Friday, 2014-09-26

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Oksanarpm -i
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locusfoh its that old07:21
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locusfqwazix: notifications now raise the window the notification concerns or starts the appropriate app10:27
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faenilhello people o/12:56
Stskeepsmoo faenil12:57
locusfhey faenil12:57
faenilyo guys12:59
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faenilgiucam: would you mind elaborating on how the move to qtwayland 5.4 in lipstick affects nemomobile UI ?13:04
giucamfaenil: the qtcompositor api changed a bit13:05
faenilgiucam: so, first of all, it will only work when qt5.2 hits mer, right?13:06
giucamfaenil: yes13:06
faenilStskeeps: any ETA on that?13:06
faenilgiucam: and you scrambled stuff from 5.4 to make it work on 5.2, correct?13:07
faenilso they'll have to be added back in the future, I guess13:07
giucamfaenil: yeah, i reverted two commits13:07
faenilgiucam: but it shouldn't affect nemo ui that much, should it?13:08
locusfqml file locations will change a bit on the coming update13:08
giucamfaenil: no. it doesn't affect l-j-h at all, so i doubt it will affect nemomobile13:08
giucamlipstick api doesn't change, just the abi13:08
faenilgiucam: ok, so we're quite safe, I'd say13:09
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faenillocusf: yeah well, as long as it's locations it's not an issue :)13:09
locusffaenil: yup13:10
Stskeepsfaenil: any eta on what13:10
faenilStskeeps: on when Mer will start distributing qt5.213:11
faenilas default13:11
Stskeepsfaenil: already being part of the mer-nemo merge13:11
faenilStskeeps: ok, so when the merge is13:12
Stskeepswell, you can already build against it13:12
faenilwhich is, realistically, what, a couple of months?13:12
Stskeepsthere's a few build errors atm though13:12
faenilyeah noticed, I wanted to have a look but the OBS wouldn't cooperate, clicking on LOG jusst reloaded the monitor page :(13:13
Stskeepsyes, go to the package13:13
Stskeepsobs ui is retarded13:13
Stskeepselse you can use osc13:13
faenil(I warned lbt_away , fwiw)13:13
Stskeepsi finally have a real laptop again, so i'll be able to use more free time now :P13:14
faenilStskeeps: how long do you think the merge will take, to complete?13:14
Stskeepsif we solve the build errors everything becomes a hell lot easier to deal with..13:14
Stskeepsthen we switch git repos13:14
Stskeepsand add maintainers etc13:14
faenilyou think a couple of months is enough? or more?13:14
Stskeepslet's say less than a month if everything goes like the movies13:15
Stskeepsin terms of getting build errors fixed and repos moved/webhooks/etc13:15
faenilwhich it won't :D13:15
Stskeepsthe bz was upgraded recently13:15
Stskeepsthat's also a bigger part13:15
faenilok btw :)13:15
faenilah I see13:15
Stskeepsand webhook acl as well, afaik13:15
faenilis that why I'm seeing CID# bug numbers?13:15
Stskeepsare you sure you don't mean CVE?13:16
Stskeeps(i have no idea what CID# numbers are)13:16
Stskeepsthe work was done while i was abroad, so13:16
faenillet's see if I still have any email with CID13:16
Stskeepsohh. coverity id13:17
Stskeepsphdeswer is running the middleware against coverity to uncover errors13:17
Stskeepscoverity id13:17
faenilah, ok13:18
Stskeepsthere's this free open source scanning service13:18
Stskeepsno clue how to view them though13:18
faenilmm ok13:18
Stskeeps - this stuff13:18
Stskeepsanyhow, as an example13:19
Stskeepspackage name in build monitor -> click repo -> click log13:20
Stskeepsit's just stupid non-#include stuff for the most part13:20
faenilI expect most of the errors are about different paths used for the headers13:20
faenilStskeeps: how doable is it to help via windows?13:22
Stskeepsquite doable, if you have putty13:22
faenilI guess I need virtualbox, and which vm? or is sailfishsdk enough?13:22
Stskeepsnah, no need13:22
faenilah oki13:23
faenilI'm not setting up linux before I have some decent chunk of spare time :)13:23
faenilphdeswer: any reason why nemomobile is not registered as a project on coverity?13:24
phdeswerfaenil: well nobody bothered doing it before.13:24
phdeswerSo now we have most of buteo and last night I added lipstick (waiting for it to get approved)13:25
faenilphdeswer: ok, so I guess I can go and do it :)13:25
phdeswerfaenil: sure you can add others. We should make a wiki page to keep track of all the components.13:25
faenilphdeswer: ah you're adding them one by one13:26
faenilI thought you could just add the whole repo of nemomobile :)13:26
phdeswerfaenil: well yes. There is no one nemomobile repo that builds everything in one go.13:26
phdeswerStskeeps: if you want to see them, just make an account there and request access to the ones you're interested in. For example libhybris has been there for a while.13:27
phdeswerEven made a pull request last week for some things it found13:27
faenilphdeswer: yeah I meant, I thought it would discover all the repos by itself, once you feeded him :p13:28
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phdeswerfaenil: nope. You need to register a "project", give the repo info, source etc... Then build it with the coverity tool on your machine. Then upload the coverity data it generated and then it will give you the results of the analysis.13:29
faenilphdeswer: ah, okay :D13:29
WikiwideOkay... I am trying to get the latest version of Nemo Mobile to work on N950. It means that the old-ish version (image from February) is now going through: ssu ur; zypper ref; zypper dup; zypper ve; reboot - cycle.13:32
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WikiwideThe problem is, lipstick does not start.13:32
faenilWikiwide: bad move, bad move :D13:33
faenilnot even sure nemo boots atm, actually :)13:33
WikiwideAt first, it complained about lack of xcb. Thus, package qt5-plugin-platform-xcb was installed. Now, QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display13:33
faenilmaybe locusf has more updated info on n95013:33
faenilWikiwide: are you sure you're not using Feb2013 image? :D13:34
WikiwideIt boots. Into black screen. Currently, I am just trying to get lipstick to show itself.13:34
WikiwideFebruary of which year?13:34
faenil2013...I mean, were you on wayland before updating? or x11?13:34
WikiwideYes, I was on Wayland.13:35
locusfthe latest image is from this years february13:35
locusfI can't make any guarantees about using zypper dup though :)13:35
WikiwideI could not hear any notification (phone call, alarm), but I could transmit sound in a phone call.13:36
faenilWikiwide: this yeah has been quite unstable for nemo :p13:36
WikiwideAnd it is tiresome when I cannot use a camera.13:36
WikiwideThe latest image is from 2013-02? Then what about 2013-11-20 ?
