Thursday, 2014-07-31

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sledgesgood morn!08:22
locusfhey sledges08:24
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coderusok, please teach me how to join mer obs and biuild pakage here :)09:29
SK_workcoderus: create an account in mer bz09:31
SK_workthe best would be to have webhooks honestly09:31
SK_workping Stskeeps or w00t09:31
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locusfI also have access09:34
coderusok i think i havea account09:34
coderuslogged in09:34
SK_workcoderus: do you have a webhook account ?09:34
coderusyou mean i can build sources from my git?09:34
SK_worklocusf: can you give webhook accesses ?09:34
SK_workcoderus: you can build on OBS by tagging your git syorce yes09:35
locusfSK_work: yes09:35
SK_worklocusf: can you give one to coderus ?09:35
SK_workI think he did enough for sailfish users to get one :)09:35
locusfSK_work: can't give accesses but can create hooks instead :p09:35
SK_work:( too bad09:35
SK_workI can create too, but if coderus need to ping us all the time, this would be bad09:36
SK_workcoderus: do an hiearchy in your mer obs09:36
SK_work(like home:coderus:sailfish)09:36
SK_workcoderus: then go in github > repo > settings > webhooks > add webhook, and paste this:
coderus?just created
coderusSK_work: added09:38
SK_workcoderus: remove package09:39
SK_workdon't need to create any package in OBS09:39
SK_workcoderus: you can create a set of subprojects if you want09:40
SK_workinstead of building directly inside home:coderus09:40
SK_workI use for example
SK_workcoderus: go to repositories page and cofigure it as follow
coderusokay, removed package09:41
coderusSK_work: added repo09:41
SK_worknot armv7hl09:43
SK_workcoderus: beware: you need to check armv8el in the repo09:43
kimmolicoderus/mitäkuuluu going OBS \o/09:44
coderussailfishos_1.0.8.19_armv7hl_latest is internal target name09:44
SK_workcoderus: I recommand you to rename it09:45
SK_workto sailfishos09:45
SK_workcoderus: now, add cibot as user in project, and give it maintenance role
lbtwebhooks accounts are heavily restricted at the moment09:46
lbtsorry - but we will fix that 'soon'09:46
SK_worklbt: please do :)09:46
coderusSK_work: SK_work done09:46
SK_workcoderus: now, please give us github repo link, branch to use, and name of package09:47
lbtfwiw I need someone who can code ruby and some other scripting bits to help make it work09:47
SK_worklocusf: I can handle the webhook adding09:47
coderuspick latest tag from here:
lbtit's not a small job but ask if you think you are up for it09:48
coderuslbt: ny is running on Ruby with Sinatra ._.09:48
SK_workcoderus: package name = mitakuuluu is ok ?09:48
coderusSK_work: mitakuuluu209:49
SK_workor mitakuuluu2 ?09:49
SK_workcoderus: please check that your repo is using armv8hl09:49
SK_worknot armv7el09:49
SK_workor armv7l09:49
lbtcoderus: ok - I need some hacking done in OBS which is RoR 4 iirc09:50
SK_workcoderus: also check that cibot is added as project maintainer09:50
lbtand it would need a local suse vm with a dev version of obs (or collab with me on some mer vm)09:50
coderusSK_work: sure09:50
lbtbut it needs a serious commitment09:50
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SK_workcoderus: and do a /join #mer-boss09:51
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coderusSK_work: done09:53
SK_workcoderus: right09:53
SK_workplease commit something in the repo, just to check09:53
SK_work(push a dummy file, commit and push to github master)09:54
locusfSK_work: okay09:54
SK_workcoderus: when you commit and tag, you will see logs in #mer-boss09:54
coderusSK_work: i always have something to push :)09:54
SK_workcoderus: :)09:54
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coderusSK_work: done09:56
SK_workcoderus: damn, nothing shown in mer-boss09:57
SK_workone sec09:57
SK_workcoderus: I forced a build trigger09:58
SK_worknow, what happens is09:58
SK_workwhenever you tag on git09:58
SK_workgit tag x.y.z, you will be able to create a package version x.y.z automatically09:58
SK_workisn't this awesome ?09:58
SK_workyou should try09:58
