after make cleaning11:48
locusfand rerunning qmake11:48
Sfiet_Konstantinthis is strange though11:48
Sfiet_Konstantinyou need the Q_OBJECT macro to be present11:48
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: tried adding a destructor ?11:48
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: yes there is a destructor now11:49
Sfiet_KonstantinIIRC this happens when moc fails11:49
Sfiet_Konstantinwithout Q_OBJECT macro does it works ?11:49
Sfiet_KonstantinThis puzzles me a bit11:50
Sfiet_Konstantinif it works, the I will accept it as this11:50
Sfiet_Konstantinas it11:50
Sfiet_Konstantinbut we need to take a look afterwards in this area then11:50
locusftested as working11:51
Sfiet_Konstantinthe instance thing should be removed11:53
Sfiet_Konstantinjust because you have a public constructor, this ruins the purpose of singleton11:53
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: and the private static m_instance ;)11:54
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: ok now it should be removed :)11:55
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: nope, this won't compile :P11:57
Sfiet_Konstantin(in cpp file :P)11:57
locusfgrr :p11:57
locusfI was grr'ing my own stupidity not to you :)12:00
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locusfSfiet_Konstantin: is it ok now?12:09
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locusfwill now try to get into the bottom of the theming issues12:46
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: LGTM, feel free to merge13:09
locusfok merged13:11
locusfhmm it failed13:15
locusfI need a spec file change13:16
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: ah, dependency not added ?13:17
Sfiet_KonstantinI see13:17
Sfiet_Konstantingimme another PR :P13:17
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locusfis it Qt5Compositor?13:20
locusfas pkgconfig13:20
Sfiet_Konstantingo to /usr/lib/pkgconfig and check13:22
Sfiet_KonstantinI don't know13:22
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: ^13:25
Sfiet_Konstantinno much to comment :P13:26
locusfunresolvable ...13:29
locusfdamn obs13:29
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locusfand can't modify projconf13:29
locusfsledges: ping13:30
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: what's unsolvable ?13:31
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat error does it provides ?13:31
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locusfhave choice for pkgconfig(Qt5Compositor): qt5-qtwayland-nogl-devel qt5-qtwayland-xcomposite_egl-devel qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-devel13:33
locusfwe need a prefer13:33
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: yep :/13:35
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locusfwell, nothing we can do about it13:44
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sledgeslocusf: pong15:57
sledgesi can't modify prjconf either15:57
sledgesw00t hlp pls:
* Stskeeps looks15:57
sledgesStskeeps: you can't modify those either ;)15:58
sledgesonly Sage- & w00t15:58
Stskeepswhat on earth did you guys do..15:58
sledgesadded Qt5Compositor15:58
Stskeepsok, think i fixed it16:02
sledgesthank you Mr Powers :)16:02
locusfwhee thanks Stskeeps :)16:04
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locusfglacier homescreen video incoming16:08
sandy_lockelocusf: sauce ;)16:08
sledgessandy_locke: ahoy!16:09
sandy_lockehey sledges :)16:09
sandy_lockethanks for the heads up on dialogs implementation on twitter :)16:09
sledgeswhat i wanted to show you back in the day, was Deformat's circly icon pack16:09
sledgesand ask for your opinion16:10
* sledges digs backlog16:10
* sandy_locke is looking at the showcase16:12
sandy_lockesledges: 1sec, I'm preparing sth to show you16:17
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*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile16:21
sandy_lockeso sledges , I like the concept, but for the icons I'd like us to follow this grid layout16:22
