Sunday, 2014-09-21

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sledgeslocusf: could you check mb2 from latest sdk-utils-0.65 (in testing) is still sane in nemo?12:18
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locusfsledges: I don't have a nemo target ready12:48
locusfsledges: or do you want just a package?12:48
sledgesjust anything that could test new mb2 from testing, outside hadk realm12:49
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locusfsledges: okay14:09
locusfsledges: it works14:30
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sledgeslbt: ^15:15
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locusflong time since been doing glacier stuff :)16:05
locusfgot rid of a couple of outstanding annoyances with the notifications and stuff with calling screen going off16:07
locusfgonna be using glacier homescreen on the coming week too16:07
locusfand will fix things as I notice them16:07
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faenilaloha guys16:27
locusfhey faenil16:31
faenillocusf: yo16:35
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locusfqwazix: ping16:46
locusfqwazix: I have done some research on starting the app and then tapping its icon again to bring the app to front, seems impossible without a special model which keeps track of information such as pid and stuff16:47
locusfqwazix: well not impossible but hard, Jolla-home uses something called MruSortedModel to handle this16:48
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coderusif using org.nemomobile.thumbnailer plugin16:53
coderuscan i force clean thumbnail from cache after deleting image?16:54
coderusthere are  too many cases when some application showing old thumbnail if photo removed and new one is captured.16:54
faenilI think nobody of us has touched that code for months :D17:00
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locusfhow can I access QAbstractListModel data from QML?17:14
locusfnormally I guess17:16
locusfjust ListModel and then .at()17:16
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coderuslocusf: how can you access QAbstractListModel data from QML?18:33
locusfcoderus: I have no idea18:36
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coderusyou need to implement get(index) method if you need18:40
coderusimplement get(index) in source model first18:41
coderus    QModelIndex sourceIndex = mapToSource(index(itemIndex, 0, QModelIndex()));18:41
coderus    QVariantMap data = _contactsModel->get(sourceIndex.row());18:41
coderus    return data;18:41
coderusor something like this :)18:42
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locusfcoderus: I have no access to the source model, its lipsticks WindowModel18:43
coderusso, what methods it have?18:46
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coderusyou can implement get(index, role) then using default public data method of source model18:50
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locusfdamn undefined vtables18:58
locusfI try to subclass WindowModel and use Q_OBJECT but it fails18:58
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* bencoh burn the vtables surrounding locusf and calls an exorcist19:06
locusfbencoh: lol :)19:09
locusfwas missing the call to generate the moc file19:09
locusfit wasn't done by mb2 automagically19:09
locusfbut now I finally have the feature that brings the app to the front when the app is already launched19:11
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