SK_workif you want to repush a package, you need to09:59
SK_workgit tag -d <tag> && git push origin :<tag> and retag09:59
coderusi'm usually tagging manually on github web page09:59
coderusbefore release, addint release notes10:00
SK_workcoderus: it might work from github though10:00
SK_worknever teste10:00
SK_workcoderus: you can tag from cmd line and add logs afterwards10:00
coderusi'll just check if it works on github10:00
SK_workcoderus: ... don't build10:03
SK_workcoderus: you need to choose sailfish:1.0.x.y in repo10:03
SK_workand rename it to sailfish10:03
SK_workand select armv8el10:03
SK_workdon't know which one you have chosen though10:04
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coderusi selected from advanced list and renamed to sailfishos as you suggested10:05
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SK_workcoderus: :/10:08
SK_workdon't know why it don't build10:08
SK_workmaybe the service is long10:08
coderusSK_work: recreated repository10:09
SK_workcoderus: ha ! building !10:09
SK_workcoderus: now you can try to tag next release and see if it build10:10
SK_workcoderus: include translation tools in your spec, check obs build errors10:13
coderusSK_work: ok, added10:16
coderusSK_work: how to rebuild?10:16
SK_workcoderus: tag10:17
coderusany tag?10:17
SK_workyou can use a temporary tag10:17
SK_worktag > all other tags10:17
SK_workin x.y.z format10:17
SK_workor <text>/x.y.z10:17
coderusSK_work: ah, ok10:17
coderus(added obs_test tag :D)10:17
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SK_workcoderus: won't work IIRC10:18
SK_workyou need version10:18
coderusah obs/0.8.2 ?10:19
SK_workand push to master don't forget10:19
coderusi'm tagging on github10:19
SK_worklet's check10:19
coderusit pushed automatically10:19
SK_workcoderus: not working :(10:20
SK_workyou will need to local tag + push to master10:20
SK_workwondering ...10:21
SK_workcoderus: can you check again in mitakuuluu2 github > settings > webhooks ?10:22
coderus** Last delivery was not successful. Invalid HTTP Response. 400.10:23
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SK_workcoderus: I guess this explains everything10:24
SK_workcheck the url ?10:24
coderus (push and create)10:24
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SK_workcoderus: can you check logs of the webhook ?10:26
SK_workwere there any wehbook that got delivered ?10:26
SK_workclick on the hook and you will se a detailed lizst of events10:26
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coderusone event, not delivered10:27
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SK_workcoderus: :s10:28
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SK_workcoderus: can you remove the obs/0.8.2 tag ?10:28
SK_worktry from your own git terminal10:28
SK_workgit tag obs/0.8.2 && git push origin obs/0.8.210:29
SK_workjust to check10:29
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SK_workif it generates another "not delivered" or not10:29
SK_workcoderus: give me temp admin on mitakuluu2 github please10:29
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coderusSK_work: pushed10:30
SK_workcoderus: yep, #mer-boss notified it :)10:30
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coderusok good10:31
SK_workcoderus: can you change the tag on github after tagging on git ?10:31
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coderusSK_work: check build log please10:32
coderuswtf her?10:32
SK_workcoderus: Project ERROR: Package Qt5Contacts not found10:32
SK_workcoderus: welcomed to a world of bugfixing :D10:33
coderusi have no Qt5Contacts in my spec :D10:34
SK_workpkgconfig(Qt5Contacts) ?10:34
coderuslibcontacts-qt5-devel qtcontacts-sqlite-qt5-extensions10:34
SK_workcoderus: don't forget to repush, you need to git tag -d <yourtag> && git push :<yourtag>10:34
SK_workyep, maybe not enough ?10:34
SK_workdon't know10:34
kimmoliiirc last time i did this, annotated tags didnt work correctly10:37
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SK_workcoderus: one fix at a time: [   69s] Project ERROR: Package Qt5Sensors not found10:38