* sledges is looking at white page16:22
*** locusf has joined #nemomobile16:26
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sandy_lockeok sledges16:31
sandy_lockeso I'd like to base our icons on this layout, to have pixel perfect icons16:31
sledgeslooks like Vitruvian Man ;)16:31
sandy_lockeI like the round icons idea16:32
sandy_lockeyes that's a but like it ;)16:32
sandy_lockestuffs like golden ratio and all16:32
sandy_lockeit would allow our icons to please most of people16:32
sandy_lockesince it's a ratio that humans are used to16:33
sledgesso does this tie in with your layout atm ?16:33
sandy_lockenot all icons :/16:34
sandy_lockeif you take the passwords clock or email icons for instance, yes16:35
sandy_lockebut terminal, text editor or packages, no16:35
sandy_lockefor continuity we shouldn't go beyond the circle16:36
sandy_lockeand keep this ratio to draw shapes inside it16:36
sandy_lockephoto isn't following the ration neither16:36
sandy_locke /ration/ratio16:37
sandy_lockeBut as I say all this I realize that I didn't make a single icon :P16:37
sandy_lockeI've got time so I should work on it16:37
sandy_lockebut I don't know what direction we're taking16:38
sledgeswe should prioritise tasks if we got time ;)16:38
sledgesthe main direction is not to reinvent the wheel16:38
sledgesi.e. we have SVGs ready from breeze, and we are happy with those16:38
sandy_lockebut the ration I show you is quite old, and is used by lot of icon designers16:38
sledgesDeformat's or your points are totally valid, but could work as an extra effort in a shape of downloadable icon packs16:38
sledgesis what qwazix agree on as well16:39
sandy_lockeI agree, we should definitely focus on UI/UX right now16:39
sledgesso im happy you have time ;) we are in need of apps mockups \o/16:39
sandy_lockein that matter, I have a lot of ideas taken from the jailbreak community16:40
sandy_lockethere are a lot of good stuff released recently16:40
sandy_lockevery inspiring16:40
sandy_lockestock apps ?16:40
sandy_lockewhat has been done recently ?16:41
sledgesnothing :D16:41
sledgesso you can pick your biggest itch and unwind :)16:41
sandy_lockethat let a wide range of options to choose from :P16:41
sandy_lockeqwazix and I were working on the mail app two months ago16:42
sandy_lockewe mocked up a bit of it16:42
sandy_lockeI'll check if it's in the git repo16:42
sledgesah yep i remember that16:42
locusfwe still need basic components too :p16:42
sledgeslocusf: QMLised?16:43
locusfsledges: nope, specced as in graphics16:43
locusfat least the qt quick controls etc16:43
sledgeslocusf: you mean the ones which are not on this list: ?16:44
locusfsledges: yes16:44
sandy_lockeas I can see in the status page, w need notifications, some rollers and list views ?16:45
locusfnotifications are done in the master branch of the homescreen16:45
*** martyone has quit IRC16:45
sandy_lockelocusf: where's the repo ?16:45
locusfyoutube aint processing the video, sigh16:46
sandy_lockeyes, I was waiting for this one ! ;)16:47
sandy_lockeI was going to ask for mockups, but video is better :)16:47
locusfI can't make the video to process16:49
locusfso no video for today :p16:49
sledgesdropbox? :)16:49
locusfwill do dropbox16:50
sandy_lockenice :)16:52
sandy_lockewe could maybe blur on opacify the notif bg maybe16:53
locusfI dunno how to blur :p16:53
sandy_lockewhat happens if there are more than 1 notif ?16:53
sledgesbut i was thinking of sliding glass as lockscreen16:53
locusfthe other waits and then displays after the first one is dismissed16:54
locusfno stacking at the moment16:54
sandy_lockeis there a count ? to know that one is waiting besides ?16:54
sandy_lockeyou know, we could stack them like sheets (as seen in webos for phones)16:55
sledgesand status bar positioning is undefined16:55
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile16:55
sledgeshence we need homescreen specs ;)16:55
