Wednesday, 2014-04-16

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locusfgood morning06:28
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dr_gogeta86hi guys08:22
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faenilmorning everyone08:38
dr_gogeta86hi faenil08:38
dr_gogeta86how do you do ?08:39
dr_gogeta86you'll be in rome next week ?08:40
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faenilwell I'm 80km south of rome :)08:43
faenilis the meeting confirmed?08:43
faenilwhen is it?08:43
dr_gogeta8628 april08:43
dr_gogeta86from 17 to 2108:43
dr_gogeta86is near tiburtina station08:44
faenilnooo :( I'm already back to Pisa that day :(08:44
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dr_gogeta86i think we discuss of things you know very well08:44
faenilI wanted to be there :(08:45
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dr_gogeta86where are u from ?08:49
faenilpm ;)08:51
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stephgning! (it's sunny here, I'm happy)08:53
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faenilTHIS IS F****** ANNOYING!
faenilclosed as "this is the current design"...gah11:46
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KhertanAtworkHi !12:05
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faenilSfietKonstantin, you there?12:54
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dr_gogeta86hi guys14:28
dr_gogeta86a friend of mine had an headcache while see multitask on n9 and jolla14:29
dr_gogeta86for him is inconceivable in 2014 have always on apps like in symbian14:31
faenilyeah, I heard the same from friend of mine14:31
dr_gogeta86the os must freeze appe while they arwent focused14:31
dr_gogeta86but the true behaviour14:32
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faenilqwazix, ping16:13
qwazixfaenil pong16:13
locusfevening guys16:14
faenilqwazix, we didn't finish the discussion about tool icons in the end16:15
faenilI remember the number was fixed to 316:15
faenilcan you explain the details again16:15
faenil? :)16:15
qwazixfaenil give me a minute16:15
qwazixyeah, you are right, we said to fix it to maximum 3 so that it's not too complicated16:19
qwazixbut I don't think there is anything more to that, there is space for 3 tools at most16:20
faenilwasn't it "exactly" 3?16:20
faenilshould I reserve a fixed space?16:20
qwazixyou can reserve a fixed space, but not all apps have three tools16:20
faenilI can...but you decide :P16:21
qwazixno, exactly three is stupid IMO16:21
faenilI meant about reserving the space16:22
qwazixand if fixed space doesn't help much in the implementation it shouldn't be reserved16:22
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faenilqwazix, what about the semantic of the 3 dots16:26
qwazixthe three dots when clicked open the header IIRC, let me check16:27
faenilyes but you can also open it by clicking on the title, right?16:27
faenil(or wherever there's no tool button)16:27
qwazixI hadn't thought of that but yeah, good idea16:28
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faenilah okay xD16:29
qwazixand of course, if the dock doesn't have things inside it, they are not visible16:29
Deformatqwazix,  perhaps this is a slowpoke moment, but16:29
DeformatIs Nemo afterall just Sailfish without the proprietary stuff?16:30
faenilyou can see it like that, yeah16:30
qwazixI don't like to look at it like that though16:30
DeformatThis meaning also UI?16:30
DeformatNeither do I16:30
faenilbut actually the truth is Sailfish is Nemo + it's closedsource stuff16:30
faenilit's sailfish which was born from Nemo, not other way around :)16:31
DeformatI know16:31
DeformatBut in terms of UI, it starts feeling similarel16:31
faenilwell, they both take stuff from gestures-driver UIs16:31
faenilbut I'm for the revolution, so if you have any groundbreaking concept, I'm in o/16:32
DeformatWell, had some ideas in the past few days, but as far as I understood,  they are a bit of a timewaste for the current progress16:33
DeformatAnd, well16:33
DeformatIt would slow down everything imho16:33
faenilyou should still talk about that16:34
faenilmaybe we can reuse ideas16:34
faenilwithout throwing away what's been done16:34
faenilgestures stuff is not implemented yet, so...16:34
Deformat@faenil, wait a sec16:35
Deformat@faenil: If this helps you out...16:37
DeformatIt's a pretty damn rough sketch16:37
faenilthat's a homescreen sketch, what's wrong with that?16:38
DeformatWell, nothing16:38
faenilHomescreen mockup hasn't been done yet afaik? cc qwazix16:38
DeformatIt was16:38
