Wednesday, 2014-04-23

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dr_gogeta86hi guys10:54
dr_gogeta86how do you do ?10:55
dr_gogeta86I've saw last meeting resume .... nice strike10:55
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dr_gogeta86sledges: how ru ?11:01
sledgesvery fien, & u?11:03
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dr_gogeta86a bit sick in sicily11:10
dr_gogeta86and outside is raining11:10
dr_gogeta86we are april 23rd11:10
dr_gogeta86for the god sake11:10
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sledges;) get well soon11:24
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Deformatqwazix, small note: I'll be pretty busy these days with exams, and afterwards as well, but on tuesday/wednesday I might have time for your specs on the calendar. I'll be able to check the logs, but not too able to work on anything. BTW, did you guys come up with an idea on how should the calendar work?13:35
kiba_i have a n900 and i want to try nemo mobile. can you give me some help?13:35
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sledgeskiba_: on n900 you can try an old x11/qt4 nemo only13:40
sledgesvakkov_ had wayland screen showing up, but his effort needs more work13:40
sledgesif at all possible13:41
kiba_new nemo does not work on n900?13:43
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sledgesit's wayland/qt513:44
bencohand qt4 is already dead slow on it anyway13:44
bencoh(swap swap swap)13:44
sledgesis it?13:44
sledgesah ok13:45
bencohnot dead, but slow :)13:45
sledgesget a faster SD card ;)13:45
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bencohcant get much faster than this one (sandisk extreme plus/pro) :/13:46
bencohmost of the features seem to work though (even sms)13:47
vakkovsledges: yep, screen is frozen. started building uart to try a new kernel with hybris implementation but had no time to finish it (my exams came :()13:47
sledgesvakkov: on nitdroid base?13:49
vakkovno, it's too old. it's a 2.6.38 omap (i think :D it was long ago)  with the meego patches from the OBS13:50
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kiba_if i use x11/qt do i have software updates? and what's the problem with n900 and wayland?13:53
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sledgesx11/q4 is not maintained anymore kiba_13:54
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kiba_thanks sledges, but why wayland does not work on n900?14:05
sledgesbecause n900 gpu drivers don't have decent wayland support ;)14:05
tbrone could probably try with the OMAP3 SGX Android driver and libhybris, but uggggh14:06
w00tsledges: with some determination, you could probably improve it using the later improvements that went into libhybris14:09
sledgesbencoh: what slows you down?
* w00t has no plan to spend time on that, though14:09
bencohwow thats an old one14:09
sledgesbencoh: not muchh changed in x11/qt414:09
bencohmoving around didn't feel as smooth as old nemo UX (or maemo) and I experienced quite some delay when launching apps/settings14:11
sledgeslaunch delay is also on n9 so14:12
bencohbut qt on n900 never was blazing fast anyway14:12
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bencohI've never tried thumb builds though ... do we still have binaries of those ?14:12
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sledgesthere was an issue with all that14:19
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locusfhmm problems with edge swipes on unlock15:07
locusfsimply tapping on edges engages the screen lock, woops :)15:07
sledgesteehee :)15:12
locusffixed now though15:15
sledgesthat was fast ;) what was it?15:15
locusfif (gestureArea.progress >= swipeThreshold) {15:15
locusfthis now surrounds the lock/unlock15:16
* sledges learns15:16
locusfupdated PR15:16
* sledges looks15:19
locusfah one more fix15:20
sledgeslgtm if you promise to be good and not squash two logical changes into 1 commit ;) "Lock the screen from anywhere in the homescreen. Also kill application by dragging it down."15:21
locusfI won't in the future :)15:21
sledgesdragging it down - you mean top-swipe?15:21
sledgesi see you keep pushing ;P15:22
locusfyeah, its all good now15:23
sledgesthe world (and future generations) would be much more thankful if you did `git reset HEAD^; git add -i; ...; git commit -m "[lock] Lock the screen from anywhere in the homescreen"; git add -i; ...; git commit -m "[lock] close application with top-edge swipe"`15:23
locusfokay will do15:24
sledgesreally thanks for that one15:24
sledgesas i see you are on push -f spree ;P15:24
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locusfthe kill app from down swipe is 3 lines15:25
locusfcomes with the package15:25
locusfdo you really want it separate :) ?15:26
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locusfalso gotta clean up #7 too15:33
sledgesyep, not really sure what you were removing there15:33
sledgesseeing new feeds.qml added instead15:33
locusf <- check middle15:34
locusfnot fully functional though15:34
sledgesah sure that's great15:34
sledgesbut why feeds appear here?15:34
locusfwell I forgot to add feeds page earlier :p15:34
locusfI'll pr that separately15:35
sledgesthanks again!15:35
locusfcleaned up now for #715:40
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locusfone more :)15:47
locusfthanks a ton :)15:50
sledgespleasure :)15:51
sledgeswhat will we do with faenil's header?15:51
locusfit looks good to me and I have yet to see any regressions about it15:51
sledgeshave you tried it on? :)15:52
locusfyes :)15:52
sledgesdo you reckon it needs more tests before we merge it in?15:53
sledgeswhat are those big changes in orientation handling?15:53
sledges(and it's all in one commit :D)15:53
sledgesic it's all pretty much intertwined..15:54
locusfits a big spagetti monster15:54
sledgesi see the reasong behind it though15:54
locusfbut he has commenting to heart so its quite easy to understand whats going on15:54
sledgescommented :)15:57
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locusfI'll do the honours?15:58
sledgesyes please :)15:58
locusfok done16:00
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cockroachhi! i'm trying to flash nemo to my N9 but when I boot the device with MOSLO my computer keeps complaining about an unknown partition table. any idea what I can do about that?19:36
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tbrcockroach: are you on windows?19:56
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cockroachtbr: no20:00
sledgescockroach: MOSLO exports only one partition, so you need to `mount /dev/sdX /mnt`20:00
cockroachsledges: ah, damn, now i feel like an idiot :) - thanks!20:01
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sledgesyou didn't know20:01
sledgesany normal person would expect /dev/sd? to represent the whole disk20:01
sledgesmeanwhile moslo just tricks us :)20:01
cockroachheh, indeed!20:01
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sledgeslocusf: desktop.js ran away :)20:20
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cockroachis the 20140224 snapshot reasonably up-to-date to get an impression of the current state of nemo or have there been a lot of changes since?20:25
tbryou can probably zypper up the image20:39
* tbr hasn't tried that in a while though20:39
cockroachaye. just trying to find out the root password atm.20:40
sledgesi just tagged glacier ui components gallery20:40
cockroachah. thanks.20:40
sledgesyou'll be the first non-dev to test the header ;)20:41
sledgesafter zypper dup20:41
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cockroachfirst i need to get the wifi working though :)20:41
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cockroachhmn, wpa_supplicant seems to think that my wifi is turned off (rf-kill).20:45
cockroachokay, 103 packages to upgrade, that sounds promising.20:49
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cockroachokay then, i did the dup but now i can't open the settings anymore...21:08
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cockroachactually most applications refuse to open now.21:13
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kiba_is there anything i can do to help porting wayland to n900?21:26
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cockroachwell i guess i broke it, will be reinstalling tomorrow. thanks for all the help!21:37
cockroachah, and also thanks for nemo, really looking forward to having a proper, open OS on my phone.21:37
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