Thursday, 2014-06-12

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locusfhey faenil08:12
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dr_gogeta86morning guys08:19
sledgeshey dr!08:20
dr_gogeta86Another n9 in family08:21
dr_gogeta86I've found one in mint condition for 100 euro08:21
sledgesmmm collectibles :)08:21
dr_gogeta86a friend of mine harras me for mine08:22
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dr_gogeta86anyone here know pushbullet ?08:28
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damianatorrpmdenexter: Hi11:54
damianatorrpmspecial: Hi11:54
damianatorrpmagain regarding or.nemomobile.dbus11:54
damianatorrpmis there a plan to have it possible to accept the QDbusMessageVariant for properties11:55
specialpatches welcome? ;)11:56
damianatorrpmright now if you have a property return a variant qdbus type it's not known by qml11:56
specialthere aren't any real plans for development, it's just as-needed11:56
specialI would expect that to be a pretty easy fix though11:56
damianatorrpmI'm not really good at c++11:56
damianatorrpmbut I'll try to get it qworking in a branch11:56
damianatorrpmmy code would be too ugly for you I guess11:56
SK_workdamianatorrpm: it can be refactored: )11:57
damianatorrpmmost likely inside the c code if the result is a variant11:57
specialugly but working code is a good start11:57
damianatorrpmI will convert it to a list11:57
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damianatorrpmtrue :) I will try then11:59
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damianatorrpmspecial: seems not easy at all :(13:41
damianatorrpmthe code is in declarativedbusinterface.cpp13:41
damianatorrpmline 43013:42
damianatorrpmI can't even get the QVariant to get to output to qDebug()13:42
SK_workdamianatorrpm: let me check too13:44
SK_worksmall guess, special might be sleeping13:44
SK_work(maybe not)13:44
specialSK_work: I'm in Norway for a few months13:44
SK_workspecial: ah :D13:45
situsletta: seems to break my compilation13:45
situGetting this error
slettasitu: which Qt version are you compiling against?13:46
situsletta: 5.2.1, need to update to 5.3 ?13:47
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slettasitu: yeah.. QPlatformWindow::invalidateSurface was added for 5.313:47
situsletta: ok, thanks ! It looks like 5.3 update is still not available for Fedora.13:48
SK_work5.3 ?13:48
SK_workfor nemo ?13:48
slettathis was qtwayland upstream13:48
* special hears the sounds of w00t sobbing13:48
situSK_work: No, I am trying to compile it on Fedora.13:49
SK_workdamianatorrpm: show me what you are trying to do13:49
SK_worksitu: ah :)13:49
slettasitu: 5.3.0 was released a few weeks ago. It should be straightforward to compile it from sources13:49
damianatorrpmSK_work:  dbusInterface.getProperty function returns a QVariant which can not be read inside of qml13:50
slettasitu: not using the dev branch of qtwayland is also an option of course :)13:50
damianatorrpmSK_work: now I try either to convert it to something and expose to qml13:50
damianatorrpmSK_work: or something else13:50
situsletta: I am fine with dev branch, will try to get 5.3 installed.13:50
SK_workdamianatorrpm: show some qml code ?13:50
SK_workI think you are calling the wrong method13:51
SK_worknot sure13:51
SK_workdamianatorrpm: using typedcallwithcallback ?13:51
SK_workstrange that you don't go through line 43013:51
damianatorrpmSK_work: example DBusInterface {id:dBus; destination: org.kde.StatusNotifierItem-xxxx-y;  path:"/StatusNotifierItem"; iface:"org.kde.StatusNotifierItem"; signalsEnabled:true;}13:52
specialfwiw i'd guess that the QVariant holds a QDBusVariant13:52
specialyou can get the inner QVariant (yeah.) from that with something like: QDBusVariant dbusVariant = qvariant_cast<QDBusVariant>(v); QVariant value = dbusVariant.variant();13:52
SK_workdamianatorrpm: tried attaching a debugger to check where the code goes ?13:53
situsletta: Thanks for your help.13:53
slettanp :)13:53
damianatorrpmSK_work: no, I'm quite amateaur dbus13:53
SK_workdamianatorrpm: using QtCreator ?13:54
damianatorrpmthe actual propert I try to get13:54
SK_worktry to embed the dbus module into a simple executable (so that it don't get loaded as a plugin), and execute your qml13:54
SK_workattaching debugger in the C++ code of dbus module13:54
SK_workthen check what happens13:54
SK_workthis could be rather easy to debug13:54
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damianatorrpmSK_work: typercallwithcallback should be used for properties??14:07
SK_workdamianatorrpm: don't know14:07
SK_workjust that the callback you showed me line 430 is used with typedcallwithcallback14:07
damianatorrpmshould not as you have no parameters  to pass for it14:07
damianatorrpmSK_work: different branches? line 429 is part of getProperty14:09
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damianatorrpm            return parse(v.value<QDBusArgument>()); this should be exposed to qml14:09
SK_workdamianatorrpm: did you succedded in tracing a call with debugger ?14:09
damianatorrpmSK_work: the only thing I get is that it is a QVariant (QDBusArgument, )14:10