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faenil:/ I knew locusf was working on it, but without any particular sketch16:39
qwazixfaenil homescreen mockup is here
qwazixno complete spec yet though16:39
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locusffaenil: the current implementation uses the old pathview based homescreen16:40
locusfie. copypaste from colorful-home16:40
faenilqwazix, thanks, I didn't know about that16:40
locusfI have tried to get the vertical dimension there as well but it seems quite difficult16:40
faenilor maybe I did and I forgot about it, which wouldn't be new to me :D16:40
faenillocusf, I see16:41
faenil(I've spent the last 2 days working on header and the more I continue the more weird issues pop up)16:41
locusfI understood from qwazix that homescreen is currently #1 in the agenda?16:41
faenilmaybe 3-4 days actually16:41
faenilDeformat, the two mockups seems quite similar?16:42
faenilor is there anything in particular which you'd like to change16:42
qwazixlocusf, everybody works on what he finds more interesting, however you are right, I think it's now the vehicle which might bring us some users for the first time16:42
locusfqwazix: okay16:43
Deformat@faenil, not quiw16:44
DeformatWait a sec16:45
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DeformatThere's the difference16:47
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faenilstill 3 horizontal screens16:50
faenilI like the swipe left/right to unlock btw16:50
faenilI'm tired of those vertical unlock swipes :D16:50
faenilI'm not sure though having a page which is dedicated to widget is ideal16:51
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faeniljavispedro, o/16:51
DeformatNot 1 page16:52
DeformatMultiple, if necessary16:52
DeformatAndroid always felt a bit awkward16:52
faenilhaving to swipe to go to widgets doesn't improve it, imho16:52
DeformatThat's true.16:52
javispedrohelo faenil16:53
faeniljavispedro, hola :)16:53
DeformatWidgets are, imho, a pain in the ass16:53
DeformatThey are annoying on all OSs16:54
DeformatExcept MeeGo, but afaik it didn't have widgets16:54
DeformatIt had lockscreen notifications16:54
locusfhorizontal unlock, that could work out tonight, lemme test and see what happens16:55
qwazixlocusf, it's an outside swipe, just like harmattan16:55
locusfhmm ok16:56
qwazix(and that is because the N9 was one of the few phones I had that didn't accidentally unlock in my pocket)16:56
qwazixon most phones the unlock gesture isn't hard enough16:56
faenilI never unlocked any phone accidentally :/16:57
DeformatSame :/16:57
qwazixreally? I had to put a PIN lock on the Z10 so that it didn't unlock by itself16:57
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DeformatZ10. You know, I kinda pity you :p16:58
faenilthat's coz you put the phone with the screen facing your leg :D16:58
faenilDeformat, BB10 is great, test it if you haven't :p16:58
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DeformatDidn't get the chance to test it.16:59
qwazixfaenil yeah, I always put the phone facing my leg because it's safer16:59
qwazixI happen to hit table corners and things once in a while17:00
faenilqwazix, I think it's safer to avoid the jeans' iron thingies instead :)17:00
faenilthose iron buttons on jeans pockets completely scratched the screen of a phone I had few years ago instead :D17:01
qwazixyeah that's another thing, but recently I think they have stopped putting those in the pockets17:01
faenilno I meant those little buttons17:01
qwazixI know, I know17:01
DeformatLuckily I have a pretty tick cover xD17:01
faeniloh, "they" have, I misread :)17:02
faenilgood to know17:02
qwazixjust the two jeans I bought recently don't have them on the small pocket17:02
DeformatOh, qwazix17:03
DeformatI came and forgot the main question :17:03
DeformatIs it peculiar if the music and calendar and other future apps resemble the Icefox browser?17:04
qwazixno, we need to have consistency17:04
qwazixthey should resemble it17:04
DeformatWas thinking of possibly adding a small "check weather for day X" option :D17:05
DeformatMight help out a bit.17:05
Deformat(for the calendar)17:06
qwazixyeah that's nice17:06
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faenilDeformat, did you do any b/w icon by any chance?17:21
DeformatBlack and white no, did some in vector format with the icon gradients from Icefox browser (or at least really really similar ones)17:22
DeformatBut didn't put them on github yet17:22
DeformatSince I haven't checked out the spacing they do when resized17:22
