Friday, 2014-08-01

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kjokiniewhere do you guys set the config for hammerhead initrd?06:31
kjokinieerr.. never mind, was meant for #sailfishos-porters06:32
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sledgesFriday[morning] !08:08
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locusfafternoon :)09:05
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coderusSK_work: ping13:37
coderuscan you check what wrong?
coderusor tbr or anyone :)13:37
SK_workcoderus: nothing provides libz-devel13:37
SK_workBuildRequires: libz-devel13:38
SK_workmaybe zlib-devel ?13:38
SK_workor use pkgconfig ?13:38
coderusSK_work: thanks :)13:38
SK_workunresolvable: hover mouse on the unresolvable :)13:39
coderuswhere is that info?13:39
coderuslol :D13:39
SK_workand you will check what's not being provided13:39
coderushover is not intuitive :D13:39
SK_workcoderus: :D13:39
SK_workyou learn this by using obs13:39
SK_workwant another hook, or is it ok to provide source as tar ?13:39
coderusi have no git for that13:40
coderusjust trying13:40
coderushave built it manually13:41
coderusnow want to push it to chum :)13:41
coderusSK_work: wtf again :D13:42
coderuscan you check build log please :)13:42
SK_workwait whaaa ?13:43
SK_workfg no job control ?13:43
SK_workcoderus: suirry this time, cannot help :(13:46
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coderusqrencode for sailfish done:
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coderustbr: ^13:59
coderusnice, thanks :)14:02
tbrwhere are you planning to use that?14:03
coderushow it can be included in next sailfish update? :D14:03
coderusi want to make qrencode generator app :)14:03
tbrok, that should be simple :)14:04
* coderus want to make something for harbour btw14:04
tbra QR reader would be nice, but I think that's not so easy under sailfish. I think someone did something where you essentially make a photo and then switch back to the app14:06
kimmolitbr:  isnt that reader already in harbour?14:15
kimmolianother takes a photo (qrscany in OR) and uses that, and afaik the one in harbour takes a screenshot from viewfinder and uses that. both uses zxing14:17
kimmolidisclaimer iirc14:17
tbrkimmoli: yeah, something like that. don't remember the details14:18
kimmolii did fork qrscany and make it send barcodes over udp to pc clipboard for banking puroses14:19
kimmolibut now i could use mqqt for that :p14:21
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