Friday, 2014-07-25

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stephgit's friday!
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locusfqwazix: ok thanks :)06:24
locusfalso good friday :)06:41
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alinlocusf: so now is there a complete stack to replace sailfish?07:03
stephgI wouldn't say complete but there's a UI that's getting there07:04
stephgalin if you want to try on one of your devices is straight forward to install07:04
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* ryukafalz suggests backing up /usr/bin/lipstick before installing that07:07
* ryukafalz learned the hard way07:07
alinstephg: cool07:08
alinstephg: any vectors?07:08
stephglocusf has instructions on his blog and you need a couple of extra packages. If he doesn't answer in the next half hour I will do but I gotta go to work now :)07:09
stephgalin: bbi ~4007:09
stephgactually glacier is in warehouse iirc07:10
stephganyway catch you in a bit07:10
alinstephg: ok07:19
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stephgalin: it basically goes like this:07:59
alinstephg: ssu... I do not like it... totally ignores my changes in repos08:00
stephghow do you mean?08:01
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stephg(and there's 3 files you need to get from here/the web/locusf, the nemo theme one, qtquickcontrols nemo and lipstick glacier home08:02
alinstephg: I added a local repo... from a plaindir ssu ar dir:///...08:03
alinstephg: it did not create all the proper structure and I had to finish it by hand08:04
alinthen next time I run ssu ar08:04
alinrestored its old changes08:04
alinin addition brought other repos i deleted adaptation0 and xt908:05
alini understand can be great for debugging08:05
alinbut for normal usage is a pain08:05
stephgalin that doesn't sound right08:07
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alinstephg: ok looks simple... the 3 files they are in repos... but one thing the version of nemo theme is 0.10 rather than 0.1208:22
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stephgit's in the logs here08:25
stephgfrom sometime earlier this week08:25
stephglet me go look08:25
stephghopefully taht dropbox link will still work08:26
stephgI forgot to say (actually need to add) a sed line that does the replace in the desktop file (and does the reverse when you undo)08:27
stephg(actually probably doesn't need undoing)08:27
alinstephg: they work... but I need the qtcontrols too from there?08:32
sledgesmorning froiday!08:37
locusfoh yeah havent updated warehouse alin08:42
alinlocusf: I was thinking about the repo on mer08:44
alinlocusf: I am not for fancy one click installers08:44
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alinlocusf: sledges installed restart lipstick08:44
alinand still sailfish08:44
alinI have a new entry in apps that is all08:45
locusfalin: the one in the repos is quite old, 0.1008:49
alinlocusf: yap... I expected to be updated there08:50
alinlocusf: anyhow installed the one from08:50
alinlocusf: done08:50
locusfheres the newest one, not even released08:50
alinall is done now sledges pasted me the links08:50
locusfstephg you mean :)08:50
locusfanyways good that he did08:50
alinlocusf: stephg yes08:51
alinlocusf systemctl does not seem to restart lipstic08:51
locusfalin: where are you doing this?08:51
locusfon what device08:51
alinlocusf: root nexus508:51
locusfalin: ok08:51
ryukafalzalin: using systemctl-user, right?08:52
alinstatus says08:53
alin   Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)08:53
alin   Active: inactive (dead)08:53
locusfalin: put journalctl -f -a running on other terminal08:53
locusfalin: and then restart lipstick again08:54
alinlocusf: empty.. already checked that08:55
alinlocusf: i cannot find any lipstick service filee08:55
locusfalin: echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin08:56
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locusfalin: are you still there? :D08:58
alinlocusf: yap08:58
alinlocusf: just came back08:59
locusfalin: ah ok08:59
alinlocusf: bash: /init-ctl/stdin: No such file or directory09:00
alinlocusf: let me say... now I am in the ui... shall I reboot the phone?09:00
locusfalin: have you done pkcon install-local lipstick-glacier-home-qt5?09:01
alinlocusf: zypper in09:01
locusfalin: ok that works too, any errors on installing?09:01
alinlocusf: no09:02
locusfmake sure you do it in that order too?09:02
locusfalin: ok restart the phone then09:02
alinlocusf: ok followed other instructions09:05
alin   /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.G2HOlF: line 2: /usr/bin/gconftool-2: No such file or directory09:05
alinthis is from nemo-theme09:05
locusfalin: thats ok09:05
