Tuesday, 2014-06-03

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dr_gogeta86morning peeps07:57
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dr_gogeta86hi faenil08:07
dr_gogeta86did you had a nice we ?08:07
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faenilyeah ;) homemade pizza last evening :)08:09
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sledgesgoody morning!08:21
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faenilsledges, hey!! Happy birthday!! :)08:31
tbrsledges: happy release anniversary!08:32
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sledgeslol :DDD thank you guys!!08:38
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iekkusledges, hyvvee syntymäsj' vuospäevee!08:40
iekkusledges, same in finnish: hyvää syntymäsi vuosipäivää (happy birth anniversary)08:40
sledgeskiitos iekku :D08:40
sledgesit will take me an eternitiy to pronounce those :))08:41
iekkujust listen verjnuarmu from youtube and you can get idea :P08:42
sledgesand it's not even Friday :D08:50
dr_gogeta86hi sledges08:53
iekkubut it's better than friday :)08:53
dr_gogeta86happy birthday08:53
sledgesgrazie dr_gogeta86 :)08:55
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sledgesPSA: community meeting at #mer-meeting now :)10:00
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MSameerno more SW releases for me until OBS comes back :/11:15
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dr_gogeta86my immortal for n90012:19
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jcelerierHello :) I wanted to know, would devices which have working Firefox OS port (originally on Android) be hard to port to Nemo ?12:28
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tbrjcelerier: depends on the original android underpinnings12:33
sledgesjcelerier: soon-to-launch HADK for community will enable Sailfish OS (and subsequently Nemo) on many contemporary Android devices (I presume you were not asking about FFOS-only devices)12:34
jcelerierokay :)12:34
sledgesVenemo: ^ (I remember you had a question about your ffos phone in fosdem)12:34
jcelerier(I have a Nexus S, but the more supported phones the merrier!)12:35
faenilsledges, if you say the word soon near the word HADK once more, I'll come there and slaughter your cat12:35
faenilsorry, watched GoT s04e08 last evening, still shocked :D12:36
faenildon't worry ;)12:36
sledgeswhich cat?12:36
sledgescat5 or cat6?12:36
faenilall of em!12:37
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sledges:D and the budgies D:12:38
faenilI have to look up the first time it was said that hadk was coming soon12:39
faenilI'm quite confident it wast 6+ months ago12:39
sledgeslet's make histogram of #soon from #jolla12:39
sledgesabout anything ;)12:40
sledgeswith actual #releases :D12:40
jcelerierfrom a quick google search : "Mar 27, 2014 - Dear early adopter of SailfishOS for Android devices. We're kicking off ... We'll publish the HADK in the next few weeks if everything goes well"12:40
dr_gogeta86something goes wrong12:40
dr_gogeta86for sure12:40
sledgeswhat can possibly go wrong? :D12:40
dr_gogeta86android phones relay on hacks to be alive12:40
dr_gogeta86such a shit12:40
sledgeseverything is a hack, big vs small though12:41
dr_gogeta86no way12:41
sledgeslook at embedded HW :))12:41
dr_gogeta86but comments like12:42
* sledges remembers TI DSP ref platform.....12:42
dr_gogeta86i put this shit otherwise modem not start12:42
dr_gogeta86are pretty funny12:42
sledgeshell yea :D12:42
dr_gogeta86i don't wanna be the polish12:43
dr_gogeta86up to date12:43
dr_gogeta86everything is a mess12:43
* sledges still gets nightmares from seeing mutex_lock(); return; mutex_unlock(); in a function...12:44
dr_gogeta86what it did actually ?12:45
sledgesnever unlocked mutex12:45
sledgesin a release-quality code..12:45
sledgesgstreamer dequeue buffers12:45
sledgessurrounded by hack of that HW ;)12:45
sledgeswhich interacts with DSP12:45
dr_gogeta86gstreamer and hw accelleration i wanna die12:45
dr_gogeta86a real example12:46
sledgesbesides, HADK release date has nothing to do with hacks in actual HWs12:46
dr_gogeta86this is better12:46
dr_gogeta86HADK need to be scheduled12:46
dr_gogeta86it goes out12:46
dr_gogeta86on 28 of DEC 211412:46
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Venemosledges: yes?12:53
sledgesif you locate which android source tree is underlying, hadk might help further12:54
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sledgesVenemo: in your ffos phone that is12:59
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Venemosledges: sorry, I currently don't have time to deal with that :( maybe after exams13:30
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sledgesVenemo: np, what was the model name again?13:33
Venemosledges: it was the Geeksphone Peak13:33
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sledgesthanks, and good luck with xams :)13:33
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Venemothanks sledges :)13:34
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dr_gogeta86faenil, i wanna destroy n016:19
dr_gogeta86faenil, i wanna destroy n016:19
dr_gogeta86faenil, i wanna destroy n916:20
dr_gogeta86last 3.5 kernel16:20
faenilfilippz (and krnlyng maybe, at this point) are trying to fix the remaining issues16:20
faenilthe problem is at the moment telephony doesn't work on 3.516:20
dr_gogeta86audio routing or baseband16:22
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faenilwhoops :D16:23
faenildr_gogeta86, WAKELINE TEST FAILED16:23
faenilsee https://github.com/nemomobile/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/pull/1816:23
dr_gogeta86telecomitalia sucks16:23
faenilno I closed the channel with a shortcut I didn't intend to trigger :D16:24
faenilalso have a look at https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/N9_Kernel_update_project16:24
dr_gogeta86faenil, this morning I've read about n900 baseband inclusion on kernel baseline16:25
