Friday, 2014-04-18

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Deformatqwazix, first of all, I think I'm changing the size of the days text in the calendar since they are small enough for my Xperia T (my phone has the same screen ratio like the N9). Problem is, my phone is 4.5 inches, not 4 like the N907:45
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DeformatI'm going to try using the same black background, instead of using 2 colors, gradient could work, but I don't think it's necessary. Black background and some good spacing should work07:47
Deformatin the current app there are no buttons - which leads me to 2 issues:07:47
Deformat(well, except right/left)07:47
Deformat1. Should buttons follow Morpog's gradient buttons from the Icefox browser, or not? If not, what colors do we use for buttons? I didn't get the color values from Morpog_PC__ , I just copied those from the document, and remade them in vector format07:48
Deformat2. I was thinking of a double-tap day->event menu option, since buttons would make the screen a bit too complex, and I'd love to make it as simple as possible.07:50
DeformatHow do we make the transition to the months menu you made yesterday?07:51
Deformat(Note to 1: I have already some vector icons done)07:51
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Deformatanother note to qwazix: I think I'm removing the days (mon, tue, etc.) text since it's useless, as weekends are in bold.07:56
Deformat(well, semibold)07:57
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DeformatActually, nevermind changing the size of text, it works as is and it's actually appropriate for the number of swipes we use and for the N9 size. Hurrah!08:04
stephghappy friday everyone08:04
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Deformat(new calendar proposal)08:12
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Morpog_PC__Deformat, that icefox concept was in a very early phase of glacier ui and just losely based on it08:33
Morpog_PC__feel free to modify it08:34
DeformatI still feel the need to know what colors should be used or what colors qwazix wants08:34
Morpog_PC__Deformat, I have defined some colors some time back08:34
Deformatwhere? On the blog? On GitHub?08:35
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Morpog_PC__Maybe there should be a constants file for them too, like for the paddings08:36
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Deformatmissed that. thanks08:36
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qwazixmorning Deformat, let me read backlog09:04
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qwazixah, damn I can't get to be simultaneously online with Deformat. Anyway, notes here for posterity:09:12
qwazixI agree that we don't want lots of buttons, but I'd prefer to avoid double tapping. One idea is to add a title on the bottom half of the screen that says the full date in text "Thursday, Oct 31" like on the home screen, which, when tapped, slides up and the agenda view takes the whole screen09:16
qwazixEven left/right could be removed, though I like them, people know to swipe left/right on calendars by now09:17
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qwazixThe date picker doesn't really have to do with the calendar. They should use the same arrangement for the month view for consistency, but they aren't connected. I will change that spec to match yours when you are finished09:19
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intheryehi all. can you tell me how to install Nemo in virtualbox? the information in the wiki is a little bit inconsistent. i downlonemoWayland-20131030.vdi, even managed to install Nemo on another virtual disk (sdb), but then I couldn't boot from the disk.12:57
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intheryesorry, typo: ...  i downloaded nemoWayland-20131030.vdi ...12:59
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intheryegot it: seems to describe the current way of deploying14:14
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Deformatqwazix doesn't seem to be around...15:44
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DeformatAnyways qwazix, followed your tips, and the guidelines. Lemme know if I should start working on the specs:
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locusfgood job on the calendar Deformat16:36
Deformatmeh, qwazix did most of the stuff, afterall. I still need his approval to do the specs16:36
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qwazixhey, I'm on the move but wanted to give you the go-ahead. Good work, I certainly didn't do most of the work.16:41
qwazixonly note, the title text is a bit too large. Please take a look at the spec constants file and choose a size from there. Extralarge should be fine. Or you can put the month inside the header to save some space16:43
qwazixDeformat: ^^16:44
qwazixalso, you need a clear indication of the current day, which looks different than the selected one, and should be distinguishable even if today is selected16:46
Deformatthe month is already in the title text xD16:46
DeformatWill see about that as well16:47
qwazixI mean header, as in the header component16:47
Deformatgot it16:48
Deformatokay, got it16:48
qwazixmaking today extrabold would work, or an outline circle16:51
qwazixplease clone the git repo, work there for the spec and submit a pull request.16:52
Deformatalright, but still: in the header there is the month :P16:53
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qwazixyep, I just noted that the text is a little too big16:54
qwazixhave you thought about how will the user add an event?16:57
Deformatthere's the blue button I made, he could click on it.17:05
Deformatthen he could go in a menu , where we have all the details (with who, location, text, etc.)17:06
Deformatand what type of event to be added (memo, note, to-do, birthday, etc.)17:06
Deformatwhen selecting the date, we could take your first month menu here:17:08
Deformatthen select the month, then select the hour and day17:08
Deformat*the hour, not the day17:09
Deformatwell, the day, then the hour17:09
Deformat(hour taking to your second menu up there)17:10
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Deformat(or the timepicker)17:11
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DeformatI think we should swipe left/right to view the day normally like in Android, or other OSs17:12
Deformatgoddamnit, I'm tired17:12
Deformatwe should swipe left to your datepicker view, and swipe right to get to your timepicker view. We could even add a swipe up menu to simply add to-dos and alarms17:14
DeformatI really hope everything I wrote here made sense, qwazix.17:14
qwazixgot to leave, we'll continue this later if you are still here, or tomorrow17:14
qwazixit does, I think that some discussion will improve some of the interactions though, always does17:15
qwazixanyway bbl17:15
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crndthe calendar definitely looks great. did you already decide to go with the red as the "notice me!" color?17:46
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Deformatcrnd: no18:42
Deformatbut it's orange :P18:42
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Deformatleaving this here, just for reference:
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* sledges is liking that calendar :) good job Deformat20:02
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crndA quick try in Photoshop and I'd like those orange parts to be in some light blue color. In my opinion it would keep the look a bit more consistent.20:07
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