alinlocusf: so no need for theme and google fonts?09:05
locusfalin: they are optional but recommended09:05
stephgit'll look funny without the fonts, that's for certain09:05
alinok... let me reboot... I will loose the connection so bare with me09:05
locusfoh yeah he tethered with nexus 509:06
stephgquick lets say rude things behind his back ;)09:06
locusfI just hope he can run the settings app to tether :p09:07
locusfand it seems that tethering isn't supported in the usb mode selection dialog in glacier09:07
locusfhad I known I would have warned him :p09:08
locusfand that he needs to enter the pin number via the sim panel in the bottom of the panel09:09
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alin_stephg: locusf back09:12
alin_and it works09:12
locusfalin_: nice09:12
alin_vgrade_:  was saying about a server to push pictures...09:12
alin_locusf: well depends what you call nice...09:12
locusfalin_: heheh :)09:12
alin_locusf: if you come from ubuntu is cool....09:12
alin_locusf: if you come from jolla not so cool09:13
alin_locusf: everything is too small for my eyes09:13
alin_but is very responsive09:13
alin_and missed a lot of icons09:13
locusfalin_: did you do the index.theme change in /usr/share/themes/glacier?09:13
SK_workalin_: comes from ubuntu ?09:14
SK_workdid you tested ubuntu touch ?09:14
alin_locusf: I missed that09:14
alin_SK_work: unfortunately yes... and on my nexus 5 was slow like merde09:14
locusfalin_: /usr/share/themes/glacier/index.theme09:14
SK_workalin_: like "merde" :D09:15
locusfalin_:  s/darko/jolla-ambient/09:15
SK_workdoes it work ?09:15
locusfalin_: X-Inherits=jolla-ambient09:15
alin_SK_work: crashing every second touch and then...09:15
alin_locusf: ok09:15
locusfalin_: then restart lipstick09:15
SK_workalin_: uh :/09:15
alin_SK_work: yes works... camera works au contraire with mer but all the rest is bad09:16
SK_workthey want to ship later this year ?09:16
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alin_locusf: no luck the same09:18
locusfalin_: no icons?09:18
alin_locusf: yap no icons on the main screen... reboot again?09:18
locusfalin_: yup09:19
alin_locusf: let me check the spelling09:19
SK_worklocusf: did you added debug stuff for icons ?09:19
SK_workso that journalctl could dump them09:19
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locusfSK_work: no debug stuff09:19
SK_worklocusf: if icon path is wrong, no debug stuff ?09:19
SK_worklocusf: jolla engineers leave qDebug() everywhere in their code, you can do the same ;)09:19
locusfSK_work: ok :)09:20
locusfSK_work: the icons are loaded from qtquickcontrol-nemo lib09:20
locusfso I could add debugs there09:20
SK_worklocusf: really ?09:20
SK_workthought it was through the homescreen09:20
SK_workah na you are right, image provider09:21
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locusfalin__: are you back?09:28
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alin__locusf: yes... sorry just wrote a script to woraround the time issue09:28
locusfalin__: ok09:28
alin__SK_work:  i do not know... I know someone involved in the community... and know they work hard to create apps... but as anything uubuntu I think will be more marketing and less engineering09:29
alin__SK_work: it is trivial to install and relatively painless... but it stops there..09:29
SK_workalin__: let's see how competition gives us09:30
alin__locusf: still the same issue09:30
SK_workif they succed, it could be a great target for Qt devs09:30
alin__SK_work: they can give us the camera working09:30
SK_workbut they have MIR09:30
SK_workalin__: +109:30
SK_workhowever, what they do can also help sailfish porters etc.09:30
SK_workcross breeding09:30
alin__any of you know how one can have small verstions of pictures taken by grabscreen?09:32
locusfalin__: you still have X-Inherits=darko09:32
locusfpaste your /usr/share/themes/glacier/index.theme09:32
locusfalin__: Jolla-ambient -> jolla-ambient09:34
alin__locusf: I do not see it09:34
locusfJ is capital09:34
locusfyou need it as j09:34
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alin__locusf: icons are back...09:36
SK_workalin__: \o/09:37
SK_workyeah !09:37
locusfalin__: good :)09:37
alin__locusf: so an so... screen to come09:37
locusfalin__: cool09:39
alin__locusf: are you ok to post it?09:39
locusfalin__: sure09:40
alin__locusf: i come from a world where the development repo really has the bleefing edge stuff09:41
stephgalin yey :)09:42
alin__stephg: yap... still I think we need to kidnap some jolla designer...09:44
alin__stephg: and release him/her in exchange of a eye candy theme09:44
alin__stephg: I have a no pin required09:48
alin__locusf: ^09:48
locusfalin__: do you have a pin for your sim card?09:50
