Tuesday, 2014-04-22

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locusfgrrr, new mersdk vm in sailfish sdk doesn't build eg. qtquickcontrols-nemo10:19
locusfthe path should be /home/mersdk/share10:22
locusfusing mb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -d "Jolla" deploy --pkcon10:22
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locusfln -s worked10:31
sledgeslocusf: weird, prod jake9xx fromĀ #sailfishos to take a look10:35
kaltsinot weird10:35
kaltsidesign change with the VM mounts, don't want to use/pollute user's home dir10:35
sledgesor kaltsi ;)10:35
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locusfok I gotta do the pollute manually then per project10:38
kaltsithe symlink should work though?10:38
kaltsior do you need to do something else per project, didn't get that?10:39
locusfthe symlink worked alright10:39
locusfso no more problems on that10:39
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locusfhmm Glacier keyboard doesn't work on Jolla11:20
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locusfwassup faenil_web17:07
faenil_weblocusf:hey...not much, what about you17:07
locusffaenil_web: nothing much too, had a day off from uni so hacked on nemo17:08
locusfyour header looks cool17:08
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locusftested that today along with studies on it17:08
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faenil_weblocusf:ah, cool :)17:16
faenil_webgetting the orientation animations right wasn't that easy :/17:16
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locusfwell I didn't get em working so no sweat :)17:17
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locusfI need some help debugging why ApplicationWindow doesn't work as root item for glacier-home17:18
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locusfas main.qml in qtquickcontrols-nemo works ok17:25
locusfbut as MainScreen.qml in glacier-home doesn't17:25
faenil_webwhat's the problem17:29
locusfnothing displays as ApplicationWindow is the primary item for the main.qml17:31
locusfbut with Page it does work17:31
locusfI have initialPage for the ApplicationWindow but it never shows up17:32
faenil_webwhat does console say?17:32
locusfno errors or debug output17:32
faenil_web.....not possible :O17:32
locusfjournalctl doesn't have anything17:33
faenil_webunless, there really is no problem, and it's just an anchoring problem17:33
locusffaenil_web: http://pastie.org/private/ytxokiv06wzu47f6nsoi9a take a look17:33
locusfyeah might be that too17:33
locusfbut I have tried anchoring it17:33
locusfApr 22 20:39:29 Jolla lipstick[24717]: FOO started! 640, 320 <- component.oncompleted shows this as appwindow.width/height17:36
locusffile:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtQuick/Controls/Nemo/Header.qml:334: Unable to assign [undefined] to QQmlListProperty<QQuickItem>17:37
locusfthats something17:37
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locusffaenil_web: http://pastie.org/private/ggwd4dtqzgukdqdtjrp9xq17:41
faenil_webso there is an error :)17:41
locusfI assigned headerTools but to no avail17:41
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faenil_weblocusf:I don't see why I don't get that issue while using the components gallery on jolla17:48
faenil_webmmm maybe I know, have you tried setting a drawerLevels?17:48
faenil_webtry that17:50
locusfI wouldn't see anything anyways17:50
faenil_websee the initialPage in the gallery17:50
locusfdidn't help17:53
locusfsettings drawerLevels17:53
faenil_webdo you still get the error?17:53
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locusfI don't get the error as I have defined headerTools17:53
faenil_webI should give it a spin... but can't now17:54
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faenil_webso if you use the Page it works17:55
locusfdo you wanna look at the code at github?17:55
faenil_webif you set that Page as initialPage it doesn't17:55
locusfI even have showFullScreen as QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_EXAMPLE_MAIN has17:59
faenil_weblocusf:what if you set the components gallery as lipstick?18:02
faenil_webi.e. make the components gallery start at boot instead of lipstick18:02
faenil_webjust to narrow the bugs possibility18:03
Stskeepsfaenil_web: why ze _web18:03
faenil_webI'm on a web client, as I'm on Win because I need skype to discuss some stuff18:03
faenil_weband since I can't trust a web client, I haven't used my pass, so I changed my nick :D18:03
Stskeepslinux has skype, too.. :P18:06
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faenil_webexcept it started segfaulting since a few months ago18:08
faenil_webit seems it can be fixed by LD_PRELOADing to the right x86 dir, but that didn't work for me18:08
Stskeepsaw :P18:09
faenil_webI find it ridicolous that Msft hasn't fixed a freaking segfault which affects most of the linux distros since, like, 1year18:09
faenil_webjust look for "Skype segfault linux"18:11
locusffaenil_web: notifications are visible though18:12
faenil_web*unless* the bug is in the updated library/whatever :)18:12
locusfif that helps :p18:12
faenil_weblocusf:oh :)18:12
locusfotherwise the screen is pitch black18:12
locusfwith no interaction18:12
faenil_webis your Page setting width/height?18:13
locusfshould it?18:13
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locusfappWindow.pageStack.depth is 018:16
faenil_webokay, so Page wasn't parsed/compiled successfully18:17
faenil_webwhich is strange18:18
faenil_webor I'm just wrong :)18:18
locusfthats in Component.onCompleted18:18
locusfso its probably ok18:18
locusfI hate journalctl18:18
locusfit just stops printing at the most critical moment18:18
faenil_webthat's not journal afaik, that's sailfish/jolla18:19
faenil_webI have no issue with journalctl on my laptop18:19
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faenil_webI already raised the issue in Oct in Jolla18:21
faenil_weband got no clear answer to that18:22
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Stskeepsit's a systemd bug18:23
faenil_webon the ancient systemd?18:23
faenil_webI don't have that issue on Fedora18:23
faenil_web(and never had it, afaict)18:23
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locusffaenil_web: the root issue probably is that NemoWindow isn't compatible with lipsticks homewindow18:42
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faenil_webmmm I guess you know that better18:58
locusfkeeping in mind that Sailfish's ApplicationWindow is QML window, ours is QQuickWindow in C++18:59
locusfwe only use C++ window to keep the orientations in order?19:00
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locusfhmm diagnosis incorrect19:07
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locusfanyways, sleepytimes now19:17
locusfsee you tomorrow19:17
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faenil_websorry, was helping mom19:28
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cockroachhi! i'm trying to flash nemo to my N9 but I had some issues with the partitions (the "MyDocs (partition 1) expanded for some reason" case). i've fixed that but now when I boot the phone my computer says "sdb: unknown partition table" - any ideas?23:47
cockroach(when I say "boot" i mean using MOSLO)23:48
cockroachthe partitions look okay on the phone, see http://paste.debian.net/95156/23:51
*** blam_ has quit IRC23:53

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