Thursday, 2014-07-24

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locusf <- proof of concept tablet UX by glacier05:17
locusfit works quite nicely as its horizontal ux, unlike jollas, scales differently too05:18
locusffirst tablet to ever see glacier ux probably05:20
locusfunless the jolla boys have tested it on nexus 7 :)05:20
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VDVsxlocusf, video better than pics :D06:16
locusfVDVsx: sure, will do one with all devices :)06:16
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locusfuploading :)06:29
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locusfVDVsx: ^06:59
VDVsxcool stuff :)07:00
locusfgalaxy note video uploading07:01
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alinlocusf: excuse my ignorance what is glacier?12:45
artemmaJolla is based on nemomobile. Glacier is nemomobile's UI layer12:46
locusfalin: glacier is an open source ux for mobile devices :)12:46
artemmathat Jolla replaces with the own one12:46
locusfwhich I usually replace in hadk and in general for Jolla :)12:46
artemmaIs glacier that ready indeed?12:46
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artemmaI didn't try glacier myself, yet had an impression it's work in progress at best12:47
locusfartemma: well qwazix is trying it for a day, lets see what he has to say about it :) but yes generally work in progress heavily still12:48
locusfsome apps don't open etc12:48
alinlocusf: ok... so the equivalent of sailfish?12:48
artemmaah yeah, phone UI is more than just UI, you also need actual apps to use it :)12:48
tbrbtw: I haven't mentioned it here, I have some preliminary work on push notifications based on MQTT that works on Mer12:49
artemmaalin: yeah, NemoMobile is kind'a open source sailfish12:51
locusfalin: just a homescreen at this point, nemomobile is the full stack, glacier is components + homescreen12:51
artemmaSailfish is Mer + large part of NemoMobile (but not all of it) + Sailfish components + Jolla apps12:51
locusfmy aim is to support all Jolla aps too with covers etc but they are not open sourced atm12:52
locusfbut everything else about Jolla apps work12:52
locusfprovided as long as silica is installed12:53
artemmaJolla apps to be runnable on NemoMobile you mean? :/12:53
alinthis is what i see a mixture of closed apps and open apps...12:53
* artemma must be missing the discussion context12:53
alinI am wiser now... I shall get a beer to celebrate12:53
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locusfartemma: yeah, basically we have those plans to have our component structure similar to silicas so people can just import Sailfish.Silica 1.0 -> import QtQuick.Controls.Nemo 1.012:54
artemmawell, it's a simple mix: all apps are closed except for Browser :)12:54
artemmaor maybe there is one more open app?12:54
locusfdocuments browser is too12:54
artemmalocusf: that won't help, people would need to rebuild apps12:55
artemmano conditional import in QML12:55
artemmathat is unless you import everything via Loader12:55
locusfartemma: yep12:55
artemmathough.. though.. if you accept the fact that Sailfish is the boss, nemo could have an automatic alias from import Silica to import Nemo12:56
artemmaOr there was a project by M4...forgot-end-of-his-nick where he has something like import myApp.Button autoresolved in a platform-specific way12:58
artemmaJolla-Nemo are good friends, aren't they? So there might be an agreement to use something similar as a recommended practice. Something like: import platform.Button12:59
artemmaresolved to Silica.Button or Nemo.Button depending on what's available12:59
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bencoh""good friends"" :]13:00
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SK_workbencoh: rather good friends :)13:01
SK_workartemma: I'm thinking of a parser13:01
SK_workor sed13:01
SK_workbut the problem is that pulley menus (and menus in general) are not implemented the same in saiflishos nemo harmattan ubuntu Qt components for android etc13:02
artemmaSK_work: just be aware there is already an open project for it and it works for at least one app (something Map-related)13:02
artemmait may or may not be good enough for you certainly13:02
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locusfartemma: which project?13:03
artemmaI don't remember :/13:04
artemmaso,e known mapping app for N90013:04
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ryukafalzlocusf: That plan to match Nemo and Silica components sounds amazing13:11
artemmalocusf: here it is -
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ryukafalzAh, that one. Also works on Openmoko, N9... everything... :P13:12
artemmaHere's where the magic happens -13:12
artemmabasically you import UC 1.0 everywhere13:12
artemmaand UC 1.0 has Button, etc that uses platform-specific implementation13:13
locusfoh nice its python13:13
ryukafalzlocusf: I can't guarantee that I'll have too much time, but is there anything in particular I could work on to help glacier-home scale better for higher-DPI displays like my Nexus 4?13:25
locusfryukafalz: all that work is done in compositor.qml afaik, but I'm not sure how its done13:26
locusfryukafalz: you can study lipstick-jolla-home sources in order to do that13:26
locusfryukafalz: /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/qml/13:26
ryukafalzAha, it's too bad those aren't openly licensed...13:27
locusfyeah but general ideas are not patentable :)13:27
ryukafalzSure, but if their code was clean enough it could be something you could use directly13:27
artemmaLipstick is lgpl like most (all?) of nemomobile13:29
artemmanot open enough?13:29
locusfit is but this is about jollas homescreen13:29
artemmaah, jolla's lipstick is very close to nemomobile one me thinks13:30
artemmajust few differences that are to be pushed back to nemo eventually I think13:30
artemmaand then jolla's lipstick got to be lgpl too13:30
locusfit is the same open source lipstick as library which lipstick is, but this is about the implementation of the homescreens it provides which is closed in Jollas case13:31
artemmaokay, I thought that + jolla's modifications is actually everything that homescreen is in jolla13:32
locusfit is13:32
locusfand I'm not even close of being clear enough :)13:32
artemmaah, there is some qml stuff a'la in jolla..13:32
artemmathat might be not lgpl I guess13:33
speciallipstick is a library13:33
specialit's LGPL13:33
locusfartemma: yes13:33
speciallipstick-jolla-home is an application that uses that library. It is proprietary.13:33
locusfah its special13:33
artemmathx, got it13:33
specialsailfish does not ship a modified lipstick, it's exactly the one you see in the nemomobile repo13:33
specialwe just put more on top13:33
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locusfyeah with eg. com.jolla.lipstick13:35
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specialas a rule, every open source packaged used by sailfish is being built *directly* from the sources and tags in a public repository (github/mer/etc)13:36
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locusfryukafalz: as a comment on launcher icons not scaling is that the gridview that glacier uses is not static as jolla-homes is13:44
locusfryukafalz: there are always 4 columns for instance13:45
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MrMadManHello there I would like to cross compile qt-components for my raspberry pi.  But I have run into a issue.  How can I tell it where qmake is,  in the configure script19:14
MrMadManI guess that I could re-write the .pro file but that seems like over kill.19:15
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qwazix__ryukafalz, please read this to get familiar with our approach to multiple screen sizes/densities20:52
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qwazix__If you're wondering what is Glacier, how it is related with Nemo and Sailfish, and what's the idea about the homescreen here's an article
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bencohbreeze mockup look quick nice as well :)22:49
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