locusfalin__: since I can see that you have full signal bars09:50
alin__locusf: I had a small white pin.. closked on it09:50
alin__locusf: clicked on it.. that vanished and some no pin09:51
locusfalin__: ok09:51
alin__locusf: so any way to get it back?09:53
locusfalin__: reboot09:53
alin__locusf: interesting glacier ui does not start09:54
locusfalin__: anything in journalctl?09:54
alin__locusf: Jul 25 10:55:50 abbaton lipstick[2921]: invoker: Invoking execution: '/usr/bin/env'09:56
locusfalin__: you mean that it doesn't start apps?09:57
locusfoh yeah you mean the gallery09:58
alin__locusf: starts apps09:58
alin__locusf: does not start the glacier ui... some seetings things09:59
locusfalin__: known issue09:59
alin__locusf: good...09:59
alin__locusf: and there is no notifications?10:00
alin__there are10:00
alin__bloody grammar10:00
locusfyeah there are10:00
locusfthey appear above statusbar10:00
locusfwill pop outside now bbl10:00
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alin__locusf: ok.. done... all scripted nicely10:16
alin__locusf: to change in between10:16
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locusfok back11:32
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stephgalin_: share the scripts, mine were just hacked together for myself cos I got fed up reinstalling stuff...13:30
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alin_stephg: ok... give me few minutes13:32
alin_stephg: do you put them on some wiki?13:34
stephgcould add them to the nemo pages on the mer wiki, isn't a bad idea13:37
stephgqwazix locusf sledges any opinions? anywhere better?13:38
sledgeswhat where?13:39
stephgglacier install/removal scripts for sailfish13:40
alin_stephg: stephg
stephgI suppose it depends how big they are13:40
alin_stephg: 6 lines each13:40
stephgso not big at all :)13:41
stephgthe mer wiki seems sensible13:41
bencohcould go in <code> in a wiki13:41
locusfstephg: mer wiki is best13:42
sledgesadd here somewhere:
locusfcoding homescreen from qwazixs input, testers needed tonight :)13:43
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alin_stephg:  if locus updates the lipstick in ux... we have a very neat way13:47
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stephglocusf: I'll be about tonight :)13:54
locusfstephg: excellent :)13:54
locusfalready 1 showstopper down13:54
stephgright naptime, see you all in a couple of hours :)13:55
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sledgesmmm power naps13:59
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ryukafalzalin_: jollalipsticksetup will not work on a nexus 414:13
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ryukafalzspecifically, official n4 image14:14
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locusfhe built one himself with hadk14:23
locusfits probably more newer than yours :)14:23
ryukafalzhah, fair enough, but it won't have the jolla store :P14:23
locusfit does actually14:23
locusfmy n7000 has too14:23
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ryukafalzdoesn't HADK explicitly say that it doesn't?14:23
* ryukafalz considers building one for himself14:23
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile14:24
locusfnot sure about the functionality though :p14:24
locusfhaven't signed in yet14:24
* ryukafalz hopes this n4's battery lasts through a day when he actually gets service to it14:24
ryukafalzit's been unplugged for ~12 hours and down to 64% while not even connected to any networks14:25
ryukafalzthough actually...14:25
* ryukafalz wonders if he left any processes running when he was poking around in the shell14:25
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locusfspecial: ping14:28
speciallocusf: pongish14:29
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locusfspecial: is it true that when using launchermodel I can launch applications with model.object.launchApplication and this call is actually a DBUS call to somewhere?14:30
locusfsince some apps fail to launch on glacier homescreen but always work from jollas homescreen14:30
locusfand I was wondering if the dbus call is the cause of this14:30
specialwhat does the glacier homescreen do to launch them?14:30
specialalso, what applications?14:31
locusfeg. browser, fingerterm14:31
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locusfboth of those apps are launched with invoker btw14:32
*** FReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile14:33
locusfno, fingerterm doesn't use14:33
alin_locusf: even glacier ui settinfs14:34
locusfalin_: true glacier ui won't launch as well14:34
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locusfvar pid = jollaSystemInfo.matchingPidForCommand(Object.keys(pids), cmd)14:34