coderusSK_work: ic10:39
coderusProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia10:42
SK_workcoderus: Qt5Multimedia is waiting for you :)10:42
SK_workcoderus: and it's building10:45
SK_workthis time it's good10:45
SK_workcoderus: haha, rpmlint didn't liked your package10:46
SK_worksorry mate10:46
SK_work[  143s] harbour-mitakuuluu2.armv7hl: E: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share (Badness: 590) /usr/share/harbour-mitakuuluu2/qml/harbour/mitakuuluu2/filemodel/libfilemodel.so10:49
SK_workthis needs to be fixed, but that's against harbour rules :/10:49
coderuswhy against harbour rules? :D10:51
coderusbundled plugin10:51
SK_workcoderus: are they plugins or lib ?10:51
SK_workcan't you link them statically ?10:51
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coderusquick plugins11:05
coderusthere is qmldir for them11:05
coderusbye bye obs then :D11:11
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SK_workcoderus: you might install them inside /usr/share/qt5/qml11:41
SK_workcoderus: or
coderusSK_work: i can't install them to qt5 because of harbour11:45
coderusharbour want it inside share11:45
SK_workcoderus: add an rpmlintrc11:46
SK_workcheck my link11:46
SK_workit should fix11:46
coderusok i'll check it later11:53
SK_workfor copy-and-paste solution11:55
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locusfSK_work: do you have time to take a look at this?
SK_workand 10 files changes too13:39
SK_worklocusf: honestly, the "many new things" frightens me13:39
SK_worklet's look though :)13:39
locusfits not too much as code13:40
locusfSK_work: thanks :)13:40
SK_worktested ?13:40
SK_workworks ?13:40
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SK_worka super quick run: LGTM13:40
SK_worklocusf: ok13:41
locusfSK_work: thanks :)13:41
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locusfbtw kde community just followed @NemoMobile :)13:55
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SK_worklocusf: <314:22
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lbtfyi - discussing nemo bz and HA structure in #nemomobile-porters16:07
lbttbr: ^^16:09
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* lbt thinks maybe product UX should be renamed Glacier ?16:52
locusflbt: yeah can do16:56
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lbtlocusf: hmm
lbtwondering if it may be cleaner to make a new one and rename that to legacy-UX16:58
*** norayr has quit IRC16:59
lbtlocusf: would you care to arrange a triage and we'll setup a Glacier UX component and move bugs over17:01
locusfa triage?17:02
locusflbt: <- these are the current UX bugs17:03
lbtok - if it's that simple :)17:04
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tbrlocusf: please git pull both irssi and client scripts. it should be much more reliable now18:03
tbralso I've made the client IDs more unique, should avoid collisions18:03
locusftbr: ok18:06
tbrnext thing will be to make the notifications actually do more like sound and vibra. need to look at the qml nemo plugin for that18:07
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locusfwhat about a systemd service? :)18:08
tbrsend patches ;)18:08
tbrso far I'm just improving the proof of concept and also scratching my notification itch18:09
locusftbr: ok :)18:09
tbrbut yes, a full blown push service is the goal, disucssion goes to #sailfishos-push18:09
tbrcould have also made it #nemomobile-push same difference, you know18:10
tbrbut I guess there are more app developers that could actually use one on sailfish18:10
tbroh and there is a wiki in the generic middleware corner of mer wiki18:11
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locusftbr: is the #sailfishos-push channel on irc?18:23
tbrlocusf: here on freenode. did I typo? #sailfishos-push18:23
locusftbr: I tried to copy-paste but I don't know why it didn't join correctly18:27
locusfits not a typo, though18:27
tbrlocusf: reached channel limit or something? although freenode has a massive one18:29
locusftbr: nah, its not that, irssi probably joined on IRCNet18:29
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