Thursday, 2014-09-25

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OksanaSo, what is happening with camera and Nemo Mobile Wayland?00:22
OksanaShould I upgrade Nemo Mobile with zypper, or will pulse audio not work any more?00:26
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faenilenv x='() { :;}; echo nemomobileRocks'  bash -c "good morning world!"08:39
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faenil(I actually forgot echo in the last command, but please don't kick me on that :D )08:43
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iekkufaenil, hmmmm09:33
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faeniliekku: o/09:37
iekkuahoy cubs09:38
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iekkulocusf, o/10:00
ZogG_laptopfaenil: it's not polite to have @ at freenode10:07
Stskeepsit really depends on the channel10:07
ZogG_laptopmostlly all channels i visted no one uses it untill needed10:07
ZogG_laptopso bsh is pwned :(10:08
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: btw s jolla uses btrfs it was choice coz of meego switching to btrfs?10:08
Stskeepsno, meego actually switched back10:09
Stskeepsto ext410:09
Stskeepsin silence10:09
ZogG_laptopi just got new ssd and wanted to try btrfs as fs for / and /home10:09
Stskeepsi wouldn't personally recommend btrfs10:09
Stskeepsi ended up using zfs on linux10:09
ZogG_laptopzfs is problematic10:10
SK_workstill on ext4 here10:10
ZogG_laptopit's not natural10:10
Stskeepsit has license issues but it is lovely10:10
ZogG_laptopyeah but i want "native" soolution :P10:10
ZogG_laptopi set root as btrfs10:10
ZogG_laptopand home as ext410:10
SK_workZogG_laptop: dunno what's a native solution, but ext4 all the way isn't bad10:10
ZogG_laptopanyway you can convert both ways if you want10:11
ZogG_laptopSK_work: ZFS is not native, i mean coz of license problems it would not be in kernel10:11
SK_workZogG_laptop: ha10:11
ZogG_laptopand as i use source based system and not stable branch, it can be unpleasent10:13
ZogG_laptopas i se it btrfs is going to be future system or at least it aims to10:13
ZogG_laptopso i wanted to try10:13
faenilyeah well it seems btrfs is getting better recently10:14
SK_workZogG_laptop: you aren't afraid of btrfs rebalance ?10:15
faenilthe problem is jolla has ancient btrfs :P10:15
faenilancient as in, btrfs from kernel 3.4 more or less, afaik10:15
ZogG_laptopfaenil: it get's one from kernel10:15
faeniland a loooooooooot of stuff happened since then10:15
ZogG_laptopbtw is compression used on jolla?10:15
faenilZogG_laptop: mm?10:15
faenilZogG_laptop: afaik Jolla uses btrfs from, like, 3.4, with a few patches from newer btrfs on top...but still, it's very old, in btrfs stability life-time10:16
ZogG_laptopfaenil: the problem you can't (actually you can but not on public phone system) update btrfs without updating kernel10:16
ZogG_laptopi think btrfs is announeced stable from 3.10 or something10:17
faenilZogG_laptop: exactly, well you can patch it a bit, as long as it doesn't require stuff from newer kernels10:17
ZogG_laptopi'm gonna use 3.16.3 till 3.17 is out10:17
faenilStskeeps: did you try the "new" btrfs, or only referring to the jolla experience?10:17
ZogG_laptopSK_work: what is the problem with rebalnce?10:17
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SK_workZogG_laptop: rebalance on the Jolla took overnight10:18
SK_workand before rebalance there were silent failures10:18
SK_workdon't know if some desktop linux have "rebalance needed" detection embedded10:18
Stskeepsfaenil: all my existing data was zfs anyway10:18
faenilStskeeps: yes, I mean, what is your current opinion based on, newer or older btrfs?10:19
Stskeepswhatever we have on jolla, true10:19
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ZogG_laptopSK_work: you mean if disk get's full when it really does not coz of metadata?10:20
SK_workZogG_laptop: disk got not fully full, but the tree ~fills the disk10:20
filippzHello, o/10:26
filippzlocusf, sletta was right all the time
* faenil sees his name in the log10:28
ZogG_laptopbtw why there is no proper serch thru logs?10:28
ZogG_laptopfaenil: you are celeb10:28
slettafilippz: does my proposed fix work as well?10:28
faenilZogG_laptop: search engines not enough? D:10:29
filippzadding  && (!surface()->handle()->isFrontBufferReleased()) in QSGNode *QWaylandSurfaceItem::updatePaintNode after if (visible) prevents N9 from crashing10:29
* faenil kisses filippz 10:29
filippzsletta: seems locusf tried it later on in code10:29
filippzaaaaw, faenil10:29
