Wednesday, 2014-06-11

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locusfnot too many packages in the hw pattern06:43
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sledgesgo0od morn!07:47
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stephghiIi sleEedgeEes07:48
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sledgeshi st3phg :)07:51
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:08
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dr_gogeta86Bereavement days today ?12:46
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sledgesbusy working ^_^12:49
dr_gogeta86i imagine12:51
dr_gogeta86i'm talking about locusf post about nemo on jolla phone12:52
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: did you read backlog of this channel after his post?12:53
dr_gogeta86I was just talking to stskeeps and he said as long as I don't redistribute any binaries, nemomobile images could be done12:53
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dr_gogeta86<Aard> which is about what I said back then. your problem is the binary bits in hw-adaptotion12:53
dr_gogeta86* locusf has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)12:53
dr_gogeta86<SK_work> so basically we need to do cyanogen mod like12:53
dr_gogeta86<SK_work> extract drivers when "flashing"12:53
dr_gogeta86this ?12:54
sledgespatterns are accessible12:54
dr_gogeta86so you must dump some bits like i do with get_prebuilts12:54
dr_gogeta86on cyanogen12:54
sledgesdon't redist the binaries but let everyone build their own nemo image is current state of affais12:54
sledgesuntil a solution is found12:54
dr_gogeta86i hope in a resolution12:55
wazd_Greetings people12:56
tbrcommon problem12:56
tbrjust solve it more gracefully than firefoxOS please. they really sucked at that12:56
tbrwould do lots of handwaving and mumbling and vagueness12:57
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sledgeswhy was the talk about n950-n9 patterns yesterday then? (and not jolla)12:57
sledgesprobably vaguely related12:57
dr_gogeta86hi wazd_ and tbr12:57
sledgeso/ \o12:57
sledges\o o/12:58
* sledges leaves to your wild imagination and leave for lunch12:58
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locusfdr_gogeta86: haven't even started on the nemo image yet14:59
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locusfsledges: what was sandy_lockes twitter id?16:02
sledgeslocusf: @LozereMedia16:03
locusfsledges: thanks16:04
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locusfif sandy_locke comes here, tell him that I'd like to have all icons in the statusbar inside nemo-theme-glacier for easier handling of themes18:46
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sledgeswhere are they now?18:57
sledges(nowhere yet? :D)18:57
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sledgeslocusf: 21:59 -MemoServ(MemoServ@services.)- The memo has been successfully sent to sandy_locke.18:59
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damianatorrpmHello :)21:35
damianatorrpmI'm trying to use org.nemomobile.dbus 1.0 qml plugin in my application21:36
damianatorrpmI can successfully get properties and call methods21:36
damianatorrpmbut how to listen to signals?21:36
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damianatorrpmThanks in advance!!21:37
specialdamianatorrpm: set signalsEnabled: true and create functions in the DBusInterface item matching the name and arguments of the signal you want21:38
damianatorrpmset signalsEnabled: true done, I will try now the functions21:38
specialapparently we really need to document that, second time today I've had that question21:38
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damianatorrpmCan you give me some example, please :) I've destination "org.myservice" and path "/myPath" signalsEnabled: true and I want to read the property: testProperty and get notified when it changes21:43
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damianatorrpmIt would feel natural if I could onTestPropertyChanged: doStuff()21:44
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sledgesspecial: fertile soil? :)
specialdamianatorrpm: sorry, missed your response22:12
specialif your dbus interface 'org.myservice' has a signal 'testPropertyChanged', you can do22:13
specialinterface: "org.myservice"; signalsEnabled: true; function testPropertyChanged() { ... }22:13
specialit's a little strange, QML limitations22:13
specialsledges: I filed a bug about documenting it and CC'd the author of that code, if that counts :p22:14
damianatorrpmI hmm22:14
damianatorrpmthat does not work for me22:14
damianatorrpmTestProperty is actually with a capital letter22:15
damianatorrpmfunction TestPropertyChanged() { ... } would be invalid22:15
specialthere is a hack for that..22:15
damianatorrpmI'd be happy to hear it :) :)22:16
