Monday, 2014-06-23

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sledgeshungoverning &)05:59
* iekku is just tired06:00
iekkucan't anymore say that i'm finn, didn't drink any alcohol during midsummer06:00
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sledgesiekku: I wish I didn't drink those two beers, after months of no alco :D06:06
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locusfmorning :)06:19
faenilmorning! :)06:20
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sledgese-hey! :D06:32
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* stephg yawns, makes tea06:33
sledgeswhen did ya guys dissipate y-day? :))06:33
juicemesledges, that's Juhannus well spent then... :P06:33
sledgesor should i ask at #jollamobile ? ;)06:33
sledgesjuiceme: that's jolla+sailfish meetup @ London ;)06:33
juicemeit's the atmosphere in london pubs that gets ya hungover, even with just 2 beers... or might be the potency of real ale :06:35
sledgesas someone from .lt , i got a certain opinion about ales; culture clash don't ask :D06:35
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juicemehow's the lithuanian drinking, then, just straight vodka?06:37
stephgsledges: vgrade had to get his train and then ballock too circa 10pm06:38
juicemeI suppose being a finn should qualify me for that but I really cannot stand the stuff, few ales is all I can handle06:38
juicemesledges, :)06:40
sledgesstephg: fairly civilised then :))06:43
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stephgall things considered yeah :)06:43
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locusfstephg: how did the glacier demo go?06:59
stephgdidn't get round to it as I got back too late :(07:00
locusfoh ok, no problem :)07:00
stephgactually I meant to ask about the font used on glacier07:01
stephgiirc when I loaded it on friday it was looking ugly as hell (the font I mean) so I suspect I also need to install something07:02
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locusfhmm yes, google-opensans-fonts if possible07:03
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* stephg adds that to his n4 post-flash install script 07:05
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spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ would be relevant to anyone using nemomobile mce on Nokia Nxx devices10:21
sledgeslgtm spiiroin , all we need is to add mce-config-legacy to Nxx patterns ?10:23
spiiroinsledges: yes, or at least that was the plan ;-)10:24
spiiroinlbt: obs says mce is unresolvable (glib2 >= 2.36.0); but to me it looks like mer core should have more recent glib versions - am I missing something?10:35
lbtspiiroin: url ?10:35
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lbtspiiroin: odd10:38
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sveta "what does that do?"10:49
svetai do not know what "legacy settings" are, yet10:49
spiiroinsveta: moves config files needed for runnig mce on Nokia hw to separate package -> they are not installed by default anymore -> need to add dependecies to have them available if needed10:51
lbtit's a bit of a "what not why" commit message :)10:51
spiiroinwhy is in the bug10:51
MerbotNemo bug 616 in mce "mce contains some hardware adaptation bits in /etc/mce/10mce.ini that should be moved" [Normal,Assigned]10:52
spiiroinbut yes, it could be stated in commit too10:52
sledgesFixes NEMO#616 ? ;)10:53
* sledges wonders where bot's gone :)10:53
spiiroinmaybe it is on vacation with the glib resolver10:54
sveta"what is mce?"10:54
* sveta headdesk, need to read10:54
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spiiroinlbt: to me it looks like arm repos inherit stuff from i486 repos in
spiiroinmy obs reading comprehension is limited, but if that happens it might create problems for finding dependencies?11:09
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lbtspiiroin: cross-build for mb2 acceleration11:11
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sledgeslgtmd :)13:52
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locusfthx :)14:00
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mordlbt: hey, does an up-to-date repository of mer-flavoured obs packages currently exist?16:24
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lbtas it happens, yes16:24
mordthanks heaps16:25
lbtthat's a 2.4 OBS16:25
lbt should help too16:26
lbt2.5 still needs some minor patches which are not yet in that version16:26
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lbtnb ... don't forget about my books ;)16:26
lbtalso ... "hi"16:27
mordi won't :) just haven't been to helsinki in a while16:27
mordyeah, that too; "hi" :)16:27
lbtme neither16:27
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mordlbt: trying to figure out how to build for arm64 in obs/sb2; the whole ld_preload thing is getting surprisingly complicated; any encouraging success stories with using a hostside toolchain for such? :)17:44
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lbtmord: have you seen the list of schedulers on the c.obs ?18:14
lbtincludes aarch6418:15
mordright; no i haven't taken a look lately18:16
mordokies then18:16
lbtspiiroin: fyi the version of mer nemo:mw is using is quite old - it should probably start using the mer:core stuff at least in 'next'18:16
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tbrlbt: well, everybody should brace, armv8 is coming, finally19:09
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lbttbr: nah - I'm waiting for MIPS19:10
tbrmips has had 64bit for quite a while now19:11
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