Wednesday, 2014-06-04

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iekkuahoy sledges08:34
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artemmaDocumentGallery that some Sailfish examples use is not a part of standard Qt 5.x, but rather remainings of old QtMobility that only Nemo uses, correct?12:54
specialthat said, iirc mobility is not part of the upstream Qt5 releases and release cycle currently12:57
artemmaspecial: thanks. I was wondering for not-sailfish stuff. Wanted to play with Qt on Android and figured there seems to be no Qt way to list user photos13:07
specialnot sure if anybody has started porting mobility to android13:07
tbrI think some parts of mobility got folded into qt513:08
tbrsome obviously didn't get there, but maybe if someone starts digging/doing?13:09
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locusfslow day? :)15:54
faenillocusf, how's your connection instead :D15:56
locusfheheh true that :)15:58
locusfstill slow too15:58
locusfmy provider can't issue an installation order for my adsl yet15:59
locusfas the house has different numbering of apartments from before15:59
faenillocusf, aw15:59
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coderuswhy still using adsl? why still using landlines btw?16:09
locusfprehistoric house16:09
specialgithub is giving me unicorns :|16:10
faenilcoderus, what else?16:10
locusfthey did build the capabilities to put fiber in the house16:10
locusfso thats gonna be great when it happens16:10
faenillocusf, indeed16:10 I got a "405 not allowed" from github16:12
specialand it says I changed infinity files with this PR16:12
specialI guess this means it's dinnertime16:12
coderusi like unicorns and octovan kenobi16:13
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faenilcoderus, do you have fiber over there?16:16
coderuswill not release next Mitakuuluu update until i figure out that awesome and super-transparent video encoder settings :D16:16
coderusfaenil: me? why me? why asking me?16:16
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faenilcoderus, because you asked why still using landlines/adsl :)16:16
coderusfaenil: in russia we have DHCP internet connections everywhere, but we're still using ADSL for far away districts and villages, but they prefer satellite, not ADSL. it just an alternative for old peoples whu still have landlines for calling and want their PC connected to internet16:18
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faenilDHCP internet connection?16:19
faenilI only know dhcp network protocol...16:19
coderusin new house i just pulling cable, calling provider, telling my ID and name and have access to internet with my own data plan and etc. :)16:20
coderusi mean i dont need to write any connection settings, service operator DHCP resolving everything after two minutes after my call16:20
faenilin Italy you have to wait 2-3 weeks before you have adsl in your new house16:21
coderusthat sucks16:21
coderuswell, uou really ahve many old houses16:21
faenilmostly PPPoE here, btw16:21
locusfyeah I gotta still wait probably 1 week here16:21
coderusthey dont want to make holes in ancient houses :)16:21
locusfnew houses should have fiber16:22
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coderusin russia everybody can get a зукащкфещк фтв ьфлу ф рщду шт еру цфдд Ж)16:22
coderus*can get a perforator and make hole in the wall :)16:22
coderusyeah in new houses we have fiber at the roof and RJ45 in every room16:23
faenilwe have fiber too, in new houses16:23
faenilbut fiber isn't that widespread, it's only in 100k inhabitants cities16:23
coderusi can't believe if there in russia i have better internet han you have in europe :o16:24
locusfgotta agree on that :p16:25
faenilwell, Italy...don't know what's the situation out there :D16:25
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faenilI know that in UK they use cable internet a lot16:25
faeniland cable tv as well16:25
locusfI wish I had cable tv, then the connection shouldn't be an issue16:26
faenilwhile it's totally unused here16:26
coderusright, cable tv and cable internet is widespread in russia16:26
faenilI see16:26
coderusin every city > 40k16:26
faenilinteresting differences :)16:26
faenilcoderus, what's the avg data plan speed?16:26