specialah, there22:16
specialprefix the name with 'rc'22:16
specialdon't ask.22:16
damianatorrpmok not asking but22:17
damianatorrpmit has no result22:18
damianatorrpmI change the value, though the function is not triggered22:18
damianatorrpmmaybe need to add that I compiled the plugin with Qt 5.3 on openSUSE for tests22:18
specialdoes your function have the same number of arguments as the signal?22:19
specialdoes dbus-monitor show the signal?22:19
damianatorrpmthe signal is definetly there it's a system one22:20
damianatorrpmactual function is      function rcIconNameChanged() {console.log("value Changed")}22:20
damianatorrpm    destination: "org.kde.StatusNotifierItem-18287-1"       path: "/StatusNotifierItem"       signalsEnabled: true22:20
specialah, iface22:21
special..why is that not called interface22:21
specialset iface: "..."22:21
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glaciatedHey @alexxy22:24
sledgeshey glaciated :) not an incidental nick i believe? ;)22:26
sledgesspecial: thanks good start :) !22:27
glaciatedhey sledges! not incidental, but may not be who you think I am. :)22:27
sledgesglaciated: i think you are interested in #GlacierUI, but if you say otherwise how can it be not incidental? :)22:29
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glaciatedI'm the author of a sublime text theme named Glacier - I got a notification about mention of glacier on Twitter and thought I'd come poke my head in and see what this project was about22:36
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sledgesinteresting find glaciated :) welcome to be around!22:39
glaciatedthanks, man!22:39
sledges share some resemblances with :))22:40
sledgesirl our design went even more flat from the original mockup22:40
glaciatedooo, yeah - looks like we had similar objectives with the high-contrast / dark backgrounds22:41
glaciatedI dig it22:41
sledgesand background went pitchblack22:41
sledges(mostly in favour of Nokia N9's AMOLED screen)22:41
glaciatedI haven't played with one of those yet! I bet that'll be/is beautiful22:41
damianatorrpmWell I hope the question does not seem to retarded now: is that the right interface org.kde.StatusNotifierItem < >22:41
damianatorrpmNo matter what else I set it is undefined then22:42
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damianatorrpmwith this interface I still don't get any signal22:42
damianatorrpmat least not with the function  function rcIconNameChanged() {console.log("value Changed")}22:43
specialI wonder if you'd have to listen to org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.PropertiesChanged instead..22:44
specialuncharted territory. We've only used this QML wrapper for very simple cases, honestly.22:44
specialcomplicated dbus code usually ends up being in C++ for other reasons22:45
glaciatednice, sledges - how long you guys been working on this?22:46
specialyou could try iface: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties"; function rcPropertiesChanged(name, properties, invalidated) { and ..something to see whether "IconName" is a key in 'properties', which should be some kind of dictionary-like type. properties['IconName'] !== undefined?22:46
specialor you could fall back to Qt, where this is all easy ;)22:47
damianatorrpmI'm not really good at c and I try to implement the new systray/statusnotifier freedesktop standard :)22:48
sledgesglaciated: on and off since 2012 :) Sailfish OS has washed away lots of effort recently..22:48
damianatorrpmIconName is undefined when iface is org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties22:50
specialdbus properties are a little strange22:51
damianatorrpmI know I love dconf/gsettings22:51
specialreading one is actually a call to org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get(interface_name, property_name)22:51
damianatorrpmbut they are not r/o22:51
specialmaybe denexter is around and would have a better idea of how to get changed signals for a dbus property with n-q-p-dbus?22:52
damianatorrpmwhy is dbus so complex... :(22:54
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damianatorrpmand I guess as soon as kernel dbus is around all code will have to be rewritten22:55
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damianatorrpmI got it :) :) :) :)23:33
damianatorrpmfunction must be name rcNewIcon() {} as NewIcon is the signal IconName is just the property :)23:33
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specialdamianatorrpm: simpler than I expected, cool23:42
damianatorrpmthanks for your help much appreciated23:43
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denexterspecial: interface isn't used because it's apparently a keyword and the QML parser uncharacteristically objected to its use23:46
specialah, of course. annoying.23:46
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