sandy_lockemmh, yes16:55
sledgesqwazix with venemo had some nifty homescreen in mind, but i think that went under the carpet now..16:56
sandy_lockewhy ?16:56
sledgesthey're not around simply16:56
sledgesso we got hints from Hurrian's mockup as you see16:56
sledgesbut need someone to put the pieces together under a spec16:57
sandy_lockewould be good to get in touch with qwazix to see what he had in mind16:57
sandy_lockeI see his blog has a lot of new articles since last time I checked16:58
sandy_lockeI'll see what I can do to make him come back17:00
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC17:00
sledgeskick a$$ :))17:01
*** pat_o_sf has quit IRC17:03
locusffinally the video17:07
* sandy_locke is downloading [-------/ ]17:08
sandy_lockelocusf: your video won't play :/17:09
locusfsandy_locke: really?17:09
sandy_lockeerror in vlc17:09
sandy_lockeis it completely uploaded ?17:10
sledgesmust be why youtube no can do too17:10
sandy_lockecould be yes17:10
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:10
*** pat_o_sf has joined #nemomobile17:12
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #nemomobile17:13
locusfwell no matter, its very badly out of focus17:13
sandy_lockeI'll make a blog post for the mail app mockup17:14
sandy_lockelocusf: link?17:14
sandy_lockesame ?17:14
locusfyeah same17:14
sledgessandy_locke: great!17:14
sandy_lockesledges: :)17:16
sandy_lockelocusf: what's this app with blue icon ?17:16
sandy_lockewhat are the controls in it ?17:16
locusfsandy_locke: screenshot app17:16
*** softmetz_ has joined #nemomobile17:17
sandy_lockelocusf: those are our controls ?17:17
sandy_lockeslider and all ?17:17
sledgeslocusf: yay looks neat :)17:17
sandy_lockeyes !17:17
sledgessandy_locke: it's on jolla17:17
locusfsledges: nope its Silica all over17:17
sandy_lockeI like it a lot17:17
sledgesand jolla's app17:17
sledgesyup, sf/silica17:17
sandy_lockeand fall for it17:17
sandy_lockebut with the blur the slider look like our trumpet one17:18
locusfI hate filming with one hand and demoing on the other :D17:19
*** softmetz has quit IRC17:19
sandy_lockeyeah it's hard to do17:19
sandy_lockeyou should stuck the recorder on sth17:20
locusfI don't have anything :p17:20
sandy_lockebut fyi I like our stuffs too ;)17:20
sandy_lockethe progress indicator on the icons is nice17:20
sandy_lockeqwazix: \o17:20
sandy_lockeyeah, you're back17:20
sledgesqwazix: wb :)17:21
locusfhey qwazix17:21
qwazixsledges, sandy_locke hi, sorry for long absence I've been extremely busy17:21
sandy_lockeI was too but I've got some time now17:22
sledgesgood you're back when we are back as well :)17:22
qwazix16h/day-@work-incl.-weekends busy17:22
sandy_lockeat least you can eat, enjoy ;)17:23
sandy_lockeso we want to discuss homescreen specs17:23
qwazixyeah, I have been doing that,17:23
sandy_lockethere's a legend told by sledges that you and another guy worked on it17:23
sandy_lockeah, so let's sauce some mockups please ;)17:23
sledgesmmm i wasn't dreaming it seems :)17:23
qwazixmore than I should, frankly17:23
sandy_lockesledges: ;)17:24
sandy_lockebtw qwazix I plan on making a blog post about our mail app mockup17:24
qwazixsandy_locke, I haven't done no mockups but I can describe it in a few words17:24
qwazixsandy_locke, go ahead17:24
qwazixIn fact, since parting with my N9 as a daily phone I'm even more certain that this is a very nice solution, even if it's not too revolutionary17:25
qwazixAnyway the idea is to keep the 3 panes of harmattan/current nemo as is17:26
sandy_lockeso locusf : we can launch sailfish apps now or is it recompiled by keeping the UI comps ?17:26
qwazixIt is very intuitive, easy to learn and looks good17:26
qwazixon the app grid however17:26
qwazixwe will introduce qml widgets17:26
sandy_lockemmmh, like the sound of it ;)17:26
qwazixwidgets should be in specific sizes so that they can arrange nicely when you rotate the phone to landscape17:27
qwazixwidgets are not resizable by the user17:28