dr_gogeta86how they deal with that ?16:26
faenilno idea16:26
dr_gogeta86 The N900 modem is connected via a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) as the legacy version of HSI (High-Speed Synchronous Serial Interface). This basic driver handles enabling and resetting the modem along with data exchange but doesn't yet support voice data.16:26
dr_gogeta86same problem16:26
faenil:) I think we're not even at that point16:28
faenilbut you should ask filippz for details16:28
dr_gogeta86 https://github.com/filippz/kernel-adaptation-n950-n916:29
dr_gogeta8621h agi16:29
dr_gogeta86I hope well16:36
dr_gogeta86I wanna use nemo16:36
dr_gogeta86on n916:36
dr_gogeta86harmattan is fucking good16:36
dr_gogeta86but is a something new16:36
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locusfhey guys16:58
locusfdamn 512kB/s internet16:59
*** jpetrell has joined #nemomobile16:59
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locusfcorrection 50kB/s17:02
faenillocusf, hey :) how is it going17:02
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locusffaenil: fine, trying to get a desktop build of Glacier gallerty17:07
faenillocusf, :)17:07
faenillocusf, let me know if you need help17:08
locusfthis is on ubuntu nb17:08
locusfqt 5.2.117:08
faenilyou need 5.1.117:08
SK_workfaenil: it *might* work17:09
faenilSK_work, ever tried it?17:09
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SK_workfaenil: worked with Qt 5.2 on my Fedora (IIRC)17:10
faenilSK_work, ok, cool to know ;)17:11
locusfit built ok17:11
faenilSK_work, you used nemo qtquickcontrols though, I guess (which is 5.1.1)17:11
SK_workfaenil: yep17:13
SK_workbut as it is mainly QML17:13
SK_workit works17:13
faenilSK_work, yeah, makes sense17:13
locusftouch nemo can't be parsed :p17:13
faenilSK_work, well, qtquickcontrols 5.2 doesn't compile on qt5.1.1 ;)17:13
faenillocusf, ? xD17:14
locusffaenil: the .pro file touch.pro could not be parsed17:14
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile17:14
locusffor run config17:14
faenilI don't think it's been touched recently17:16
SK_workfaenil: :(17:16
SK_workfaenil: right17:16
SK_workdon't know how I made it work17:16
faenilSK_work, you used qqc5.1.1 on qt5.2, and that might be fine17:16
faenilbut the opposite won't work17:16
faenilas qqc5.2 uses an API which was introduced with qt5.217:17
faenil(something mac-specific iirc)17:17
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away17:18
faenillocusf, that means you can't even run qtquick code, check your qt setup :p17:18
locusfqquickaction.cpp:48:39: fatal error: private/qguiapplication_p.h: No such file or directory17:19
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locusfthats whats coming out of my qtquickcontrols compile17:19
locusffaenil: okay17:19
*** alin has joined #nemomobile17:19
faenilthat's the price of taking unexplored paths :D17:20
SK_worklocusf: add gui-private in QT += in the pro file17:20
SK_workfaenil: ah17:20
SK_workyeah I might have used qqc 5.1.117:20
faenilSK_work, well it could be that you used qt5.2, qqc5.2, and glacier touch gallery17:21
faenilthat is ok17:21
faenilthe problem is then on device you have qt5.1 :)17:21
SK_workbut for QML files, it shouldn't matter _that_ much17:21
SK_work(it can matter)17:21
faenilI think debugging can already be very hard, I don't like adding extra variables to the game :D17:22
SK_workbut I also tested on emu too ;)17:22
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locusfhow do I install nemo devel package?17:24
faenilI modify "make" to "make install" in qtcreator build step for nemo qqc17:25
locusfoh so close17:29
locusfqrc:/main.qml:45 module "QtQuick.Window" is not installed17:29
locusfthis is the only error now17:29
locusfgot by17:31
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:33
locusfthats not packaged, damn17:33
faeniljust clone and compile, what are you caring about :D17:33
locusfdoing just that17:34
locusfdamn my new place echoes like crazy17:34
faenilit's the lack of furniture ;)17:35
locusfespecially as I got a mechanical kb17:35
locusfclackety clack17:35
locusfand lack of paintings on the wall17:35
faenilguys we should totally have a nemo party!17:35
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off17:37
locusfheheh housewarming party eh?17:39
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locusfmake installed qtgraphicaleffects but nemo qtquick still can't find it17:43
locusfstill header complains about it17:43
*** faenil has quit IRC17:45
locusfgot it running!17:45
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:48
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locusfits full screen but I don't mind17:50
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile17:51
faenilah ok you got it working, good :)17:52
locusfI could perhaps code a component now, right17:52
locusfwith the livecoding arena?17:53
faenilwhy not ;)17:53
*** itbaron has quit IRC17:53
locusfcan I test it in the same area? eg. create the component and then add another item which uses it?17:53
locusffor the example page17:53
faenilI don't think so, it's like it's one file17:54
faenilyou can't code and use a component in the same file17:55
faenilunless the component you're defining is non-root17:55
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locusfhow could I start with ListView?18:01
locusfnevermind, I think tabview is easier18:09
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locusfhmm it can't be done with traditional tabviewstyle18:35
locusfas one needs to be able to drag the tab bar to change tabs18:36
locusftabviewstyle only provides clicking18:36
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artemmaDocumentGallery that some Sailfish example use are not a part of standard Qt 5.x, but rather remainings of old QtMobility that only Nemo uses, correct?22:32
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