coderus40-50 Mbps16:27
coderus40 Mbps costs $10/month16:27
faenilholy fsck...16:27
coderusand some bonuses if i'll pay every month at the same date16:27
faeniland does it actually run at that speed, or is it the usual marketing bs?16:28
faenilusually plans here are 20mbps down / 1mbps up16:28
coderuswe have 100Mbps plans with no problems16:28
locusfI got my 8MBits for 20€16:28
faenilbut you never reach 2016:28
coderusi'll givve you speedtest results in a half of hour16:28
faenilreal bandwidth it's somewhere around 7-10mbps down / 1mbps up16:28
coderusnot at home atm16:28
coderusfaenil: its because of adsl?16:29
coderusup is sucks in adsl16:29
coderusasymetric shit16:29
faenilin big cities you get fiber16:29
faenilfor something like 30-40€/month16:29
coderusand for adsl we have unlimited/uncontrollable traffic because of that16:30
faenilalso in my city, but only in some areas, and that's expensive16:30
locusfmobile internet here is cheap though but incredibly flaky16:30
coderuswith adsl we pay only for incoming16:30
coderusmobile internet is about $0.2/1MB16:31
coderusbut for unlimited data plan we have 3-5GB/Month for $1016:31
faenilno fixed data plans?16:31
faenilah cool16:31
coderuswe have no 4G16:31
coderusonly moscow and some other cities, and coverage is very small16:32
faenil4g only in 100k+ cities as well here (maybe 150k+)16:32
faenilI'm not even sure it covers all of Rome16:32
coderus4G in russia is highly experimental for now16:32
faenil3g+ plan is 6-10€ for 1-2Gb16:32
faenil(with 10€ you can get 200mins calls, 200texts, 2Gb internet)16:32
coderusi cant give you info about calls,texts, i'm not using it and not reading how much it costs :D16:33
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faenilI'm talking about promos I hear about :D16:33
coderusi dont hear in headphones :)16:34
faenilI pay 3€ for 4000sms to people of the same provider16:34
faeniland 4,5€ for 1gb internet16:34
faenilthat's it :D16:34
coderusokay, i have some info16:34
faenilmany friends don't have a data plan, so I need text messages16:35
SK_workin coverage16:35
SK_work20€ here: unlimited calls sms and 4G16:35
SK_work(limited bandwith over 20go)16:35
SK_workbut 4G do not really exist (with my provider)16:35
coderuscheaper provider have $0,00025 for 1SMS or call to any provider in same city :)16:36
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SK_workas with ADSL, well, I have fiber to the building + cable to the apt16:36
SK_workthat is about 25€16:36
SK_workand crappy as hell :(16:36
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SK_work(barely reach 20Mb :()16:36
faenilwell, symmetric 20mb is cool16:37
SK_workfaenil: non-symmetric16:37
SK_workmaybe 10 Mb up in best conditions16:37
coderusok, i'll go to home now and will send you speedtest results :)16:37
faenilSK_work, still :D16:37
SK_workcoderus: :D16:38
faenilcoderus, I don't want to see it! :D16:38
SK_work4G tested with netradar on the Jolla gave me 50mbps dl and about 10 up iirc16:38
SK_workso, faster than "fiber" :D16:38
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faenilscrew you16:56
AardSK_work: it can go to over 100mbit16:56
coderusthis one is from Chelyabinsk to Helsinki16:57
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locusfmy speedtest would be pathetic so won't paste it17:00
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SK_workAard: what can go over 100mbit ?17:09
SK_work4G ?17:09
AardSK_work: jolla on 4g17:09
SK_workAard: ok, but not in Paris with Free :P17:09
SK_workas it usually goes to 0mbit17:09
Aardprobably not. if you're in the right place in finland it does :p17:09
SK_work(roaming switch, crappy 3G etc.)17:09
Aardat home I only get 25mbit own/30mbit up, living in a not fully done 4g area17:10
SK_workAard: at home, no 4G17:10
AardI usually don't use 4g at home, I get 100mbit down/50down for 20 eur/month17:11
* SK_work jealous17:11
SK_workFrance is so crappy when it comes to Internet access17:11
SK_workbad 4G, bad ADSL, no fiber17:11
AardI'll move soon, though. will probably make internet a bit slower and/or more expensive17:12
faenilAard, leaving the dark country?17:13
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coderusopenrepos server speedtest to helsinki:
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