qwazixanother change from harmattan is that the application thumbnails can be pinned to certain positions17:28
qwazixwe should discuss if that should mean they also autostart when phone boots17:29
sandy_lockeare they app specific widgets or android's like widgets ?17:30
qwazixThis way, we still have the awesome events screen for list based things (twitter updates, rss etc.)17:30
locusfsandy_locke: yeah sailfish apps work too17:30
locusfsandy_locke: and our components apps17:30
qwazixand glance-and-go info like current stock market price or weather and stuff17:30
sandy_lockelocusf: simply awesome :D17:30
qwazixsandy_locke, both17:30
qwazixan app might have an accompanying widget, or even just be a widget17:31
sandy_lockeqwazix: I like it, we should spec it17:31
sandy_lockelocusf: "and our components apps" > what'd that mean ?17:32
qwazixwidgets can be shortcut to the app or have functionality of it's own17:32
sledgesi like it because it's least intrusive (i.e. we already have most big parts done)17:32
locusfsandy_locke: the future apps based on our components17:32
sledgesqwazix: but what about status bar and notifications behaviour ?17:32
sandy_lockelocusf: meaning if apps already can make use of our comps ?17:33
locusfsandy_locke: yeah17:33
sandy_locke*/if/no if, mistake17:33
sandy_lockeso you've worked a lot compared to us !17:34
qwazixsledges, IIRC we were pondering about having a permanent status bar at the bottom, so one can peek through easily17:34
qwazixmy initial idea was to not have a status bar at all, and just have default widgets for those things17:35
qwazixbut that's not easily peeked at17:35
sandy_lockeqwazix: but we can imagine that sb's space can be use for other things in notif and multitask view, no ?17:35
qwazixsandy_locke, it depends on where a swipe away goes17:35
sandy_lockesb can be only in main home screen17:35
qwazixif it goes to the last visible screen like harmattan (which I like) then we need to have the bar permanently on all three screens17:36
sandy_lockeso that we keep each things separated17:36
*** plfiorini has quit IRC17:36
sandy_locke^ what's that like harmattan ?17:36
qwazixswiping away from an app goes to the homescreen, on the page you previously were17:37
sandy_lockemmh ok17:37
sandy_lockeyou're right then17:37
qwazixanother idea is to show the bottom statusbar only when peeking17:37
sandy_lockewe should keep this behaviour17:37
sandy_lockelike the quick launch in harmattan ?17:38
qwazixnot exactly17:38
sandy_lockeit would not stick then ?17:38
qwazixI'm thinking that it can show while swiping, and go away when you lift your finger17:39
sandy_lockebut if user want interaction ?17:39
qwazixand keep some informational widgets at the top of the app grid17:39
sandy_lockesince we proposed widget like specs for sb17:40
locusfthere already is a toolbar fixed to the top of the homescreen17:40
qwazixlocusf, is that set in stone?17:40
sandy_lockelocusf: toolbar = statusbar ?17:40
locusfqwazix: probably not17:41
locusfsandy_locke: yeah17:41
sandy_lockelocusf: is this toolbar interactive ?17:41
locusfsandy_locke: no17:41
sandy_lockecause we need interactivity for the statusbar as per our specs17:41
qwazixI say let's keep the idea of the fixed bottom status bar for now, not make things too complicated17:43
sandy_lockeqwazix: could you create a quick mockup of the multitask switcher ?17:43
sandy_lockeso we can work on it ?17:43
qwazixthat doesn't change much, I don't think it's in desperate need of a mockup. I can do that though17:44
sandy_lockewe need to know how widgets should appear, no ?17:44
qwazixthat's the app grid17:45
sandy_lockeand how to interact with them17:45
qwazixand yeah, we need a mockup there17:45
sandy_lockeit need specs eventually17:45
qwazixI'll do one tomorrow17:45
sandy_lockeok thx17:45
qwazixthe multitasking screen stays the same17:45
*** pat_o_sf has quit IRC17:45
qwazixexcept that when you long tap an app, we also have a pin icon like the X icon but on the left corner17:46
