Saturday, 2014-09-20

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faenilmorning o/09:52
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faenilhello people14:29
tbr'sup mister broken wifi?14:29
Stskeepsmoo faenil14:29
faeniltbr: lol...if only wifi were the only issue I had :D14:29
faenilStskeeps: yo, still in helll?14:29
tbrhe's in hkkkk IIRC14:30
tbror back via hellll? (which should be soon freezing over again, btw)14:31
faenilI wonder if today is the right day to spend debugging my freezes :D14:35
faenillast debugging produced with the help of w00t14:37
faeniland that was "the" issue I had with messages app14:37
faeniland that's quite a nice news in itself...14:37
faenilbut now I still have system-wide freezes14:37
javispedronice find, that was the sqlite stuff you were twittering around the other day14:38
faenilnow, it remains to be seen why that query lasted 1.5secs, but resulted in a 5+ secs freeze of the UI :P14:39
javispedrosounds filesystem-ish14:39
faenil(suspect: very low btrfs fsync performance)14:39
faenil(for which I already had a chat with phdeswer :D )14:40
javispedro(naive) I ponder if you could move to sqlite journals to tmpfs14:40
faenilthe problem doesn't exist anymore after the fix14:40
faenilso, I'll move to the system wide freezes, of which I'm still not sure what the cause is14:41
faenil(but still, the suspect is no free storage + btrfs combo)14:41
tbrjavispedro: only got around to trying the updated salmeta now (built it immediately, but then didn't have time). it's really great, quite short delay now.14:46
faenilwhat's that'14:46
javispedrotbr: I've noticed an issue where sometimes blank notifications arrive and I'm debugging it, ping me if you see it14:47
tbrif you have need for a tiny font:
javispedrooh, thanks14:47
javispedroshould check how it looks on the watch14:47
tbrlooks already quite good as is14:48
tbrbut remembered that I recently stumbled into that14:48
javispedrothe current one is MW's official one, and it has á and other tildes14:48
javispedrowell, you get the idea14:48
javispedroit doesn't have ñ ñ though14:48
tbrah, ok, then it's probably quite good already14:48
tbrI suspect susan kare was involved also with the font14:48
tbrI haven't had blank notifications yet, but inte, whom I gave an RPM said he saw those14:49
javispedroby the way I suspect that with the way all the "smartwatch" programs are currently filtering notifications there's a race condition14:49
javispedroseemingly QtDbus may be sending "method returns" for each intercepted notification to the original program14:49
javispedroso if "our" method return gets there first, it confuses the program that emitted the notification14:50
javispedrosuspected symptoms: double notifications in event view14:50
javispedroso I should do that patch to lipstick I promised I'd do around a year ago :/14:51
* javispedro ponders looking around lipstick OR starting a civ5 game..14:56
faeniloh, Jolla is launching in Italy...14:58
faenilin 4 DAYS .... :O14:58
tbrget all your friends to buy one!14:58
javispedrofaenil: on a specific carrier?14:58
faeniltbr: I'm sad I didn't know about the event, actually :(14:58
* javispedro 's google query comes up with a italian restaurant in "La Jolla, CA"14:59
faeniljavispedro: don't know14:59
tbrjavispedro: now I got a blank screen together with 3 other notifications that arrived in short order14:59
javispedrotbr: is it fully blank, I mean, does it have any drawings other than the "3 more >" text?15:00
tbrfaenil: so they are not only launchin in india now, that's interesting15:00
tbrno only the 4 more>15:00
javispedroso it's protocol then15:01
* javispedro grumbles15:01
javispedrowatch protocol :)15:01
tbrfaenil: I'm a bit surprised though that you didn't get invited or anything15:01
Stskeepsthere's an event?15:02
faeniltbr: I choose not to comment15:02
javispedrowhere do you get these news? my jolla italy queries still come up empty..15:02
faenilthe italian jolla community is organizing a draw to win a free pass for the event15:04
tbrjavispedro: oh,  now I got the race. 6 dupe notifications *bang*15:05
tbrall the same one notification duplicated15:05
javispedroyeah, same thing happens with the pebble one15:06
javispedroor so does t.m.o say15:06
javispedrothe dupe method-return is just a theory but it would explain the problem15:06
javispedro(notification sender app gets a method-return, doesn't check where it comes from, assumes notification id is invalid or zero; next message to "update" existing notification ends up creating a new one)15:06
javispedro nice15:10
javispedroso it's probably true then they're entering .it market15:10
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faeniljavispedro: it is indeed true, there's no doubting that15:36
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