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locusfdoing the close from top and locking from anywhere with outside swipe17:39
*** Deformat has joined #nemomobile17:43
faenilqwazix, we have an important issue instead17:46
faenilall specs need to be updated using standard padding measures17:47
faenilwe're starting to be full of different numbers here and there17:47
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faenilSfiet_Konstantin, hey17:51
locusfis there a way to lock the screen from the compositor?17:54
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faenilthere must be18:04
locusfLipstickSettings isn't exposed18:07
qwazixfaenil, noted18:10
qwazixa theme.smallPadding and theme.normalPadding should be enough, no?18:12
faenilonly two?18:14
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faenilqwazix, it would be also nice to have the "styling options" as part of the specs18:29
faenili.e what should be in the theme file, and what should be in the implementation18:30
faenilso far I'm basically only putting colours in the theme file18:30
locusfokay locking from anywhere now works18:30
faenilMorpog_PC__, Deformat ^18:31
faenillocusf, cool :)18:31
locusfunlocking is still vertical :p18:31
Morpog_PC__faenil, ?18:33
faenilMorpog_PC__, in next specs, let's use standard paddings and specify what will go inside theme file18:34
faenil(i.e. customizable items)18:34
Morpog_PC__standards are always good18:34
faenilMorpog_PC__, Deformat qwazix it's enough if you guys have a quick chat about current components and decide 3-4 standard paddings to use18:37
faenilthen someone will have to update the specs on github :D18:37
Morpog_PC__someone (TM)18:37
faenilwell, you're only 3, it's easy to decide :D18:38
qwazixI'll do the update, no problem18:38
Morpog_PC__iirc my specs most should have same paddings18:39
Morpog_PC__what a sentence......18:39
qwazixI'll be afk for a while18:39
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faenilMorpog_PC__, then it will be easy to update those using the right names :P18:42
Morpog_PC__32 could be big or medium padding18:42
*** notmart has quit IRC18:42
Deformat20 should be small?18:43
DeformatActually, wait a sec...18:43
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:43
locusfis swiping left enough for unlock, I can't make the swipe go right :p18:44
faenilahah :D18:44
DeformatAsk those who are left-handed :p18:45
* faenil is left-handed18:45
DeformatMorpog_PC__: i'm okay with nearly whatever standard is out there18:46
DeformatTBH, it doesn't seem like something that can go wrong18:46
Morpog_PC__lets see what qwazix says18:47
Morpog_PC__normally I'm all for powers of 2, but this could be wrong here18:47
Morpog_PC__i.e. 8, 16, 3218:48
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Morpog_PC__maybe here something like 8, 20, 32 could work better18:49
*** jmlich has joined #nemomobile18:51
Deformat8,16,32 sounds fine to me18:52
DeformatEven 10,20,3018:52
*** Sailor1921 has quit IRC18:52
faenilyeah preferably powers of 2 I think18:53
faenil(if it works out with the current components specs)18:53
faenilso that we don't risk rounding errors while playing with them18:53
DeformatAlrighty,let's hear qwazix18:54
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*** Deformat has quit IRC19:00
*** Deformat has joined #nemomobile19:00
DeformatSorry for disappearing19:01
DeformatAndChat disconnects for some odd reason19:01
faenilDeformat, not using IRCChatter for sailfish? :)19:06
faenillocusf, "this video is private"19:06
DeformatNot on Sailfish :p19:06
faenilDeformat, oooowwwwwwww19:06
DeformatOn my Xperia T19:07
DeformatI know19:07
DeformatBought my Xperia just before Jolla was announced19:07
DeformatBut I'll get a first-gen Nexus 719:07
locusffaenil: try again19:08
DeformatAnd then I hope everything will be fine with Nemo or Sailfish on it19:08
faenillocusf, I got lost :D you unlocked and then locked?19:09
locusffaenil: yes19:09
faenillocusf, okay :) nice :)19:09
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DeformatI think I'm going to sleep19:22
locusfok bye19:23
*** Deformat has quit IRC19:23
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faenillocusf, is there already a bug for the buttonrow having a fixed width?19:28
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stephggood evening all21:23
*** Morpog_PC__ has quit IRC21:28
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sledgesgood night all22:31
stephgnight sledges22:31
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