locusfI don't unfortunately remember exactly on what I did to try to fix it10:30
locusfgood job filippz10:30
ZogG_laptopfaenil: where is it?10:30
faenilZogG_laptop: what10:30
faenilthe search engines? there are many :D10:30
filippzdoes it make any sense to patch it now, since we are waiting for move to Qt5.210:30
faenilfilippz: not sure, I've also seen a PR which will move lipstick to QtWayland 5.410:31
ZogG_laptopfaenil: btw what would you say about passport?10:31
faenilZogG_laptop: it's freaking awesome10:31
faenilthat touch-sensitive keyboard... :Q___10:31
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i would get one but there are 2 things that stop me10:31
faeniland the audio experience, and the battery life... :Q___10:31
ZogG_laptopnot swappable battery10:31
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ZogG_laptopand keyboard is awesome but the problem is layouts10:32
ZogG_laptopbut i loved the form and size10:32
ZogG_laptopand sppecs are good enuf10:32
ZogG_laptopfor 600$10:32
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faenilyeah, I have that 500€ coupon around, but it's 649€, and I can't afford the extra 15010:33
filippzfaenil: I suggest we sit on it for now - code in new qtwayland is very different from version currently used - we'll see what the switch brings us10:36
ZogG_laptopfaenil: what coupon?10:36
faenilZogG_laptop: the one I won here
faenilthat guy with the sport suit on stage is me, lol10:37
faenilthat suit also had a hole on one knee, if I only think about it, I blush10:37
ZogG_laptopfaenil: and it's coupon for blackberry?10:40
ZogG_laptopyou can get it from USA as it's cheaper there10:41
ZogG_laptop150 euro is nothing for that device imho though10:41
SK_workfaenil: WP10:44
SK_work(not windows phone, well played)10:44
faenilZogG_laptop: coupon for shopblackberry europe10:45
faenilZogG_laptop: I should still add VAT to the USA price, so that doesn't help10:45
faenilSK_work: thanks :)10:45
faenilbbl guys, lunch10:45
faenilZogG_laptop: still waiting for you on nemo :P10:46
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faenilStskeeps: busybox isn't really vulnerable12:06
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WikiwideI am reading webpage
WikiwideWayland/Qt5 section13:30
WikiwideI have no adaptation* repos, and running ssu ur does not add them.13:31
WikiwideAnd yes, I am typing commands as root.13:31
WikiwideHow do I add these repos to zypper? Nemo Mobile Wayland, N950. Do I need to install any packages?13:32
Wikiwidessu fl says devel.13:34
WikiwideAre you migrating from ti to mesa?13:35
WikiwideI want to make sure all the problems with repositories, dependencies and packages are resolved before I have to reboot the device. Otherwise, it may become not-working in a subtle way, and then I will have to re-flash it back to an old image.13:37
WikiwideIs qmlcamera workable, or will it break something?13:43
locusfhey Wikiwide13:44
locusfcurrently updating won't necessarily work13:44
locusfand no, we are not migrating to mesa, its the lack of the adaptation repos which cause this13:45
locusftbh I haven't updated in a long time13:45
WikiwideAlright, how do I add adaptation repos if ssu ur does not add them?13:46
locusfgood question :)13:46
WikiwideIf I cannot upgrade with zypper, then where can I find the latest working image to re-flash the device?13:46
WikiwideLatest, as in, nightly. Or weekly, at least.13:47
locusfzypper ar
locusfthe latest image is from february13:48
locusfalso zypper ar
Wikiwideadaptation[01], right? ssu ar adaptation 0 and ssu ar adaptation113:51
locusfI guess so yes13:52
locusfssu ar uses urls without that last repo file13:52
WikiwideAnd then zypper ref says that repodata/repomd.xml not found for adaptation* repos.13:55
WikiwideDevice model is UNKNOWN. Why?13:57
Wikiwidessu mo13:57
locusfno idea13:57
locusfalso I seem to have lost my image from febraury13:58
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WikiwideAlright, ssu ar n9xx-common worked.14:07
WikiwideBut typing the long url manually... I have to say, the virtual keyboard in terminal is miraculously comfortable. Even in portrait.14:08
locusfthat fetches the repo with zypper now?14:08
locusfheheh :)14:08
WikiwideNo, does not. :(14:08
locusfjust remove the .repo file from the end, entirely, so that latest_armv7hl/ is the last component of the url14:09
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WikiwideHooray! Now, same for n950-n9...14:12
Wikiwidezypper ref done! Now, zypper dup [shudders]14:14