locusfthis is how switcher launches the app in jolla homescreen14:35
specialno, that isn't for launching14:35
speciallipstick-jolla-home has some special logic to activate an existing window for an application14:35
*** FReaper-PC is now known as FlameReaper-PC14:36
specialI don't specifically know much about this. But it's all opensource, I wouldn't expect it to be hard to debug.14:36
locusfspecial: do you know who would? :)14:37
specialprobably someone who is australian or on holiday14:37
locusfsince its quite annoying to debug as the app is launched but doesn't appear as window when launched14:37
specialreading the source is more fun, anyway.14:37
locusftrue :)14:37
special"is launched but doesn't appear as a window" is not how you described it a minute ago14:37
locusfwhich changes the story14:37
locusfI can see it flashing but not coming as a full window14:38
locusfsame happens for browser and android apps14:40
locusfandroid apps don't flash at all14:42
locusfbrowser flickers in to view but doesn't form a lipstick window14:42
locusfanyways special its nothing I can't probably figure out myself, so thanks for the hints this far :)14:42
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locusflbt: ping14:55
locusflbt: how can I define -DLAUNCHER_DEBUG to mb2?14:55
*** alin has joined #nemomobile14:55
locusfhmm DEFINES can be enough now14:56
alinlocusf: what are you breaking?14:56
alinanyone any suggestion on this failure
alinon my local machine was just fine14:57
*** alin_ has quit IRC14:58
locusfalin: lipstick15:02
*** alin has quit IRC15:05
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alinlocusf: silly question15:28
alinlocusf: can one change the silica import with a nemo one in a qml?15:29
locusfalin: not yet as we don't have all the components that silica has15:30
locusfone day though15:30
*** Eztran has quit IRC15:36
lbtlocusf: back now - you sorted?15:37
locusflbt: yeah15:40
locusflbt: but is there another way to do it than modifying the .pro file?15:41
alinlocusf: so it worked?15:41
alinlocusf: the new chroot?15:41
*** ced117 has joined #nemomobile15:41
locusfalin: didn't test yet15:41
lbtlocusf: honestly I'd just go read the mb2 source15:41
lbtmy gut feel is no15:41
locusflbt: ok15:42
lbtmb2 is designed to do 'build' stuff rather than compiles15:42
SK_worklbt: hum15:42
lbtso the idea is you put any defines into your spec/yaml and go from there15:42
SK_workwhat's the difference between build and compile ?15:42
lbtbuild makes rpms15:42
lbtif you want to just hack, use sb215:43
lbtsb2 make -D ,,,15:43
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locusfthis is getting interesting, seems that terminal or browser or glacier gallery don't even appear as lipstick windows :S15:59
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* locusf is dumbfounded16:15
*** solarius has quit IRC16:16
stephglocusf: iirc from yesterday or some time earlier this week I couldn't launch the terminal;- that what you're talking about?16:16
locusfstephg: yes16:17
locusfstephg: browser too16:17
stephgdidn't try that, though iirc the jolla gallery started and behaved properly16:17
locusfyeah I know, those work just fine16:18
locusfbrowser not opening is #1 showstopper at the moment16:18
locusfhrr this is stupid16:27
locusfsomething really stupid16:27
*** dmol has quit IRC16:34
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wazdhi all16:39
locusfhey wazd16:46
locusfthe behaviour is even more mysterious on hadk device16:49
locusfthe app doesn't even log a launch but a hwcomposer log is added to journal16:49
locusfhwcomposer crashes just as I have launched the app16:51
locusfso thats why the window doesn't appear16:51
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locusfnew PR17:21
locusfqwazix: 2/4 showstoppers fixed17:23
alin_locusf: are that git the official development sources?17:24
locusfalin_: yes17:24
locusfmy home repo has latest and greatest17:24
alin_locusf: show me the link17:25
alin_locusf: ok... tell me something else17:27
alin_locusf: how do you close an application17:27
alin_locusf: when I clock on it I get close all and done17:27
locusfalin_: go to second screen and long press17:27
alin_locusf: yes... I am not so stupid... I made it till there17:27
locusfalin_: I have just fixed single app closing17:27
alin_locusf: ok...17:28
locusfthe closing icon is not working in your version :)17:28
locusffor now just tap on the top right corner if it activates :)17:28
locusfon the preview card I mean17:28
alin_locusf: ok I built the package17:31
alin_locusf: let us see the magic17:31
locusfalin_: whaa my glacier-home?17:34
locusfI wasn't ready yet with the commits but whatever :)17:34
alin_locusf: yap17:35
