Wednesday, 2014-07-23

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kjokiniereview appreciated:
kjokiniedid some changes to make the touch screen vibra detection work properly for haptic.c users ^^08:10
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kjokiniesledges, thp ^^08:10
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sledgesgood morning08:36
sledgesmany thanks kjokinie08:36
kjokiniesledges: np08:39
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kjokinieI wonder if there is anyone else (than Jolla) using ngfd with their own events.d config files? if yes, you should check what's coming in that pull request above08:43
thpkjokinie: added some comments to
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kjokiniethp: thanks, I'll get to fixing08:50
kjokiniethp: the droid vibrator plugin should work as it is now, no changes needed there08:50
kjokiniethe only changes this requires outside of ngfd, is if someone overrides the default event configuration with their own.. then that config should add the haptic.type key to events that need it08:51
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thpkjokinie: ah, ok. so that is handled in haptics.{c,h} in ngfd :)08:56
kjokiniethp: yes, so plugins don't have to do anything special08:56
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dr_gogeta86thp, i was looking for apkenv help09:21
dr_gogeta86did you ever seen gamesalad game engine09:22
thpno, why?09:22
dr_gogeta86i wanna play a game based on this platform09:23
dr_gogeta86is basicly an html5 enabler09:24
dr_gogeta86but use a ndk library09:24
thpis it written using the NDK? (c/c++)?09:24
dr_gogeta86plus linked against openal09:24
thpthen figure out the JNI calls and write a apkenv module and it should work ;)09:24
dr_gogeta86i'm pretty noob09:24
thpfor openal you could use openal soft or just hook all calls09:24
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dr_gogeta86thp you got query09:26
dr_gogeta86for jolla phone i've ask permission to submit to harbour09:26
thpis it a html5 game? if so, have you tried it in fennec?09:27
dr_gogeta86i've seen that by asset09:27
dr_gogeta86doesn't include any index.html09:28
thpkrnlyng: ^ ever seen something called "gamesalad" engine?09:31
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krnlyngthp: no thats new to me :)09:38
krnlyngdr_gogeta86: which game do you want to work on? ask me if you need help09:38
dr_gogeta86i've send it to you apk link09:38
dr_gogeta86krnlyng, i've starting do dex-to-jar09:40
dr_gogeta86and i'm seen something terrible09:40
krnlyngdr_gogeta86: what terrible thing do you see?09:41
dr_gogeta86qq tencent amazon and google analytics stuff :-(09:41
thpfor apkenv purposes, you can usually just drop or stub out the analytics stuff09:42
krnlyngyou can pretty much ignore anything thats not directly necessary for the game to work09:42
thp(which in some funny way makes running certain apps on apkenv "better" in terms of privacy, because we're too lazy to implement that)09:43
dr_gogeta86for sure09:43
dr_gogeta86is a pity any apkenv chan09:43
dr_gogeta86although for nemomobile is the first source of games :-D09:43
krnlyngin draw something we ignore the facebook components completely, which means you can't login using facebook but the game works :)09:43
thpnow we have one09:43
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krnlyngdr_gogeta86: i gotta leave now, maybe i'll look into the game when i am back :) (in an hour or so)09:45
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dr_gogeta86krnlyng, and thp is official ... use too much android activity api ... so10:05
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kjokiniethp: fixed the issues in now, please check10:36
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krnlyngdr_gogeta86: what does it use?11:08
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dr_gogeta86krnlyng, talk on #apkenv11:36
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thpkjokinie: looks good to me now12:27
kjokiniethp: thanks12:27
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locusf :)13:00
locusfpardon the mess of wires :p13:00
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locusfhmm the compositor is a mess on Galaxy Note13:06
locusfryukafalz: did unlocking the screen work for you on Nexus 5 (or whichever you had)?13:06
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locusfor did you test it stephg ?13:09
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stephglocusf: it's been a few weeks since I looked on an n4, sorry13:15
stephgremind me (again) where the builds are and I can do now (have a bit of 'free' time this afternoon)13:16
locusfstephg: I can upload the latest to my dropbox again13:16
locusfyou should only need the glacier-home package13:17
stephglovely, pulling it down now13:21
sledgeslocusf: looks nice the devices 8)~13:25
locusfsledges: :)13:26
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stephglocusf: it doesn't need the other nemo middleware deps?13:31
locusfstephg: not if you already have them installed13:31
stephgah no, been wiped since then. no matter, I have scripts for it13:32
locusfah ok13:32
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stephgoh what was the name of the google font again as well?13:35
locusfyou might want to edit the index.html of nemo-theme-glacier13:36
locusfso you get jolla + glacier icons13:37
locusfindex.html -> index.theme13:37
stephgso s/darko/jolla-ambient/ yeah?13:41
stephgcool that worked13:43
stephgso what were you asking about the lockscreen?13:43
locusfwether it works or not, swiping from edges to unlock?13:46