locusfit isn't from 2013, its 2014-0213:39
WikiwideUnstable or not, but how can people fix bugs when you do not see them fixed?13:39
faenilWikiwide: I think your best bet is to build your own image (not even sure *that* can be done at the moment due to the transitioning period the system is going through)13:39
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locusfnope, can't be done as lipstick needs updated mce which is in the merged nemo+mer13:39
faenilWikiwide: what do you mean?13:39
locusfWikiwide: yes thats the latest13:40
faenillocusf: ah, ok :/13:40
WikiwideWhere is merged nemo+mer?13:40
faenilWikiwide: it's work in progress13:40
faeniland if anyone wants to help, I'm sure Stskeeps will give you instructions13:40
faenilWikiwide: until that merge is completed, Nemo will be in purgatory13:40
Stskeeps as an example13:41
locusfhrmh I thought I had an idea on why terminal & browser won't open but couldn't verify my hypothesis :(13:42
faenilStskeeps: have a look at #mer pls13:43
locusfthe window of each won't even arrive to the compositor, but both do flicker partially when started13:43
faenilcya later people o/ gtg13:44
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WikiwideAlright. A package failed. Where can an error log be found?13:45
Stskeepsclick "failed 19" then the package name, then the "failed" on right hand sie13:47
WikiwideAlright, give me a link to log of xulrunner-qt5 (or anything else). I do not get the GUI, yet. Or Web UI...
Stskeepsright hand side, click "failed"13:51
Stskeepsthis one seems a bit tricky and it seems i have to report a bug in the ui..13:52
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Stskeeps is more obvious, for example13:53
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WikiwideWhy i586 and not i486?..13:56
Stskeepslong story, scheduler names are funky crap13:57
Wikiwide:) Close and write not declared... I do not know which header (or link?) is missing :(14:01
WikiwideAlright, thank you!
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Stskeepsprobably something as simple as looking up man page for let's say, close14:02
Stskeepsand making sure #include's are there14:02
Stskeepspeople tend to assume they're there14:02
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WikiwideI would rather dive into xulrunner-qt5 problem, at this moment. It is more funny.14:05
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WikiwideI need to register on Mer Bugzilla, right? Soon.14:08
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WikiwideTurns out I was already registered here. Just needed to reset password, since I wasn't using it for a long time...14:29
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WikiwideAlright, I do not know where the source is (besides the *.tar.bz2), but the problem is in breakline.14:54
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Wikiwidec++ --many-option /directory/to/the!!!breakline!!!/yarr/YarrSyntaxChecker.cpp14:55
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WikiwideInstead of compiling the cpp file, it leaves the directory (two directories at once? two operations happening at the same time?), and this hasty exit generates "Error 2"14:57
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WikiwideStskeeps: Where can I edit source code of the package before re-submitting them to auto-builder? I cannot even download a file from the list. Reading *.spec file - fine. Downloading *.* - no.15:03
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Wikiwidestate-fs : monitor.cpp:20:5: error: '::write' has not been declared15:15
WikiwideIs it even allowed in c++ to begin a line with ::?15:16
WikiwideI can understand X::Y, but not plain ::Y.15:17
WikiwideFixing state-fs would resolve timed-qt5, qmsystem-qt5, statefs-providers...15:24
WikiwideAlright, "::write" is one of basic Unix functions, and possibly needs #include <unistd.h>15:24
WikiwideSo, state-fs : add #include<unistd.h> (to declare "::write(,)") to monitor.cpp. xulrunner-qt5 : remove breakline-enter from path to YarrSyntaxChecker.cpp15:34
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Wikiwidestatefs-loader-qt5 : adding #include<mutex> may be enough.15:38
WikiwideInto qtloader.cpp, I think.15:38
WikiwideWith moc, the file hierarchy becomes complicated.15:39
WikiwideI am tired. I see that there is compiled mce-1.35.0-1.1.1.armv7hl.rpm Where can I download it?15:48
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WikiwideQuiet sleeping in the night, with screen the only light, creeping under the bug cover, looking for reedy land rover...15:59
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Wikiwidedsme : In dsme-wdd.c , for setpriority, check for presence of #include <sys/time.h> #include <sys/resource.h>16:10
WikiwideI do not have any git-like client, so I do not see how to edit the source code of the packages directly . I can only hope that my notes help somebody else.16:12
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WikiwidePlease, write. I haven't found where to download mce package for Nokia N950 with Nemo Mobile Wayland. 1.31 or later for lipstick dependencies, right?16:56
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qwazix__locusf, perfect! I think I'll do another nemo week and report new things, but not right now18:13
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locusfqwazix__: I'm doing one now as well :)18:31
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qwazix__locusf, cool! we're the fastest growing mobile OS18:36
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locusflol :)18:38
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