locusfalin_: you might wanna fetch and reset as I have added a better location for the closing button17:36
alin_locusf: i wanted to say exactly that... the corner is not the best place17:37
alin_locusf: now lear how to build these on mer17:38
alin_the repo17:38
locusfalin_: I use mb217:38
alin_locusf: on my host... yes17:38
alin_locusf: on obs is the target17:38
locusfalin_: are you building it obs too?17:40
alin_locusf: of course... I know better the opensuse one.. the mer one I learn17:40
locusfalin_: ok :)17:41
locusfit will fail as the mer obs has a liptick version which won't build17:42
*** gogeta has joined #nemomobile17:43
alin_locusf: it built17:44
locusfalin_: it did? can you show me your repo?17:45
locusfin obs17:45
alin_locusf: of course...17:46
locusfalin_: nice17:50
alin_locusf: good... there is one package failed...17:50
alin_locusf: do you know why? I think a missing crap in rpm17:50
locusfalin_: which one?17:51
alin_locusf: yap17:51
locusfalin_: yep it requires a Requires line in .spec17:51
alin_locusf: do you know the author?17:52
locusfalin_: nope17:52
*** shentey has quit IRC17:53
alin_locusf: the packagge is this...17:54
alin_now I need to see how the patching works17:54
*** shentey has joined #nemomobile17:55
locusfalin_: thanks for testing glacier home btw :)17:58
locusfits always a huge help to have some critique on the work thats being done17:59
*** martyone has quit IRC17:59
*** useretail has quit IRC18:01
*** pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:06
alin_now is now... how does one patch a yaml file in merobs18:07
alin_sledges: ^18:08
alin_locusf: ^18:08
locusfalin_: click on the .spec file instead and modify that in obs ui18:09
alin_locusf: but they is coming from the service18:10
locusfalin_: won't matter18:10
alin_locusf: when I retrigger the change is lost18:10
locusfok then you need to take a look at the sources of the package by hand18:11
locusfalin_: edit it just this once18:13
locusfand build the package18:14
alin_locusf: i cannot edit it seems18:14
*** pat_o has quit IRC18:15
alin_locusf: ok now I need to remember the yaml os the one one edits... the spec is automatically generated18:15
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:16
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:19
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile18:22
vgrade_alin_: I meant server for .zip images,
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile18:25
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile18:25
alin_vgrade_: cool.. is there any utility to load it directly from cli?18:26
*** useretail has joined #nemomobile18:28
vgrade_alin_: scp. ping tbr18:29
alin_how can I convert a .yaml to .spec?18:29
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:30
locusfalin_: either specify or run mb2 on the package18:30
alin_locusf: thanks... i used only mb318:33
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile18:34
alin_locusf: i think my spectable is too old18:46
alin_complains about qtc518:47
locusfyeah it will as its packaged in Qt Creator18:47
alin_locusf: yes but feore passed that one18:50
alin_locusf: i got a proper error18:50
locusfalin_: show me?18:51
alin_now I will change to the original18:51
alin_the macros are different18:54
alin_locusf: let me add them by hand18:54
locusfalin_: is this your app?18:54
tbrvgrade_: sure, how can I help?18:55
alin_locusf: no...18:56
alin_locusf: just forked it18:56
locusfalin_: ok18:56
alin_locusf: is some app I have seen does what i need18:56
alin_locusf: still fails something is not cool18:58
locusfalin_: a lot of the app is not cool, no build dependencies listed at all in the yaml18:58
alin_locusf: I do not see a package for creator18:58
locusfalin_: I guess you can't build this package in obs then18:59
alin_locusf: there are some but not too many18:59
*** qwazix__ has quit IRC19:04
*** dmol has quit IRC19:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:06
qwazixlocusf unfortunately I have another one for you and it's a big one :(19:06
qwazixbattery life takes a big hit19:06
locusfqwazix: yup known issue but I don't know what causes it exactly19:07
locusfprobably unsubscribing from context properties might help19:07
*** martyone has quit IRC19:08
qwazixotherwise it's great! I think I'll continue to use it for a few days19:08
locusfgood to know :)19:08
locusfqwazix: do you want a new build? I have rpms ready now19:08
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile19:13
* stephg is getting fed up of network architecture diagrams19:14
*** furikku has quit IRC19:14
*** louisdk has quit IRC19:15
alin_stephg: then help me with a yaml packaging19:17
alin_Warning: "qtc5" is not a valid choice of Builder(make/single-make/python/perl/qmake/qmake5/cmake/none)19:18