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stephgyep works13:48
stephgall edges :)13:48
locusfhmm ok, so its galaxy note issue then13:48
locusfI just have 0 ideas on how to fix it13:48
locusflockscreen on jolla-home is much easier to unlock even when edge swipes don't work :p13:51
locusfon glacier-home its not working, so a lipstick restart is needed13:51
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ryukafalzlocusf: Nexus 4, and yes, it did. Thought it was a bit odd that an edge swipe both unlocked and locked it though.14:56
ryukafalzIs that intended?14:56
locusfryukafalz: yes14:57
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ryukafalzAh, okay15:18
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locusfhey qwazix18:31
qwazixhey locusf, nice work18:32
qwazixI'm interested in the N7000 adaptation, any pointers?18:32
locusfqwazix: you have it?18:32
locusfI can give you the .zip :)18:32
qwazixplease please18:32
locusfor probably the rootfs as well18:32
locusflol :)18:32
qwazixI always loved the screen/stylus but I never really used it because of you know, android18:33
qwazixIn the meantime i'll install latest home screen on SbJ18:33
locusfI'm not sure the stylus works18:34
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locusfnow tar magic18:39
qwazixweird, I'm sure last time pkcon install-local worked without su18:41
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locusfyeah new update voes18:42
qwazixah, that explains it18:42
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qwazixI managed to get the browser running by clicking on a homescreen bookmark, if that helps18:43
qwazixbut it disappears the moment you touch it18:43
locusfyeah known issue18:44
locusfnothing in the logs so I don't really know how to debug it18:44
locusfsame with terminal18:44
qwazixalso, the Done, Close All is no longer glacier styled for some reason (maybe the update removed a package?)18:45
locusfprolly yeah18:45
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locusfcheck the channel logs for all the links I gave to stephg18:45
locusfqwazix: this is gonna take a while, gonna regen the zip and then upload to dropbox18:46
qwazixkk, many thanks18:46
locusfit should be working with my kernel too18:47
locusfbut not booting directly to sailfishos18:47
locusfyou need to do the telnet magic as described in HADK18:47
qwazixyep, installed qt-controls and buttons are glacier-fied again, though huge18:47
qwazixand with condensed font18:47
qwazixI have those18:48
qwazixbut I also put some fonts into /usr/share/fonts, lemme remove those first18:48
qwazixstill huge and text is bigger than the buttons, but now the font style is right18:50
locusfyeah thats a known issue too, I don't know how to debug it since the buttons are alright in glacier gallery18:52
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qwazixI'll try to use glacier-home as main homescreen for a day18:53
locusfokay :)18:53
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qwazixrestarting lipstick for a second time results in reboot18:54
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locusfhaven't tested but if it happens ..18:54
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bencohI guess that shortens the test a bit :D18:58
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locusf-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 549M heinä 23 22:09 /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu/android/droid/sfa-mako-ea-
locusfits a _bit_ large19:10
locusfmay bite you etc19:10
locusfbut the kernel included should boot you to mer boat loader, then its just telnetting and then mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p9 /system19:11
locusfthen just echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin19:12
locusfqwazix: uploading + ^19:12
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locusfqwazix: 48 mins to go, I should probably go to sleep at some point after that upload :p19:15
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qwazixlocusf, go to sleep and just mail me the link when you wake up19:16
qwazixdon't stay up for me, I can wait a day19:16
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locusfqwazix: okay, can you pm me your email?19:17
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Morpog_PCahaha, mer "boat" loader, best typo ever :D20:07
locusfMorpog_PC: apparently its completely intentional :D20:07
locusfMorpog_PC: which makes it even more lollier20:07
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coderusMSameer: ping20:23
coderus ^20:23
coderusMSameer: write here commandline command for gst-launch taking picture please :)20:23
MSameercoderus: I saw it but did not answer yet. Doing it via gstreamer is not straight forward though (feel free to prove me wrong) :)20:25
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coderusMSameer: i remember you wrote it in past, but i may be wrong20:29
MSameercoderus: I don't remember that :/20:29
coderusokay, probably it was not you and not about jolla :D20:33
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ryukafalzmmk, I managed to "fix" my lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 by extracting the files from the original image and copying them over... being very careful about permissions, heh20:43
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ryukafalznow time to diff that and the version in the repos and figure out exactly what's changed between them :P20:45
ryukafalzpresumably something re: screen resolution20:45
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qwazixlocusf million thanks, I'll try it tomorrow23:14
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