damianatorrpmbut I can't read out the actual value14:10
damianatorrpmI mean         return v.value<QDBusVariant>().variant();14:13
damianatorrpmnot return parse(v.value<QDBusArgument>());14:13
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damianatorrpmor one another attempt to tell what I'm doing, debug leads me no further. qdbus --literal org.kde.StatusNotifierItem-xxxx-y /StatusNotifierItem org.kde.StatusNotifierItem.ToolTip where x is the process id and y unique id14:36
damianatorrpmthe property is returned properly by qdbus14:36
damianatorrpmbut only when --literal is passed14:36
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locusfsletta: ping15:44
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locusfSK_work: ping16:03
SK_worklocusf: pong16:05
locusfSK_work: do I still have to use your patched lipstick in order to retrieve the QML sources for ljh?16:07
SK_worklocusf: no16:07
SK_workfor last update QML files are out16:07
locusfno longer patchable you mean?16:08
SK_worklocusf: no longer needed16:08
SK_workls /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/qml :)16:08
locusfwell I'll be damned :D16:09
SK_worklocusf: why ?16:09
SK_workyou installed patched lipstick on Jolla ?16:09
locusfI was just surprised :)16:10
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locusfthanks for the information16:12
locusfI haven't updated to QML's in a long time and now as they are there I can just keep scp'ng them from device16:12
SK_workmy pleasure :)16:12
locusfI was mainly wondering if the current homescreen implementation adds something to the apps crashing on N9 with newest qtwayland16:14
locusfah, they have added a lot of comments to the compositor.qml :D16:16
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SK_worklocusf: ah :)16:18
faenillocusf, I think that's because comments are stripped when the file is compiled into qrc16:18
faenil(most likely)16:18
locusfmight be that as well16:19
faenilnot sure though, just a guess16:19
SK_workfaenil: not sure16:20
SK_workqrc don't preprocess16:20
faenilthen nvm ;)16:20
SK_workproof: you got licenses inside qrc files16:20
faenilnvm then16:21
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Morpog_PCAard, seems uninstalling all android apps and alien-dalvik and reinstalling it after a reboot has fixed my wlan problem on alien-dalvik16:24
Morpog_PCthe good side is that I have cleaned up all the crap I had installed :D16:25
Morpog_PCdamn, wrong channel16:26
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slettalocusf: pong16:34
locusfsletta: I didn't get the fix for your suggested qtwayland workaround to work, this was like 3 weeks ago16:36
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slettalocusf: yeah, I remember.. I’m sorry, but I completely forgot to follow that up :/16:36
locusfsletta: no problem :)16:37
slettalocusf: what would I need to reproduce it myself?16:37
locusfsletta: a N9 with latest nemo image on it16:37
locusffor a refresher :)16:38
faeniljust a brain fart, could it be that we're using something that requires qt5.2?16:39
faenil(and that's why it crashes)16:39
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locusffaenil: do we have qt5.2 on n9?16:39
faenildon't think so, we're using 5.1.1 with patches, like sailfish16:40
locusfI remember doing some git repackaging on old source code16:43
slettaI doubt I will get my N9 to boot, but who knows…16:43
locusfso I tried some older versions and built packages from that and installed, the current one works16:43
locusfthe problem is that I don't really know which version it really is16:44
locusfHEAD detached at mer/5.1.0+git3016:44
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slettais that the latest?16:45
slettaThere are a gazillion bug fixes on top of that tag...16:45
locusfnot latest, just a checkout16:46
faenilsletta, locusf> so I tried some older versions16:46
slettahave you tried dropping in current master?16:47
locusfnot yet16:47
slettathe buffering change introduce quite a bit of problems which we fixed over the next couple of weeks16:48
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locusflatest master still crashes16:55
locusfexcept for glacier gallery16:55
locusfwell it did work just now, now it doesn't again16:56
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locusfso the crashes are quite erratic17:03
locusfwhich makes the debugging more funner than ever!17:03
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locusfgah sletta left17:10
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sledgeslocusf: maybe something to do with *_PLATFORM variable ?17:17
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locusfsledges: hmm?17:23
sledgesin environment17:23
sledges=eglfs =hwcomposer =wayland all that jazz17:23
locusfEGL_PLATFORM is set to fbdev17:24
locusfQT_QPA_PLATFORM was eglfs17:25
locusfI set it hwcomposer17:25
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locusfonly eglfs works17:29
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locusfwhat else could I try?17:42
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