ryukafalzCurious about... "Landscape doesn't work WONTFIX" ?19:19
ryukafalzon the wiki19:20
ryukafalzjust not intended to work in landscape mode ever?19:20
locusfryukafalz: automatic rotation doesn't work with Page as root item on lipstick homescreen19:20
locusfif we had ApplicationWindow like we had in colorful-home it would work19:21
stephgalin_: qtc_qmake5?19:21
ryukafalzlocusf: Why Page instead of ApplicationWindow then? Easier to implement?19:21
locusfryukafalz: ApplicationWindow doesn't work, thats why19:21
alin_stephg: yap but I think I use the wrong specify19:21
locusfbelieve me I have tried and then w00t told me that don't bother19:21
alin_stephg: I use one from gitorious19:21
* ryukafalz didn't read farther down the page19:22
stephgalin_: not sure, have only built stuff straight with a .spec rather than a yam;19:22
qwazixlocusf, thanks, I was reading backlog19:22
qwazixdownloading now19:22
alin_stephg: the same for me... fisrt time i get in these yaml tricks19:22
alin_stephg: the problem is that I can add the macros... but they are undefined19:23
alin_sledges: so you know which specify is the kosher one?19:23
*** MrMadMan has quit IRC19:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:30
qwazixlocusf, how does Jolla do landscape?19:37
locusfqwazix: I'm not sure19:38
ryukafalzdoes Jolla do landscape in the launcher?19:41
* ryukafalz wouldn't know, accelerometer doesn't work on n4 ye19:41
qwazixno, but glacier home doesn't do landscape in the apps either19:48
ryukafalzoh =/19:48
ryukafalzalso Page vs. ApplicationWindow limitatoins?19:48
qwazixthat's why I was asking, as apps still have applicationWindows if I'm not mistaken19:49
qwazixit's lipstick that doesn't support it as a top level element19:49
qwazixcorrect me if I am wrong19:49
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:54
locusfyeah basically its about our implementation of appplicationwindow that won't give19:56
locusfour applicationwindow is actually QQuickWindow19:56
locusfJolla has QWindow in QML types19:56
locusfso ours is c++ and Jolla has QML19:56
alin_locusf: victory!!!!!! all green19:58
locusfalin_: good job :)19:58
alin_locusf: so... remember for next time when I ask... spec files shall be generated by the specify from mb219:59
stephgalin_: cools20:00
alin_locusf: one for you can you please bump the version for lipstick20:07
alin_seems to be 0.520:08
locusfalin_: ?20:08
locusfwhich lipstick and where?20:08
alin_locusf: the packagee I have built is20:08
alin_locusf: from glacier home20:09
alin_locusf: probably you need to regenerate the spec20:09
locusfhow do I bump the version for you?20:10
locusfdo you want a tag or something20:10
locusfthe version is 0.13 now20:10
alin_locusf: indeed it is... but when I generate the rpms in the obs20:11
locusfah ok20:12
locusfits a tag then20:12
locusfwait a moment20:12
locusfalin_: take a look now20:13
alin_locusf: somehow the obs does now follow the version20:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:15
locusfalin_: ok20:15
alin_locusf: solved... bloody obs20:18
alin_locusf: they changed the service and it does things I am not used to be done automatically20:18
locusfalin_: ok20:18
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile20:18
alin_locusf: brilliant... works just make the button a little bit bigger and maybe center it on tile?20:20
locusfalin_: sure20:21
*** alin_ has quit IRC20:21
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile20:22
*** martyone has quit IRC20:30
locusfhonna go to sleep now, see you guys around again :)20:34
stephgnight locusf20:38
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile20:45
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile20:58
*** jreznik has quit IRC21:02
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile21:03
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wazdfor those still here: :)21:28
ryukafalzwazd: :O21:37
ryukafalzmight just make that my wallpaper21:38
ryukafalzhmm doesn't work well with my plasma theme21:40
ryukafalzit's my lockscreen wallpaper :)21:42
wazdMore to come, I hope21:42
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC21:44
ryukafalz...which I forgot actually breaks on my system. No lockscreen wallpaper :(21:45
* ryukafalz grumbles at KDE's screensaver stuff21:45
*** wazd has quit IRC21:55
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qwazixlocusf, re:Browser shortcuts have no icons NEEDSINFO we need a new icon for them :)23:57
qwazixI mean the shortcuts to webpages created with the browser in the launcher23:58
qwazixthey have either a screenshot or the page apple-touch-icon23:58
qwazixas for the battery charging indicator I'll get to it23:59

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