WikiwideNothing to do?14:14
locusfinteresting, did you already do it?14:15
WikiwideWhat kind of metapackage should I install to make sure it does know what it is speaking about? Yes, I did zypper dup two times already.14:15
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WikiwideThe second time, it removed ti- packages and installed mesa-. You said it's because of lack of adaptation* repos. Now that adaptation* repos are back, I would have expected it to put ti- back, and remove mesa-.14:16
locusfif it didn't you gotta reinstall them14:17
locusfjust zypper in -f ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl14:18
WikiwideWhere can I find mce >=1.31.0? zypper ve complains about lipstick14:19
locusfyou can't find it14:21
locusfit doesn't exist for nemo14:21
locusfas the devel:mw repo is broken14:21
WikiwideSo will lipstick-qt5 work as is, or does it have to be uninstalled?14:22
locusfkeep as is14:22
WikiwideAlright. List of repos: mer-core, mer-qt, n950-n9, n9xx-common, nemo-apps, nemo-mw, nemo-ux14:24
WikiwideWill qmlcamera work, or is it not wayland enough?14:26
WikiwideYes, ti installed and mesa removed.14:26
locusfI don't know, its probably not ported to qt514:27
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WikiwideThe device shut itself down. Possibly low battery. Hopefully, it will still work afterwards.14:34
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Wikiwidelocusf: Nokia -> Green words -> Blue Nemo-Mer -> app-launcher and not interaction. No app can be opened, no gesture-scroll-pull is noticed. Like a picture: not changing at all.15:15
WikiwideApp launcher can rotate between portrait and landscape.15:16
locusfWikiwide: interesting15:16
WikiwideAnd now it is stuck in portrait...15:16
locusfoh yeah you are running colorful-home15:19
WikiwideTried to 'wake it up' by phone-calling it. Fail.15:20
WikiwideAnd what about colorful-home?15:20
WikiwideIn the worst case, I could try to ssh into it. Requires waking up a Linux computer.15:21
locusfits the old homescreen15:21
locusfthe freezing is due to an old package yet tobe fixed, I don't remember which one it is15:22
WikiwideOh, and once it goes into black screen, it does not exit the black screen of silence. Unless a reboot is done.15:25
WikiwideSo, if it is old homescreen, then how can it be replaced with new homescreen?15:26
locusfits just a simple installation of glacier-home from the ux repository15:26
locusfbtw here is the latest image for n9/50
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WikiwideThank you! zypper in glacier-home . Only, now I will have to ssh into colorful obelisk.15:34
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WikiwideUnless there is a way to boot into bash instead of GUI?15:37
locusfits really zypper in lipstick-glacier-home-qt515:39
locusfits currently horizontal only15:39
locusfcheck that page for the unfreeze package15:40
WikiwideI will try zypper in lipstick-glacier-home-qt5 first. Then, if the problem persists, the unfreeze package...15:42
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WikiwideFrustrating. Booted up the phone, USB connected it to the Linux computer, restart Linux-network-manager to enable USB networking... cannot ssh into it.16:10
WikiwideBy the way, on ths boot the screen was not frozen. But it froze on my way to Settings, when I hoped to enable WiFi network to get Internet connection for zypper.16:11
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spiiroinWikiwide: there version deps are due to dbus api break in mce<-->lipstick; both mce and lipstick need to be updated past it16:30
spiiroini.e. not just one of them16:30
Wikiwidelipstick seems to be updated, but how do I update mce to be >=1.31.0?16:33
WikiwideAnd this quickly-freezing GUI does not allow me to switch on WiFi, and thus stops zypper from installing any additional packages...16:35
WikiwideAnd ssh is difficult to use. Maybe, connection manager of Nemo somehow shuts down the USB connection.16:36
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spiiroinWikiwide: the mce obs builds do not work due to some repo dependency issues; manually building in sdk should still work16:45
WikiwideDo you know of any manually built mce packages somewhere? I do not have any sdk.16:51
WikiwideGoing to sleep. Maybe, in the morning local Linux user will be able to ssh into the phone, get the phone to use Internet from Linux computer, and install lipstick-glacier-home-qt5 package. Maybe, unfreeze package, too.16:53
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