sandy_lockewe could actualize it a little, make it more "modern"17:46
sledgesi suggest we mockup how notifications work when user is working in an app17:46
qwazixsandy_locke, yeah, we can allow covers and actions on the apps but let's keep a lower priority on that, because it will complicate app development17:46
qwazixsledges, isn't that already mocked up by Hurrian?17:47
sledgesnot apecced though17:47
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile17:47
sandy_lockeyes you're right, but I meant for the look of the cards, their actual graphic design17:47
sledgesie should the app 'wave' shrink at the bottom etc17:47
*** vesurivs has joined #nemomobile17:48
sandy_lockeqwazix: like square/rounded corners, shadow/no shadow, app icon near the card etc...17:49
*** spektrtel has joined #nemomobile17:49
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile17:49
sandy_lockeI could see a slider at the bottom or vertical edge to change card size and see more cards in the same view17:49
qwazixsandy_locke, if you have a nice idea why not, icon is not a bad one17:49
sledgesqwazix: could we have that post landing into github specs form?17:49
qwazixsandy_locke, size of the cards can be controlled with pinch, like harmattan17:50
qwazixno slider needed for that17:50
sandy_lockewe can do that in harmattan ? I never tried ^^17:50
qwazixsledges, okay17:50
qwazixsandy_locke, it's the nicest effect, try it17:50
sandy_lockepinch is good then17:50
qwazixcards shuffle around and change size17:50
sandy_lockeI'll try it yeah !17:50
sandy_lockefunny I didn't ever try that17:51
sandy_lockeok then I'll mockup card appearance and try to keep it simple17:51
sledgesfantastic qwazix , in this way locusf can polish his qml implementation according to those specs, also glue a status bar permanently, - and we will have a usable homescreen already,  meanwhile things like widgets are lower priority imho17:51
qwazixsledges, yep they are, but as the homescreen is qml anyway, loading a qml file from a directory is quite easy17:52
qwazixwe can designate a folder where apps can put their widgets and load them dynamically. The hard part is the arrangement, because it's no more a fixed grid17:54
sledgesyet we don't have defined the shape/form/size/behaviour of a container we'll load that qml into17:54
sledgeswhich is where the spec/mockup will come in17:54
qwazixI'll have some time tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to complete both the app grid spec and the notification spec.17:55
qwazixNow I got to go, family dinner. See you all tomorrow.17:56
sledgeslocusf: what does it take for you to tame the current non-interactive top-locked sb into submission?17:56
sandy_lockenice, I will focus on the mail app blog post and MT appearance then17:56
sledges"are you hungry? no. ok, then i'll cook something" :D laters qwazix !17:56
locusfsledges: I dunno yet17:56
qwazixsandy_locke, okay17:57
sandy_lockelater qwazix17:57
sledgeslocusf: faenil's header? ;D17:57
locusfsledges: lol probably yeah :D17:57
sandy_lockeI'll make myself some food too, it's time if I want to be on time for the night movie :P17:58
sledges;) good point17:58
* sledges goes to bake liver and bacon :))17:58
sandy_lockeI'll keep an eye on the chan though ;)17:58
* sandy_locke salivate17:59
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vakkov_2so apparently 4.3 is not compatible with the hybris bionic patch. I guess 4.2 will work - somebody please confirm that bcause that source tree is huuuge18:17
vakkov_2 anybody?18:41
vakkov_2or i should use cyanogenmod?18:42
tbrI think there are patches for 4.4 floating around by ubuntu/canonical18:42
*** spektrtel has quit IRC18:43
vakkov_2then there should be some for 4.3? i just don't have space and a decent connection to download 4.2 source right now.18:46
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faenilanyone awake? :)23:36
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